Bigfoot News August 22, 2012

Shocking news! “Dogman” is apparently real! Dr. Melba Ketchum team says Dogman is a separate entity from Bigfoot, apparently another species or subspecies. This is incredible news. A source inside the Ketchum camp have informed me that the Ketchum camp believes that Dogman is a separate entity from Bigfoot, either another species or subspecies. How they came to this conclusion, I have no idea.

The Beast of Seven Chutes, taken in Quebec. The original photo is much larger, a panorama of a waterfall. The Dogman is very had to see in the photo and was only discovered much later as the shooter was looking closely at the photo. The object in his arms is apparently a small dog that he has killed and is going to eat. The photo is not though to be hoaxed.

Dogman looks somewhat different from Bigfoot and has longer hair and more of a snout-like nose as opposed to Patty’s more human nose. Some say that they are shorter, only about six feet tall.

Dogman apparently resides in the Central, Midwestern and Eastern US from the Southwest on up to Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Quebec and over to the Appalachians in Tennessee. In other words, the Bigfoots like Patty of the Northwest are one species or subspecies, and the ones in the Midwest like Dogman are another altogether.

A darkened photo of the Beast of Seven Chutes. The killed poodle shows up much better in this photo.

I asked the source whether Ketchum herself believe that the Dogman was real (I know that members of her team do) and he said, “She must. If [name removed] said it, then it has to come from Melba.”

Zoomed and enhanced photo of the Beast of Seven Chutes.

The question is how the Ketchum team determined that Dogman is actually a separate entity, a separate species or subspecies. The source did not know, but the obvious guess would be via DNA. On the other hand, he told me that there is a team working on gathering Dogman DNA for analysis.

An illustration of the Beast of Seven Chutes, taken from the photo. Very nice illustration by one of the finest new Bigfoot researchers out there, David Claerr, dramatically shows this odd Bigfoot like creature. It would be amazing if this thing actually exists and if there are multiple different Bigfoot-type species or subspecies in the US and the world. Copyright David Claerr.

The source also affirmed that the “Beast of Seven Chutes” is a good example of a Dogman. He also stated that information about the Dogman will not be in the upcoming Ketchum paper but may be in a later paper.

Scott Carpenter says that Dogmen are real in his research area in Tennessee. People blast him a lot for his unconvincing videos, but he does have a successful hair sample in with Ketchum’s study that tested presumptive for Bigfoot. Carpenter’s blog entry about Dogmen in Tennessee is here.

An example of how hoaxers are using the latest Bigfoot movies and photos to improve their hoaxes. Look at the photo below. It’s from a video by a special effects group that was released as a “real Bigfoot video.” It was so good that many were fooled. The huge back effect may have been created by stuffing some sort of bedding or pillowing in the back of the suit.

Click to enlarge. A screengrab from a recent Bigfoot hoax video by a special effects studio that had many people fooled.

Now take a look at the Hovey photo.

Click to enlarge. The Melissa Hovey Bigfoot photo, a probable real photo of a Bigfoot.

To me it is clear that the makers of the Pacific Northwest hoax above based their hoax on a careful study of the Hovey photo which they attempted to recreate with their suit. This is what I meant in my previous post about hoaxers getting better. When you have special effects folks competing to see who can make the best Bigfoot hoax, things are getting serious. It must be some sort of a game with these guys.

Back story for Ontario GoPro and Temagami Bigfoot video and photos is terrible. According to a source, the people behind the GoPro video, someone named “Nikk” has told lie after lie upon being investigated and has proved himself to be one slippery fish.

Alarmingly, it was Nikk to told investigators about the Temagami photos. The elderly couple are named the Heiberts and they supposedly reside in Timmons, Ontario. However, extensive searches by investigators have failed to find anyone named Jeanne Heiberts in Timmons, Ontario or anywhere else for that matter. Investigators feel that the “Heiberts” probably do not even exist.

Other things about the story do not add up. There was snow on the ground at the time the Temagami photos were said to have been taken, but there is no snow in the photos. There is the bit about the helicopters circling the lake, apparently lifted from the narrative of the Ben Matine hoax. Although the photos have been Photoshopped, the creature has apparently not been shopped in. That means that it’s either a real Bigfoot or it’s a hoax.

Tim Ervick investigated the story but did not meet the couple in person. Instead, there was 6 weeks of extensive emailing back and forth. Investigators are worried that Ervick may have been taken for a ride on both the Temagami and GoPro photos and video.

So we are left with at best a case like the Harley Hoffman video of what looks like a real Bigfoot video but the back story is insane, or at worst an elaborate hoax. Very disappointing.

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26 thoughts on “Bigfoot News August 22, 2012”

  1. Why be disappointed? The only thing that matters is Ketchum. Most other stuff is only entertainment, even if genuine.

  2. That Temagami pic came up on Shawn’s site a little while back and when I tried tracking down source info, there was nothing concrete, all very vague. Looking closely at the pic, crappy res as it is, there seemed to be some signs of photoshop editing, hard straight lines, a number of fishy things, this one guy pointed a few things out. I’m with mitchw, Ketchum’s and Erickson’s deals are the only things I see enough credibility in to get excited about. And how cool would it be for the trolls and debunkers to have shoved in their pimply faces not one but multiple proven crypto-hominid species? How I will gloat.

  3. I think the answer to this leads to joe black on YouTube. He apparently has accidental “money shot” footage of the dogman but refuses to release it until Ketchums DNA study as he fears it will disturb the bugfoot study since he submitted “Bigfoot” hair samples to her.

  4. Since Bigfoot apparently has limited shape shifting capability, I am not holding my breath for Dogman to have any different DNA than presumptive for Bigfoot. For instance, a Native American told me about a Bigfoot witnesses turning into an eagle, and actually flying off. Other trusted non-Native American persons have told me of seeing the Bigfoot turn into authentic looking mountain lions, albeit not perfect mountain lions. I have heard hooves run off in the extremely dense forest on several occasions, where they left no path of broken vegetation, after doing a lot of snorting and bipedal strutting back and forth while presumeably trying to see me better, that I have come to believe to be Bigfoot. I was unable to see them even with very high quality night vision monocle.

  5. To me it looks like a Bigfoot with a dog face? If you look close it looks like the snout is off center and looks deformed?

    1. It’s nothing but a Bigfoot with a long snout for a nose. That’s all. All the rest of the stuff is standard Bigfoot stuff. There have been a lot of sightings of this thing around Michigan and Wisconsin and one guy says he saw one in Texas. There are also supposedly sightings in Tennessee.

  6. A recent Lindsey release addresses the issue of a dog-faced creature and some speculation concerning possible DNA differentiation from the typical Bigfoot “species” a la Dr. Melba Ketchem.
    Readers might be interested in some speculation along those lines by Ray Crowe, to be released in the upcoming Volume 2 of Bigfoot Behavior to be released possibly this fall.
    Dog-Headed Creatures
    Bord lists in the Bigfoot Casebook where in 1972 a witness saw a Bigfoot with a wolf-like head. The head had an elongated nose and fangs.
    Three teenaged boys were driving near a wildlife area and saw what they thought was a dead dog alongside of the road. It was torn open at the stomach with the intestines exposed. The boys stopped to examine; poking a stick at the carcass. Immediately a huge “Werewolf” looking creature screamed at them and charged towards them (not the dog). The boys piled into the car and raced off to avoid the creature. But it chased after them running up to 35 mph before they outdistanced it. One boy said that the upright hairy creature had ears visible on the side of its head.
    He said that the face was like that of an ape. But it had strange ears, “like large lynx-type in appearance.”
    Near Grand Rivers, Kentucky, July 1978, 13 year old Joe on his dirt bike screamed as the creature grabbed his leg, leaving scratch marks across his right thigh where it had torn through the denim of his Levi’s. The hairy wolf thing was following him on the path through the woods and grabbed him near the road. It ran on two legs and was taller than a man.
    Linda said the Farmington creature was the size of a large deer but had a massive wolf-like head and pointy ears. It lumbered on across the road into the woods, uncaring of the car’s presence.
    Werewolf at Seaside, Oregon,
    Bigfoot Grill and Steak House.
    Photo by Ray Crowe
    Steve, a Department of Natural Resources employee, hired to pick up road-kill in Wisconsin, had just picked up an 80 pound doe deer carcass in the back of his truck. In November 2006 near Holly Town the truck shook violently and he looked back in his rearview mirror and saw a creature lift the deer and a steel ramp that the carcass was tangled in, and run off into the heavily wooded area carrying the deer in its arms. The creature had a distinct muzzle and prominent ears, the head of a wolf. It was said that other sightings of some sort of creature resembling an ape with the head of a wolf had been seen in the past.
    Outside of Elkhorn, Wisconsin, a creature was reported in the 1980’s called, the Beast of Bray Road. Reporter Linda Godfrey of the Walworth County Week interviewed the witnesses who talked of a Werewolf. The creature was said to be seven feet tall and weigh 400-700 pounds and had a face like a German Shepherd with pointed ears. The creature has been seen running on all four legs and sitting in the road eating dead road kill. In vehicle headlights the eyes glow yellow and the odor of decaying meat is noticed.
    Not to be left out, Michigan, had a popular song, the legend of the Michigan Dogman, in 1987. The Dogman was first reported in 1887 (centennial) in Wexford County, when two lumberjacks said they had seen a creature with a man’s body and a dog’s head. Later, in Paris, Michigan, in 1938, Robert was said to have been attacked by five wild dogs, one of which walked upright.
    Joedy Cook said in 1996 the Norwood, Ohio, police followed up on a report of a creature described as “a dog running on two legs.”
    Ronnie Roseman said he interviewed a Lummi Reservation cop who said that 15-20 years ago as the police cruiser was driving along the road and out of the woods a creature with a snout like a wolf, dashed out and deliberately slammed into the car and dented it after bouncing off, then dashed back into the woods. The big hairy creature was really quick, he said.
    Alien atopsy hoax, UFO Museum, Roswell, NM
    There was a violent occurrence in Kentucky by The Beast of LBL (Land Between the Lakes). The tale was related by Jan Thompson in the book, Jan’s Tales, Creature of LBL. The spooky area had a long history of hauntings, Indian curses, and mysterious lights over gravestones, hag witches, and tales of a wolf-like upright creature that would attack livestock. The seven foot Wolfman left barefoot paw-type tracks, had long hair, and a stench of open graves. The huge wolf head had a long snout and sharp incisors and red eyes with huge hands and long spindly-type fingers. At night there were strange howls of painful agony. Families told of livestock slaughtered, ripped into pieces. Cattle and horses had their legs pulled from the sockets. A farmer found the creature in one of his horse stalls once; he “wet his overalls.”
    Thompson goes on to say where Two Police officers fresh from a crime scene were shaken and pale, one vomiting. They had gotten a call to help with investigating at the popular LBL campground where some early season arrivals had been attacked by something. There were county coroners and ambulances besides other official cars on site. The victims were all dead at the ghastly scene, yellow ribbons of “CRIME SCENE” tape everywhere. The campfire was almost out and the doors of the motorhome were torn loose. Inside were bloody handprints sliding down the metal walls. Outside there was ripped clothing, bodies and body parts with limbs torn off, a pile of bowels and pieces of loose flesh and muscle tissues scattered everywhere. All of which belonged to three bodies. The remains of what had been hours earlier…a happy vacationing family. The father, mother and young son, the coroner said, were pierced by claws and incisors. The father had on his corpse four long claw marks, with a smaller digit like a thumb, that was wider than a man’s hand. The marks looked like the man was trying to flee. An officer stepped out of the motor home holding a garment; a small dress like a five year old would wear but no small child was found. Fifty yards away in the woods an officer had blood on his face, hat, and shirt. It had been dripping from a small hand seen in the tree, along with a leg with a white sock still on the foot that was dangling down. The missing child had been found. She had apparently been taken into the tree and leisurely eaten on as she lay across a large tree branch.
    The LBL is a popular campground bringing a lot of extra money into the area, so, of course, like in the movie Jaws, they try to keep it quiet so as not to scare any tourists away.
    So, what are these wolf-like creatures? There are enough reports that it would appear to be part of the animal menagerie of our forests. The most I can do is make a really, really, wild guess; tongue-in-cheek. It’ll have to do for me until something better comes along. Could it be a possible hybrid between a Bigfoot and a baboon? Not necessarily today, but in the geological past (baboon fossils go back eight million years).
    All baboons live in troops of up to 150; have long dog-like muzzles, powerful jaws with long heavy canine teeth, close-set eyes, and thick fur except around the muzzle. They also have short tails and bare-butts. The males are considerably larger than the female, up to 90 pounds. The Hamadryas baboon has a large white mane. The female initiates mating by presenting her rump to the male and gives birth to a single infant after six months.
    The baboons have 91% similarity in DNA with a human and are found to possess A, B, and O, blood types. They have no problem with hybridizing with similar species or even different genera in the wild; like between the gelada and the Hamadryads baboon, which have been distinct for several million years. Many today argue that they should be classified with the apes. There are five species and they are generally considered to be Old World monkeys. There is debate over the evolution processes of the baboon; the fact that they are so closely related to humans often scares people. In 1977 researcher Michael Bedford discovered that human sperm could not penetrate the eggs of non-hominoid primates like the baboon.
    The chimpanzee group split from a common ancestor around six to eight million years ago. It is commonly believed that following the split that the two distinct lineages had sex with viable hybrids for 1.2 million years, when another split occurred. I assume that same was true between baboons and the common ancestral stock that gave rise to both Bigfoot and humanity. Could wolf-like Bigfeet have been hanging around since then? Like in Medieval Europe?
    And would a Bigfoot be involved with bestiality? Mary Green writes of a possible cow that was molested! The poor cow had its privates treated very roughly, torn up pretty bad. The farmer had no idea what could have caused the massive physical damage; it was not that of being bred by a bull.
    As an aside, the Russian Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov experimented unsuccessfully with creating human/chimp crosses called Chuman or Manpanzee by artificial insemination. The chimps share with us 99% of coding DNA.
    And again, Birute Goldakas writes: “Chimpanzees are blood relatives who share almost 99 percent of our genetic material. Once blood groups are matched, humans could receive a transfusion from a chimp, but not a gorilla or an orang. Some scientists believe that assigning humans and chimpanzees to different families is artificial. UCLA physiologist Jared Diamond argues that humans are the third chimpanzee species.”
    So, perhaps the reader can speculate and come up with a better explanation for the dog-headed creatures?
    While in the Wayne National Forest in Adams County, Ohio, Joedy Cook found the skull of a baboon. Joedy was hiking on a ridge, Buzzard’s Roost at the time. He speculated that it might have been somebody’s exotic pet that escaped and died or that it was from a nearby Primate Research Center. As the skull was damaged, he assumed a predator of some kind had brought it there. Originally he thought it was of a dog or coyote, but an expert that he took it to identified it as a baboon. Division of wildlife says exotic pets, including primates, are legal in Ohio, so there is a brisk trade in exotic creatures of all kinds.

  7. I looks much more like a baboon than a dog, Bigfoot is plausible but this is entirely different and even more strange, and more difficult to believe, but who knows really? weird shit does happen.

      1. The artistic rendition reminds me of a guy I saw drinking pina coladas at Trader Vic’s….his hair was perfect.

  8. In 1957, in the Fla. Everglades, I had a Skunkape come into my camp after smelling sausage on the camp fire.
    Scared the crap out of me as no such creature was known back then as it was ten years before the 1967 Patterson/Gimlin film came out.
    The word BigFoot was not a common known name.
    The Being didn’t seem to pose a threat but made eye contact between me and the food on the gill and back at me many times… as if I might offer him a link.
    I had a pistol in my shaky hand and the “Being” seem to know that I could be a danger, and decided to leave. The Being was not a primate or ape. I thought it might be a huge wildman with much hair.
    If I had known then what I know now… I would have offered him some sausage and try to communicate with him.
    I say Being and HIM as it was a HUMAN of sorts.
    Years later found out thru an agent from Fisg & Game that the so called Skunkapes were of Indian decent and sat in Counsel with the meetings of the Seminle Indians.
    Later I ran into two more Skunkapes on expeditions and they ran from me.
    I got into alot of trouble with the Arkansas Governor when I tried to gun down the Fouke Monster in 1971 after the filming of “Legend of Boggey Creek.” Seems they are protected by the Government.
    They are suppose to be a MYTH. It’s working just fine.

  9. Remember the beast of Gevaudan…. if all this dogman stuff is true then this could explain many legends.

  10. It’s getting very weird. Maybe none of these exist in a normal manner. Maybe they are like the UFO’s. The best explanation I’ve seen for UFO’s is by Jacques Vallee. His book “Messengers of Deception: Ufo Contacts and Cults” explains UFO’s have been around a long time and that maybe the various different weird animals we see are all the same type manifestations. Call them Demons if you wish or fairies, trolls, werewolves, UFO’s, leprechauns, bigfoot, dogman, etc…

    1. Here’s a twist for you… in regards to the Dogmen and UFO’s ~~~
      Many years back… over a decade I guess, I met with the late Jon-Erik Beckjord, who was at Berkley in California at the time.
      As you know, (or if you had heard of him) he was a troublemaker among the Bigfooter groups and you didn’t want to get on his bad side.
      He went on the DAVID LETTERMAN TV show to show photo’s and give his accounting of the Dogface BF.
      Was known as the Dogface creature and not the Dogmen at that time.
      Thought to be a WereWolf Species at the time.
      We had lunch in RENO Nevada and he showed me photo’s and drawings of Aliens standing with the Dogmen by their UFO’s.
      The Dogmen were about seven foot tall and the Aliens were about five feet.
      There was a photo of a Dogman in the bubble cockpit of a UFO.
      Just unbelievable.
      Nobody took Beckjord serious. And that’s what made him so mad at the BF researchers.
      He swore up and down to his testimonies.
      Beckjord told me wild and weird stuff abut the Dogmen being from another planet and were an Aliens species as well.
      I wanted to laugh out loud but didn’t dare. It was crazy stuff and he was serious as hell.
      You couldn’t make this stuff up. ~~~ Too far out.
      He said that the Bigfoot were placed on Earth to populate.
      Then would come and gather at the UFO Spaceships when a certain type of whistle was blown. Like sheep.
      The Bigfoot were then harvested and taken aboard the Spaceships and flown back to the mother planet and butchered for FOOD.
      Weird ?? True ?? Beckjord swore by it.
      I stayed on the “good side” of Beckjord as he was a computer genius and could put a virus into people’s computers that screwed them up.
      He got even with a lot of BF researchers that contested his credentials and findings of his research.
      It was so weird of his findings. What if he was right ??
      Stranger things have happened !!
      Doug Tarrant

      1. Ok, this is so weird that there’s not much to say about it except that it’s possible. Hey anything is possible. That Bigfoots exist is bizarre enough for me right now. But Hell, if Bigfoots exist, then maybe there is a UFO tie-in. But try proving that one!
        Re: the Ketchum study, there is a rumor going round for some time now that the nuclear side of the Bigfoots is “not of this world.” I don’t know what that means, but David Paulides believes it and talks about it to anyone who will listen, and it is said that Wally Hersom is really big on this stuff too. Ketchum herself is said to be very interested in the Bigfoot-UFO thing even going back a couple of years. Personally, I think it’s insane, but what do I know? Anyway, I am told there will be nothing about ET’s in the Ketchum paper, which is good.

  11. Say what you will about whether Bigfoot is flesh and blood or from another planet, all I know is what I’ve seen, encountered three times (live ones and one dead one) and what I’ve un-covered of the Government’s cover ups over the past five decades and have also know of five (human) families who have habituated with the “Beings” and fed them, protected them and raised their offspring, somewhat on the same order that JANICE CARTER COY had done with her grandfather, from her book: “50 Yrs w/Bigfoot” which was called a HOAX from the habituators who were trying to distract the TRUTH that these “Beings” are real flesh and blood and are protected and sactioned by the Government. No hoax there !
    WHY ? To name a few instances ~~
    It the truth were known, the religious overtones of “Evolution Vs Creation” would have the Bible and documents re-written.
    The ACLU would scream for scantioned land / reservations be set aside to protect and “leave alone” this ancient species of Early (stoneage) MAN.
    ~~ We have a mix of Neanderthal Man among us… the Minnestoa Iceman, whom I’ve examined on two occasions before the laytex model replaced the real thing because of the FBI coming around to check out the gunshot reports of a wildman.
    The Smithsonian has documented the YETI and it’s six cousins: Almos, Sasquatch and world known Bigfoots back in 1925.
    The Native American Indians in the USA have legends of their ancestors being Early Ancient Cherokee’s in the mid-west. That’s what we’re dealing with in that area.
    We’re reported to have about three different species of Bigfoot in the USA.
    One species is rumored to be still of primate decent in the PNW.
    The Governments doing a fine job of keeping the Bigfoot / Sasquatch a MYTH.
    Doug Tarrant

    1. I can’t comment one way or the other… my three encounters have been with an ancient Early Indian(s) of StoneAge decent from my research.
      Only the late Jon-Erik Beckjord believed in the Dogmen species and had data to back it up but nobody believed him.
      Jon said that the Dogmen were Aliens in the company of the GRAYS, alto I disagreed with him, I had to keep an open MIND.
      Anything is possible.
      Doug Tarrant

  12. In reply to the comment of Paranormal Post.. this is not in the realm of Paranormal at all… altho some “throw in” paralleles that make no sense.
    For the most part, we’re dealing with flesh & blood species that roam our forest and mountains and have the inteligence to stay out of sight from humans except for the curious juveniles who are mostly sighted and encountered. The elders stay hidden.
    Doug Tarrant

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