In the US, Public School Teachers Are Put Through the Grinder

I worked in public education for six years as a substitute teacher, and I can tell you, they really put us through the grinder. Even as subs, we were under incredible pressure to teach those kids well and not screw up in any way. The administrators were monsters and were always looking for a reason to bust us or get us in trouble so they could fire us. We were under the gun all the time, and we could not slack off or mess up in any way. PC was enforced savagely, and you had to watch everything you said. Kids would continuously try to bait you into saying un-PC things so they could bust you to the administrators or parents. At the White schools, the parents run the show and the administrators work for the parents who stand up for their spoiled brats. Hispanic schools are much better and the parents have the attitude of, “You brat! You better obey that teacher or else!” Black schools are ok, but there is a heavy PC environment, and some of the Blacks hate Whites and try to bait you into saying un-PC stuff so they can get rid of you. Administrators are supportive and grateful to any White teachers insane or suicidal enough to venture into a Black school, so they will always back you up no matter what. Basic problem in Black schools is that many students simply refuse to learn. In the ghetto, many Hispanics also refuse to learn. In White schools, brats try to get away with murder. For instance, at a White school, kids were eating in class. I told them to knock it off, and they told me that their parents had petitioned the administration to allow kids to eat in class and the admins caved. I said, “So what. I don’t care what the administration or your parents say. I’m the teacher, and you won’t be eating in my class!” That’s the sort of BS you have to go through at a White school. Of all schools, a middle income Hispanic school is probably best of all. The kids are scared of the teacher and you basically terrorize them into obeying you, but that’s what they want to do anyway. They are raised in authoritarian family structures where the parents are to be obeyed, and many feel that teachers must be obeyed too. They don’t expect you to be nice, and they just hunker down, grumble and get to it when you hammer them for not working. You can basically Boot Camp the work right out of them. You really have to do this, even as a sub. For instance, as a sub, you show up, and the teacher will write, “Here is their assignment. Students will do these pages in the book.” The assignment is basically designed to take up the whole period. If you come into that class as a sub and don’t get some semblance of that assignment completed by the class, you’ve basically failed, and the administration or the teacher may try to make you pay for that. You really you need to bang that assignment out of them if only to save their own skin. That’s where the Drill Inspector bit comes in. Elementary schools are great in a way. Almost all the teachers are women, and a lot of them are single or divorced and looking for a man. There are almost no male teachers, and the male teachers that exist at all are usually queers! There might be a few straight guys, but they are probably married. You go into the break room, and it’s like you, one other guy, and a whole room full of young women, many good-looking, and a lot of them looking for a guy. Even the married teachers like to come around and “chat with the sexy teacher.” So if you’re a good-looking straight male, you basically landed in paradise. In addition, in the White areas, the mothers come around a lot after school, especially in the younger grades. A lot of them are single or divorced too, and many like to “flirt with the cute teacher” for some reason. On the other hand, with Pedophile Mass Hysteria nowadays, I am not sure I would want to teach in an elementary school. Junior high is Hellish with all ethnicities. There are a lot more male teachers, but a lot of them are still queer, just not nearly as many as elementary school. At high school level, you have almost 50-50 male and female teachers. There are a few queers, but really not that many, so most of the male teachers are straight, and a lot of them are married. However, at high school is where the PC crap is at the very worst due to extreme parental involvement. And this is where the kids play, “Bust the teacher” worst of all because they are older and smarter.

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18 thoughts on “In the US, Public School Teachers Are Put Through the Grinder”

  1. i agree with most of your post robert. i thought of being a ”big brother” to a young boy. i would love to help a boy from a broken home or whatever but the ”pedophile pc shit” has wiped this idea from my mind. why take the chance…. my daughter is going to college to become a teacher…. to be honest i wish she’d chosen another profession. pc and the media that promotesthis crap has ruined the chance at a ”leave it to beaver” kind of life for most. so sad.

  2. At least the teachers in our state get free health insurance and a paid pension which puts them in a pretty lofty category compared to other professions. I’m on the my districts school board and I know our teachers have a tough job but we do compensate them really well and they get greqt yearly raises even in a down economy.
    Of course if we don’t give them yearly raises then the district will get hauled into mediation and forced to give them a raise even if our budget can’t afford it. Thus we have to cut money out in other areas.
    It’s an imperfect system but we make it work. It’s kind of like the car that leaks oil. If you keep putting oil in it then the car will run maybe not great but it will run.

  3. Robert! What about Asian students? Any experience with them? Is so, how would you compare them to Whites and Hispanics, if I might ask?

  4. Your description of being a male teacher in an elementary school reminds me of an idea for a business I once had. Organize joint company picnics for employers with gender-imbalanced workforces, like elementary school faculties with software developers.

  5. The first area in which I feel we are failing our boy students is the lack of male teachers in the classrooms. This is more prevalent in the primary grades where a child may go through their entire elementary experience without a single male classroom teacher. While I am certainly not saying there is something wrong with female teachers, I do see the importance of a strong male role model in boy’s lives. This is especially true of boys that come from divorced homes where they live with their mothers. Again, I am not saying single mothers can’t raise boys well, but boys need a positive male figure in their lives. I see a fair share of boys that lack a male role model at home and it is obvious in the way they conduct themselves in a classroom and with peers. While this may be cliché, boys need that male figure to help them grow up and “be a man”.

  6. It is strange how Rape Advocates never come out publicly when the sexual abuse is committed by a female. Appalling is the fact that many convicted female teachers receive little to no jail time, unlike their male predator counterparts. Many female teachers, convicted of sex crimes, get probation, a year or less in prison, and some receive temporary house arrest. Judges are quoted, in some of these cases, as telling the felons that their sentences would be much more severe if these female sexual predators were male. In truth, if these sexual predators were male, there would be public uproar.

  7. Where all the shrill feminists calling for this teacher’s head for sexual abuse of a student? After all their witch hunts against male teachers over the past few decades, this is the least they can do to prove their desire for true equality in our wonderful post-feminist society. Oh, that’s right. Feminists are on women’s side and women’s side only. Everything they say to the contrary is complete nonsense. – Jim, New York, U.S ——– How can feminists (anyone for that matter) support men when this scenario is a fantasy for so many of them. My view is that it is wrong as she is their teacher.

  8. Robert, what grades did you sub for? Ever hear stories about teachers banging their high school students? Or did that sort of thing very rarely happen?

    1. High school is difficult because the girls are often really flirty with the teacher. I had a few that asked me out. They used to try to grab my ass as I walked down the aisles. A few out and out propositioned me in front of everyone. Totally crazy.

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