China Versus India

New commenter Jeff remarks on the differences and prospects for both China and India. China comes out on top and looks great for the future, whereas India has its head up it’s ass as usual. Before you accuse me of being racist, I’d like to point out that most of India’s problems are 100% amenable and are attributable to a crap culture.
In other words, India is a mess not because Indians are genetically inferior or defective (although that’s possible, I’m not aware of any good evidence that it is true). Instead, they could knock it off anytime they want to as the problem is with cultural and thinking styles and not and inborn nature or deficiency.
A commenter writes: “Which to me indicates either that the Chinese model is superior or that Chinese culture is superior.”
Jeff responds: It’s both and more. Culturally speaking, the Chinese are more industrious, more meritocratic, more egalitarian, more practical, more disciplined, and more secular. The Chinese articulate a vision, set goals, and then go about achieving them relentlessly. The Indians make idle boasts and delusional forecasts and then vegetate: no one seemed to have taught them that the cart shouldn’t come before the horse.
For China, the erstwhile Maoist system, while monstrously flawed, secured an economic foundation by vastly improving nutrition, numeracy, literacy, healthcare, and advancing women’s rights. Deng Xiaoping’s post-Mao reforms would not have succeeded without the aforementioned accomplishments serving as a steppingstone.
India, on the other hand, is just fucked up, OK? Just straight up FUBAR. It’s still plagued by the caste system and mired in sexism. After some 60 years of self-rule, India still hasn’t managed the basics: 58% of Indian children suffer from malnutrition; 20% of Indians go hungry everyday; functional literacy rate is around a pathetic 50%; 1/3 of the population have no access to electricity; 1/3 of the country is controlled by various insurgencies, etc.
With such atrocious fundamentals, all the Hindutva drivel about India Rising and India Shining will remain just that, drivel.
Whereas Chinese leaders are selected primarily based on merit and qualifications, Indian politics is largely a family affair (e.g. the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty) in which performance is irrelevant but blood ties all important.
Despite the much ballyhooed Indian “democracy”, the Chinese system is far more accountable and responsive. Case in point, when the emergency management system was deemed deficient during the recent flood in Beijing, the mayor was fired; when Bangalore experiences annual floods, the local honchos are re-elected, repeatedly, by promising handouts to largely poor and illiterate vote banks.
The Chinese know what they want: to get rich and to reclaim their former position as the hegemon. They are open to adopt whatever systems or methods that can propel them there: this is the essence of Deng’s motto that it doesn’t matter if a cat is black or white, so long it catches mice.
The Indians, by contrast, have never articulated a collective vision and are therefore content with a hodgepodge of caste-based feudalism, socialist license raj, and neoliberal excesses: a little something to appease every constituency and ideological group.
And just to miff the Hindutvas and PC banshees, let me close by pointing out that Chinese are generally more intelligent and have a much tougher mental constitution, which undoubtedly contribute to their superior performance vis-a-vis the Indians.
P.S. For those of you interested in enlightening cross-cultural comparisons between India and China, read Mr. Navneet Bakshi’s blog. Mr. Bakshi is an Indian who had lived and worked in China long-term. He endears with his brutal honesty and incisive observations.

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32 thoughts on “China Versus India”

  1. The white man does not pursue anything unless it benefits him. I guess you want to evangilize India, it is not going to happen.
    Much of what Mr. Jeff has stated is true. “Bangalore does not get annual floods” its Bombay I guess he is referring to.
    China is one race [Han]. If one does not respect Nature one will find the end soon.
    Modern Industrial [plunder] growth model will not continue forever. Even USA willgo down, USA’s decline is dramatic[ Usually it is slow decline or jagged decline]. Both West and China have a lot of Bad Karma, it will come back to haunt you.
    There are a lot of filthy beings in India, we just cannot exterminate them. Nature and Time are a good problem solvers.
    Problem with India is people who can think and also do work are not in power. Democracy to India is a bane.
    20% cannot suffer all discrimnation, pay taxes, and expect to provide welfare for 80% who hates you. This model will never work anywhere.
    My suggetion to you is not to worry about China and India, but plan ahead for your own impending demise.

    1. before that Parasites like you will be eliminated.
      Well what would happen to parasitic indians if White man Doesn’t send any jobs
      Well what have indians created ?, How many indians succeed in India
      Indians can only get some progress under White man
      Indians can only live happily in White mans world
      Sadly, parasitic indians cant understand that they are digging their own graves by wishing for the demise of white man
      But indians are parasites, they have no allegiance to their host
      Their whole survival is based on ripping off their hosts and Hoarding their wealth, sadly these morons hoard their wealth in WHITE mans banks
      What a pathetic miserable creatures these Cunning treacherous indian parasites are.
      Meanwhile India has signed another $32 Billion Defence deal with slavic nation Russia
      Parasitic indians buy American,ISraeli,French,Dutch,Czech,Russian,Swedish Bofors…and attach Stickers of Indian army to show their pathetic innovation.
      You have bought Sukhoi,Mirag,Eurocopter,Typhoon,F-16 , you produce millions of moronic engineers and still can’t come up with some indigenous fighter jet .
      Don’T tell me about HAL Tejas Jet, There are many operational problems with that jet but Indian morons usually Hyped that Shhit hole Jet.
      It can’t stand any stinger missile fired from Surface.and i am sure it will have many operational problems during Variational flight.
      Thats why you ordered french Jets
      Problem with indians is that they are desperately trying to cover up their parastitic existence.
      India will explode from with in
      White man has seen many wars–2 World wars,Depression,French revolution,Terrorist Attacks,Islamic extremism and still his civilization is progressing in science ,Technology.
      Every Time Parasitic Indians messed with Bigger force they were defeated.
      Their whole nationalism and chest thumping comes from defeating Poor country pakistan. well Indians lost their Geo-political leverage with every of its neighbouring nation
      Srilankans kick these morons,Pakistanis threaten them, Bangladeshis flood their country and create chaos,nepalis ,Burmese have problems with these morons.
      Recently Indians were confused about the coup in Burma
      How useless these parasites are…Without white man(Americans) they would be Fucked from all corners and no FII will come to India and invest in chaotic shithole nation

    2. indians are happy with the status quo. Make noise about others greed and corruption and justify their own.. that’s what indians are.

    3. @Srikanta
      Modern Industrial [plunder] growth model will not continue forever. Even USA willgo down, USA’s decline is dramatic[ Usually it is slow decline or jagged decline]. Both West and China have a lot of Bad Karma, it will come back to haunt you.
      And India doesn’t have bad karma? Just look at the way Indians treat their own people.

      1. It’s all about culture; western consumerism has corrupted India. We should have only taken good things from dthe west. Responsible smart people don’t and cannot be at helm of affairs.
        there is still some semblance in rural India. Most slums are in cities. Dalits cannot be helped in a benign way. Most Indians are ignorant, indolent, corrupt etc. a few cultured smart people just cannot change India. Britishers turned to Brahmins becoz they were the ones capable of being loyal, and smart ,hardworking and honest.
        Christianity is not the solution, Islam also not the solution. Dalits are outcastes becoz they eat beef, don’t shower, illicit liquor ( made from motor tyres, corpses, all sort of filth) and behave very badly with their own families.. Crime is owned by lower castes.
        Brahmin’s hard life was an ideal measure for emulation for most Indians. Fancy life style of Britishers became the new ideal, now it’s Hollywood .
        Practice a Brahmins hard life with Jesus Christ, you’re civilization will last long. We Hindus wish everyone well, just pointing out mistakes you make .
        There is a saying ” USA finally will get a thing right” With god you have just one chance. Hinduism has outlived all religions, it has long life.
        World can emulate a few good things from India. Visit a temple daily you don’t see caste divisions, it is labor divisions.

        1. I am from Singapore. Trust me, the recent wave of parasitic Indian will destroy my country. In a whole 8 storey Citibank Singapore at Changi Business Park, close to 100% of the executive Indians. The locals are hired as receptionist. I have heard same thing happens in Citi Shanghai.
          Recent Indian migrant seems to prosper everywhere they went not entirely due to diligent and talent, but more due to racism. They are good at their ancestors’ trick. They marginalize others, while putting their own tribes in key positions.
          I suspect recent emergence of Indian, especially in western banking and financial sector is a conspiracy of allies between the western and Hindu elites, against the Chinese.

  2. I could not help but wonder sometimes the Nazi idea of master race has some validity. As a Chinese, I realise that our children are brought up in a slave culture. Chinese need to conform and follow the hierarchy.
    In the office, it is very obvious that the Chinese is not able to influence decision making as good as Indians or white people. Indians are the degenerated sort of Aryans. Nevertheless, they are still master race. After 4000 years of caste shit and their poison system, they are extremely dangerous. I kind of sense that the white elites has under-estimate these Indian. If the white society cannot assimilate Indians fast enough and if Indians are imported ceaselessly in their present numbers, the white man’s society will degenerate.
    In Singapore (my country) Citibank of 8 storey at Changi Business Park, it is almost 100% Indians. All local graduates and even local Indians are not welcome. My colleague who went to Qualcomm (San Diego USA) returned and told me 50% of the engineers are Indians. Indians cannot build any shit in their own countries. But it seems that the white elites are complacent about these people and turn a blind eye about these Hindu parasitic racism–so long wages of white engineers can be suppressed.
    The white people will soon regret it.

    1. Indians dont create any New technology in any company,They are good at Taking over HR and other clerical back office jobs which require very less innovation and repetitive work
      The mere strength of indians is due to indian lobby and the way indians behave
      Most of the people reject my ideology of human parasitism
      Indians i think are biological parasites, they are not initially Violent which makes them most Alluring parasites
      They simply please any one,Most indians are extremely polite to the point you will be confused how such a good men like these are suffering hardship
      If you ask this question to indians, they will say its because 300 politicians entire country is suffering and the biggest joke is 1.2 billion indians cant stage a revolution to overthrow 320 indian political class
      Truth is completely different –Every indian is a corrupt crook who masks himself with politeness and pleasing attitude which is basically boot-licking to the point he sometimes pimps his wife for getting promoted
      First few indians enter into any nation or Company, they will search if the country is hostile to their parasitism , if it is hostile indians opt to move out and settle somewhere and wait to feed on that nation in some form or other
      If country is welcoming ,Then indians please every one in neighbourhood or every employee in company, slowly they propagate their story of very flourishing host nation.
      Then Entire country erupts in joy that they have found a Host to leech upon, they will file visas and immigrate to do some shitty jobs, later use their pimping and boot licking tactics to enter into some companies
      -Thats how they initially take on
      First generation of immigrants create a good impression on their host.
      Next generation starts Indian culture in their host nation
      Third generation starts their parasitism and shows the first shades of indian parasitism eco system
      Slowly but surely they will asses their host , understand his weakness and finally they will camouflage him and kill him and take over his eco system
      And now Indian will enjoy the power which he obtained through lot of boot-licking ,Pimping and Extreme sycophancy to the point you will actually believe Indians until they slit your throat
      Now Indians will start cleaning their act, they use hype of Hardworking indian being discriminated everywhere and overcome all the troubles and made his mark .
      Actually indians use their Vedas and all mythical Bullshit to justify their Great intellectual abilities which were overlooking by every country
      This hype last for one more generation until fourth generation of indian immigrants start their families and breed like there is no tomorrow
      Indians even use their moral high ground and Preach about morality every day
      Behind all this hype, there ls an indian who is waiting to Dominate his host through every means
      Once 4 generations of indians settle and out breed rest of the people
      They will start their Cultural practises again–The nation which they inhabit will become degenerate as there will no innovation
      Generation after generations feed on the Developments created by other people but that glory was taken by indians using sham and con tactics
      Most indians know very well other indians progress, like a parasite knows how other parasites operate
      This is how indians operate like Parasites,They first please the host and settle in one place, they bring in their other parasite indians
      Next they start destroying one after other organs in Host body.
      At one point they complete outbreed in huge numbers which will make host recognize the danger.
      Once host becomes alert he will kick out indian parasites.
      Indians will shout racism and all other means to divert other hosts mind into thinking useless things
      Indians will reorganize and feed on other hosts for time being and wait for opportune movement, once it arrives they will re-occupy their previous host without any shame or guilt and destroy it completely.
      This is their life pattern and the way they have been living since 3000 years
      Its their culture, so you can do nothing about it
      Sadly they are multiplying in huge numbers and one day Humanity will be extinct because of indian parasitism

    2. Indians are no master race. Quite to the contrary Indians are a slave race.
      Indians have been enslaved by foreigners throughout history. Indians have served foreign masters since day one.
      Indians are a beggar race.

      1. How come then Indians tend to prosper whenever the happen to reside in other lands such as Trinidad & Tobago, South Africa nowadays,where they have become the only group to rise in the new SA or Malaysia,where they have more income than the majority of Malays, despite 50+ years of official discrimination from the native Malays against the more wealthy minority Chinese & Indian counterparts? I’d say Indians have got to be @ least semi-smart, well @ least smart enough to be more successful in respect to most other non-whites.

        1. That’s because the first wave of Indians that come there work hard and secure good positions. Through nepotism and networking, they bring in more Indians to fill further positions. Eventually Indians will become powerful enough to control every aspect of their host country. The only exception to this in Trinidad and Tabago, Guyana, UK, Jamaica and Africa. Those Indians worked hard for their positions, since they were from the lower crust. The ones in US and Singapore, used networking and nepotism. Hence, Indians are called the Jews of Asia. One thing I respect about these people, is their flexibility; once they enter the host nation, they know how to game it.

  3. As both Dota and I have been saying over and over again, it is a society’s underlying values and demographics, not its policies, that ultimately determines whether or not it succeeds.
    China is more homogenous, and while diversity isn’t death as the hyperbolic rhetoric of some WN’s would claim, it does hinder the development of a feeling of “common good,” and makes it harder for people in a given country to make the hard sacrifices necessary for a nation to progress.
    China also has a more solid Confucian culture, whereas India has its Hindu dysfunction.
    Simply due to its large numbers, and the politics of globalization, India will play an important role, but it won’t reach anywhere near the influence or status of China.

    1. The place I worked, The Chinese got a “Respectable Title” through hardwork in one particular area. Indians got the same “Respectable Title” shining in multiple areas. My own director pointed this out to me.
      I read somewhere “Indians are the new good Black people”. Whites fear Chinese, Chinese are agressive, and sometimes cunning. I do agree Indians are Nepotistic.
      Indians may be creepy, vast majoroity of them are Naieve, and actually dont have an agenda other than imediate family survival [sometimes ready to betray their country].
      Anybody will defend their Religion and culture.
      One should not dictate, FAshion, Food, language, and God to others. These are dear to one.
      As US goes down, ugly Racisim will raise its head. Peacful people will vacate first.
      India has the least Industrialized Wall-Street like Crime against Nature. There is a GOD, and there are unknown Universal Laws one should be aware of.
      One more depression in US, you will be driving out, killing all H1-Bs. Thats bound to happen, thats how USA works.

      1. You are true. When economy slows down all sorts of internal disturbances including of racialism, sons of soil, outsiders, etc. come up. It is just a beginning, just wait for one more decade where the US ends up. BTW the US supremacy would be a history after 2025. Pax Americana like Pax Britanica will be gone.

  4. this guy “indian born nigger” is indeed a pakistani…he spoke too much but said nothing..bashing india does’nt make pokistan less of a shithole

  5. China should crush India and solve the problem of these parasitic Indians once and for all.
    The white man will regret his foolishness for taking Indian parasite as an ally to undermine China’s rise.

  6. Why is the west so gung ho about promoting all this “India can overtake China hubris”?
    As an Indian who has lived in both India and China as well as other countries where the Chinese are the majority or in countries where both the Chinese and Indians exist in sizable numbers such as Malaysia. I can tell you for sure that the Chinese definitely have the upper hand and will continue to do so.
    The Chinese have the unique ability to prosper and thrive in any country they live in. While the Indians only do well when they live in a largely English speaking environment, where Indians are not running the country.
    Despite it’s numerous problems, China is definitely forging ahead with progress. While India is building false pride on western sponsored diatribe.

    1. India is a country where multiple kingdoms, cultures, religions have been practised. As such, I think India should be partitioned into smaller, independent states. That way, multiculturalism won’t affect productivity. Further, they need to restore Buddhism and Socialism. Having these two, will ensure their success. If the ancient Indians were quite prosperous under Buddhist rule, then modern ones should at least attempt a Buddhist state. It would be much better than some Brahminic Darwinian struggle.

    2. The present problem of bharat lies with the fact Modi is a phoney hinduwadis who had yielded to the pseudo seculars. Replace him and
      1)Constitutionaly ban all conversion from Hinduism into islam and Christianity.
      2)Declare bharat the Kapilah Aryavarta(brown aryan nation)
      3)Constitutionaly declare dalit equality to canine kind as this patriotic general says
      4)Constitutionaly declare cow lifes more important than human lives and mandatory death sentence to beefeaters or serial murderers of holy cows !!
      Why Out of India is real:
      Hindus have very high IQ:
      One rupee will get 45 US$ in superpower Bharat !!

  7. : It’s both and more. Culturally speaking, the Chinese are more industrious, more meritocratic, more egalitarian, more practical, more disciplined, and more secular. The Chinese articulate a vision, set goals, and then go about achieving them relentlessly. The Indians make idle boasts and delusional forecasts and then vegetate: no one seemed to have taught them that the cart shouldn’t come before the horse.
    For China, the erstwhile Maoist system, while monstrously flawed, secured an economic foundation by vastly improving nutrition, numeracy, literacy, healthcare, and advancing women’s rights. Deng Xiaoping’s post-Mao reforms would not have succeeded without the aforementioned accomplishments serving as a steppingstone.
    India, on the other hand, is just fucked up, OK? Just straight up FUBAR.

    Jesus, Robert your blog is no.1 place to find useful data on any godamned topic – I was preparing a report and found just what I needed. Who needs wikipedia or any other encyclopedia 🙂 Beyond Highbrow rocks… Who is Jeff? Amazingly intelligent comment.
    I’m all for China’s continued rise and no.1 status. It’s an amazing culture and a far more egalitarian society than many others. China is already the second largest economy having overtaken Japan recently and will overtake the US in another 10 years max.
    I always dreamed to live in the US. But I might as well take my begging bowl to China now. They’re rich beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.
    On a serious note, there’s a lot I admire about Chinese culture (always did) – Confucian and Taoist philosophy, Shaolin tradition, the amazingly diverse Chinese cuisine and so much more.

  8. I see this platform is populated by blessed souls!! Hate India platfom!! Well, senility and selfpity are incurable illness and goes wifh you to the grave. However, i wpuld advise medicatoon : Read some of the religious books. You may realise that rest of the world put together, has to justify why you hate Indians. Even Christ was subjected to orvainised jatred before you got educated!

    1. My dear hindi Bhai, I agree. Bharat deserves more credits than stupid bashing. Imagine one is born with serious deformity; the choice is very simple,does one want to lead a life of a circus freak like Joseph Merrick the elephant man,_c._1889.jpg
      or be worshipped as the Elephant God Ganesh?

  9. Hahahaha check out this video
    Especially from 2:36
    Indian soldiers vs Chinese soldiers obstacle course. Joint exercise.
    Look how pathetic the Indian soldiers are. How much tougher and faster the Chinese are. Only the Sikh guy came close to competing with the Chinese. He did not win but he could at least complete the course.
    One of the Indian soldier could not even climb that log (his fellows were singing chadiyo chadiyo which means climb climb).
    But the Indian media is bombastic as usual. Claiming how Indian soldiers are supermen who can conquer Earth, heaven and hell. Now you understand the Indian attitude which led to the 1962 debacle of India.

      1. Some are cunning. But mostly it is the macho bluster we have seen from out Indian posters here. The puffed-up self-righteousness that curdles into macho bellowing.

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