Now I Know What Women Go Through

I used to hang around Hollywood all the time, and there were queers following me around, staring at me, flirting at me, checking me out and even whistling at me everywhere I went. It was really annoying! I mean they would not leave me the fuck alone. After a while, I started putting up the biggest male Bitch Shield you ever saw just to try to keep them the fuck away from me. I guess I know how women feel now. At work, I kept trying to figure out who the queers were because that was a really important thing to figure out. One guy had a beautiful girlfriend, but I finally figured out he was basically gay. I had to put up the hugest bitch shield just to keep him away from me. His name was Arthur. Another guy was gay as the Ace of Spades. I tried to keep away from him, but one Friday afternoon around closing time, he asked me out! “Sooooo, what are you doing tonite…?” He cooed. Yikes! I quickly turned him down, but it freaked me out. Why did ask me out anyway? Every day around closing, there was this very good looking and very masculine “leather guy” across the street from my work in Beverly Hills. I would go to the window before 5 and look out. Every time I did it, he was looking right at me, daggers for eyes. A shiver ran up and down my spine. I left work and had to run a gauntlet down the street. He was watching me the whole time. I was shaking with every rapid step I took. I could not get away from him fast enough! Every day for two weeks, he took up position across from my window and stared right at my window, leaning against the wall in his leather jacket. Eeeek! I went out to eat with a friend from work in the cafe attached to the Tropicana Hotel. The waiter was an older queer and he wouldn’t leave me alone. There were other queers in the restaurant and they would not stop staring. One of the waitresses was friends with my female co-worker. She was really flirty with me. Later at work, my female co-worker said the guy who I was with at the restaurant was my boyfriend. I was like, “WTF????!!!!! Damn!” Years later, I would go to Hollywood on the weekend and run around nightclubs all night. At some point, I would go to the ready teller at the bank on Santa Monica Boulevard at midnight. I’m not sure if you have ever been to Santa Monica Boulevard on a weekend night, but it’s quite a spectacle to see. There is the biggest traffic jam you have ever seen, almost all male. It seems as there are hundreds of thousands of gay men cruising that street in cars or walking up and down it on the sidewalks. The side streets and back streets are equally packed. I don’t think it’s possible that there are over 100,000 gay men on that street on a typical Saturday night, but that’s what it seems like. It’s an extremely bizarre spectacle, like something out of a science fiction movie. It’s like the biggest army of gay men you’ve ever seen in your life. I would be getting money at the ready teller or walking to and from my car and these carloads of gays would drive by. They would see me and they would all lean out their windows and whoop and yell at me. “Whoo hooo! Yeah! Oh baby! Hey sexy! Hot stuff! Oh honey! Whoop whoop whoop!” One car after another full of guys would lean their heads out and all yell at me. It was pretty strange to say the least! I think the worst of it is I was always wondering why they were checking me out. I was always thinking, “Do think I’m gay? Is that why they’re looking at me?” I never figured out a good answer to that question. Do they check out all guys? Or just all hot guys? Or do they only check out guys they think are gay? Women were after me a lot back in those days too, so that made me feel a lot better. If it was only guys, I might have started worrying!

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19 thoughts on “Now I Know What Women Go Through”

  1. I can’t help but wonder what would happen if Santa Monica were lesbian instead, but with all the same antics. Would straight women be calling the police, as they undoubtedly would were they being accosted likewise by men? Just a thought.

  2. Do gay couples have established Tops/Bottoms in relationships? It would only be creepy if a larger man gave you the look. I had tons of small men give me that look, but it was in a submissive, feminine way. It seemed clear to me what ‘role’ they wanted.
    Want to know why gays are picked on? It’s because the submissive feminine types break gender rules.

    1. Oh so they like you too! That makes me feel so much better! And I trust you don’t come across as gay?
      Well, it is starting to look like gay men simply hit on, flirt with or are attracted to all good-looking males and they don’t even bother to wonder or try to figure out if the guy is straight or not.
      Just like we look at all hot chicks and don’t worry about figuring out if she’s a dyke or not. If she’s hot, we check her out or even more, maybe.

      1. I agree with that. They hit on anyone they think is attractive.
        “And I trust you don’t come across as gay?”
        See, that’s a confusing question! When someone comes across as gay, I think feminine, high pitched. Those bear/top types are all too common among straight men and they don’t get quite the social stigma. I don’t think a 130 pound gay man wants to fuck my 210 pound hairy body. it’s clear they want to be on the bottom. Hell, I take that as a compliment. Now if a 300 pounder was giving me the look, I would get that ‘creep’ feeling you talked about. Luckily that hasn’t happened to me yet. Ha ha

    2. ‘It’s because the submissive feminine types break gender rules.’
      Is getting shagged in the ass part of breaking gender rules, or you just mean feminine mannerisms?

  3. Robert
    I had a few gay friends that went to Georgia Tech and a couple of years back, had the misfortune of going to a gay bar in midtown. I was chasing this chick who used to hang out with these ass jockeys. However, within a few minutes of getting in and dancing with her, I felt my butt being grabbed on more than one occasion on the dance floor by random mofos. This incident taught me a lesson: never go for chicks that hang out with these shit end dicks. Haven’t been to a gay bar since then and altogether avoid them.
    In a way, it is similar to how guys I knew in India used to grab ass and boobs in crowded buses back in the day. New Delhi beats any city in this regard. Its also the rape capital of India.

    1. @ Aakash
      That’s funny that you mentioned that. One of my friends had a girlfriend who, for her birthday wanted to go to a gay bar with her friends.
      Honestly, I’ve never really understood the fascination with gay guys that many girls seem to have.
      This perception has at least been real enough to the point where there have been several movies or shows that have dealt with this issue. There was one movie I saw (I believe it was Kick Ass, or some other movie) where the protagonist posed as a gay guy, and all of a sudden, he became that much better at talking to a girl he liked, and getting her to like him.
      In one Seinfeld episode, the main characters were talking about how gay guys were great at talking to women, and George Costanza (the neurotic, socially inept character based on Larry David), without missing a beat said, “well, that rules me out.”
      I find it interesting.
      I mean, yeah, guys are seen as being attracted to girl-on-girl action, but you don’t really see guys with many Lesbian friends. Guys also don’t perceive Lesbians as being good at talking to men, and if anything, tend to look down on Lesbianism to an extent (as evidenced by much of the more extreme anti-feminist rhetoric that paints feminists as Lesbians).
      Perhaps it’s because gay guys act effeminate and sensitive, and because girls don’t need to worry about being hit on by them?
      Any thoughts?

      1. I’ve known quite a few women who like to go to gay bars. Without exception, they were women who enjoyed dancing but hated being constantly harrassed by single guys, so it makes sense. None of these women are “fag-hags”, i.e. they don’t hang out with gay guys in their daily life nor seem to have any close relationships with gay men. Personally, since I dated more than one of the women I mentioned, I’m all for it. I don’t always feel like going out, I’m not especially fond of dancing, so knowing my girlfriend can go have fun with a couple of her friends in an environment in which I feel she’ll be safe and still be able to do what she enjoys without my having to go along solely as a protector is a huge win-win.
        Fag-hags are another story. Fag-hags are invariably unattractive women who develop platonic freindships with gay men. The attraction is the lack of competition, primarily. I know how cruel and ostracizing some women can be to unattractive or overweight women, so the fag-hag relationship makes alot of sense to me as well.

      2. BAG
        The primary reason chicks hang out with homos is “safety” as Richard has already mentioned. But I’ve experienced deeper reasons. Chicks nowadays don’t go well with manly guys because at a deeper level, they resent men for being men. So you have to act a bit feminine: whether laughing at stupid jokes the right way, show “sensitivity” or “open your heart”, kindness (their inane definition which doesn’t include kindness to fellow humans in trouble but towards special interests such as cats, dogs, homos etc). Tell a chick you helped a homeless man get some food and 9 out of 10 will feel “eew” about it. Your example of the movie Kick Ass is similar. As long as the guy acts like a normal guy, nobody pays attention. But once he acts gay, he is basically down to the chick’s level, not a threat and ostensibly a “fellow sister”. So she lets him do anything including massaging her ass naked. How fucked up is that dude? Another example is the latest Harold and Kumar movie where Neil Patrick Harris acts gay in the movie to get to massage the chick but then starts masturbating over her ass just for the chick to find out that he’s not gay (in his words, he’s gay for the pussy LOL) and kick his nuts.
        Homos act feminine, bitch well, can shake ass, great at burning money for fashionable stuff, don’t act manly and basically are “sisters” to these chicks: i.e. as fucked up in their brains as the chicks themselves are. So there is camaraderie right there. But for those chicks who hang out too much with them, you gotta be a metrosexual at least to get their attention. Shit, I’ve had to burn money buying new clothing just to be in the game (though the girl I’m currently dating is a med. resident and an average 7 at best. But I’m not complaining. Something is better than nothing and she is kinda practical being in the medical field and all).
        Lesbians on the other hand, no matter how tattooed up or pierced or with clean shaven heads, simply do not have the “chill factor” like men. And neither do they have the intelligence or knowledge so guys can’t really make a connection with them. I mean if you are at a bar, what do you talk to other guys about? Sports would be the obvious answer. Lesbians suck at sports talk. I know that because the county that I live in GA (Dekalb) has one of the top 10 lesbian communities (by percentage) all over the US. Great bars to hang out but filled with dykes. They are all wannabe guys with boobs but can’t connect with guys for shit. So as a guy, what am I supposed to do with them? Can’t talk, can’t fuck. And they all look like fucking weirdos. Its scary.

    2. My first outright experience with a gay guy will give Tulio a nightmare. The guy in question was one of those bear types. He was also my roommate.
      Given that I thought all gays were the effeminate types back then, I never saw his moves coming and never thought much of them until things got a bit too far.

      1. “I never saw his moves coming and never thought much of them until things got a bit too far.”
        I meant to say “until things went a bit too far”.
        Yes, Robert, gay guys (mostly the girly types) have shown interest in me, but it was only the guy I mentioned above that downright “made a move”.

      2. Its one thing accepting them but totally another promoting them at every fucking opportunity on TV and other media.
        What next? People indulging in necrophilia needing to get married to their lovers? LOL.

  4. Maybe I’ve been lucky, but I’ve never been hit on by gay guys at random parties or clubs.
    The way I see it, if a gay guy is in the closet, then the last thing he would want to do is reveal himself by hitting on some random guy, particularly a straight guy.
    And if he’s openly gay, then heck, he’s probably already found another openly gay guy. For all the problems gays may have, I can’t help but think that it’s easier for gays to find a fellow gay lover than for straight people to find a lover of the opposite sex.

  5. I thought this was a satirical piece. If you’re actually serious, this is the most obvious example of homophobia from a self-denying closeted gay man I have ever encountered. Good luck to you…

    1. Nice try chump. I am not the slightest bit gay at all. I am only attracted to females, and it has always been that way from a very early age. I have never been attracted to males and never will be. Sexual orientation is determined by what turns you on, not by outward behavior and whatnot. However it is true that in the past many insisted that I must be gay, bi or formerly gay or whatever, apparently due to appearance or behavior. That’s always a bad guess as far as sexual orientation goes.
      PS jerk, you are banned for hostile tone.

      1. I wasn’t hostile at all, actually, just observing. I even said “good luck to you” and I meant it. I’m pretty sure I’ll get over being banned. 🙂
        A few questions:
        Do you find the world has a lot of jerks that it’s hard to get along with?
        Have you ever lost a job or a friendship because people said you are crazy or have an attitude problem?
        Has anyone ever told you that you have emotional problems or are a jerk?
        Something for you to consider:
        This is not normal. Most people never experience the above things. If they are happening to you, I hope you will consider what that might mean, and seek help.
        Good luck to you.

  6. There is nothing strange going on with me, trust me! I am not suppressing anything at all. You implying I am gay or bi or have some homosexual component? Sorry, it is just not so. Hate to burst your bubble!
    Revulsion to being cruised by gays is more or less universal among straight men. It’s frankly a 100% nightmare.
    When I lived in LA, it wasn’t even clubs. In that area, gay men were cruising 24-7. Every time you went outside or got in your car, there were gay guys cruising walking down the street or driving in your cars. You go into a coffeeshop and 50% of the people in there are gay guys and they all look at me like I am a Sirloin.
    Most straight guys think that SUCKS, I am just telling you ok? It’s like your worst nightmare X 1000!

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