Do the Jews Deserve All This Attention?

Gay Are Girl writes:

Kevin MacDonald is too obsessed with Jews for his own good. Jews just don’t deserve that kind of attention.

Ah the Hell with the Jews. The Jews are boring. Yawn. The only people who think Jews are all that are Jews themselves and anti-Semites. I really don’t think the Jews deserve all this importance. Simone Weil, the great French writer and Jew converted heroically to Christianity, described Judaism as like a stage where the stage is darkened except for a single spotlight that focuses on a main actor, who is moving about or giving a speech. All the audience is focused on that actor in the spotlight. Everything else is dark, the rest of the stage, even the audience. In Judaism, the actor in the spotlight is simply the Jews. The rest of the world is there, but it is in darkness, so in a sense it is as if fact the entire Gentile World simply does not even exist. All that exists is the Jews, their trials and tribulations, their books and whatnot. That is why some Medieval Jews even built their own ghettos, and a Medieval Jew would not even drink tea or break bread with a Gentile. This was done to create walls, figurative and real, between the Jews and the rest of the world. If you refuse to eat or have tea with 99 It’s often said that Jews hate non-Jews. There is some truth to this of course, but Weil’s analogy is better. More properly, to the religious Jew, the rest of us simply do not even exist at all! How can you hate a black hole, a cipher, a phantom, something that is not even there? In order to hate something, first of all it must exist. An object not even created into existence cannot exist long enough to be hated. Of course, if something does not exist, you can’t really care about it either, but that’s another matter. On a Usenet board, a wise fellow who was also, it is true, an anti-Semite, said that Jews saw non-Jews as like that pet lizard you have in your terrarium or like those deer out in your yard wandering around and grazing on your plants. Even if you are an animal lover, your lizard or your yard deer are just not on the same level as your fellow humans. They are something else, and yes, they are also something on a lower plane. There is truth to this too, but I still like the spotlight analogy better. The Jew sees himself and his kin as not just the center of the world but as the center of the universe. It’s a fallacy, but we give credence to this unpleasant fantasy by going on and on about the Jews and, as the anti-Semite does, placing them in a central position in our universe as some sort of focal point of omnipotent and omnipresent evil that must be combated. The philo-Semite in mirroring Jewish solipsism and narcissism and the anti-Semite in also imitating the Jew by placing him a central place (but in contrast to the Jew, as evil and not as good) both flatter the Jews and fuel-inject their obnoxious and silly chauvinism. Don’t fall for it.

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103 thoughts on “Do the Jews Deserve All This Attention?”

  1. Can experts of Jewish history shared some ideas what actually happened in Germany and Europe from 1914-1945. I need further pointers. I have did quite detail research on this topic. The outcome are quite different from all history textbook.
    Other extremely interest topic would be
    1) Jewish role in Bolshevik Revolution and their roles in taking down USSR. (The Russian billionaire mobs are almost 100% Jews)
    2) Jewish bankers and their wealth. Rothschild is suspiciously absence from Forbes list of rich man. They are now being portrayed as a demise dynasty. But if you look at many deals, you could find shadows of Rothschild.
    I am a Christian. I do not hate Jews. But I have the feelings from what I have gathered that true history will inevitably stirs up resentment. However, I think truth is more important, never mind it would bring anti-Semitism.

        1. I don’t know. The oldest, most prominent jewish families of Britain do not participate in jewish life, it is not the same story as the secular Ostjuden in America.

        2. Just as Robert bifurcates Male from female thinking it makes sense similarly to draw a distinction between Jewish and Gentile thinking. The Rothchildes certainly think Jewish and act the part. Robert is essentially correct and is one of the few white gentiles that I know who gets the tribe’s psychology.
          It’s also annoying when Jews feign self deprecation as an attempt to deflect criticism towards some of their more questionable practices: “Oh don’t pay attention to us, we have big noses and we’re so overrated!” And then they pat themselves on the back for their abilitiy of ‘laughing at themselves.’ We’ve seen GSG pull this stunt herself from time to time, but seeing as she’s just a mediocre Jew her attempts are somewhat transparent.

        3. You’re cute Dota. I have a feeling that you look forward to my posts because I’m easy fodder so you can practice sparring with tougher opponents, and I’m glad to assist in any way I can. I feel I’ve done my daily mitzvah when I allow you to trample on me so as to warm up for debating tougher opponents, I let Hacienda to believe that he’s flattered me (which in his mind undoubtedly mitigates any raw deal he has given to his hispanic clients), and I lead Lindsay to believe that he has stolen my cyber virginity. You could take an example from my self deprecative tactics. It wouldn’t hurt to take a few jabs at yourself. It might make you more likeable.
          David Duke has a jew fetish as well. I’m greatful to him for taking on the Palestinian cause. I know how to recognize a gift when I see it.

        4. @ Dota
          It’s also annoying when Jews feign self deprecation as an attempt to deflect criticism towards some of their more questionable practices:
          Yes, that’s an excellent point.
          One only needs to look at U.S. pop culture to find examples of this. For example, in various shows such as Family Guy (yes, Family Guy was created by a gentile, but many of its writers and voice actors are Jewish) to get what I’m talking about.
          To the extent that they poke fun at Jews, it’s over trivial stereotypes such as them having Jewfros, Jew York accents, eating bagels, not being good athletes, etc.
          There was one Family Guy episode that got banned from mainstream network television (called “When You Wish Upon a Weinstein,” if you’re interested in looking it up), because it basically featured the whole “Jews are good with money” stereotype. But if you really read between the lines of that episode, if anything, it’s making fun of white working class gentiles and their relative stupidity and ignorance compared to Jews. For example, during that episode, Peter decides that he wants his son Chris to convert to Judaism, figuring that it will make him smart and successful. When talking to the rabbi and asking him to give Chris a Bar Mitzvah, the rabbi says, “but you can’t just be given a Bar Mitzvah, it requires years of hard work and study.” Peter then responded, “but if my son knew how to work hard and study, he wouldn’t need to become Jewish in the first place, right?”
          So yes, even the supposedly anti-Semitic episode that got banned, while pretending to make fun of Jews, was actually making fun of the white goyim and depicting Jews in a dignified light.
          However, I have yet to see a SINGLE movie or even comedy show that either critically analyzes or pokes fun at hypocritical Jewish tribalism, the dirty deeds of the Jewish lobby, etc. The only time Family Guy ever touched on the Israel/Palestine conflict was to make fun of the Palestinians. The whole joke involved a Palestinian alarm clock that detonated, because we all know that the Pallys are a bunch of Ay-rab terrorists.
          Just goes to show that for all that Family Guy likes to pose as a progressive, unflinching show, even they are cowards when it comes to taking on Israel.
          The Simpsons, to its everlasting credit, actually did poke fun at Israel and Israelis. When the Simpson family arrived in Israel, there was a sign that said, “your American tax dollars at work.” But even their criticism of Israel was quite restrained. There was absolutely nothing about the occupation, mainly just goofy jabs at religion.
          So yes, sometimes you can’t help but think that the stereotypes of Jews in popular culture, such as eating bagels, being poor athletes, etc, is a way to distract peoples’ attention from the tribe’s more negative attributes.

        5. Actually, I take part of that back. Perhaps I meant I have yet to see a single MAINSTREAM NETWORK show that more critically analyzes Jewishness.
          The reason I say that is because for a second I forgot one of my favorite shows, Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry David gets full marks for being a courageous comedian. Through his own deplorable behavior and his interaction with the show’s other Jewish characters, Larry pokes fun at Jewish chauvinism, holocaust obsession, neurosis, narcissism, fanatic views on the Israel/Palestine conflict, etc.
          If you want a good example of this, look up the episode “Palestinian Chicken.”

        6. Gay Area Guy
          I wasn’t trying to deflect criticism of Israel or Jews. I was only mocking Kevin MacDonald and David Duke for their preoccupation with all things jewish and their adoption of jewish self victimization.
          It’s quite satisfying to understand that we are not only occupying Palestinian territories, the Golan heights, and by extension Egypt and Jordan with puppet leaders, the White house, the Pentagon, Capitol Hill, the Supreme Court, Hollywood and the MSM, and most indie online publications have to answer to a higher authority, most universities (I would say Wall Street but that has taken on a new meaning), but we are also consuming the minds of those who are attempting to reveal our shoddy practices.

        7. @ BAG- Seth McFarlane is half- J-ish, methinks.
          @ GSG- W. Allen has made an entire career out of being a Self-deprecating J!

  2. Robert, I’m even less pro-Israeli than you are (you’ll recall our Helen Thomas conversation) but I’m not ready to send the Jews to Hell yet. Like ’em or hate ’em, the Jews have a resilience matched not by their fellow man but by roaches (if the 2nd ww is any indication).
    Jews have been disproportionately successful as comedians, doctors, lawyers, journalists, businessmen, entertainers, etc. To be successful in society people have to take an interest in you, to find you interesting. You can say Jews are full of themselves, you can say the Jews are obnoxious, but boring? If only.

  3. Even some of the regulars, who are not quite as sophisticated complained that he was flattering Jews by focusing on internal jewish issues and events that did not concern white nationalists, which Kevin MacDonald justified by saying he was only showing up their hypocrisy (partly true.) But MacDonald wouldn’t be able to end his obsession with jews even if they were to disappear tomorrow.
    I hope he joins forces with the Gaza Groupies.

    1. I had a long conversation with McDonald over the phone. Very interesting guy. At the time, I didn’t think he hated Jews at all. Instead he was totally fascinated and mesmerized by them. The guy’s basically got the Jew thing, the Jew bug. LOL.

      1. I think MacDonald is one of those scientists who aren’t very bright when they think about things outside their area of expertise. The guy is tone deaf to human communication, for one thing; he didn’t understand the irony in this video at all, for instance.
        I once heard MacDonald being interviewed by Matt Parrott, a white nationalist who is very smart, and MacDonald was having a hard time following the ball.
        I think he’s gotten a little Jew-crazy over the past few years, too. He’s willing to say pretty much anything, no matter how unsubstantiated or nutty, if it fits his ideology. I guess can’t have both politics and intellectual integrity, and he chose politics.
        As some of you know, I’ve defended a lot of MacDonald’s claims against Jew-loving white nationalists and other bloggers who were criticizing him. I think he’s gotten a lot right, most of which is just obvious common-sense, or would be if the discourse weren’t so corrupted. I agree much more with MacDonald than with many of his critics. But he was never exceptionally smart, and lately he’s just gone off the deep end.

        1. I agree. You would never guess that he holds a PHD from a New England university. He is completely in sync with many of his commenters. He comes across as too casual and unprofessional, but that could be said about many independent journalists on the left (example Phil Weiss.) It seems that in an age where blogs and webzines have largely replaced MSM print journalism, journalistic ethics have gone by the wayside.

    1. But is there a better place to study jews in action than in a Psychology department? That’s probably why he got hyis PHD in Psychology in the first place.

        1. Oh yes. The Ashkenazi breed (women) in our cities are bitchy and quite intimidating on an intellectual level. More power to them – but most jew girls here in the US have this inner burning hatred for the more feminine white girls.
          Jew moms are strict and raise good kids. <20 the boys are pushed around a lot in school despite their knack for the debating and chess.
          And I can't name one jewish athlete. Didn't Israel have like 6 competitors in the olympics?

        2. That’s not what I meant. Hollywood always assigns the most negative stereotypes to jewish women mostly to do with them being ugly and unfeminine, yet spoiled and materialistic. Or being highly opinionated but clueless.

        3. Can you name any examples? Jews have it good in Hollywood. the ‘jew’ attitude of bitchiness is about as true of a stereotype as you can get. American Jews are also less attractive than the ones in Israel.
          Regarding Parents:
          I’m talking about personal experience with close Jewish friends I have. They’re ‘reform’ Jews, but they were raised in strict,ambitious households that emphasized achievement without going overboard with playing the violin like Chinese moms.

        4. Ishmael
          Paula Hyman explained how jewish males treid to shift the negative stereotypes about jews only to include jewish women. Even antisemites will agree to that.

  4. Jews absolutely deserve all this attention. The U.S. is trillions of dollars in debt and yet we keep sending billions of dollars in foreign to Israel. Jews are the one group in America who you cannot criticize. It is acceptable in some mainstream conservative circles to talk about black crime and illegal immigration but name the Jew and you’re outta there. It is the Jews who have been critiquing Western culture for the past two millenia. Now they’re being critiqued right back(by McDonald, Duke etc) and they don’t like it. Fuck ’em. People are waking up and speaking out against the Jews. The only thing the Jews can do is censor. We’ve seen what happened to Mel Gibson’s career after he went on a drunken rant about Jews. It didn’t matter how much he apologized. There were still Jews out there who didn’t accept his apology. Last year, a black teacher in Los Angeles named Patricia McAllister was fired for saying that the Zionist Jews who run Wall Street need to be deported to Israel. This was at an Occupy Wall Street event. She wasn’t even on the job when she said that yet they still fired her.
    Most of the architects of the Iraq War were Jews. The membership of PNAC reads like the guest list of a fucking bar mitzvah. Jews continue to be influential in the Obama administration and will remain so regardless of who wins this year’s election. Just watch. In the coming months, Obama and Romney will be in a competition for who can suck Jew cock the best. Jews want us to go to war with Iran and Syria. I don’t wanna bomb those people. Things aren’t perfect over there but at least their culture is still intact and they haven’t succumbed to modernism. The Jews want a Jewish Middle East with puppet states all over. They despise Assad and Ahmadinejad because those two men stand in opposition to Zionism and refuse to kiss Jew ass like many traitorous Muslim leaders.
    As long as we have all these problems with the Jew at the root of them, they definitely should be discussed. I’m tired of hearing people talking about the Illuminati or “the global elites”. It’s the Jews. If these rat bastards were to disappear off the face of earth, I truly believe that things would go back to normal in a short matter of time.

    1. I agree with you on US foreign policy but that is about it. Critics do make the mistake of conflating radical left wing jews with neo cons and portraying the most extreme elements of both schools of thought to be normative. The hard left has mostly migrated over to the Palestinian cause by now and the neo cons are considerably less friendly toward minorities although most aren’t all out racists.
      Adelson, Wolfowitz, Lieberman, Podhoretz can conk out anytime to avoid the backlash and my generation will be stuck with a mess we did not contribute to. I would like to make anyone who was instrumental in strengthening the lobby or promoting wars on Israel’s behalf to contribute a significant portion of their personal wealth to work toward paying off the debt.

    2. It’s simply due to the Jews raising money and influencing the political process. They don’t organize and control the world in smoke filled rooms in the deli basement. Ashkenazi Jews are rats that make tons of money, but the same could be said about other minorities in countries across the world (see Indonesia). Once out of their ghettos, they do their best to assimilate, unlike the insular, but successful, Asians that have comparable IQs but don’t really climb to the top.

      1. 60% of the democratic party is funded by Jewish groups. I’m sure a comparable number is for republicans. Israel much prefers republicans because of their aggressive stand on foreign policy, but American Jews are much more liberal politically.

  5. The biggest tragedy is that I am going to have to eat Palestinian shit and listen to crappy poetry by Rachel corrie for the rest of my life.

        1. What do you mean by that? I meant that I had no opportunity to contribute to the mess that I am going to inherit. Yes I know that many people of my age and younger have served in the IDF or participated in AIPAC summits, but they were not in a position of influence.

      1. I would appreciate if you could get on board with the gaza groupies, thereby tarring the Palestinians by association, so that I don’t have to worship them for the rest of my life. I think David Duke knows that he’s doing or bidding.

        1. I’d appreciate if you spelled my name right. Then I’ll attend a Free Palestine rally with David Duke and his Arab friends.

        2. The really sad part is that if hasbara did not attempt supress the palestinians and the gaza groupies and allowed them to speak for themselves…there would be no need for hasbara in the first place.

  6. Dunedain
    I already said I sympathized with young Germans and white southerners.
    I don’t care if enslave me the rest of my life or take my wages to pay down the debt. I just don’t want to have to worship arabs for the rest of my life.

  7. I like your avatar. I’ve eard it referred to as “The Hollycost” or my personal favorite The Hollowcause.”
    I really think the picture of Menachem Schneeron was unnecessary. It should have been some prominent stereotypical secular jew.

      1. Kevin MacDonald is obsessed with him and he was a scumbag, but White Nationalists shouldn’t be too concerned about Haredim because they are not very influential in politics and they are very hostile towards non whites.

  8. I did not know this.
    “Justice Ginsburg has displayed independence in her rulings on the High Court, which were neither as liberal as expected nor as conservative as many liberals feared. She was respectful of precedent and reluctant to involve the court in political battles. She took a strong stand against mixing church and state, opposing the creation of a special school district to allow Hasidic Jews to run their own public school in Kiryas Joel, New York.”

  9. I used to be very pro Jewish and pro-Israel. Then while defending the US governments line on 9/11 I found it was not defensible. I came to the conclusion the Jews were the major cause of 9/11. Now I don’t care what happens to Israel or Jews. I believe they’re a genetic tribe of sociopath/psychopaths. This contributes greatly to their success. Spaths have extra room in their braincase for processing due to the lack of any space taken up by empathy. Spaths tend to have very high verbal abilities and are capable of making even the most ridiculous lies believable. Until you realize the Jews are Spaths you can easily be taken in by their,”racism is evil(while they practice it)”, White people are responsible for all evils, Jews are all victims, 9/11, if you don’t like mass immigration you are evil, etc. , etc. and on and on. Don’t listen to anything they say. Just look at the end results of everything they are for. Always leads to the destruction of whatever civilization they happen to be in control of at the time. Egypt, Spain, Russia, Germany and now America. All destroyed.

    1. Aside from the victimhood part, your reasons for hating Jews make no sense. Why don’t you say: controlling certain industries disproportionately, or 1/4 of ivy league students are jewish, or Jews in the political process.

      1. Or undermining the majority by subverting their cultural values/institutions and promoting open border multiculturalism. Or hijacking foreign policy through finance and by hijacking public debate via their media mouth pieces. Their over representation in the federal reserve is also suspicious. You can’t blame the Jew for being an over achiever, but it is annoying when they pursue their own interests at the expense of the silent majority.

        1. And not to mention the Jewish role in feminism:
          “You can’t blame the Jew for being an over achiever, but it is annoying when they pursue their own interests at the expense of the silent majority.”
          Well said, Dota. People always chalk up anti-Semitism to jealousy. I don’t have a problem with Asians who are successful. Not only do they not subvert our culture, they assimilate to their host country quite well.

      2. Ishmael
        The Ivy leagues are not 25% jewish. I think Harvard, Yale and Columbia are heavily jewish. But even Princeton is less than 20% jewish. Dartmouth is only 11% jewish. Jewish percentages have dropped in the past two decades, due to falling %s among the general population and the influx of Asians.

        1. I think that one of my favorite commenters over at Mondoweiss, Krauss (himself Jewish), once argued that if the Ivy Leagues were truly meritocratic, Jews would only be around 10-12% of the student body, which would still be impressive, while gentile whites would be 6/7 of the white Ivy League population.
          A lot of Jewish tribalists like to triumphantly brag about how the ending of the old WASP guard has ushered in a new, more meritocratic era, that features more and more Jews.
          However, from what I’ve observed, I don’t think that the new power structure (disproportionately or in some places predominantly Jewish) is any more meritocratic, or somehow less prone to nepotism.

        2. The New York Times, about 40 percent of the students at Columbia and the University of Pennsylvania are now Jewish. At Yale, Harvard and Cornell, the Jewish students are now thought to number between 20 and 25 percent, while between 13 and 20 percent of the students at Dartmouth, Princeton and Brown are believed to be Jewish.
          -Come on GSG! What’s your point? There are 6 million Jews in America! 6 million! 40% in University of Pennsylvania, the best business school in the US! Don’t you see how disproportionate that is?

        3. “The New York Times, about 40 percent of the students at Columbia and the University of Pennsylvania are now Jewish.”
          I doubt it. Columbia is about 29% jewish and that is not remarkable for a city in which jews are 35% of the white population.

        4. The schools on the West Coast are significantly less jewish percentagewise, as Mott has notified me.
          I actually wouldn’t even have a problem with quotas as they are necessary for jewish institutions to survive. If quotas had remained in place, Brandeis would have eventually reached the same level of prestige as the Ivies, but they even had to close their med school when others opened up.

        5. “I think that one of my favorite commenters over at Mondoweiss, Krauss (himself Jewish)”
          You read that rag? I do think that he is proof that high level jewish networking was in play back in the seventies or at least well established IV league legacies, because I have difficulty believing he was accepted to Harvard on his own merit. I’m not just saying that because he is a deluded idealist (because there are plenty of smart people who share his views) or because I oppose his extremist views on multiculturalism or forced integration (in which neither party is interested), I just don’t think he is very bright at all. I would place his IQ in the low 100’s.

    2. “…”racism is evil(while they practice it)”, White people are responsible for all evils, Jews are all victims, 9/11, if you don’t like mass immigration you are evil.”
      Exactly. Add to it their tendency to devolve to Argumentum ad Hitlerum/accusations of anti-semitism whenever Jews or Judaism is criticised for its religious isolationism and subvertiveness of non-Judaic culture. I am however strongly opposed to demonisation of Jews as human beings.

      1. This is basically my position on the Jews. I am critical-Semitic. OTOH, anti-Semitism often seems simply retarded intellectually. And it is definitely retarded emotionally. And Jews are definitely victims in general when they are being pogromized (as are most groups subjected to pogroms as pogroms only target the weak), although this isn’t really true with Israel.

      2. “I am however strongly opposed to the demonization of Jews as human beings.”
        Actually I don’t mind that, as they can come up with some pretty amusing theories, that crack me up and usually nullify any legitimate material they’ve come up with.

        1. You’ve figured her out AI. She has a tendency of pulling out the old straw man many times to discredit an argument. She’ll say that WNs are more Jewish than Jews with their victim mentality. This is hogwash as most WNs are simply expressing an observation that whites as a group are under attack. There is no victimhood sentiment expressed here, merely a realization. It gets old especially when she keeps repeating the same argument over and over.

        2. Not really and I do find the caricatures to be amusing. I really do want a more intellectual and integrious school of criticism to emerge and extreme judeophilia makes me uncomfortable at the very least. But such critics are few and far beyond, perhaps because the subject matter is taboo. But I wouldn’t mind if the extremists willingly drove their own movement into a wall. Most of their criticism is amiss.

        3. You repeat the same trite talking points over and over and you’re just recycling other people’s material. Whether you’re critiquing organized Jewry or feminism. You don’t provide anything that I haven’t heard a million times before.

        4. Dota I believe @ Gay State Girl is expressing a fear that any race on WNs ”hate list” has, for example do you think jews will still existence 100 years after WNs sets in? Will whites protect other races that they don’t like from going extinct ( will whites protect Africa from Russia with war?) how far will they go for a race they like that is in danger ( will they kill brown middle easterns to give white Persians room to expand) I am only guessing. (sorry if i offended you GSG)

        5. @ Dota
          A number of white nationalists at times do appear barking mad, just like Hindutva nationalists. I don’t find white nationalism making sense anyway. I can understand US nationalism, Russian nationalism, Serbian nationalism, but white nationalism?
          I do agree with you however, that carciaturing Jew criticism with anti-Semitism or WN rhetoric is counter intuitive in the long run, for Jews. It fosters an unhealthy resentment, once that can actually work to socially legitimise Jewphobic hate crimes.
          @ GSG
          “…the subject matter is taboo.”
          Only in the English speaking and Germanic world. Try South or East Europe, and pretty much that mythic place called ‘rest of the world’. Criticism of Israel or orthodox Judaism among intellectuals in Europe is far more balanced and rational than your garden variety neo-Nazi. And really, Jews should get over Holocaust. Its getting old.
          “Dota wants to condemn us all to a fate worse than death.”
          Straw man.

        6. AI
          I was referring primarily to the conditions in North America and Western Europe. I am well aware that judeo critique occurs in Eastern Europe and Latin America.
          With Dota, you don’t know what I was referring to. He basically made some suggestions that if implemented, would wreck havoc in the jewish community. I think his ‘tude will alienate white liberals, so I’m not concerned.

  10. “Or undermining the majority by subverting their cultural values/institutions and promoting open border multiculturalism.”
    Now you’re opposing jews against your own self interest. I don’t think immigrants always undermine the values of their new country and many traditionalist white americans would be surprised to find that they share much in common with immigrants of a different race (hispanics tend to be socially conservative) but their preconceived notions and paranoia (some legitimate) prove to be self fulfillling prophecies.

    1. My interests are aligned with the interests of the white majority as I don’t want Canada to become a third world country. Perhaps there are values in common on the individual level, but not the collective level. I want Canada to maintain its European racial character. The Jew has other plans it seems.

      1. “The Jew has other plans it seems.”
        Tell me something I didn’t know. Many jews are waking up to the fact that ethnic minorities aren’t particularly pro jewish and will gravitate toward the Palestinian cause, simply because the Palestinians are a people of color, regardless of how vocal jews are in their support for minority causes.

        1. Palestinians are definitely not “people of color”, they have Kurdish, Assyrian, Phoenician, Persian, Arab, Jewish, and European blood. That’s the exact opposite of “people of color”.

        2. No they could definitely qualify as looking as similar/same to Southern Euro’s, as could a lot of the Levantine world, this “brown” category is just full of shit. The modern Palestinian is probably more whiter then Ishmael or his god like white wannabe non Caucasian East Asians, with their tiger penis urine drinking-assimilate-into-whitey-culture bullshitter friends.

        3. Don’t pull off a Bhabji and say some Dalits could be passed off as Finns.
          What’s concerning is how mad you are with us lumping Palestinians as people of color. There is nothing wrong with that.

        4. I am not angry, just stating facts; a lot of the Levantine world can pass off as Southern Europeans or “American white” or as WOGS in Britain. Syrians for example have that French Crusader blood from way back then and I wouldn’t be surprised if Palestinians had a genetic exchange with Europeans, after all it was a Roman province. Even quite a sizable number of Egyptians had a genetic exchange with Europe and grow up with light features at a young age.
          Now the superior East Asians with their White wannabe-ness, are definitely not anything White, no matter how light skinned or Caucasoid looking the Japanese are.

        5. “Don’t pull off a Bhabji and say some Dalits could be passed off as Finns.”
          Our resident sand nigger believes that Egyptians and their ethnic ilk should be accepted a South Europeans on the basis of the Europoid appearances of some of his compatriots. Never mind that Egypt is a part of the Middle East, with religious lineage and culture that is pretty much in line with the rest of sandland. You would be wasting your time arguing with someone external phenotypic appearances as the basis for humanity.

        6. “Our resident sand nigger believes that Egyptians and their ethnic ilk should be accepted a South Europeans on the basis of the Europoid appearances of some of his compatriots.”
          Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! hold on there Mr.Indo-Chink hybrid, we were discussing whether or not Palestinians can pass or qualify in the Southern European category; it’s for a fact that they can because they actually have Southern Euro blood as well as from an assortment of other Caucasian groups. They also have a *gasp* Europid appearance and pictures everywhere can prove so.
          Once again Mr.Indo-Chink hybrid, you show the Indian tendencies of attacking the person and not the message, seeing and lumping one “person” as being the sole holder and representation of the message. You also stupidly lump ALL MIDDLE EASTERN people and think there is a MIDDLE EASTERN RACE. Also conveniently setting up a straw-man, which you attack and then accuse others of setting up a straw-man, a typical Indian tendency of accusing others and then covering your own shit up.
          We WERE NOT discussing whether Egyptians qualify as Southern Euro’s but you brought it out conveniently, although a sizable number CAN ACTUALLY QUALIFY (which has been confirmed by Robert), because Egypt was OCCUPIED by the Greeks, Romans and other Caucasian groups throughout history as well as mixing genes with them. This can be seen plainly seen in members of the population, a lot of Egyptian models/actors/actresses plainly and obviously have a Europid appearance to the point of being white. There are Egyptians that look like they are from the Balkans and they aren’t a minority.
          “Never mind that Egypt is a part of the Middle East, with religious lineage and culture that is pretty much in line with the rest of sandland. You would be wasting your time arguing with someone external phenotypic appearances as the basis for humanity.”
          The MIDDLE EAST, is an outdated term that’s fraught with inaccuracies you dumbshit Indo-Chink hybrid. It was invented by the Brits and French to lump and designate an entire geographical area for self-serving purposes. It’s retarded to lumping Anatolia, the Caucuses, parts of Southern Russia, the Balkans, North Africa and Central Asian countries because they aren’t part of the Arabian peninsula. Although the retarded definition would include all these areas however they aren’t all full of sand but i’m sure a dumbshit Indo-Chink hybrid such as yourself with the Indian categorical logic of lumping things together can’t see beyond that, even with geographical experience, how typically Indian.
          BTW it’s getting tiring seeing you use “sand” in every sentence addressing me in order to hurt my feelings, which you aren’t btw. A lot of Egyptians “don’t live in the desert”, we actually have cities of which some look modern (just look up pictures in Wikipedia). I love how you call me a “collectivist” and accuse me of generalizing when you are so fucking stupid, collectively putting all Egyptians and Middle Eastern people in one category. Egyptian Copts are not Muslims and don’t preach Arab values, nor do they share anything culturally similar to them and this includes Egyptians who aren’t Copts. Stop pretending to know everything, pathetically covering up your ass in areas where you don’t know two-fucks about you are talking about and being a lame-ass hypocrite; it’s getting fucking tiring already.

        7. BTW Egypt is in North Africa and not the Arabian peninsula or any other areas of the “Middle East”, but I’m sure you are too retarded to differentiate categories due to your typical Indian dumbshit mind or even understand the significance of that. But what should I expect of an Indo-chink hybrid such as yourself?

        8. Xera
          RE: Pals as whites
          Do you desire to be considered white? Do you want Palestinians to be identified as whites? If so, you must forgo any minority privileges and avoid seeking the sympathies of other down trodden POCs and liberals on the grounds that Palestinians fit the post colonial narrative.

        9. @ Xera
          “The Middle East” is a politico-cultural term, to refer to the entire Arabic speaking world, from West Asia to parts of North Africa. It is a word of etymological origins, rather than a term for racial or ethnic stock. But again, given your severe lack of intellectual spectrum, I am not surprised you mistook the term to have racial connotations. After all, a fool is limited by the simplicity of his thinking.

      2. Perhaps there are values in common on the individual level, but not the collective level.
        This is why I don’t see a big contradiction between having a good number of individual Hispanic friends and still being opposed to current demographic changes in the U.S.
        As much as I have in common with my individual Hispanic friends, I do not look forward to the day when Hispanics, as a collective, become the dominant majority in California.

        1. I think California and much of the Southwest is lost. It’s funny how all these White liberals in California care about the environment and saving endangered species yet theMexicans they love so much don’t give a shit about any of that.

        2. YES BAG!!! Please explain this concept to our dear friend Atheist Indian and his concept of how Europe is and should be a “human biodiversity” continent. Since after all he such a staunch advocate of “multiculturalism” which leads to “human understanding” and “progress”. But oh wait, AI is too busy thinking about WHRRRRRRITTTTE WRRRROMMEN and his special “white girls” that creeps on in his Campbell soup flight schooolz; all at the same time lecturing his lower “Desi brethren” about looking ugly and being inferior.

        3. @ Xera
          I don’t want to speak for Atheist Indian, but I don’t recall him being some huge diversity/multiculturalism liberal.
          In fact, I think his views are similar to Dota’s in that regard. He’s not much of a white nationalist sympathizer, but he does seem to recognize many of the flaws of the cultural left, and recognizes that diversity can cause problems.
          Again, I’ll let him speak for himself, but I can’t help but think that you’re creating a strawman.

        4. @ Dunedain
          Yeah, that’s funny.
          I’ve known many white liberals who insist on using bags they’ve purchased from Trader Joe’s in order to shop, for the purpose of “helping the environment” and not wasting plastic bags.
          I have yet to meet a single non-white person who insists on not using plastic bags or similar stuff.
          I also don’t think that any non-white couple would be caught dead raising their little boy “genderless” (as that bizarre white liberal couple in Canada was doing).
          Even though I’m anti-Republican and support progressive economic policies, I fundamentally identify more with the right (mainly on a social and cultural level), even though I’m not religious and could care less about abortion.
          For me, white liberals are just too weird.

        5. I think the media overblows it, tbh. Sure the prius driving, vegan, gluten free, feminist, mexi-gay lovin, ‘Portlandia’ crowd is there, but they are not the majority of the democrats here. They are just the children of rich middle class parents with a deluded moral vision. It’s like claiming all republicans believe in glen beck and go to church regularly.

        6. @ Ishmael
          Yes, there is a difference between liberals and Democrats. However, since I happen to live in the San Francisco Bay Area, I get my disproportionate share of lifestyle liberals.
          Or perhaps it’s just confirmation bias at work.

        7. No AI was a staunch advocate of multiculturalism, perhaps you didn’t read the threads where he was trying to lecture about me about not understanding the glories of “diversity” and being “multicultural” when I was some rather conservative views.

        8. “I don’t recall him being some huge diversity/multiculturalism liberal.”
          Exactly. As someone from a land which is the centerpoint of brown immigration, I’d be the last one to purport the kind of multi-culturalism that is advocated in western societies. I am however, in strong favour of multi-cultural cohesion between people of a land with diverse native ethno-lingual groups – such as European Union, South East Asia or Russia. Emphasise native, which means, I’d like the French, Germans, Italians, Greeks, etc. to live in harmony, not North African immigrants flooding Southern Europe.
          I would also like to enlighten our friend from the sandlands that, contrary to his straw man assumptions in the past, I DO NOT live in the United States or any western country. I got my education, professional training and career boost up in Europe and North America because is believe in the quality of their education and professional ethics of the Eurocentric world, but as a nationalist, I prefer to live in my own land and do something for my people rather than run away to the first country that will ‘have me’.
          I would also like to clarify that contrary to his utterly self-aggrandising trolls about how I am obsessed with dating white girls, I have no inclinations of the sort. I grew up in my native homeland and both in terms of sexual and romantic relationships, I prefer women of my own etho-racial group. I have no particular fetish or fascination for white women, unlike our friend or his Middle Eastern compatiots (who, in the beaches of Hurgada, try to pay to see white women tourists naked). I did date white women when I lived in Europe and North America but that was entirely consensual and based on inevitable shared mutual chemistry; the same way I dated Punjabi girls when I lived in Delhi.
          Given that I am familiar with the Middle Eastern/South Asian propensity to build weak straw mans (Hosni Mubarak calling Mahathir Muhammad a Jew sympathiser), misattribute remarks (Muhammedan falsification of Christian theology) and attempt to pit one group of people against others (Libyan ‘intelligence’ in the Italian military trying to create a rift between Italians and other European nations in WW1), I can see why our friend here is playing his silly games.

        9. I agree with the commenter who suggests that mass immigration essentially leads to Balkanisation. I would also add that mass immigration of an economically more prosperous region by people of a poorer region leads to a neo-Malthusian situation, where the native population has not only to share resources with the immigrants, but also has to deal with a lowered standard of living. Prosperity is a function of culture, not appearances and if a superior culture is innundated by people of a culture that is not conductive to prosperity, the land will no longer be as prosperous.
          The best example of this phenomena would be massive immigration of Bangladesi, South Asian and Middle Eastern people to Assam, which has resulted in a gradual devolving of the native people’s standard of living. It also resulted in massive deforestation of the region, since there isn’t enough land to house, clothe and feed the 10 million or so people who have immigrated to this part o the world in the last 40 years.

        10. @ Dunedain- The Sierra Club advocated an anti-illegal immigration stance a few years back (reason: bad for the enviro)…they caught hell for it from (GUESS WHO?). As punishment and penance, they had to elect a (GUESS WHO) as their Dear Leader, and had to retract their position on the issue!

        11. @ Xera
          “They also have a *gasp* Europid appearance and pictures everywhere can prove so. ”
          You are extremely dense and simplistic, even for a Middle Eastern. The argument here is not their Europoid appearance but whether they can be considered in the same league as Europeans given that they are culturally and religiously Middle Eastern. As a Swedish, Ishmael’s perspective on the matter holds far more weight than that of a wannabe-white gyp.
          It is ironic, in Egypt, your ilk other-ise European people as ‘firang’ and try to loot/rape them at every available opportunity while in America, you want whites to accept your type as one of them (and believe that attacking people of other races on the internet would make you more ‘white’).

      3. Hear! Hear!
        Why don’t you tell that to our Assamese friend Atheist Indian? I’m sure he can explain the wonders of multiculturalism since he is such a staunch advocate of it.

  11. I oppose large scale immigration on the grounds that it leads to Balkanization, and it is easier to manipulate people to work against their interests in a diverse society. I don’t sympathize with white nationalists, as they can not articulate what exactly they want to preserve and they’re adopting very jewish tactics.

    1. “I don’t sympathize with white nationalists, as they can not articulate what exactly they want to preserve”
      That’s because the Jews have destroyed any culture in America worth preserving. America has been effectively Judaicized.
      “and they’re adopting very jewish tactics.”
      This I agree with. Something I can’t stand is hearing/reading WNs call people racist or bigot. Calling people names is a Jewish tactic.

      1. Dunedain
        Andyboy would gleefully remind you that america has always been a cultural toilet, and accompany that with a quote from great Winston Churchill but that is not what I was referring to.
        Despite what they’re haters may say about them, WNs are not a monolithic group. The traditionalist catholic paleoconservatives (with the occasional evangelical deserter) are a world away from the vanguardists, who would like to revive pre Christian religions and rituals and reinvent European culture and white identity altogether. The only thing that holds them together is their shared desire to preserve the white race and white majorities.
        WNs will seize on anything that makes minorities look bad, even if it contradicts a statement they have previously made or undermines a position they have previously advocated. One minute they adopt the view minoirties would be better off in their own countries or communities, and say that blacks or minorities have been pawns of jews and liberals, and the next day they’ll be gloating about ethnic strife, corruption, or epidemics in the third world.

    1. Our use of kashrut enabled us to survive the black plague in much larger % than the European christian population. But Kasahrut should be amended to fit the modern day. They shouldn’t be demanding rabbinical supervision.

  12. Jewish people don’t go looking for attention…we have attracted it by continuously living as strangers in strange lands for thousands of years, since the Diaspora after the Temple was destroyed by the Romans. Jewish survival all this time has depended on two factors: Strong religious/cultural ties, and an ability to integrate with local communities at the same time.
    From reading these comments, I can see that many of you have either no or very limited contact with Jewish people, the lack of understanding is scary.
    People say the Holocaust could never happen again but I pessimistically disagree….

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