America Has the Best Public School System on Earth

WMarkW writes:

Our public education system is excellent. Steve Sailer analyzed a couple of years ago that we educate our whites better than almost any other white country, our Asians better than any Asian country, our Latinos better than any Latino country, and our blacks better than any black country. It’s just outrageously expensive because the marginal costs of it go to educating the uneducable.

Well let’s give credit where it’s due anyway. Sailer is virtually a Republican Party operative at this point, but I guess he is willing to buck the Republican National Committee on a few things. The RNC holds that the US public education system an outrageous failure, but as Sailer shows, it may well be the best on the face of the Earth instead! I worked in public education for six years as a substitute teacher, and I can tell you, they really put us through the grinder. See this post for more on that.

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0 thoughts on “America Has the Best Public School System on Earth”

  1. The U.S. certainly does have the best education system on the planet, for a country of its size, population, and demographics.
    The various pundits who compare the U.S’s educational system to countries like Singapore or Finland (and of course, standardized test courses are completely reliable in this regard), and then decry how much worse our country’s educational system is compared to those countries, is a moron.
    Comparing the U.S. to countries like Finland and Singapore is like comparing apples to oranges.

      1. No. USA can’t be compared to S. Korea. It would be a royal ass-kicking. Seriously. Korean kids study because they like it. They enjoy the focus, the ritual, the general ass-whooping, we are the baddest motherfuckers on planet Earth part of it. USA cannot reproduce.

        1. we are the baddest motherfuckers on planet Earth
          A pity that badassness hasn’t stopped you guys from being China, Japan, and then the U.S’s bitch.
          Just sayin’

        2. I didn’t like studying the material they gave us, but I always preferred helping the teacher or counselor than doing the activities they had set up for us. I used to beg to set up for lunch. Can I be a badass mofo Korean?

        3. BAG,
          Don’t start. I don’t like internet arm flailing or screaming. Just bringing some human truth to the question raised by the venerable Car Guy. Thing that I do for colored folks. Crackers, I show the back of my hand.

        4. “Can I be a badass mofo Korean?”
          Absolutely! Anytime, anyday. If there’s any thing the Korean
          educational system lacks, it’s white women. And the lack
          of competition Korean women get (Sexual Monopolism). Jewish is
          controversial. Has its upside (swagger, shrewdness) and downside (cultural subversion). But net win, win, baby.

        5. “East Asian internet tough guy syndrome strikes again!”
          You should see me in real life, math boy. I’m ass tough as they get.

        6. S.Korea was the White man’s bitch and East Asians aren’t jack shit, but alien looking bottom of the barrel master wannabe bullshitters srs.

    1. A well developed Latin American country, with a white majority or plurality, but a significant minority population would be a more apt comparison.

      1. “A well developed Latin American country.”
        Don’t take this the wrong way. But you’re very sexy when you talk about foreign countries, alien peoples.

        1. Why did you choose my comment? What was it that I said that others haven’t presented in much harsher terms? I berated WMarkW for attributing the spiraling budget entirely on misdirected funding aimed at “the uneducatable.” Or did you just have higher expectations for me?

        2. I actually don’t believe the USA edu system has a peer. And it should be compared with no other countries. It’s what made it great. USA should not play catch up to E.Asia either, in math field.

        3. East Asians can’t do shit with math, all they do is just play up or continue what’s been created by other civilizations, such as mines for example.

  2. Yes even a comparison to Canada or Australia would be inapt.
    I disagree that the US education system is the best, but you can easily demolish arguments about the supposed superiority of the European or East Asian education system, that pundits neglect to mention.

  3. Out of developed countries, America comes near or at the bottom in lots of different indicators, like in health, because of right wing policies. Education is the exception, if I remember correctly. The education system is good and yet it is under attack from the right.

    1. Spoken like a true socialist, Steve. I still do not understand why you won’t identify as a socialist. That line right there is straight out of social democracy. At the very least you are a social liberal.
      PS, social democratic economies nowadays are largely capitalist. Sweden’s economy is 93% private sector.
      There’s nothing wrong with being a social democratic socialist! Say it loud and say it proud!

      1. Well I believe it is part of the government’s job to ensure universal access to healthcare and education, however that is achieved, and to provide a social safety net. If that makes me a social democrat, then so be it.
        I believe private enterprise is an important part of development but I don’t necessarily see capitalism as the end of history.

  4. Xera
    August 22, 2012 at 4:45 PM
    East Asians can’t do shit with math, all they do is just play up or continue what’s been created by other civilizations, such as mines for example.
    That would be the East L.A. civilization of George Lopez. They were brilliant in advanced mathematics, but sorely lacking in grammar.

    1. “East L.A. civilization of George Lopez.”
      Legendary. They fought the the Anglo invaders with great technological aplomb- camoflaged low rider, massive aural weaponry come Bang and Olufsen pounding mentally destructive music in an assault that had the Anglos running for cover from the entire San Gabriel basin. Psychodelic compact cars with indecipherable religio/pop culture connotations that the Anglo/Irish cops couldn’t target square.
      But they also understood the power of feigned alliances- hybrid cuisine Tex-Mex, Mex-Tex, Brazilo-Japanese, Jonny come lately Guato-Chino.
      With great cunning and massive arithmetic did this civilization cross the river Rio Grande and re-re-steal, re-stolen stolen lands..

    2. Nice!
      The Mexicans, Mayans and Aztecs were cousins of Koreans, Japs, and Chinks. So by saying they were lacking in grammar, you are doing yourself a service and insulting in circles. Good day to you sir and I hope the Atlanteans didn’t have to invent that “civilization” in the America’s.

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