“Why Growing Up in India Makes You a Nasty, Cruel, Desensitized Faux-nationalistic Gold-digger,” by Novusipsum

This is a great piece by an Indian blogger that he left on my blog as a comment. The original is here. It’s very good, and it’s actually quite well written. He takes on his country in a way that is not often seen in Indian writers.

I particularly enjoyed the bit about Kashmir because it rings so true. Almost every Indian I know goes nuts when I mention Kashmir. They raise their voice and start pounding on the table as their faces gets red. They tell me that the problem is 100% the fault of Pakistan, which imports terrorists into Kashmir to fight India. They also tell me that all of the Kashmiris love India, and none of them are fighting against India.

However, when I tell them that most Kashmiris hate India and that many Kashmiris have taken up arms against India, they insist that I am wrong. Most every Indian I met was exactly like this. They are like drones, utterly indoctrinated by some Borg. They are brainwashed on this subject as bad as a North Korean.

Most of these folks are what you might call middle class or upper middle class educated people. A number of them had university degrees and were quite intelligent. One man used to be a university professor.

Why Growing Up in India Makes You a Nasty, Cruel, Desensitized, Faux-nationalistic Gold-digger

1. School

While people remark on shortage of functional schools in India, I say the kids who don’t go to school have it good. The national curriculum is odious and objectionable, seeing as it is designed for kids who bow down before all authority and the various empty suits regardless of whether they make any sense at all. You cannot contest your teacher. At all. Ever. Such behavior is simply unacceptable. Put another way, the system is a hundred percent authoritarian.

School kills all your creativity. Creativity, especially of the extroverted kind, is not encouraged. There are tried and tested methods to break the will of those who are too free. The system is based on rote-memorization. You must bend your mind a certain way to do that: it means all the rules are already laid out and decided for you. You do not need to think. Your brain must function in a certain way. Any challenge to the established order will make you a pariah.

Kids learn how to secretly and openly hate each other over the grades they are given for breaking their own will and doing pointless mind-numbing work that will be of no use to them at any point in their later life. The focus is on merit – on who is better at following rules. No wonder India has not produced a single India-based world-class scientist, technician, engineer. Science, technology, and engineering after all,re fields where your ability to think is highly valuable.

Barack Obama does not need to worry about Indian kids out-smarting American kids. If they do, it will be by doing hours of grinding and rioting, and when they do, the rest of the world need to start worrying.

This system is evil!

2. Parents, Teachers, Peers

All these people are the product of evil Indian schools and other cramming establishments and will force you to succeed in a way that they deem appropriate. You must resist this but you can’t. They are everywhere.

Your peers will pressure you to bow down, submit, and ‘teach you the value of money’. In other words, how to be a vicious gold-digger. Money is nice but being a nasty, evil, little scummy gold-digger is a degeneration of your soul that even Indian’s ascetic scat-munchers do not attain.

Indian people are therefore nasty and selfish to the extreme. It is of no surprise, seeing their upbringing and their environment.

3. The environment

Your average Indian city, town, village is a primitive clusterfuck without running water or proper sewage disposal. Casteism is rampant; stupid people need little motivation to be proud of what is after all a genetic accident. They think their bloodline is ‘pure’ and grind the ‘lower’ caste people down into the dirt. Respect for human life and dignity in India has to be the lowest in human civilization.

The streets are narrow and dirty, usually overflowing with broken sewage and water lines (which frequently mix), and the garbage the average Indian household does not feel ashamed of throwing on the streets. Any kind of social grace is completely absent, people shove and push each other, vehicles honk incessantly and without reason, and the local temple’s loudspeakers blare out shitty religious hymns.

Living and growing up here, you will learn little by little to let go of your humanity. You will get desensitized to the beggars and lepers in the street: emancipated, poor and trodden down. You will see old men and women driven out of their homes by their sons, eyes pleading for mercy and trying to make sense of the plethora of people around them who ignore their plight and pass right by.

Your average Indian will not even notice the squalor on the street or the helpless human beings on the street. He will simply accept these things as a part of life, which is why things never improve. He is the selfish product of a callous, heartless, and evil system. He will never change, and western democracies should not allow such people into their homelands. Not even for a ‘visit’.

4. The Media

Catering to a large middle class that pretends to be educated, some people have taken the initiative to bring them these people latest news of the world. These people are funded by rich business interests with their own agenda as well as Hindu nationalists. They make the usual salutary noises about bad governance and bloated bureaucracy, things that are so odious that it even permeates the thick bourgeois skull. This is why the middle class types buy newspapers and watch news—they can relate to it.

But the most vicious thing the media does is to fill the average Indian with a sense of pride and nationalism, something that certainly goes against all basic logic and sanity. What people would be proud of a country like this? Only brain-washed, selfish jerks that the education system produces and the media maintains.

The average Indian is full to the brim with national pride that he has no logical reason to feel. His ideas on casteism and the workings of the society are reinforced by editors of the national dailies and the news channels.

His stance on Kashmir, a truly beautiful place inhabited by beautiful people, has been drilled into him incessantly. The parable of Pakistan exporting its terrorists (not that it doesn’t – and it turns out the Americans knew about it all along) to India and that the Kashmiris love India (Huh?) has been in print for thirty years now. Of course, India is always the poor, helpless victim.

5. College

Most people in India never even graduate from their high schools, let alone college. And I say good for them. Because the system feels the need to grind out all kind of potential competition it may get from any future thinkers.

If school doesn’t manage to turn you into a humanoid selfish fuck, your college certainly will. India’s unemployment problem is vast. Of the colleges that ‘guarantee’ any jobs such as professional degree mills like IIT, NIT, AIIM, etc., it is interesting to note that only Indians think these places are good. An independent peer review ranked the ‘best’ IIT at around 350th at world level. Yet the middle-class scramble for securing a seat there so intense it simply has to be seen to be believed.

Millions (you heard that right, millions) of middle-class Indians right now are rioting, grinding, and chewing equations, formulas, and facts for entrance exams that maybe a hundred of them really understand. These people aspire to be ‘engineers’ and ‘doctors’.

The workload is so immense that you can’t find time at age 16 and 17 to ogle girls (or boys), party, learn how to drink beer without making a face, or hang out with your friends. But what am I saying? Hell, most Indian people don’t find time to do that ever in their lives anyway.

College itself is a turdfest -professors with massive egos, an anal-retentive and callous administration, and overall awkward social interaction between the sexes. Girls hanging out with boys are labeled ‘hookers’ and ‘sluts’. Massive sexual repression is the hallmark of this point in your life, and given the pressure to rote more equations and secure a job, you’d be lucky escaping the place without a drug habit or a drinking problem.

Is there anything good about India at all? With fertile plains to the north, large iron ore deposits to the south, the biggest aluminum stores in the world and 30% of the world’s thorium, I think the White Man would have made the country really work.

The only thing wrong with India is Indians.

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121 thoughts on ““Why Growing Up in India Makes You a Nasty, Cruel, Desensitized Faux-nationalistic Gold-digger,” by Novusipsum”

  1. Wow, spot on regarding the education of Indians.
    It makes me laugh when people think rote memorization = smart. Most of the Indians I have worked with (non-Westernized) were servile and didn’t really speak up or stand up for themselves. In school, they typically didn’t have friends, memorized the textbook and farted it back on paper to get a letter grade. They were not creative either – and saw subjects such as History, Literature and psychology as time that could be better spent in front of a computer programming.
    Can some Indians elaborate a bit more on how different castes are educated? Are public schools casteless? What do higher and lower castes study? Are Dalits allowed to go to college?

    1. In reply to Ishmael, the official policy is non-segregation of classes, hence all schools have to be caste-less. In predictable Indian fashion, nobody gives a fuck about the official policy. Things aren’t that bad up north, but in the south, casteism is rampant.
      Dalits are allowed to go to college, with around 30% seats being reserved for them (Seats are reserved for them in the Government job sector too).
      What do we study? Well….
      1. History: Poor pacifist hindus get invaded by muslims and Britons. Them evil fucks steal all our jewelry.
      2. Maths: The school recommends you a book. You rote all the ‘solved examples’, they appear in the exam, you regurgitate the words. Dob’t do the ‘unsolved problems’ though, the school teacher can’t do them either.
      3. Social Studies: That the Indian Constitution shamelessly plagiarizes whole sections of the US, British and French constitutions is presented as “The Indian Constitution contains salient features of the US, the British and the French constitutions.” ‘Course, Gandhi was a great dude. OS was Nehru. In fact, if the guy in front of you is from the Nehru-Gandhi family, you should be lickin his boots right now.
      4. English: What is a past participle? Define a conjugative verb. Illustrate the correct use of the apostrophe with an example. What are modals? Who is the author of the Old Man and The Sea? Why did the Boy help the Old man?
      5. Science: The school, again, recommends a ‘reference’ book. Buy it, rote the ‘end of the chapter’ questions and answers, and you get full marks. Misspell a word, and you lose a mark. GUPTAJI’S SON GOT FULL MARKS!! AND MS JAIN’S SON TOO!! YOU ARE AN EMBARASSMENT TO THE FAMILY!!
      This is till the end of tenth grade. Then you get to your eleventh grade…. And things go bad real fucking quick. Just as boys feel the need to start shaving, they find out their future careers have already been planned by their parents. It’s to be a ‘doctor’, or an ‘engineer’.
      Thanks to Robert. ‘ppreciate your kindness in featuring my post.

  2. I attended a school called Christ Church in Mumbai for a couple of years before heading of to Dubai. I recall that there was a ranking system based on exam grades. Approx 50 students per class and the rank sheet listed all of these from highest to lowest marks. I remember my rank was always 23 or 24, in the middle, mediocre (I draw solace from my mediocrity today lol). The sheet was there to shame students into working hard. India is not a great place for a child to be in.

    1. If that were being practiced in China, Japan, or Korea, y’all would probably hail it as an example we should all follow.
      Considering that many American schools are more concerned with preaching about diversity and creativity.

      1. WTf are you talking about? If it was in practiced China, Japan, or Korea people would be bashing it for being uncreative, robotic, useless and of course for producing dirty industrial shit holes. Then obligatory Asian cockfest and small penis comments would ensue; Atheist Indian and Huax would get butt hurt, then throw out of control tantrums.
        Atheist Indian would be angry and then complain about the Middle East being backwards and evil Muslim Arabs raping him; then he will comment on how much better Chinese culture is to the rest of the world without having any experience in it, and then how proud he is to be associated with “Eastern culture”, and not evil “Semitic ARABS and JEWWWWSS!!!!”. Huax would go on the usual Caucasoid monkey rant and East Asian superiority. Then AI will try to differentiate himself from Huax despite supporting him originally and then find ways to ally himself with everyone else; meanwhile he will try to bash Huax and pretend he had no association with him and find another target for his “Middle Eastern people=bad” rants, preferably me.
        This is exactly how all the arguments on East Asians turn out involving the above two people. Exact schematic of the timeline of these flame wars and how they will end.

        1. Heard you seen this?
          “I chalked a lot of this up to “cultural difference.” One of the Deans at my college told me that “Chinese collaborate on work, while Westerners keep it all to themselves. This is because of our belief in socialism.” Another told me that those raised in a Confucian culture believe that before you can be an expert, you must spend decades copying previous masters; it is arrogant for a teenager to try to produce something unique, and copying is simply humility and flattery. A student of mine put things more bluntly: “In America, people get into college because their parents are alumni, or because the college knows their family is rich. How is this not cheating? We in China are simply trying to level the playing field with our own versions of this sort of thing.””

        2. You know GSG, people in South China believe that drinking your own urine in the morning is healthy?
          I wonder how AI and Dota would interpret that, next thing you know, they would want us to drink our own urine and cheat on tests because it’s part of the superior “East Asian un-western” culture.

    2. In my school, we got class ranks twice a year after the exams. We also had 8 classes, ranked by ability.
      I don’t think people were really ashamed of coming near the bottom, not in my class anyway. Kids that came near the bottom were usually just the kids that were a bit disruptive and put no effort in.
      It must have been bad for the kid at the bottom of the bottom class though. In a way, the official thickest kid in the year group.

    3. Spot on
      I usually came at the top in my class till 10th, even though I was hardly an academic ‘model’. The competition was pretty much non-existent given that NE people weren’t the ‘studious’ type. I attended the classes, played football, chased girls and ‘revised’ the day before exams, which ensured I scored in the ‘high percentage’ of 80s. Things changed in the mainland though, where I did my 11th and 12th. I could no longer keep up with memorizing 100 page ‘chapters’ that I couldn’t relate to or care about; and then competing with the ‘Gandhiji’s monkeys’ who could outdo me.
      In college, I picked up liberal arts, but it was still a rote-fest. I was more interested in student politics, socials, reading philosophy, music and other stuff rather than studying. Things got a lot better at Edinburgh where I went for my Masters (and started off with my flight training).
      I talk to my Presidency professors now and then, they would agree with this article since they have seen the country progress through five or more decades. They often rue the brilliant minds forced to go through the meat-grinder of the ‘system’, one that resembles the education system of a madrassa than a western educational institution.

  3. India can build atomic bombs, put satellites in space and have hospitals to which many foreigners go for cheap but high-quality treatment. Indians can do some difficult things write.
    My pharmacist is from India. For the life of me, I can’t see him as a contemptible human being.
    All my dealings with Indians, none of them wearing a turban, have been superficial, but there are two things that I wouldn’t say about them: they are rude and they are agressive. James

  4. With 1.2 Billion people, we have done far less damage to the planet and other civilizations as others have done to us.
    Average life of a US city is 300 hundred years, Go to Albany, Trenton, inner cities in Baltimore, Chicago, many southern states, for that matter East Palo Alto you will find why and what. Whay have whites not taken to civilize and help your brotherly blacks on one to one to basis. Bring in a homless crack addict and change his life for better, one can do that sacrificing their own family and their well being.
    As far as I can state with reasonable certainity is Indians mostly are law-abiding, want to provide and take care of his immediate family with parents and children mostly legally. Believe in God etc. Ofcourse they can work a little hard, and take care of others needs as wel like a few are doing.
    Is Iran a threat to US?

    1. Good point. They ignore poor whites and blacks and move off to the suburbs. Who are the real caste based assholes? Americans or East Indians?

  5. I think Rob has some kind of weird obsession with Indian bashing, black bashing and immigrant basing. No wonder nobody on the Left takes him seriously when he’s so obsessed with other races.

      1. To Robert and Others–
        If you read the comments in This blog , you will understand what Indian education is all about.
        Most indian commenter’s Deflect the issue towards Pakistan,or china or Micropenis or what ever nonsense, They deflect the core issue to the point every thing they discuss is often meaningless .
        Do you know why it happens?–Because most indians have no answers.
        Problem with India today is its existence itself is based on Fake ideology that Modern Day indians belonged to Ancient Indus civilization ,This is not true, Ancient Indus civilization has well functioning sanitation and Drainage system .
        Even after 3000 years modern day Indians Defecate Openly,These people aren’t the ones who lived in yesteryear Civilization.

        Coming straight to the Point.
        Instead of cribbing about Why India is a gigantic Septic tank inhabited by human parasites , we need to study Humans in Evolutionary standpoint.
        We must understand Humans,just like animals adopt to certain life style, depending on their Physical attributes and the Social Eco-system that they were raised in.
        “Indians practise Survivalism” to extreme, not that no other people from other ethnicities don’t practise it, but for Indian it’s their Evolutionary mechanism.
        Not just Indians, but most people in Subcontinent practise it.
        Even in US/UK you see prepper community doing it but only a minute section of them practise survivalism to extreme, most prepper’s are generally worried about economy, not other Human being of different Tribe.
        Humans in early days use to practise Survivalism, This is deeply ingrained in every Human being–Survivalism in main cause of Ethnocentric Behaviourism,,Racism allegiance to your tribe etc..
        But as days passed by, Humans evolved, they started building civilizations–Most civilizations Accepted ,Different Tribal notions and integrated them under one ideology
        Those who never had any civilization developed extreme Survivalist notion–
        Just take Jews and Gypsies–
        Even Today Jews practise Racial segregation, they want to keep it inside their Tribe,Basically they are scared of Other tribes men.
        Survivalists need constant Fear to live-If there exists no Fear , they create Artificial Fears inorder to sustain.
        Thats that you will see Jewish community always paranoid about Hitler or Neo-nazi, another Holocaust (Their previous holocaust is a fake one).
        Same holds to True for Gypsies, no matter how many expulsions they suffer they won’t change, they don’t think if there is something wrong with them.
        Same holds true for Jews, No Jew ever thinks – Why is his community or Tribe has been expelled from Europe over 120 Times–If such things happen once its just due to some Misunderstanding, but expulsions again and again shows you something–Basically they don’t want to change their Evolutionary life style-This holds true for Both Jews and Gypsies.
        —–Now let’s talk about Indians.
        Indians are even expelled from Uganda for same reason, But Indians in general are not migratory Humans, because Hindu religion in its texts preaches that ” Crossing the sea and migrating is a SIN”.
        Basically Indians want to avoid assimilation, due to fear that their evolutionary life pattern may change and they have no idea what will happen once other Cultures were embraced by people.
        Even today Indians mostly insulate themselves from Social gatherings of other cultures, If its religious gathering, then Hindus completely isolate themselves from such gathering.
        –For most Indians, their Parasitic Evolutionary life style which they call as culture is a Iron-Coat, most Indians even pull down other Indians who try to escape this Culture.
        They even resort shaming language, against women they resort to violence all of this to preserve their evolutionary parasitic life style.
        The reason they do all this is–They don’t want to participate in evolution, they don’t know what comes next.
        Indians basically seek Security , Security for their offspring’s, Tribe(Caste)–Once Indians attain security in any land, they will breed , in fact out breed everyone.
        1.Most Indians are suspicious about foreigners enquiring about their religion or their caste–Reason is simple, They are afraid if some one understands their Behaviourism(Which is parasitic).
        2.Most Indians don’t give a damn to Filthy surroundings or Disgusting Eco-System they created in their neighbourhood–Why?, for most Indians Surviving is utmost importance, They don’t like evolution(Progress).
        3. Most Indians keep everything in their caste( This breeds nepotism), But root cause of this problem is that for 1000’s of years Indians adopted a life style where their Tribe is of utmost importance, caste system made this kind of behaviourism more severe.
        4. Every one here blames CASTE system, but nobody is interested to dig deeper, Why did Indians or for that matter people in Subcontinent follow this Evolutionary Process of segregation of tribes?–What makes it tick?–
        Answer may be complex, well there may be multiple answers–But generally speaking CASTE system developed from Survivalism.
        The people in Indian subcontinent Practised Suvivalism to such an Extreme level where in Once Tribe started using all its will,Intelligence to Crush other Tribe.
        Basically in Survivalist Animal species–Everything revolves around their own Tribe, but when this behaviour becomes extreme, then one tribe fights with other.
        5. In order to understand India in a better way, you need realize that there is no Such country Named INDIA prior 1947, even Educated PHD indian morons like to believe that ,INDIA as a nation existed for past 3500 years, which is a biggest joke i have ever heard.
        In 1947 when British granted Independence to Republic of India, Islamic Republic of Pakistan…
        Something strange happened, The modern Day India use to have around 260 States, some princely states , and some states without any ruler.
        Every Tribe has their own language, Every one has their own GOD(Mostly Tribal Gods)–This is how most Indians evolved, well most people who lived in Indian subcontinent During that Time have no idea about the country that they are living in.
        Even today most Educated Indians are not completely aware of their geography, thats how brainwashed people are, far worse than North korea.
        Indian elite in olden days felt that Religion can become an unifying cause , So they brainwashed Religion onto these tribes,Brahmins ,Kshatriya’s and other upper caste accepted lower caste tribes into Hinduism.
        Movies,Books,Education system in School subtly brainwashed people into Hindu religion.
        When first constitution was drafted 40 percent of Modern day India is still in the Hands princely rulers.
        —-In order to understand India we need to understand the evolution of these People.
        Their education system is brainwashed because it meant to be brainwashed-People who drafted Indian educational system are mostly Brahmins.
        And Brahmins practised Rote learning of scriptures, there is no written texts for many Veda’s and Upanishads-Mostly Scriptures and Hymns were memorized and passed on from one generation to other generation.—
        You may ask why?–Brahmins generally kept everything to themselves, again they practised survivalism, and They believed that if their knowledge is transferred into written form some Foreign invader will destroy it.
        This is how Indian educational System evolved and it still continues to be same.
        6. Indian society itself is a survivalist Society, No body likes their children to suffer, to participate in evolutionary cycle, every one wants their Family or Their tribe to do little work and enjoy the benefits which they get from reservations.
        7. Education is India is basically a Quota system, Its not about your Intellectual ability, but about your quota and marks you can attain to secure a position in any college on basis of quota scheme.
        Basically Indians implement this system because–Indian culture itself thinks that everyone needs to be satisfied–It doesn’t encourage progressive group to move forward–Society feels that every one must get equal pie.
        Indians like socialism because they are mentally,physically and intellectually weak in evolutionary ladder- Socialistic principles augur well to Intellectually weak humans, may be in Soviet union( Slav’s are mostly slaves), Venezuela( Venezuelan tribes are Aztec Indians , again physicall and mentally weak).
        8. Modern Day India is a Jigsaw puzzle, well most Indian elite themselves don’t understand their nation well.
        Truth is nobody is interested to Understand, Since Independence Indian population multiplied 5 fold, Security has made Parasitic indians to multiply in large numbers albeit they suffered worst famine during Indira gandhis rule.
        Most Indians dont like to think and challenge status quo, They want to cling to some fatherly ruler –Must be a Hindu who must espouse Dharmic Ideology.
        They want to praised for nothing,they need continuous encouragement because they can’t accomplish anything without others support.
        Truth to be Told , Most Indians love to live in their cocoon and believe in some Stupid things like
        1.Hindu culture is supreme because , most Indian women are virgin’s prior to their marriage or they culture is supreme because of some esoteric beliefs of Karma,Dharma or Atman –Whatever.
        Most of such solipsism that indians practise has no pragmatic use.
        These people are not progressive in evolutionary ladder.
        Now after globalization, Thanks to corporates who found a bunch of brainwashed cheap labor, India started to experience some growth.
        Which is understandable if you start your race at bottom of table, you can only move up.
        Indians for first time started moving abroad, never in their 3500 years of suvivalist life style they have embarked into this process of migration.
        Now indians not just move out, they bring their Caste,Ethnocentric behaviourism and their beliefs with them which will pollute progressive societies every where.
        Thats why Indians are dangerous, they operate with extreme politeness because they understand their intellectual ineptitude and physical weakness.
        Only way they can swarm in into west is through peaceful means
        and once they come , they multiply and start caste and tribal practises again.
        Only reason why Indians are not expelled like Jewish and Gypsy communities is because Indians never migrated in such a large numbers in past.
        Don’t worry-Explusions are coming, violence against Indians will increase , because every productive society will castigate parasites once their understand their behaviourism, thats why Indians don’t discuss about their religion or tribal allegiance with other men of different ethnic background

      2. Rob you say more bad things about other races and immigrants than the average garden variety racist does. This kind of talk is no longer considered acceptable even among mainstream conservatives let alone the Left. Why don’t you start acting like a real Leftist and concentrate on the real enemy.

        1. I am a real Leftist. And I do say lots of bad things about the real enemy. Read my site. I never leave them alone. This site is about social critique, and we take everyone on here. “Indian” is not a race. I realize that my talk in not acceptable on the Left, and it’s true that I am a pariah on the Left, but honestly, that’s just fine, because most everything I say is true.
          I’ve nothing against “immigrants” per se, but I am not into these illegal immigrants at all. And to be completely honest, we are being totally overrun here. And quite a few of these immigrants really make me wonder how well they are going to assimilate into my country and whether they will benefit my country on balance.
          I generally don’t criticize races for things they can’t do anything about. Even if some stuff is genetic, I try to figure out how we can possibly solve such a problem.
          Even if most conservatives can’t openly critique other races, tens of millions are still voting racially or in a racist fashion, with predictable disastrous results. It’s better to get stuff out in the open than stuff it and get an explosion.

  6. Robert
    While I agree with almost everything on this post, one point that I want to make about Kashmir (which I’ve already made before) is this:
    A necessary condition for Kashmiri independence is the dismantling of Pakistan. That too, only the Kashmir valley. Ladakh needs to be an autonomous state under Indian protection simply because they have the best chance of continuing with their way of life under Indian protection (Bhutan being a good example). Move the Dalai Lama over there too for all I care. Jammu can stay with India or become independent based on a referendum.
    As Javed Akhtar (Indian Muslim writer) noted, Pakistan was formed only for Muslim elites to retain power as they clearly saw that they could not hold on to power if democracy was implemented (Hindus were majority in most places). However, it turned out that they used Islam to first carve out their own state and then drive out/murder Hindus, Christians, Shias etc. Pakistan is a Muslim elitist country and nothing more. Once it breaks down (which would be a just outcome), I hope that a lot of Indians can see reason.
    A lot of the blame with India’s state lies with the media which repeatedly drums up passions when it should be exposing the real condition of India as a poor and backward nation with pockets of spectacular achievements. Rather, the media projects India as a superpower with only a few pockets of poverty. Truth can’t be hidden forever.

    1. As Javed Akhtar (Indian Muslim writer) noted, Pakistan was formed only for Muslim elites to retain power as they clearly saw that they could not hold on to power if democracy was implemented (Hindus were majority in most places).
      It’s strange how things out isn’t it? The Muhajirs certainly do not wield much power, atleast not in modern day Pakistan. They might have been powerful in 1947 when Pakistan tried setting up a functioning civilian government which the educated muhajir class dominated. Their contributions to the civil service was legendary. Somewhere down the path of history they fell from prominence and now the Punjabi military rules the nation with an iron fist. In any case, Pakistan needs to go. As I’ve said before, establishing peaceful and economically viable relations with the newly formed states would be easy.

      1. ” Somewhere down the path of history they fell from prominence and now the Punjabi military rules the nation with an iron fist.”
        The mohajirs were not “Paki” or “Pure” enough and they were probably not Muslim enough from a puritan sense. Combine this with Punjabi racism and you get modern day Pakistan. After Pakistan gets broken up, Indian states can be given the same option. if there is any country which is screaming for “states rights”, it is India. Make them all autonomous with the federal govt. still overseeing issues such as water disputes. Fucking change anything instead of continuing with this “don’t ask pretend all’s well ” snafu.

        1. The mohajirs were not “Paki” or “Pure” enough and they were probably not Muslim enough from a puritan sense.
          That’s not it at all. Up until the 60s there was absolutely no difference between Pakis and Indians (still isn’t actually). However Pakistan’s ideological orientation shifted after that retard Zia’s reign. What began as a state with a Muslim majority now became an Islamic state with a muslim majority. The former is Turkey whereas the latter is Saudi Arabia. I suspect it was around the time of this transition that the Muhajirs fell from power because the Wahabi ideology that had begun to infect Pakistan was compatible with the militant values of the Martial and Peasant castes from which most of the Punjabis were converted.
          In anycase Pakistan is a deeply dysfunctional and Schizophrenic country. It is at war with its own identity. They are Indians, act like Indians, have the same worldviews as Indians, yet deny their heritage. Collectively Pakistanis suffer from some sort of Multiple personality disorder. Despite the wahabism, Aakar Patel points out that not a single stoning or beheading was carried out there. Because while they conscious craves Islam, their Hindu subconscious rejects it. Indian muslims, especially Keralites and Tamils, are at peace with their heritage, hence they are considerably less retarded. The Pakistani mindset is just not healthy and poses an immense threat to its neighbours, but most importantly, to the Pakistanis themselves.
          My lunch is over; I’ll post more about this later.

        2. Dota
          Excellent points. I think Pakis like shit Bollywood movies, music and the dancing but if you point those out, the “Muslim button” is triggered in them and they’ll stop short at saying that they dig Indian shit. The opposite rings true too. Most of them would rather hang out with Indians than Arabs. They are Indians who want to embrace violence in Islam to prove how they are the guardians of Islam. New converts to any religion, and in particular, Islam and Christianity have this zeal to show how they are more Muslim and Christian than Muhammed and Christ themselves, respectively. And the Pakis are fairly new plus their kingdom was established barely 65 years back.
          “Indian muslims, especially Keralites and Tamils, are at peace with their heritage, hence they are considerably less retarded”
          Not met either but from what I’ve been reading, Keralite muslims are a mixed bag. There was this case of a christian professor getting his hand chopped off a few years back. Plus, as I pointed out to you in our less amicable days :D, Khilafat movement riots happened mainly in Kerala. But I don’t know any personally but if genetics are anything to go by, I’ll bet that they are much more mellow and kind than North Indians in general. I don’t mind if they want to break off from India after Pakistan is dismantled. North Indian hegemony is doing nothing for those guys.

        3. I think Pakis like shit Bollywood movies, music and the dancing but if you point those out, the “Muslim button” is triggered in them and they’ll stop short at saying that they dig Indian shit.
          Their Islamic identity is a joke. Aakar Patel says it best:

          Pakistanis stake claim to Islam’s golden age. The Jang columnist, Hassan Nisar, often takes up this point. He says that the Arabs laugh when Pakistanis own Islam’s achievements. What aspect of the conquest of Spain or the scientific revolution in Baghdad did Punjabis and Sindhis participate in?

          I know a guy here in Saskatoon who is a Paki and claims he’s a Pathan. He said he comes from an Urdu speaking Pashtun family. Lies! Every Desi knows that there is no such thing. Pathans may master Urdu, but will always retain their tribe (biradari) and language (pashtun). Turns out, he has a deep dark secret: He’s actually a Bihari. Don’t ask how I found out. He’s so ashamed of his Hindu ancestry that this sad and tragic human being had to invent a Pashtun identity for himself.
          This behavior is not healthy and while regional nationalisms are the bane of the Indian republic, it might actually save Pakistanis by disintegrating their garbage state and keeping wahabism at bay.
          I don’t like Hinduism very much myself but I would never disrespect my Hindu ancestors, and I still do consider Hindu Gujarati Traders to be my extended family (same values). One more thing, when I fawn over Bania values I’m not exhibiting caste pride, I’m merely illustrating what I can relate to as the familiar. My views on the caste system are quite clear.
          About south Indian Muslims: Yeah, they got some crazies too but I’ve known many in Dubai for ages. From my experience a Keralite Muslim will always feel comfortable around a fellow Malyali, regardless of religion. Same for the Tamils. My experience with these guys comes primarily from socializing with them abroad. I generally don’t stray out of Maharashtra much when I’m in India.

  7. “You cannot contest your teacher. At all. Never. Such behavior is simply unacceptable. Put another way, the system is a hundred percent authoritarian.
    The system is based on rote-memorization. You must bend your mind a certain way to do that: it means all the rules are already laid out and decided for you. You do not need to think. Your brain must function in a certain way.”
    This sounds exactly like Britain in the 50’s.

        1. I doubt it. Western education allowed for healthy intellectual expression, that much is pretty obvious. The Indian system of education was historically concerned with preserving the vedas through rote memorization. Nobody challenged the Brahmin teacher who demanded absolute obedience. Indians don’t engage culture but passively recieve it as Aakar Patel has pointed out numerous times. The myth of Indian innovation is just that, a myth.

  8. I don’t bleedin get it. Did you ever stop and think about any other reason for the Kashmir problem than religion? I mean, c’mon people, Indians and Pakis have been at loggerheads since the ‘50s till now about their sharing of the Indus valley river waters. I mean, the Indus itself and all its tributaries of the Punjab, responsible for irrigating a whole lot of fertile plains….. where do they come from? KASHMIR!! Whoever controls Kashmir, controls these rivers!! And remember, if the Pakis have Kashmir, they kick over india’s breadbasket. Whole Northern India turns into an extension of the Thar desert.
    Nobody gives a fuck about the Kashmiri people. Not India, not Pakistan. And whoever has Kashmir, has India and Pakistan both by the nuts.
    See the problem yet?

    1. World and In particular western world, along with Rand corporation must stage a Mercenary coup in India like in Syria.
      Mark my words atleast 800 million vermin will be dead and world would be a better place to live

  9. Modern Indian education has been rote learning based, but it was not before foreigners reigned in. Sanskrith is the second most popular language in Europe, influcenced many great thinkers in Europe.
    We have Logic [Taraka], Mimamsa [Self Enquiry], Critical Thinking all part of education in Ancient India. Very well established science. In fact modern medicine is a a permutation and combination of chemical substitutes for 25 different plant medicine. Let us see where genetric medicine goes.
    Indian system of Guild system was copied and continues to thrive in Germany.
    Indian Religious art, incomparable, one cannot imagine granite columns and beams being erected without modern machinery on top of great Hills.
    Google search Lord Macalay of British India, Kipling etc al wanted India erased.
    Unfortunately the rest of the world does not have spiritual basis; and you are sining. No going back, only exit not just from this planet, but from the whole Universe. You will go extinct at the root level. I will be kicking your butt, Are you not in trouble now, the hell you are. I direct beings upon death to their rightful place based on their Karma. Welcome to Hell. I am not smoking some weed, it is truth.
    Ofcourse India is a Mess, World is a Mess, be happy that we are letting beings who have never seen sunlight one life time on Earth.
    You wanted to pow-wow with Stellar figures; you should have been born a few Million years ago.

  10. Thank for the history lesson, AlanJ. Fuck Sanskrit. Fuck Taraka. Fuck Mimamsa. Fuck Shishamsa. Fuck Timamasa. This is the 21st century. What contributions have the Indians made in the way your clothes are made? How you travel to the local temple? How the house you live in was made? How the device you use to glorify India’s Millenial History was designed?
    When they covered basic science at school, how many Indian scientists’ names did you encounter? How has Ancient Indian Techniques of Using Shurdas To Haul Granite Columns made your life better lately?
    And what fucking Guild system? LISTEN TO THE MASTER AND DO AS HE SAYS!! If I understand correctly, the students even lived in the master’s house, so ALL aspects of their life could be controlled. EVIL!!
    And the Guild system is in use in Germany? Sources, please.
    As for the rest of the charade about you being better than everybody else, give credit where it’s due. You wouldn’t be alive to talk about your spiritual superiority if a couple of non-Indian, non-Sanskrit knowing, non-Spiritual, non-Guild-educated dudes hadn’t found out how to make chemical fertilizers and how to genetically modify crops. ‘Coz you’d never been born. ‘Coz your ancestors would have died of starvation.

    1. Calm down novoordo, AlanJ is the local Brahmin supremacist around here. If you engage him he’ll simply throw more mumbo jumbo your way. We ignore him because none of us understand wtf he’s talking about half the time.

      1. Moronic Idiot who uses western name to cover up his filthy existence.
        Alan J is classic Example of moronic Hindu Supremacist brahmin who accomplished nothing and barks like a Dog
        People like AlanJ have fooled millions with their fairy tales, even today they wove Same illusionary mythical stories , sadly Alan J who is ashamed of his parasitic existence can’t even use his real name .
        This is how brahmins are ,This moron begs in west and plots against west
        Forget Chemical fertilizers moron, Thousands of Farmers are committing suicide and more over What is your alternative COW FAECAL matter and Human FAECAL matter as manure?
        Go and Drink some urine and Cool down

      2. Will Gomutra solve all human problems.
        Guess what folks we need decorate our houses with Cow dung and eat of that Dung
        We need sprinkle Cow urine and rejoice and Breed in large numbers
        Even another Indian moron professor believes Cow Dung will Prevent Radiation
        This is indian answer to Fukushima problem–Decorate your houses in japan with Cow dung and sprinkle Cow Urine
        Urine and Cow Dung Science of Indians marvellous acheivement, He needs Nobel prize for cow dung science

        1. In my childhood say upto fifteen years age, we had Cows in our house, hey were fed only hay. Cow Dung smelled pretty good. I used to visit a few houses in my childhood I used to visit house where they use to smear cowdung on the ground outside their house, it used to smell good. I go past a temple everyday, I smell Cow urine, it is pretty great. as long as Cows eat Hay.
          Not other cows as in USA; see you all in Hell.

  11. Why do you hate indians so much?They might be dysfunctional people but they do not force their religion on others.

      1. They are all self hating indians or heavily westernized indians. I know this because i used to be one of them a few years back.This is just a passing phase for them.Eventually they will adjust/adapt to india.

        1. Rahul is a typical Indian–Most Indians will destroy Other Indians who break Free from The Gigantic Lavotary India
          Its as if One parasite Hates others because some other of his group have break free from their degenerate land
          Indians want entire World to become a Gigantic Septic Tank full of Human Defecating openly and smelling each others faecal matter
          Rahul world has evolved you can Force Your collective punishment by Destroying and scheming against other indians, but world is too big and many indians are escaping from the DALIT Paradise which DALITS like you have created in Septic Tank that is INdia

  12. “Indian Born Beggars” is actually an Indian Male; this is what I can gather from his writing. We have a lot of such idiots, either he is doing this purposefully or some other thing I know.
    No one civilization is perfect, it is better to observe for a while, analyze, and adopt best practices from others.
    White people I have come across my life all be gentlemen.

    1. Go mutra King you teach in your Gurukul that Whites are degenerate and Their women get sodomized by 15.
      Hindu civilization is pure because our women are not sodomized before marriage , but after marriage they become the property of every male in Family to fuck .
      Point is AlanJ is a Asslicking Idiot who pretends to be a brahmin , perhaps he may be a vaishya or something
      This moron adopts western name( Typical in Indian Callcenters)
      Truth is Most indians are Typically parasites , they are physically and intellectually weak species thats why Muslims butt fucked these morons for 800 years , next british did the same thing
      These idiots are good at Tax Maintenance and Doing Record Keeping and clerical works
      They are degenerate parasites who invade other nations through peaceful means, Once they multiply in numbers they enforce their degeneracy onto others , if they reject their degenerate hindu faith, then they become extremely Angry and destroy ,wreck the careers of others
      Hindu survives through parasitism , A hindu today is afraid of ISLAM because a Degenerate parasite is scared of most Violent means adopt by some segment of their host nations( Hindus even feed on Gulf nations, Guess what Whole world Feeds Beggar Indians and these Degenerates multiply and supply cheap labour to whole world )
      Indians think that Radical Islam and christians Will destroy each other and while they can multiply in huge numbers and make this entire planet a septic tank by defecating openly and Destroying entire ecosystem we live in.
      Perhaps this may turn into reality, sadly no human would ever wish live in Hindu septic tank World..
      World for that matter entire human race would be in final phases of extinction.
      I recently read in London Palaeoclimatologist report that –India and Subcontinent nations will undergo a great transformation From 2030, There is a probability of Drought in 8 North Indian States and Extreme Drought in 6 north indian states.
      Higher probability of earth quakes in Nepal and Delhi, along with Gujrath and mumbai in coming decades
      There is a great possibility of Earth quake in Indian Ocean belt which may create a great tsunami which will make Earlier tsunami in tamil nadu and kerala look like a Picnic.
      By 2040 its projected that Ground water reserves in India will deplete by 65 percent and There will be water crisis in many parts of Parasite nation.
      George orwell said it correctly–If you live by sword , you will die by sword, if not you will die with Smelly diseases
      It seems the Entire indian nation will stink, degrade and They will die with unknown diseases .
      There is a new virus that came out of India which is resistant to Every Anti-biotics
      These are parasites who are hell bent on destroying human race.
      British government is taking Appropriate checks to monitor TB for every Indian travelling to EU.
      These Parasites are spreading their diseases to every corner of this world ,

      1. Or you could be one of those Pakistani Muslim living in India under “Indian citizenship”. Indians need to keep aclose watch on y’all.

  13. I am an upper class old money Indian, I have lived and travelled extensively in London and most of western Europe. This author may have his prejudices and stereotypes on Indians but let me tell you frankly…each time i’ve been to UK lately I wanted to run away and the past two years I stopped going there. If India is filthy then Uk is a million times worse…British are the most lazy, ugly, uncivilised, boorish, low class chavs on this planet….most of europe hates the British and they are hated everywhere they go and set up communities in spain, france, or even cyprus. Also if he thinks Indian middle class is stupid and brainwashed then he has no clue about how the british and european middle classes are brainwashed and extremely stupid. Fact is whether you like it or not…India is on the rise and western countries are on a steep dangerous decline. Britain is full of anti social behaviour…drunk teens…kids who dont go to school and end up stabbing each other,..dysfunctional parents who are alcoholics or drug addicts….divorced a few times obviously ….this is your average british middle class family…lol….and lets see what the indian middle class are all about…obsessed with education and succeeding in life…children who work very hard and respect their elders….virtually zero crime amongst school aged children ….and very less crime per capita anyway compared to england. This guy talks about Kashmir…well he seems to have forgotten all about Northern Ireland then…..back in the 80s the irish were the biggest terrorists in britain….and the majority still hate english and want to seperate just like the kashmiris but the average dumb brit is not even willing to accept this. Indian media and press are much less biased compared to british media and press….there are 9% immigrants in UK and the media keeps tellng them UK is going to hell because of immigration…lol…ya sure…they forgot to mention why uk is really going to hell because ..the society is a mess and brits are lazy to the core….but more than that they cant loot and steal from other countries anymore like they did for centuries and centuries in the past….alas even with all that looted wealth from centuries ..the british are in deep debt right now..i wonder why. India’s debt to gdp ratio is much lower than UKs….Indias average household debt is also much lower than UK or most other western economies.
    I’ve seen the world a million times….India has problems no doubt….but Indians are happier even the poor ones are happier….much more happier than the majority of people in western or eastern europe. Get on a bus in england and see the misery on people’s faces. Europeans are so jealous of indians right ow because creating and preserving wealth is no longer possible in these so called “safe” matured economies….they are in such a bad shape that its scary….there is much more of a chance these countries will collapse economically than a tsunami destroying India.
    One last thing….this author Robert Lindshit is nothing but a middle class frustrated westerner with no hope for a better future…so he has nothing better to do than sit and write articles bashing India or Indians. ..i wonder why he is even so obsessed with it in the first place…perhaps because deep down he knows and is scared that indians are clever , smart and will take over the world one day…not by force or weapons but by their intelligence. The land India was the richest country in the world n 17th century and yes India was a country much before the British did anything there…it was called “Hindustan”…and the British did not just leave India…they were thrown out of there. If growing up in India is such a bad thing then god help those poor kids growing up in the US getting shot at in schools and those kide growing up in england who carry knives to school and stab each other over silly little things…funny lt year there were almost a 100 stabbings in UK….all involving minors or teenage kids…and no one wants to talk about it….trying to keep britains image clean to the outside world?
    Go ahead delete my comment …but at least you read it and burned a little…or a lot….Lol….sadly your life is full of burning nothing else…and its really a wasted life.

    1. All right, you piece of shit Indian Hindu dog. I am banning you. Have fun in Shining India. Be careful not to step on any turds on the sidewalk and if you go for a swim in the river, watch out for swollen and bloated corpses.
      You’re a shitty person, and you live in a shitty country. India is a shitty country because it’s full of shitty people. People get precisely the countries, cultures and governments that they deserve as a good rule. India sucks because Indians suck. India sucks because it’s full of Indians. What do Indians create? They create India. They can only create India. Everywhere on Earth Indians go, they will probably only create little Indias. It’s truly a catastrophe. India is such a disaster that like a nuclear waste accident, we need to contain the damage. Importing Indians to the rest of the world means exporting the poison.
      Bad idea!

      1. That guy in the gypsy video even mentioned the word “containing”, it’s like Eastern Europe managed to effectively contain this problem in that area for thousands of years, “Little India’s” sounds about right. The Gypsy migration may have been the first Indian invasion of a Western country and of course they exported the culture there. I wonder why there aren’t Gypsy’s in China? Were outsiders effectively kept out from there?

    2. If your home country is so great then stay there! Why do you travel to Europe and the UK then? Why do Indians like to bash countries they visit or live in? It’s certainly better in the UK, Europe and US then is in India on all levels — from economic opportunity, jobs, freedom, no caste system, less poverty, rampant gang rape – please do us all a favor and shut it. Some of you are too pompous and arrogant to realize why Westerners don’t like you — be grateful you were given the opportunity to leave the squalor that is your country.

  14. You are right to a certain extent, I’ve lived all my life in India and I’d agree with you that people here can be straight up nasty, cunning and malicious with no regard for anything but money but you must understand, after 600 odd years of foreign rule, coming from an environment of scarcity it’s bound to happen and please, all Indians aren’t like that, every race is the same just in different colours, like a fucking box of crayons or something….maybe the germans are better but I don’t know :P….there’s good people in this world too my friend, you’ve just met the wrong kind and take it as a life lesson, learn from it….shit happens…all you can do is learn from it instead of being vile and insulting other people’s religions, homelands and what not….it’s ridiculous and juvenile…things are the way they are, one has to deal with it…that’s what life in the 3rd world teaches you…that nobody is a fucking hero…shit ain’t a movie, shit is fucking real….

    1. What you said is true, every race is fucking shit. I’ve honestly found no differences, even slight, between people of different cultures other than that they follow different cultures. Sure a culture can can affect what a person does but it doesn’t change the way the behave. People will still have sexual urges, violent tendacies and so on

  15. You know what my dear, wait another 20 years and may be and just may be you will see some merit in some of the things u criticised.
    For your comfort. No, none in kashmir wants to be a part of india. And heck we will continue to rule it.
    On my academic merits i am IIT and ISB. And it will take you a few lives to crack any of those u see 😉

    1. LOL, I did my Btech in IIT and I graduated from Top 50 Universities in World, IIT’s fare worse in research , they are rote learning schools with little or no innovation, yes , there are few start-ups founded with VC’s money, but most of them are copy cats.
      I cracked JEE and even IIT main exam, I am from IIT kanpur..BE in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
      IIT’s don’t make you a better human, but they give you an artificial social status (in the land of Mediocrity -India)

  16. Well, i’m a tenth grade IN THE SYSTEM. And i can vouch for its stupidity. Yes, there is no way you can be against the textbook, or the teacher. Our textbooks are updated every 7 years, so even if there are outdated facts in them, YOU CANNOT WRITE ANYTHING BESIDES THAT IN THE EXAMS. Yeah, that’s it. However, because of the rigour, ( and ONLY the rigour) and the atmosphere of competitiveness, many Indians are successful. Of the top of my head, 2 of GOogle’s VP’s are born and educated in India. Neal Mohan, and SUndar Pichai.
    One more thing, i’m from the country’s best day school, ( Vasant Valley, google it, there’ll be a couple of newspaper sites), and even then, due to the crippling influence of the totalitarian board, the teachers are also left helpless.
    One more thing, did you know, that in Delhi University, to get the desired course and college, you would need 99 percent AVERAGE, and DU isn’t even in the top 300 universities of the world. That’s why whoever can afford it, goes abroad. They then proceed to work there, and bring success to that country. WHich is fair, since their own piece of shit country couldn’t give them enough.
    I mean my own dad went to DU’s best college, then Vanderbilt for MBA, and he said DU was a waste, NOTHING helped him, however his Vanderbilt 2 year course opened his mind up greatly. He runs a factory in Delhi.

  17. “However, when I tell them that most Kashmiris hate India and that many Kashmiris have taken up arms against India, they insist that I am wrong.”
    Robert, I have to say you are wrong about that. Ever been to Kashmir? I have, several times. Kashmiris are ordinary, hard-working, family oriented people who just want to be left alone in peace. Their concerns are food on the table and education for their children. What to speak of “taking up arms”, the vast majority of them do not even have arms.
    The people “with arms” are military and para-military extremists who are making life hell for ordinary, peace-loving Kashmiris. Both military and para-military, from Indian and Pakistani governments, should get out of Kashmir and leave Kashmiris alone.

    1. The Kashmiris dislike India (and Pakistan). India knows this and that is primarily why India has always ignored the Kashmir Plebiscite on flimsy grounds that Pakistan remove militants first. Pakistan does not want to sincerely resolve the issue through the plebiscite either, which is why they keep the militants in there, giving India an excuse to ignore it.
      It’s sort of like the Israeli establishment which is petrified of declining levels of Palestinian terrorism since that would force them to the negotiating table, which is something they wish to avoid at all costs. Except in the Kashmir case, both India and Pakistan are complicit in the misery of the Kashmiri people.

      1. I’ve watched several Bollywood flicks growing up, movies from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s (the worst decade), and 90s. I’ve watched a few from the 000s but I’ve mostly stopped. When I watch Bollywood flicks I judge them on a set of criteria that would seem alien to you.
        Feel free to rent some if you are curious, it would be a different experience. Whether you enjoy them or not, I cannot say.

      2. Some are good, some are not good. What genre are you looking for? Action? Romance? Thriller?
        India has a lot of “woods”. Tollywood, Mollywood, Lollywood. They have a lot of movies coming out of different regions. I watch a lot of different ones in different languages and they all have their pluses and minuses. I like (some) Bengali films a lot.
        There’s also Indian movies in English like American Chai and some others that mix English with a local Indian language.

    2. The problem Mrs.beatrix is-“India is a malformed and unnatural union, perhaps same holds true with Pakistan”
      Entire south Asia is made up of princely states and different cultures, today they are forced to join either pakistan or India,/bangladesh…This destroyed Native culture and people’s livelihood.
      Pakistan,India,Bangladesh,Nepal,Sri Lanka,Afghanistan have all one thing in common–These were erstwhile Hinduized Lands ,Now pakistani’s and Afghan pashtuns,Baloch hate Hinduization of their lands..But Islam had made them violent and Disillusioned
      As i mentioned many times, India is an eternal chaos, Perhaps the biblical Hell is Actually India, Perhaps all Sinners of the world Reincarnate in India for their bad karma..

      1. “Now pakistani’s and Afghan pashtuns,Baloch hate Hinduization of their lands”
        What Hinduization is taking place in Afghanistan and Baluchistan?

      1. The above question is for Beatrix regarding Kashmiri militants who are living in PaK and trying to get to India. Why?

    1. Better to be a dickhead than a Hindu Indian. Dickheads can get laid, shit on a toilet, have a decent penis size, and live in a middle-class neighborhood. Hindus can’t get laid, shit on the street, have a 4 inch penis size average, and live in the slums. India’s average IQ is also 82, but Jesus had an IQ of 130-135.

  18. I don’t have a TV but I woke up today with Yahoo announcing Miss America is a Desi girl.
    And…….ignint Amreekans are calling her a “Muslim” and a “terrorist.”
    One tweet said “Miss 7-11”. At least he got it right.
    Not Miss 9-11, Miss 7-11!!!!

  19. Jesus does not have an IQ of 130-135 bastard wolfang. Did you go and measure hi IQ or his penis size u bustard!! Hindu Penis size is big enough to fuck your shit out we belong to the land of kamasutra we can fuck you infinite times that you cant even imagine moron,
    Go and wank off with your small dick elsewhere nigger wolfgang

    1. Jesus does not have an IQ of 130-135 bastard wolfang. Did you go and measure hi IQ or his penis size u bustard!! Hindu Penis size is big enough to fuck your shit out we belong to the land of kamasutra we can fuck you infinite times that you cant even imagine moron,
      If Hindu dick is big enough to fuck our shit then we must have a really, really, really, really, really tight hole!

  20. He’s not new age. Nor is he entirely western. Nor jew.
    He lived in India for years practicing his sect under the guidance of a guru in a recognized (non new age, non international) lineage.
    I’m quite impressed.

      1. Dear Robert
        This is another Hindu Supremacist, preaches about cultural degeneration of west, how West is most degenerate and filthiest and most western nation actually take and still loot money from india, and all stuff in west is actually financed by indians
        Indians and arabs are same in my view, They always project their problems on others, blame everything, escapism is the culture
        Brahminical system has destroyed Reason and replaced it with ritual,
        Superstition has taken over Science,
        Still they inject poison into peoples mind, the level of hatred Hindus have is astounding, they bite the same hand that feeds them

    1. He does not have a South Asian jati, how could he? He’s not South Asian. He practices the sadhana of his religion, which is open to all, caste, no caste, outcast, Outkast.
      On a funnier note….
      I googled “hinjew” and ….
      “New Delhi, India (SatireWire.com) — Hinjew leaders today conceded the merger of Hinduism and Judaism has not worked out as planned, as instead of forming a super-religion to fight off the common Islamic enemy, they have instead created a race of 900 million people who, no matter how many times they are reincarnated, can never please their mothers. ”
      More here;

      1. Hindis and Jews ..both diaspora are the most successful. And that chaffs the butt of the white christian trash and the Islamists butts
        Everytime I read post like yours, I know the Hindus and the Jews are doing something right.

    2. I was reading about the white trash red necks going on Tweeting about this “Arab” woman who took away their entitlements.
      No manner of mockery will deter them (white christian trash) from their appointed hell. They stick to it like the contents of the bottom of the toxic sludge barrel in which they love to wallow.

  21. I believe that Hindu-bashing is long overdue. These wicked casteist, callous, superstitious, irrational assholes have been given a pass for too long. Just look at India. What an inhumane, disgusting hellhole.
    I cannot agree with Robert’s Big Foot obsession or his Caucasian-supremacism, but I believe that his Hindu-bashing is mostly rational and moral.
    The Indians need to throw off the yoke of evil and idiotic brahminism and embrace Enlightenment rationalism, secularism and egalitarianism. Genuinely, not just rote imitation.

      1. Not reall..All you have to do is not name your children with caste indicators and don’t participate in it
        There is no organization or institution that forces people. Thats my understanding.

      2. A Jewish woman once told a young angry black boy in the Brox.
        “The best revenge is success”
        If any low caste or anyone who fells slighted, the best revenge they can bestow on the aholes who would wish them ill is to go and do bigger and better stuff and become successful.
        This is what has saved the Jews… and this is what Hindus of all castes have to do.

      3. Nothing outrages the haters as the people they hate succeed… It will kill them.
        Watch all the trash from middle America tearing themselves over a Hindu woman becoming Miss America..
        This is why, you see all these anti Hindu Pakistnies and other Islamists here in this blog spilling their hatred. It Is pathetic to watch them.

      4. The shit wolfgang writes “If Hindu dick is big enough to fuck our shit then we must have a really, really, really, really, really tight hole!”
        yes Wolfgang bastard, bend ahead and see it your small hole has been enlarged by continuous fucking now that you can go ahead and defecate properly you silly cunthead…

  22. Hatred, hatred, hatred…one-dimensional, subjective, parochial views…no doubt there are so many facts laid down but the interpretations drawn from those facts are plainly driven by hate. And hate knows no reason…
    The problem is I wonder where do haters get the energy to run over a whole country the way you do……as the philosopher Krishnamurti once said, “the observer is the observed”.

  23. A lot does depend on where you grow up. India is a big place.
    I grew up in the slums of India before reinventing myself in Zulu Land as a the owner of my own Robot company making Zulu Lesbian Robots who do construction work by day and Robot Zulu Lesbian romps by night. It is all in the programming.
    Slum India does make it tough to get on and that is why one needs to move out. Slum Iran is also tough and one student of those slum dwellers said it was about giving hope to such people. It is about upward mobility. Not an easy thing to achieve. One need to look at the prorgramming of poverty and do something about that. However, I do enjoy reading about poverty as it reminds me of my early life.
    My passion is to remold the poverty of my mind and make it rich and that will be the steady my mind in the turbulence of life.
    Poverty is a universal malady. The politicians exploit the poor and indeed everyone does that. To break free is to break free indeed. I feel being poor in Indian, Africa, and Muslims countries is a scene not easy to break out of. Poverty in the UK is quite easy to break out and in relative terms it is not poverty at all! In the states it is often hard for Black youth to break out of the cycle of poverty, though some do make it as rappers.
    The suffering of the poor is the suffering of the Zulu Lesbian Robot Company but since we use robots to make robots we do little to alleviate poverty by way of providing work for the labouring class. Poverty, then, is a memory of my slum youth. After reading this thread, however, we will start making some payments of charity to help in whatever way we can.

    1. Look Swedish Shit, you are just trolling the blog. That is all you are doing. I banned you before, and I will ban you again. You do not contribute any substantial discussions to the site. Instead, you just write silly little parodies and fantasies which add nothing to the discussion.

  24. As an Indian, I can testify that this is article is more or less true. I am growing up in America, but my Indian-based parents are raising me in the same fashion in which they were raised.
    I personally want to be an editor for a publishing company, and I want to go to a liberal arts college after I graduate high school. However, my parents want me to be an engineer like my father, who seems to despise his job and the people he works with. He often comes home angry, stressed, and exhausted. Yet he still works as an engineer for the money. I don’t want to end up like him, but to my parents success = the amount of money you make, not happiness.
    I am miserable. While my younger brother was able to bend his will to the demanding dictatorship of my parents, I suffered because I couldn’t bring myself to do the same. My parents constantly compare me to my brother and other Indians within the community.
    At 15, I suffer from depression, anger issues, and insomnia, but to my parents this is just an excuse. I have seriously considered suicide in the past, and I still think about it on really bad days, such as today. The only thing keeping me here, on this planet, is the fact that I’ll be graduating in two years. I can see my parents’ regime affect my younger brother, too. He is now angrier than usual, often snapping at one of us without warning.
    Moreover, my brother and I aren’t the only ones who are affected. My parents, stuck together in an arranged marriage, have been fighting for as long as I can remember. My earliest memory is of my dad yelling curse words at my mom. A good portion of my childhood consisted of my parents pointing TV remotes, vases, or anything else they could get their hands on, at each other as a threat. Often times, my dad was a click away from buying a plane ticket or filing for divorce.

    1. sorry sir u hav to overcome the pressure and do something meaningfull on ur terms. …..show ur family that u luv them….and also focus on ur own goal …everyone hav a different potential
      ..GOOD LUCK

  25. Some of the stuff mentioned is common to all the third world. I remember in the Phillippines, beggars being everywhere, yet your typical alpha male Filipino ignores it. It’s just the way it is there, how people behave. Emotion is viewed as silly, though they may occasionally tolerate it from an outside tourist. “Oh what about all the poor people screaming out to me like the disabled wanting the touch of Jesus?” 😆 Response: “Oh never mind them, they’re just street children ha ha lol”

    1. In a sense though I can understand it. What can you do about it? Assuming your some poor guy or even richer guy who lives there. Unless you want a revolution, and there are plenty of Communists in the woodwork.

  26. quote by RobertLindsay

    The streets are narrow and dirty, usually overflowing with broken sewage and water lines (which frequently mix), and the garbage the average Indian household does not feel ashamed of in throwing out on the streets. Any kind of social grace is completely absent, people shove and push each other, vehicles honk incessantly and without reason, and the local temple’s loudspeakers blare out shitty religious hymns.
    Living and growing up here, you will learn, little by little, to let go of your humanity. You will get desensitized to the beggars and lepers in the street, emancipated, poor and trodden down. You will see old men and women driven out of their homes by their sons, their eyes pleading for mercy and trying to make sense of the plethora of people around them, who ignore their plight and pass right by.

    Couldn’t you also say the same about some roughneck neighborhoods of NYC? Being an alpha male is everything, and you never want to look weak or compassionate. At least that’s the impression I got of NYC from movies like “Sleepers” etc.. Rudeness? Oh, yes, NYC is rude as crap.

  27. You Robert Lindsay is just a goddamn troll with no job.
    You cannot take criticism and just ban people for objecting to your tripe.
    The first thing I want you to do is to get a life.
    Do you understand ! Get a goddamn life and stop hating Indians.

      1. Bob,
        Easy, easy. Hindus have their lifestyle, theirs, not yours nor mine unless if they actually want to impose their beef-free diet on non-Hindus.
        BTW, I suggest to replace IQ (Intelligence Quotient) with IQ (Indic Quotient) and HDI (Human development Index) with HDI (Hindu Dharmic Index) on certain issues. Everyone will be happy. Nothing beats IQ (Islamic Quotient)
        [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZAtZHUd0-Y&w=640&h=360%5D

  28. Living and growing up here, you will learn, little by little, to let go of your humanity. You will get desensitized to the beggars and lepers in the street, emancipated, poor and trodden down. You will see old men and women driven out of their homes by their sons, their eyes pleading for mercy and trying to make sense of the plethora of people around them, who ignore their plight and pass right by.
    Your average Indian will not even notice the squalor on the street, or the helpless human beings on the street. He will simply accept these things as a part of life, which is why things never improve. This man is the selfish product of a callous, heartless and evil system. He will never change, and western democracies should not allow such people into their homelands. Not even for a ‘visit’.

    Sigh, I really wish what you just described weren’t true. But, having traveled a bit outside wonderful Bharat Mata, every point you mentioned will strike Indians as poisoned darts. That’s why many of them get real angry when they hear all this. You really Iay it all out so openly, leaving absolutely nothing to imagination,
    Indians are, by nature, desensitized to poverty, hunger, amputations and human misery in all forms – to the extent it’s simply not possible for others to. To use a personal example, when I was doing my traveling all around Europe, local well-wishers and backpacker friends would often advise me to steer clear of the BAD NEIGHBORHOODS and “NO GO AREAS” in cities like Paris, Antwerp, Prague, Bratislava, Barcelona etc.
    In Paris, for instance, the neighborhood around Gare de l’est is a real shithole – something straight out of a dystopian world. Failing infrastructure, broken bridges, elevators that don’t work, lots and lots of refugees. It was really like “Spot the Frenchman” in that area.
    I passed through that “dangerous” station area. Sure, it was really bad compared to everywhere in Europe. But guess what, to me, it still felt, way better than what is like on a typical street corner in Delhi or Mumbai. The beggars were few and far between and most would leave you alone if you didn’t look in their direction. In India, you can’t walk ten paces without some beggar woman with her fake child grovelling for a rupee or two. Most beggars in Indian cities aren’t poor really, begging is a way of living for them.

  29. YES. I feel so glad to have come across this, its like a blessing. All this while I thought I was the only one who was just not happy with our country. Being a ninth grader, about 85% of academic marks (MARKS. Demotivation at its best.) depend on freaking memorization. Its just a constant cycle of Read-Mug up-Blurt in exams. Did you actually understand the concept? No one gives a rat’s tail! 😀 Oh, and if you’re not good at math or science, but rather linguistics or art, you’re just a useless waste of space, kiddo. Pack your social life inside a seven-locked suitcase and throw into the great abyss of the Pacific ocean if you ever decide to attend an Indian school. And don’t get me started on grammar..

  30. “I think the White man would have made the country really work.”
    Eh, you mean the same White man who made this country in the first place!? The same White man who looted the fuck out of it? no! Fuck that! How about White man stays out of brown/yellow/black man area?
    “The only thing wrong with India is Indians.”
    Yeah, cus all Indians are same…

  31. I wonder if the guy that wrote this is a racist. I do not have a clue what that word means and do not care really what he thinks. Unstable & bitter are words that come to mind. A bang in the mouth would suit this G-boy, do get me wrong, reasons we can’t stand Asians or Indians are simply because they disrespect English Law.

    Adolf Hitler once said the Jews had no substance, so gas them all till only we are the master race.

    If you look deeper, White English are the Master Race as the EU is about to find out the hard way. English when they are upset can be brutal. Indians & Pakis are just part of a package deal from the EU that will be stopped at some point. There is more than one way to trap a beast. If you listen you will hear the faint howling of EU scum. England predicts the downfall of the EU in 8 years. Indians will do what they are told and obey English Law & only the best will be selected for England.

    France will learn the hard way that England never retreats; instead it builds stronger defenses. It’s getting cold outside England. The EU countries are to blame for abusing people’s trust. Did you really think England would listen to the EU?

    English breakfast tastes good these days. French dogs are nothing without England. Even the Indians are letting the French know they how much they stink.

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