Losing? Time to Play the "Racist" Card

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The liberals and especially the Left do this all the time, and of course, no one does this better than the Jew. In fact, it was the Jew who more or less started all this nonsense. Although I consider myself at best a nonracist person who fights against true racism, I try hard not to play the racist card too much. It’s a pretty serious thing to say about someone, so you need to think really hard if it’s true before you go leveling a charge like that at a person.
It’s becoming overused and abused anymore that’s it’s threatening to derail antiracism via a boy who cried wolf effect. In other words, people are falsely and shrilly screaming racism so much that a lot of regular folks are starting to turn deaf ears to screams of racism.
Outraged Leftist: “They say he’s a racist too!!!!! Let’s make a dartboard with his picture on it and then make a voodoo doll with his face on it and stick pins in it all nite! I’m all charged up with nowhere to go and my brain’s ground to a halt!”
Bored reasonable person: Yawn. “So…..they called him a racist eh? What was the exact nature of this person’s transgression this time. Seems one can hardly step out their front door without being called a racist anymore.” Shrugs shoulders and waves hand in the air. By the way, do you think you could get me another cup of coffee?”
Flipped out Leftist: Aren’t you fighting racism anymore! If you’re not fighting racism, you’re a racist! Check your privilege!”
Annoyed rational human: Well, I would fight racism, but I have too many other important things to do, like watch my plants grow…return some bottles to the recycling center…you know, life is so busy.” Deep yawn.
Black people, especially Black activists, have fallen into this trap in the worst way and in so doing have become victim addicts. I used to think of Blacks as hard and tough people who could take it all, but now I think of them as a bunch of screeching crybabies who do nothing but whimper, weep, and yell racism all the time. Blacks seem like such pussies when they do that.

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0 thoughts on “Losing? Time to Play the "Racist" Card”

  1. In my experience, it is Whites and Blacks who scream about racism the most.
    Asians (and EE Whites) tend to be realistic about things.
    I don’t think Jews are special in any particular way. In fact if you look around then quite a lot of the HBDsphere are Jewish. Half Sigma is. Jewamongyou certainly is, his name is a dead giveaway. Also I believe Sailer once said he was 1/8 Jewish or something. For that matter I’m approximately 10% Jewish.

  2. Recycling is racist! They segregate the papers and the plastics, there is no good reason for that. We wouldn’t want to start down a slippery slope where we start segregating other objects or peoples either.

  3. I think black anti-racists adopt contradictory positions in many ways. On the one hand, they say that their oppression has toughened them up, and allows them to cope with hardship in ways that white people can’t.
    At the same time, these same anti-racists flip out over anything that they construe as even slightly racist.

  4. Ha ha. You complain about false charges of racism, then make all of these over-generalizations based on race and “the Jew”. Yeah, I’m going to say it: You are a racist!

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