Is the Right Always or Almost Always Wrong? Yes

RR writes (in blockquotes here and below):

The Right is wrong 100% of the time?

Just about.

Was the Right wrong about Communism?

Yes, they lied about it constantly, and they continue to lie about it, and their alternative to Communism is a catastrophe. Much better critiques of Communism emerged from Centrists and especially social liberals and social democrats (socialists).

Is the Right wrong about Feminism?

The Right opposed not just gender feminism but also equity feminism. They are wrong about abortion, reproductive rights, the ERA, gay rights and equal pay. Anyway, feminism is so mainstream now that most female conservatives are basically feminists. Sarah Palin is basically a rightwing feminist. Much better critiques of feminism have emerged on the Left and especially from the Men’s Liberation and equity feminist movements.

Was the Right wrong about welfare reform?

Yes, yes, yes! A thousand times yes!

Leftists have much more blood on their hands historically than Rightists do.

Not really. Whether history is over or not is irrelevant. Whether history is ongoing and progress is on the horizon or whether it’s dead and capitalism reigns on Earth forever, it’s no matter, because capitalism continues to kill.
By not going with the Chinese model, 120 million Indians were killed. We know this because India and China were equivalent in 1949 in life expectancy. The increase in life expectancy in China versus India means 4 million excess deaths in India every year from 1949-1980.
Stalin and Mao were the greatest humanitarians that ever lived. Never has life expectancy increased so rapidly in so short a time. Combined they saved tens of millions of lives even after subtracting the deaths under their regimes.

From the French Revolution up through Mao’s reign of terror, Leftists have a LOT to answer for.

A few of the rich were killed by the Jacobins, it is true, but the Royals had a lot of blood on their hands. A revolution is not a dinner party you know. Surely the Ancien Regime ground out many more deaths than the Jacobins did.
At any rate, many elements of the Left have always opposed most of these excesses from the guillotines to the Cultural Revolution.

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4 thoughts on “Is the Right Always or Almost Always Wrong? Yes”

  1. I don’t really buy the right wing feminist argument. Right wing social policy in America is pretty much turning the clock back eighty years to ‘Christian’ norms, and those norms are pretty masculine. Most feminists fight hard for repro rights, abortion and sperm banks – all leftist positions. I like the left, esp. with economic productivity and equality – but take away this ‘women’s health’ BS.

  2. atleast the communist leaders of china cannot be blackmailed like that in india.democracy is a disaster here…our politicians get blackmailed every now & then by anti national forces..weak democracy bcomes a serious security threat .for eg pakistani ISI knows how much black money of indian politicians exist in which safe haven country of the world.
    they threaten to expose every dirty little secret unless their demands are not met.
    no doubt the muslims get away with all the riots & killing of kashmiri pandits.they are not ready to control bangladeshi insurgents owing to the threat posed by ISI.
    AB Vajpayee the then prime minister of india removed the satellite surveillance of ISRO bfore kargil war began as soon as he got orders from across the border.
    after indira gandhi left, morarji desai bcame PM.he informed zia ul haq well in advance that israel was gonna bomb their nuclear installation.he also dismantled all the RAW intelligence network from pakistan…who told him to do so? of course they all got themselves blackmailed.
    why not mao tsedong get blackmailed??? had that happened,
    china wud be nowhere near where it is today.
    this is the advantage of communism over democracy.atleast the security issue is not compromised.
    there are also other democratic evils like
    coalition politics,communal politics,vote bank bullshit which are only exclusive to democracy.
    democracy only be good if people get justice over all the wrong doings of a government..strong democracy can survive only if the governance is in the hands of the common man who work for the people with complete transparency..communist regime of china fills far more empty bellies than india can ever achieve with it’s pathetic form of democracy.

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