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  1. Thats a totally ridiculous statement….please get back to Bigfoot news Robert thats what 90% of the people come here for anyway 🙂

  2. I make no secret of my concern about the way America’s original Anglo-Saxon stock is being transformed by immigration and intermarriage, and will die out and/or be lost by absorbtion into other stock. I am totally prioritizing the betterment of my heritage, my race, and also the survival of all unique nationalitie and races. I see tremendous disadvantage for society as a whole to have white nations ‘Brazilianize’. The future will be more dull if we do not have ‘pure’ white nations left on earh. If gret lengths are gone to to save and allow replentishment of species, then why not for human races and ethicities? My intentions are purely good , but would I, in your opinion, be a racist?

  3. They way you put it, it’s not really racist at all. The problem is that almost 100% of the folks reciting that line also go way further into some really deep racist stuff.
    Nowadays, opposition to intermarriage is typically seen as racist, but I am not sure if it always is.

  4. Oh, I am not a tea partier, by the way, because economically, I believe free enterprise is only an element of a great economy… and that the government must constanly keep corporate power in check and have vast socialist programs to counteract greed of the rich and big corporations. (I do however, appreciate the tea party’s ability to irritate and fight against the corporate powers that control the Republican party), But I really want a world where a White could at least be allowed to live in a White only society.Sorry!

    1. That’s good. Welcome aboard. Your position on economics mean you have a welcome home on this blog.
      I suppose you can always run to places that are largely White. When I tell people about folks like you, they laugh and say, “Why don’t they move to Idaho or Iceland?”

  5. Robert, It is not even so much that I personally want to live in a white’s only world, because I love to be around different people of all kinds and to interact with people from all varieties of backgrounds. I have had a Black girlfriend, and my ex-wife was 1/4 Black.
    I just lament the fact that the interconnected world we live in will inevitably mean we will all blend together in successive generations. Al lot of people would hate to see all dog breeds dissapear and all dogs left-muts. Would we want all varieties of apples dissapear? …….Geez….. If we Whites could just quit being so damn horny for people of other races we might have a chance for survival, but we probably won’t! Sad!

      1. Actually, I am most attracted to Caucasian woman. Not just white woman, all Caucasians, including Arabs and south Asians. Almost on par are east Asian woman, who I think are beautiful. Not very attracted to black woman. South Americans are off the radar as there aren’t many here but I’d probably find them attractive to the extent they are European.
        I wonder if people generally find their own race most attractive.

  6. Oh, that very Black girlfriend was when I was younger and thought more with the smaller head, ( and the same goes with the 1/4 Black wife). I used to think it was cool to buck societal rules and I wanted to ‘experience’ all kinds of women,
    The Black girlfriend decided I was too White for her, and I decided she was “too Black’ for me. It was fun for a while but just a sex- and breaking the rules thing.
    But a monumental change in the human race goes on in our life times. Ethnicities and sometimes races have had occasion to mix here and there throughout history. Yet, never before has the human race blended so much , and in such unison as is occuring in the Western world. Some may see this as some kind of Nirvana, some great thing that will eliminate racism, etc. , but I only see negative consequences for the fate of the Western world and thus the human species from ths ‘megablending’. It is not a world-wide homogenous blending, but more of a complete penetration of White purity in about all of the ‘White nations, ( or formerly majority White nations). There are still droves of most other genotypes, like hordes of pure Sub-Saharan Africans in Africa, Mega-hordes of East Asians in their native lands, and so on. What I don’t want is White countries to be the only ones that must transform to not being the old stock of people. If it happens here it should be imposed upon all peoples of the world, too !

  7. The tea party’s racism is not why I’m against them.
    Repubs have somehow convinced the white christian masses that free wheeling capitalism is the moral thing to do. White working class used to be big on progressive issues economically.
    Good politics. Thank Nixon.

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