Bigfoot News August 21, 2012

Dr. Melba Ketchum Report may publish in the next two weeks! A source close to the Ketchum Project recently told me that he thought my guess of an August 21-September 4 release date for the Ketchum Project was probably correct. The source thought the report would be coming out in the next 2-3 weeks, probably in the next 2 weeks as I originally suggested.
He told me that the Ketchum team had been working frenetically for many weeks now (doing what he did not say) but around August 19 suddenly everything went completely quiet. Not a peep anywhere.
The source has no inside knowledge of when the paper is coming out. What he conveyed to me was only his guess.
Commenter suggests that Ketchum paper may be delayed as long as nine months. An anonymous commenter on the Bigfoot Evidence blog stated that the Ketchum team had sent someone to the warehouse at UCLA where the bones were stored to hunt down the Minarets skull. The skull was found, and somehow the Ketchum team reportedly is now in possession of the Minarets skull!
They are also in possession of several other unusual bones, including a ulnar bone from British Colombia that appears human except that it is about twice as large as a human ulnar bone.
The anonymous commenter also said they felt that the paper would be delayed by up to nine months due to the latest requests for changes.
As I have no way of knowing whether or not this commenter is accurate, I have nothing to say about these comments. I doubt if the 9-month delay for the Ketchum Report is true. However, the news about the Ketchum team having possession of the Minarets Skull, if true, is exciting indeed.
Minarets skull footage and other bones footage may be included in Adrian Erickson Bigfoot film. The anonymous commenter above reported that the Erickson film underwent a lot of editing in order to include a lot of the data about the Minarets skull and the other bones that were found. But as we don’t know how reliable his reports are, at the moment, this is at best a rumor.
Erickson video will be released at the same time as the Ketchum Report. Assuming that the Ketchum Report comes out in the next two weeks, the Erickson film should be released at about the same time.
Erickson and Ketchum Projects now getting along swimmingly. I reported earlier on a lot of bad feelings between the Ketchum and Erickson Projects and between Ketchum and Erickson themselves as individuals. However, all of that is apparently patched up now, and both the Ketchum and Erickson teams have put all of their differences, including legal squabbles, behind them and they are now 100% allied with each other.
Ontario go-cam video may be a Bigfoot. I discussed earlier a video taken by a man who put a go-cam on the rear bumper of his truck when he went camping in Algonquin Park in Ontario, Canada. Upon looking at the 1 1/2 hour video, he noticed a few seconds of footage and what appeared to be a Bigfoot by the side of the road. Others including Crypto Crew think it’s a man, possibly a hunter waiting for his ride.

Click to enlarge. Huge trapezius, coned head, hunter? Forget that.

However, there are certain things about this footage that make me think it’s a Bigfoot. My museum source told me she’s never seen a human with a trapezius musculature as big as the figure in the video. In addition, the figure has a coned head. What hunter has a coned head?
There is something else that makes me think it’s a Bigfoot and not a hunter, but I won’t reveal that because I don’t want to give hoaxers any info to make their hoaxes better. Suffice to say that humans don’t have this feature, and I’ve yet to see a Bigfoot hoax that includes this all-important feature, which I myself only became aware of recently.
Click to enlarge. Ontario go-cam Bigfoot. I believe this is a real Bigfoot.

Exciting new Bigfoot photos out of Ontario, Canada. These three photos were reportedly taken at Temagami Lake in the wilds of Ontario a few years back by an elderly couple who rented a cabin in the area. The man opened up his door in the afternoon and saw the Bigfoot standing outside his door, frozen. After deleting a few files in his overloaded camera, he took the three shots below.
Click to enlarge. The frozen Bigfoot from a distance.

Tim Ervick is great researcher with fine investigative skills. He spent a lot of time researching this case and interviewed the couple at length. The figure in the photo is real in the sense that it has not been Photoshopped in. That means it’s either a costume or a real Bigfoot.
Click to enlarge. Note the wild, wooly hair on the hair and the way the hair goes in all sorts of different directions. Note also the similarity to the Hovey creature in that regard.

There are certain things about these photos that lead me to believe that this is a real Bigfoot and not a costume.
First of all, I have a hard time believing that an elderly couple would be in on an elaborate hoax.
Second of all, there are certain things about this Bigfoot that I have never seen a single hoaxer get right. I am not going to discuss what those things are because I do not want to give these hoaxer scum any more ammo to make their hoaxes even better than they are already making them. See the next entry for more on that.
Click to enlarge. Incredible closeup of the Temagami creature. The original photo was completely dark for some reason, but after brightening, the figure you see shows up. I also feel that this figure bears a good resemblance to the sketches of the Sierra Kills Bigfoots, but I am not going to say how it looks like them because I don’t want to help out hoaxers.

Hoaxers are making their hoaxes better and better, and we are helping them by telling them how we tell real videos from hoaxes. In case you have not noticed, hoaxers are now competing with each other to see who can make the best Bigfoot costumes. The best of these hoaxes are associated with little known filmmakers and special effects guys.
These cinematographers and special effects geeks are competing with each other to see who can make the best Bigfoot hoax costume. They always release their videos as “Real Bigfoot footage,” and then the community has to waste a bunch of time taking apart these idiots work to figure out it’s a hoax.
Any Bigfoot video that is released by a filmmaker or a special effects guy is automatically a hoax, guaranteed. I recently saw a very well done hoax in which it was glaringly obvious that the costume was modeled on the Hovey Bigfoot photo. It was clear that the special effects guy had spent a great deal of time studying the Hovey photo and had specifically modeled his very good costume on that.
This is what I mean. With each new valid photo and video released, the best hoaxers will hone their skills even finer than ever. And this is a problem with the Crypto Crew and Facebook Find Bigfoot approach of checking out what a real Bigfoot looks like as opposed to a hoax. Every time we do this, the best hoaxers will sit down with their notebooks and check off how we tell a real Bigfoot from a hoaxed one and then proceed to make their next hoax that much better. It’s really nightmarish.

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37 thoughts on “Bigfoot News August 21, 2012”

  1. It doesn’t make sense to me that they would taking on additional specimens from which to perform DNA analysis, at this late stage. After all as I understand it, this was a study of DNA from blood samples, not DNA from bone morrow samples. There is no guarantee that the bones are also of an unknown hominid to the less that top secret security clearance rated public. Which would be a complete new public study and take a couple more years and multiple specimens. As you can tell, I believe that the hominid is in fact known by those with a top secret security clearance in the US Government. As a matter of fact, I am certain of it. Which takes a little bit of the excitement out of this milestone, unfortunately.

      1. Bigfoot is not a scientific discovery of the current generation that has not yet lost their memory, and can still remember what they ate for breakfast. Extensive past captivity research was started in the early 60’s and I believe continued until recently. Kewaunee Lapseritis writes about the later research. The general US population could not deal with what they found out in the 60’s, whether they were paranormal or 24/7 flesh and blood. Consequently, that knowledge was shelved until such time that the general population could figure it out by themselves, and learn to deal with it based on their own personal experiences, or based on the experiences of others. Paranormal is not a big deal. Trust me, it is nothing to be afraid of. Just bring food gifts and soft music and you will get along like high school buddies.

    1. I suspect those rumors about more delays and more specimens, are associated with a follow-up paper. In academic science, one starts a new paper as soon as the old one is accepted. The Ketchum project will NOT have everything in just one paper. Guaranteed. (Not an insider. Just a scientist who knows the peer review process.)

  2. Great work Robert.The lack of bones and body parts is always brought up by the uninformed naysayers as validation of their unresearched position, and the Minarets skull is a legendary relic that shatters that whole argument…if it has indeed surfaced. Awesome. I think its a litle odd though that they found it so quickly after it being lost for decades. On another note, with much of the Pacific Northwest ablaze with wildfires this summer, I wonder what devastating impact that has had on an already distressed and threatened species?

    1. Bigfoot is one of dozens of 4th dimensional / paranormal forest people, who can change phases and can change subdimensions of the 4th dimension, in order to escape slow moving threats like fires and man. This allows them to float and/or travel quickly without touching the ground and without being seen by man’s unaided eyeballs. Which can obviously be an advantage when faced with obstacles against travel, and bullets. When they are sick or old, they may have more difficulty in utilizing paranormal safety features, however. This was rumored to be evidenced by an old Bigfoot briefly held in captivity in about 1936, at Morningside Mental Hospital in Portland, Oregon. It was captured in Juneau and shipped to Portland, without any special containment features like very high voltage. Fast moving heat blasts from sudden volcanoe eruptions like Mt. St. Helens, are not something that paranormal safety features have apparently proven effective. Much of the 4th dimension information came out in the spring of 1975, at UC Berkeley, when they kicked TIME out of the 4th dimension, and without ceremony.

  3. Good stuff Robert.
    Hoaxers…. aargh.
    I’m all for the preservation of human life, however if a hoaxer was put down while wearing a costume by a Justin Smeja type. I would be O.K. with that.
    There’s things you just shouldn’t do , funny or not.

  4. Thanks RL. So hope that with any paper the US Fish & Game respond immediately with appropriate ban on hunting and criminal penalty. Then, perhaps the right kind of research will bring answers and further appropriate regulation. Have been in field last yapok weeks … I love the wild world. It would be tragic if we repeat our past and bring more harm than good. Long live our wild forest friends. And us.

    1. Lol cell phone in transit: “two weeks”. And going back after visit with family. Why do we need much stuff? Up there one tee shirt works for days! Ps. Unfortunately some of the worst data or hoaxes or exaggeration comes from BF era. Let’s hope that changes. Could you imagine data from actual field anthropologists? Goodbye amateur bigfooters! Well, it might happen. I can hope?

  5. Has anyone read the book: missing 411 by David Paulides? I`m skeptical about the claims and evidence, but it tells stories of people misssing and later found miles away in impassable terrain.

    1. I just received both editions today, matter of fact. So far, the way he’s formatted it, it’s extremely clinical and approached like a criminal investigation, sticking only to what is known and grouping incidents according to location and by particular details that come up over and over again. It’s a very sobre and methodical approach he’s taken and to me, it’s extremely credible; no wild flights of fancy, just facts.

      1. I’ve read them, too. Very good books based on known facts, police reports, newspaper articles, testimony of witnesses, etc. I highly recommmend them to anyone even remotely interested in the BF phenomenon. You will never look at the subject the same way again when you read about what’s been going on right under our noses.

        1. Ordered them and waiting !
          Off topic I know but we have had a few stories in the news about Black Panthers/Cougars killing pets and livestock in southern Australia. The reports have suggested these cats originated from mascots left here by U.S Serviceman after WW2. Anybody know if there is any truth to these rumours ?
          Can’t wait for the Ketchum paper and Erickson footage, hopefully it will be awsome.

  6. “Dr. Melba Ketchum Report may publish in the next two weeks!”
    Don’t you say the same every couple of months? On June 8th, it was going to be published in ‘the next 24 hours’. On April 25, it was ‘tomorrow’. On February 16, there was ‘shocking news’ that the report would be released ‘tomorrow’. I could go on.
    Perhaps you should start doubting your sources.

    1. All we do is report rumors here. We report all the rumors that are out there. I really doubt if I said it was coming out within 24 hours on those previous occasions.
      In general, most of my predictions in the past (not the 24 hours ones) were from Melba Ketchum herself via third parties. She keeps trying to predict when it’s coming out, but she keeps being wrong because it keeps getting delayed. She’s just trying to guess when it might be coming out. So if you want to blame anyone, blame her.

  7. Robert, you need to stand by your statement on release or drop your source. They’ve obviously burned you at least 6 times now. If the source is bad don’t use them. If you keep using them after the second time it’s on you not MK.

  8. robert, do you think melba is on the up and up as far as the dna is concerned or is this just more bigfoot bs we always get? i believe bigfoot is the real deal but am so disappointed in the so called researchers and their blobsquatch pics, etc. seems in the bigfoot world folks are either good folks or crazy folks… way to many goofs bigfooting.

    1. It is definitely at a journal, I can tell you that much for sure. The implication is that it has passed peer review and another implication is that it may be close to publication.

      1. thank you for the reply. the fact you reply to your post means a lot to folks. as for bigfoot… i believe there are more than ever here in southeastern ohio. i would like very much to have a good sighting/encounter but am not holding my breath. as soon as i feel up to it i will be going to a couple of spots here locally where bf was sighted. as for proof…. a body is it as folks aren’t going to believe pics, film, tracks and so on.

  9. Awesome stuff, Robert! I’ve been reading sasquatch-related websites for over a decade now (as a hopeful skeptic) and it’s refreshing to see one with a tone that’s professional, open-minded and displaying a modicum of critical thinking. The only bad thing is that it’s keeping this dyed-in-the-wool procrastinator from marking a stack of 11th-grade essays.
    Thanks for the great read!

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