New Interview With Me Up

There is a new interview with me up at Jonas Scherer’s website. Unfortunately for most of you, it’s in Portuguese. Scherer is a Brazilian blogger and intellectual. The interview was actually quite nice. He is very smart, and he tossed some great questions my way. I will see if I can get a translation up for you as soon as possible.

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0 thoughts on “New Interview With Me Up”

    1. I only know a bit of Portuguese. The interviewer did the interview in English, but he wrote it up in Portuguese. It was an interview with a foreign language blog, but it was done in English so I could answer the questions easily.

  1. Dear Robert
    One commenter on Jonas’s blog wrote: “This guy is another racist disguised as an intellectual. Those Americans are all part of the Klan. ”
    Jonas must be from one of the two Southern states because he uses the pronoun tu, which the rest of the country doesn’t use anymore.
    Cheers. James

  2. Robert
    Nice interview about race realism and ability variation by race realism. The last paragraph translated in my Chrome browser is as follows:
    “The main problem with the denial of race is that those who do are simply wrong. The biological race is real, whether we believe or not. And we should admit that it is real, even if this admission strengthens the reactionary right, or even increase racism. The truth is the truth and must be achieved regardless of the consequences. This is a variation on Kant’s categorical imperative that is the hallmark of Western morality, and I believe in a Kantian conception West do the right thing for her sake that, despite the consequences”
    I’ve had this discussion with Dota before and want to pitch this to you. Do you believe that truth is absolute? For example, imagine that in 10 years, you are giving sanctuary to a few Mexican illegals and there is this bunch of neo nazis hunting for them with an obvious intent to seek and kill. They knock on your door and ask you if you’ve seen them. If you go by the paragraph above and “achieve” the truth without consequences, your guests will be killed. However, if you lie, then you lied because of the consequences that could arise from telling the truth. How does Kantian morality deal with these situations?
    Dota (and anybody else), feel free to pitch in. I am not aware of how Kantian ethics deals with this situation (if it does).

    1. The categorical imperative says you need to tell the truth even though the illegals may be killed. Obviously, Kantian ethics goes too far. But taking it just far enough and not farther is a good way to go, the hallmark of Western ethics that is absent apparently in for instance Hindu ethics or even Oriental (Chinese) ethics which tend to be consequentialist. For instance, in those Hindu parables you were arguing with Dota about, the morality was consequentialist. Since the good guys were fighting evil, they got to violate all sorts of moral rules in the name of the higher good which was kicking Evil’s ass.

      1. Dostoevsky discusses the same point in crime and punishment. Do great men like Napoleon ect get to violate the rules of morality which would (and should) bind lesser men?
        “” the hallmark of Western ethics that is absent apparently in for instance Hindu ethics or even Oriental (Chinese) ethics which tend to be consequentialist. “”
        This needs further clarification Robert. Confucian and Hindu ethics certainly do stress deontology, but they are expressed in different ways. In Confucianism for instance, duty is expressed through the 5 hierarchical relationships. In Hinduism, duty is expressed through caste. What makes western ethics unique is universalism which Hinduism suppresses via caste. This lack of universalism is why the oriental systems lack the categorical imperative. Morality as I’ve repeatedly stated is based on a system of rules: 10 commandments => universalism => CI. Logical progression over time. I don’t know a whole lot about this, Hacienda should be able to explain this easily, but he hasn’t been here in a while.

  3. Two things: I’m going to set up the english version until monday.
    I know we have plenty of idiots commenting like pro cavemen at my blog, but I don’t practice censorship, except for hatred cases.

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