English Translation of Latest Interview

The English translation of my latest interview with a Brazilian journalist is up at his site. Feel free to read and comment.

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48 thoughts on “English Translation of Latest Interview”

  1. When people are trying to work out where you are coming from and what kind of guy you are, this is the ideal thing for them to read. I’d link to that in your about section.
    I feel the same way. I’d like if the stuff about genetic differences in intelligence and propensity to crime weren’t true but I think it might be and I at least want to explore it.

    1. I feel the same way. What bothers me is that almost all race realists are reactionaries or rightwing extremists, and I am a progressive person, a socialist. The number of race realists on the Left is vanishingly small.

      1. I believe the truth will out in the end, whatever it is. If PC is folly, folly can’t last forever but the truth has to.
        If there are average differences in IQ, they will still be showing up in 100 or 200 years in tests and probably in development. If not, counter evidence will emerge. The Chinese will end up taking an interest in this and I imagine they wont be big respectors of the pc culture that has developed in the west. I imagine that the genetics will be understood a hell of a lot better in the future too. The truth will out in the end, whatever it is.

  2. Have you seen one of the definitions of racism on dictionary.com?
    1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.

    1. Yes, I reject most of that definition because it makes all of us race realists de facto racists. And I don’t like words like superior and inferior as the interview notes. I mean, let’s compare Steve and Bob. On all sorts of metrics, you will score superior to me, and hopefully I will score superior to you. So that means that I am superior to you or you are superior to me? I don’t think so.

      1. I think that in some ultimate or fundamental way, people are of equal worth and value, which is what is recognized in some religions (equality before God in Islam) or spiritual systems (everybody has Buddha nature in Buddhism). But then people are obviously more intelligent or better than others at certain things and there’s no point denying it, we should just accept it. Every child is equally deserving of love but not equally deserving of a place at in the top class or in the basketball team.

        1. In islam a monetary value is placed on people for the sake of selling slaves. So there is value placed on gender and colour and religion when buying slaves. A black infidel woman has the lowest monetary value.

      2. ‘I reject most of that definition because it makes all of us race realists de facto racists’
        yeah and racist is a serious slur that just shits down debate.

      3. i found race realism by taking another look into the evidence on hbd since -on human nature, and later, the bell curve, it seems the evidence has mounted up incredibly. Ive always been a racist naturally. what i mean is its seemed self evident different people even within the 4-5 major “races”have ethnic characters and physical attributes that could only be hereditary. born and raised in the mean streets of NYC I can tell the difference between say, a Korean and Chinese at a 100 yards. ive grown increasingly uncomfortable with the usage of the word racist as I hope all thinking people have, When I thought about it recently I realized its imprecise because unless you re an idiot that insists Africans black skin and average 6-4” Croatian male height is socially constructed what one really means is hate based on race. yes we all know hateful people may use racial differences real or imagined to bolster the hate, that doesnt make the reality of HBD any less real, and the word is a misnomer race based hate or plain hate is precise . Racism is the understanding that race is real.so im a racist that doesn’t hate.however why this is so hard to change is obviously some differences will be more desirable than others, we can all console ourselves that no race has all the best features. wouldn’t it be nice to run like a west African think like an Ashkenazim Jew socialize like a Asian,create like a Caucasian. maybe in a couple hundred years in some brave new world. I dont know if in these times of PC hysteria we will be sensible it rational or even if we can really have successful mixed societies im starting to seriously doubt it, particularly if socialists use race division ancient greviences AA etc to. at any rate im glad to see at least a couple lefties believe in evolution, jay man is another, HBD Girl I thinks a bit left.of center. now you have opened your eyes a bit you might see “conservatism,reactionary” also isn’t necessarily “mean spirited” maybe just “freedom and fairness” loving..more than fake equality emphasized and a lot of the alt right is kind of populist economically though personalli I think fake economics are as dangerous as fake equalities of any variety the truth reality is best to stand on.

        1. As your post makes clear, almost 100% of HBD types are conservatives at least, and many are reactionaries to Libertarians or fascists. There really is nothing for the Left here.

        2. The discussions here seem based mostly in anecdotal observations, some of which I would say I share as a person who lives in one of the most diverse zip codes in the U.S., according to the Wall Street Journal in 2012. The preceding comment on human biodiversity raises the approach of a more scientific statistical study of racial difference, but then gets shot down as somehow Rightist. Is rigorous science Rightist in Mr. Lindsay’s opinion? One might surmise. For example, Emmanuel Kant, who died 211 years ago, is referred to by Mr. Lindsay as a touchstone. Well, I believe looking to controlled scientific study of hypotheses in the 21st century far surpasses anything Mr. Kant could come up with in his time. It would be nice to see some hard evidence for some of the suppositions voiced here. Otherwise, it’s just more farting in the wind.

      4. As for “superior” and “inferior”, one could think about racial differences if it comes to differences in medical cures of diseases, e.g. as it has to be taken into account when developping medicaments. But I won’t subscribe to your statement “For instance, certain races seem to have biologically endowed intelligence that is superior or inferior to other races.” This is and always has been a big issue, but to me that is not related to race.
        Every day I am answering questions from engineers from many regions. There are differences, but not racial differences. Dutch engineers have a pretty common approach to engineering independently whether they are “Indonesian” Dutch or “Dutch” Dutch. The same applies to engineers from Swizzerland. They like to dig into even the smallest detail, and you can’t tell whether their family has been living there for many generations or whether their parents came from Tibet. As for calls from Germany, on the phone I can’t recognize a difference between a “Turkish” engineer or a “Bavarian” engineer in case both grew up in Munich and got their engineering education at TU Munich.
        I lived in China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan for 10 years. And today I work together with Engineers from China, who studied engineering in Germany. Their engineering style surely has been influenced by the way they studied engineering, but not by the genes which determined the color of their skin. Culture seems to be so much stronger than your genetical heritage.

  3. Introversion vs Extroversion in races…I never heard of that before. Care to explain what you mean by that? Are you talking about trust outside of families?

      1. “Asians” are not outgoing? Watch them when visiting the Oktoberfest in Munich! I think, the problem here is not race, but stereotyping. You perhaps didn’t go out with “Asians” too often (or not long enough into the night). Admittingly, I do not know all Asians between Istanbul and Vladivostok, but I went out with a few (plus Europeans) in Hongkong, Munich, Seoul, Shanghai, Taipei, Tokyo, Toronto etc. The later the night, the less differences there were.

    1. No its a personality type. Surely you’ve noticed! Don’t a lot of African Americans seem outgoing and sociable, socially confident and expressive while a lot of east Asians seem quiet and humble and polite? Cultures are made up of individuals so it could be genetic.
      Different breeds of dog have different personalities and you can breed for personality traits or behaviours in quite a precise way. I don’t see why this shouldn’t apply to humans at all. Particular allelles are found in different frequencies in different populations. *shrugs*

      1. ‘a lot of east Asians seem quiet and humble and polite’. Well, they at least seem a lot less extroverted than Afro-Americans. I’m not saying they aren’t confident or strong before Haux gets on my back. 😛

        1. As for “Asians seem quiet and humble and polite”: When I moved from Taiwan to Korea, I told my successor in Taipei about my first experiences with the quite direct negotiation style in Korea. His answer: “So you are back in Germany.” He was French.

      1. I was wondering why people always insist that I am gay. Maybe this is it. I tell people I’m not gay and they refuse to believe me. Even women I’ve fucked countless times continue to insist that I must be gay, bi or I used to be gay or some bizarre bullshit like that. None of it makes sense to me as I don’t see myself as effeminate in the slightest, and deep down inside, I identify as a masculine or even macho guy, so it’s rather painful to deal with this bullshit.
        People are so bizarre about this gay thing. I really don’t know what is the matter with them.

        1. You don’t sound gay at all but that is a bit of a queer pose.
          My cousin convinced herself I was gay because she hadn’t seen me with a girlfriend. No matter what I said, she didn’t believe me. Annoying, isn’t it?

        2. Yea, like Steve said, that pose is a bit too feminine, even though you seem to have a pretty masculine mentality. I’ve been accused of being gay (I’ve been hit on, too) myself many times in the past. For some reason, if you’re a nice guy and you don’t blatantly hit on girls, guys automatically think you’re gay.
          Also, with some of the stuck-up girls, if they like you but you don’t reciprocate, they convince themselves that you’re gay.

        3. @ Car Guy
          I don’t entirely agree with that. I know lots of guys who are either single or who have never had girlfriends in their lives, and they’ve never been tarred as gay.
          The only reason why one of my friends once got tarred as gay by the other guys in the group was because he said something that was quite gay.
          I think a lot of people understand that it’s a bit unnerving to approach/hit on girls, especially if you’re not an alpha male.
          As long as you express interest in girls, then you’re good.

        4. BAG,
          When you’re with a group of guys that only seem to think with their dicks, you stick out like a sore thumb when you’re not as aggressive as they are.
          That’s right, I mostly hung-out with a bunch of dickheads. Even my dickhead brother often joked (not anymore, though) that I was gay.
          I was just hanging out with the wrong crowd. I didn’t discriminate all that much when it came to selecting “friends” back then.

        5. My cousin convinced herself I was gay because she hadn’t seen me with a girlfriend. No matter what I said, she didn’t believe me. Annoying, isn’t it?
          Well, there was this gf of a friend of mine. I guess she had not seen me with any chicks yet, but she must have heard that I had been with women before. She had a degree in psychology, I think an advanced degree. She somehow got it in her head that I was gay, and she could not be convinced otherwise. Then I met one of her best friends, and we hit it off. I started screwing this as much as was humanly possible, like up to 4-6 hours a day sometimes. Now this idiot chick’s opinion of me suddenly improved 100% because *now I was a bisexual*!!!!
          FUCK! A bisexual! I am supposed to feel good about that?

        6. You don’t sound gay at all but that is a bit of a queer pose.
          Yeah, I probably stand like that a lot.
          You know what’s weird? I have never in my life falsely accused or thought of one guy as being gay when he wasn’t. I can always tell. I am 100% correct about that without fail.
          I have never in my life falsely thought that some straight man was gay or bi when he was not. Straight men are extremely easy to spot. First off, they don’t act very faggy. Second, they check out chicks or at least talk about them. Third, if you spend some time with them, they don’t give off faggy vibes at me.
          The last one is crucial. Gay or bi men, 100% of the time, will give off queery vibes in my direction if I spend enough time with them.
          Most of the time, as far as all the uncertain cases go, I just assume that everyone is straight until proven otherwise. Calling someone gay, to me, well, that’s one of the worst things you could possibly say about a man. I can’t think of a worse insult. So it’s more fair just to assume the best before accusing a man of being the worst.
          Besides, going around pointing the “fag finger” at guys is pretty homophobic anyway.

        7. For some reason, if you’re a nice guy and you don’t blatantly hit on girls, guys automatically think you’re gay.
          Also, with some of the stuck-up girls, if they like you but you don’t reciprocate, they convince themselves that you’re gay.

          Well, those guys are retarded assholes. Straight guys check out chicks. Gay guys don’t. Straight guys don’t give off faggy vibes when you’re around them. Gay guys do. Why is this hard to figure out? In cases where you are not sure, just assume the best of the man (that’s he’s straight) until proven otherwise. It’s horrible to make scurrilous accusations about anyone, especially a man’s masculinity.
          And those chicks are dumb cunts. Straight guys check out women. Gay guys don’t. This is hard to figure out? So right there any woman call tell pretty fast if a guy is gay or not.

        8. As long as you express interest in girls, then you’re good.
          Not really! One of the reasons I slept with as many females as I did was I was trying to prove a point! I admit it; I’m not ashamed to say that. But I finally gave it. I realized that I could sleep with 1000 women, and people would never stop saying this gay shit about me.
          If you think that simply expressing interest in females, not to mention dating them and balling the Hell out of them, is going to shut these accusations up, well, you’re just wrong.

        9. I synpathise with your situation. I know its easy to tell somebody not to care but hard to actually not care.
          Once a small group of friends told me I was quite feminine. It proper shocked me. It was totally at odds with my self-image. I was like, “I like woman and boxing, what the fuck do you want from me?” Anyway, I asked my sister and a friend and they definitely didn’t think I was feminine but it really worried me for a little while and almost made me change the way I thought about myself.
          How do you feel about it now? You over it or it still bothers you?

        10. How do you feel about it now? You over it or it still bothers you?
          Well, it still affects me in a sense. With guys, I pretty much make them fill out a 4-5 page questionnaire if they try to make friends with me to make sure they’re not queer or bi-queerious or whatever. I’ve had so many “straight” guys try to suck my dick or get me to suck theirs that I’ve pretty much had it with male friendships.
          I’m also really paranoid about hanging out with guys, especially on weekends. I am not sure if it’s me, but after a certain age, if it’s the weekend, and you’re out with some guy on a Saturday or Sunday doing whatever, people often assume he’s my boyfriend and we must be a couple! Now why that is, I have no idea. I throw it to homophobia once again. I mean in a truly liberated society, straight males of any age can be friends, even deep and close friends, and can hang out all they want to without people assuming they must be sucking each other’s cocks.
          Why are people always wondering about other people’s sex lives anyway? I mean when I see some guy, the last thing in the world I think is, I wonder if he sucks cock or pussy or if he fucks pussy or man ass? Who the fuck cares! Why should I pry into anyone else’s sex life? That’s so private! It’s so rude of me to wonder that about anyone.
          I see guys of all ages hanging out with each other every day of the week in my town, including weekends. I never thought, “Whoa! Those guys must be sucking each other off because they are hanging out together!” What a lame thing to think!
          So yeah, I am paranoid about hanging out with guys. I am paranoid about making friends with guys.
          So if I’m out and around, I will either be with family or alone or even better yet, a woman.
          It’s always safe to hang around women. Hanging around guys has so many minefields.

  4. How do you feel about it now? You over it or it still bothers you?
    As long as I don’t hear anything about it, then I don’t really care. I’m healthy enough not to get all upset about stuff that happened in the past. OTOH, I don’t really hang out too much anymore so that may be why I’m not hearing it too much. I’m very happy to live in a redneck – Hispanic – working class town where the number of queers is basically zero. I really don’t like to live in places where there are lots of queers around. It really gets on my nerves, and they won’t leave me alone.
    OTOH, I do try to act more masculine now, in part to shut down that sort of talk. But it’s hard to consciously act masculine. So hopefully it’s pretty subconscious by now.
    I will always just a presume any guy is straight (unless he acts extremely faggy, in which he goes to “questionable”) until proven otherwise. If I don’t know for sure where some guy is at sexually, I practically have to witness him sucking a cock before I call him a fag. That’s basically the last thing in the world I will ever call any regular guy. The downside is too great if you’re wrong. You’ve basically called a straight guy the worst thing you can possibly call him which is a fag.
    Furthermore, I think it’s homophobic to even wonder or even ask. My basic attitude is that I don’t give a fuck if a guy is straight, bi or gay. If you are truly liberated and free of homophobia, then none of that crap matters. If you’re always going around suspecting and accusing so and so of being gay, well, you’re a homophobic asshole right there if you ask me. It’s none of your business, and it’s not even important unless you’re a homophobic dick.

  5. Dear Robert
    The reason why there are so few leftist in the race realist camp is that the left has a conflicted relationship with reality. The leftist approach to reality tends to be ideological rather than empirical.
    To me leftism is a question of intentions. To be a leftist means in essence to advocate less inequality at home, without necessarily aiming at complete equality, and peace abroad. That is quite possible without believing that people are born equal or that races or the genders are equal.
    By its excessive commitment to ideology, the left has often shot itself in the foot. The left sometimes seems more like a priesthood than a political movement. I define myself as a leftist, but as a realist one, not as an ideologized dreamer.
    Regards. James

  6. I find you to be highly racist and your facts are not true. This is for you.
    This is the crime as stated by the FBI. White people excel in every crime across the board, however, you blame black people for it.
    CRIME: Total: White: Black: White %: Black%
    Violent crime 429,166 254,620 163,670 59.3 38.1
    Property crime 1,288,295 881,420 372,562 68.4 28.9
    If a crime is commited in the united states, it is more than likely committed by a white person. There isn’t any if’s and’s or but’s about it.
    It is one thing to be an ignorant racist, but what does it say for one who is an educated racist?

  7. Rather you okay my comment or not will say alot about who you truly are. But I should add.. Yes EVERY race has it’s drawbacks. But when one race is just as horrible as the other.. than who are you to determine which one is better?

  8. Also, I seen on a post dated days after this where you posted “Alright Nigger, go back to your porch and 40oz”. How do you even claim not to be racist?

    1. I didn’t call him a nigger. But even if I did, it wouldn’t make me racist. That man attacked me, he came here and started a great big huge fight with me. If someone comes up to you and starts a fight with you, all rules are off. In a fight, all weapons, including racist speech, are acceptable. Use of racist words in a fighting words context when defending oneself is not evidence of racism.

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