Bhabi Was Banned

A lot of you are probably happy about that, but I was putting this off for a long time and giving her one chance after another. Although she was a disruptive influence on here for quite some time, I can’t really ban on that. She was banned for hostile tone.
She was also derailing a lot of good threads with tangential stuff about her one note themes, emo and frivolity. She destroyed a lot of good threads with her obsessive and off-topic posting. Not that I ban on that, but it’s not so great.
Regular posters, please don’t worry and continue posting away. None of you are anywhere close to getting banned.

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0 thoughts on “Bhabi Was Banned”

  1. Robert, I’m not arrogant enough to tell you how you should run your own blog, however, I would propose yet another ban worthy offense.
    I think that people who come onto this blog for the sole purpose of trolling (ie. people like Huax), and who contribute nothing besides flame wars, should potentially be banned.
    They’re only good for being disruptive and derailing threads.

    1. You know, it’s a problem. Every time I ban someone, the comments slow way down, I think because everyone gets scared they are going to be banned next. So I do not want to make too many ban-worthy offenses. People will just confused and will get afraid to post because they are not sure what it ban-worthy and what is not.
      That’s one reason why I do not take on assholish commenters too much, even when I disagree with them. They will just start fighting back against me, and then I will have to ban them. It does not seem fair for me to bait people into getting themselves banned. That’s just wrong.
      I don’t like Huax either, but he does say some interesting stuff. I realize he’s a troll and a pest, but he’s also pretty funny.
      I think we are doing the right thing and banning just enough people so the blog is not getting wrecked by trolls and not banning too much so people get scared off.

      1. Huax, funny? Funny as in he himself has a good sense of humor, or more like you’re laughing at him?

        1. What’s the matter, Huax? Being exposed as a liar wasn’t good enough for you?
          You wish to further embarrass yourself?

    2. Speaking of Huax, I did some calculations today and came to the conclusion that mainland China’s average IQ today is in fact only about 101-102. I wonder what he will have to say to that?

      1. Your numbers on IQ in the last post have been fairly off but I’m willing to see the data, not that it matters as China performs like a 110+ IQ country

        1. Oh yeah, 1.3 billion Chinese plus 100 to 300 million more with Chinese y-DNA proves Chinese people can’t get laid for life or get “other race girls”.
          Too bad your sand nigger sluts are too ugly for Chinese men.

      2. Even if it is 102, if you want to assess east Asians, it would be more fair to go by the developed countries in east Asia or perhaps east asians in the west. Or maybe even Hong Kong or Shanghai.

      3. I read your post, AK. A few points –
        1) While it’s true that the Jiangnan region generally is renowned for scoring high on the gaokao, they are beaten by the North China plain.
        2) Shanghai, while “richer” does not see significant permanent migration because of the hukou system. If Shanghai’s scores can be explained away by “elite migration”, how do you explain Zhejiang’s (50m+ population) PISA/IQ score of 109.5? Zhejiang (+ related Jiangsu) is definitely not a magnet for elite migrants. FYI Shanghai scores the absolute WORST on the gaokao, bar none – probably because they see a far more representative sample of students as a whole.
        3) There’s no evidence to suspect upward (or downward) bias in the overall PISA scores. While the five regions you listed are indeed richer than average, adding the next 7 wealthiest provinces would definitely not drop IQ by nearly .5SD. Similarly the skew toward township-village is further evidence that the “national” scores are not elite scores.
        4) East Asian scores are artificially depressed by Euro-derived age-norming that harms East Asians and benefits blacks.
        5) Chinese in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, America, Europe, etc are historically derived from an underclass sourced from an undeveloped region (Canton to Fujian). Yet, Chinese Americans in California consistently outperform 2nd place Korean and 3rd place Japanese Americans on all tests on the CAT (California Achievement Test)

        1. “probably because they see a far more representative sample of students as a whole.”
          Bingo This is why the US scores are so low in comparison to the European scores.

        2. All the test results fail because they are only a selective sample being taken. Sorry Huax, it’s sad that of all the billions of Chinese people, the best ones get the lowest-mid caliber of other race girls.

        3. I don’t think so, sand nigger. Chinese Americans kill all other students in Britain, Australia, America, etc even though Chinese migrants are the dregs of the dregs.
          And they could easily buy a bunch of sand nigger sluts if they wanted to – they don’t want to.

        4. No they are not buying “sand nigger sluts”, but they are conveniently going to Africa to breed with girls that are the common shtick of African society.
          Let’s face it, Asians are not that creative, they cheat in groups and get caught, they are greedy and are robots. For nearly thousands of years they couldn’t invent or innovate squat despite how superior their supposed IQ was srs.

        5. Oh yeah, China couldn’t invent squat – which is why they invented almost everything for 10,000 years. Pottery, wine, true writing (Chinese characters in 1600 BC were more developed than sand nigger scribbles in 1600 AD), gunpowder, seed drills, canal locks, compass, etc.
          Without China you sand niggers would still be fucking camels in caves. Now you sand niggers can fuck camels in houses.

        6. I never heard of Egyptians using any of that stuff or stealing anything from China unless they were improving on it. The Pyramids btw are now believed to date back to 10,500 BC and earlier. Even with the test of time, it still is considered to be the most impressive built structure by even modern standards, cant say the same for any East Asian relics.

  2. Robert
    I’m not sure if wordpress has this functionality but she could have been restricted to one thread called the turd thread and allowed to post once a day or so. Also, she could’ve been restricted from responding to others’ posts.
    After all, human feces does have its own stream. Xera would be a worthy co-inhabitant. Who knows, they could end up on an Indian street together.

    1. eeeeeehhh I think you are off the mark there kiddo.
      I am not Indian and I don’t thrive in that same environment of feces parasites that you are biologically adapted to. Although I understand that you have a love of shit that you thrive on, particularly shown by your comments. While Indians are too busy shitting on the ground and being shit heads on blogs, we are too busy fighting Western colonialism, the kind that Indians were too fucking inferior/pussy to go against. We also built the pyramids, the most amazing ancient structures in the world and our women don’t look like shit after the age of 30.
      Hell most of our women don’t really resemble shit at all but I can’t say the same for you countrymen or inferior species. We are far above your shit biology and symbiosis Aakash.

      1. While Indians are too busy shitting on the ground and being shit heads on blogs, we are too busy fighting Western colonialism,
        Who’s ‘we’?

        1. and how are you fighting it? Btw when the US gives Egypt billions in military aid (1.5 billion this year), what are they getting for their money? I’m not sure (is it peace for Israel or are they just keeping the regional powers sweet?) but maybe you can tell me and also tell me how that fits in with the fight against colonialism (imperialism?).

        2. …maybe if you can manage to establish democracy (which I wish you luck with) then a democratic government that represents the people will play ball with America less. Is that what the people want?

        3. The Egyptian people Dota.
          “and how are you fighting it? Btw when the US gives Egypt billions in military aid (1.5 billion this year), what are they getting for their money? I’m not sure (is it peace for Israel or are they just keeping the regional powers sweet?) but maybe you can tell me and also tell me how that fits in with the fight against colonialism (imperialism?).”
          Egypt has fallen into enemy hands, that billions of aid is being used to prop up the Western-Israel spearheaded cronies and that money is being used just for that purpose. People here don’t understand how important Egypt is from a geo-strategic point of view, it is near EXACTLY the center of Planet Earth. It is literally, a gateway to the Mediterranean, North Africa, Asia minor, Western Asia, and the Arabian peninsula. Anyone who controls Egypt has a huge tactical and movement advantage to anyone who wants to control the above mentioned regions. That’s why Egypt has been attacked and invaded by so many people in history. The Egyptian people are trying to overthrow and resist Western imperialism by revolutions, over-throwals and protests not unlike what’s happening in her neighboring countries. However all of that effort has so far failed because of how important the nation is.
          People here don’t understand what’s going around behind the scenes and just how important the significance of Egypt’s monuments are. The Pyramids literally are a clue to the REAL history of human civilization. For example, people think that the Pyramids were originally tombs, however all the evidence shows otherwise and what is true is that the Pyramids were a harmonic device. The Pyramids may have been some sort of fusion device that generated some sort of energy, the evidence is shown on the design of the King’s and Queens chambers. Both the chambers shows signs of explosions and electrical currents. There is SEA SALT, walls of granite, mercury, signs of WATER EROSION, on specific sites and key places even though the place surrounded by a desert. There are places in the Pyramids where only robot camera cars can go through but not people. Electrical energy has been shown to go through the Pyramid when sound is emitted through it’s chambers.
          But this information is being suppressed for unknown reasons from reaching the public. Thoth, an important figure in Egyptian mythology, said to come from a distant land to bring civilization to the Nile, stated that within a DEAD END passage of the big Pyramid, there is a hidden door that leads to some sort of space ship like device that he talks about in his writings. Under the Sphinx, there is a chamber where there is RECORDED scripts and information of a previous Atlantean like civilization and a HISTORY OF THE HUMAN RACE that predates modern Eurocentric history. However the Egyptian government refuses access to these certain chambers, passages, and places mentioned in texts to archaeologists. Zahi Hawass, the ex-Egyptian antiquities director, barred people from digging underneath the Pyramids or the Sphinx and personally stopped people from accessing certain places in the period. He has stated that he knew how the Pyramids were really built but the information would “break” history, and he refused to reveal it to the public.
          What underneath and in the Pyramid area could contain answers to the worlds problems but its being suppressed intentionally by Western governments. Society is an artificial construct and you have to realize that. Egypt has secrets that could change the entire world, this is why the place is so important.

      2. @Dota
        Xera is a paradox: despite the fact that he is a low IQ epitome of unawareness, he is aware of one thing very well. Xera is aware that Xera as an individual is less than a bag of turd and even if he is eradicated, nobody is going to miss him. So how does a guy like that feel better about himself? Well of course, by using the internet (western innovation) to vent his childish frustrations by citing one decent achievement of his ancestors and (LOL) feeling elated that his female kind don’t look like shit after a certain age. See? Now I don’t want to know what sand niggers look like simply because I don’t care. But for Xera, that is the very thing that is preserving his identity and making him feel better about himself. We’ll let him ride it.
        Hey little sand nigger, keep protesting against “western imperialism” by trolling on the internet (a western creation). Now get back to jacking off to sand nigger women like these ( and feel better about yourself. You deserve to be happy after all.

        1. Aakash
          Well his statement did catch me by surprise. I can see China standing up to western neo imperialism, or Venezuela or Cuba, but Egypt? I was going to point out that 1 billion plus cheque they receive annually but Steve beat me to it. And secondly I am also getting tired of the racial bashing. I certainly have deep issues with my fellow Indians but I criticize our culture and religion(s), not phenotypes. Heck despite my open antisemitism you’ll never hear me talk about wiping out the Jews or calling them subhuman ect…

        2. Dota
          I have nothing against any phenotype or race myself. My response to Xera/Jake above was my last shot at him and I’m done. My fellow delhiwallas are some of the worst in this regard and the amount of contempt that they have for south Indians has been a real eye opener for me. The northies who caricature the southies are insensitive, crass and just plain stupid to comprehend others’ way of life which may even be superior to our own (and probably we know that too which makes us more prone to put them down). Xera is just an egyptian version of baniyas in that regard.

        3. Xera is just an egyptian version of baniyas in that regard.
          Now now, don’t be hating on my extended family 🙂
          Whatever their faults the Bania still hold certain values that I respect. But yeah, the southies are subject to some pretty crass racism from the north. You’re one of the few Indians I’ve met that feels pretty strongly about it. A people that do not respect themselves will never be respected by others.

        4. My basic advice is to not feed the trolls, and Xera is a troll. I don’t like the way he racially attacks the phenotypes of other races either (I don’t call other races ugly, for instance), but I can’t ban him on that, unfortunately.

        5. “Xera is just an egyptian version of baniyas in that regard.”
          I have known a lot of Baniyas and they are good people. I have also known a number of Egyptians, they are all right. I think our resident sand nigger here is a kook, the ‘uneducated street urchin’ type of Egyptian that Europeans so detest (and hence his jumpy tries to be ‘superior’ to others in the internet and his tendency to rehash/reword my older comments as his own).

        6. “Now now, don’t be hating on my extended family”
          LOL by Baniya I meant a typical North Indian. It can include any of the following:
          Brahmin fuck ups: Dwivedi, Trivedi, Chaturvedi, Pandey, Tyagi, Shukla, Sharma etc.
          Kshatriyas (my own fuck up brethren): Rathore, Minhas, Grewal, Bhati, Jadeja, Januja, Jaswal etc.
          Vaishya/Baniya fuck ups: Agarwal, Mittal, Goyal, Gupta etc.
          Chamar fuck ups: Any north indian whose last name is “Kumar” is probably a Shudra.
          I don’t like their racism towards “chinks”, “southies”, “marathis” or even within themselves.

        7. Aakash
          Yeah that was an embarassing mistake as I had a knee jerk reaction to your statement. I’m sensitive towards all these anti Bania stereotypes floating around the place, especially in Bollywood. I’m not into caste pride at all as you know but I do believe that there are certain values the traders hold that should be emulated by all Indians.

    2. The kid is priceless. (I use the word kid, to refer to maturity, not biological age).
      So he is ‘fighting the evil west’ by immigrating to the the ‘evil west’ and whining about how “Western-Israel spearheaded cronies” are destroying his country? That is utterly hilarious, it is even more stupid than the “the British looted us!” platitude that the average Hindu nationalist comes up with to explain their failures.
      Indeed, people here don’t understand how important Egypt is. The world is focused on the economic growth of countries that matter (China, Russia, South America, India, etc.) when they should have been running to Egypt and digging the pyramids, to find the mystic ‘secrets of the Universe’. The pyramids are just tombs and claiming they hold some ‘ancient undiscovered secret’ is like a Hindutva blokes quoting McMuller and claiming that the Adam’s Brigde holds the secrets of the Ramayana. Platitudes to make themselves look better when the rest of the world is busy with more practical goals.
      And talking about ‘living in shit’, Egypt is practically the arm-pit of the Arabic speaking world. You don’t need stats for that, just a visit to Hurghada or Cairo is enough. Miserable wreched urchins who pester you to take rides in their camel, take pictures with ‘firang’ (White/slavic) female tourists and the whole plethora of con-jobs to victimise foreigners. And the slums of Cairo – the less said the better.
      As for Egyptian women, they aren’t even close. Indian women age horribly yes, but you are bound to find a lot of good looking young Indian women with all their parts intact. The majority of Egyptian women on the other hand, look camel faced and squeezed, when they are not breaking the scales already. (Perhaps the psychosomatic symptoms of having their genitals sliced.) The only time an Egyptian woman won an international beauty peagant was when only 15 countries contested Miss World and Egypt sent a Greek-Egyptian contestant. Given Egypt’s record since then, it is safe to assume the only good looking women in that desert hellhole have a European lineage, most likely the patri-lineage (since the average Egyptian male is a stumpy, socially inept and emanciated Ya Habibi who feels ‘superior’ by trolling people of other races/nationalities on the internet).
      I don’t agree with mocking poverty given that my homeland is no paradise, but an Egyptian bloke migrating to a western country talking about the ‘glories’ of his homeland and ‘fighting western imperialists’ utterly ridiculous – the poverbial pot calling the kettle black.
      At least there are Hindus who are honest about the state of their society and willing to do something about it, one can only hope the rest of Egyptians are more proactive about making something of their country, rather than doing a Xera.

      1. I think Egyptian women look great. But a lot of them are part Blacks. Now, that is, if you don’t mind part Black women. I had an Egyptian gf for a while. She was part Black. Maybe 1/3 Black. She referred to herself as Black. Looked like very light skinned Black girl in the US. She had freckles as those types often do. But she was a good chick, and I like Egyptian people a lot. I knew some who ran a gas station too. Typical Arabs basically. And I knew some Copts and other Egyptians who work as pharmacists around here. All around very good people.
        The slums of Cairo are far better than Egyptian slums. And Egyptians have largely succeeded in getting the shit out of the water. The % of Egyptians shitting outdoors I think is now down to ~3%. Cairo is dirty and noisy, but it’s nothing like the utter catastrophe of an Indian city. Most importantly, as I mentioned above, almost all Egyptians have plumbing now, and I believe there is some type of sewer treatment. Just about any Arab country is better run than India. Arab countries more or less function. India is just the world’s biggest chaotic clusterfuck.

        1. “And Egyptians have largely succeeded in getting the shit out of the water.”
          In India:
          % of population using improved drinking water sources, 2008, total
          % of population using improved drinking water sources, 2008, urban
          % of population using improved drinking water sources, 2008, rural

          “An improved drinking-water source is defined as one that, by nature of its construction or through active intervention, is likely to be protected from outside contamination, in particular from contamination with fecal matter.
          To allow for international comparability of estimates for monitoring the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the World Health Organization/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Program (JMP) for Water Supply and Sanitation defines “improved” drinking water sources as follows:
          -Piped water into dwelling
          -Piped water into yard/plot
          -Public tap /standpipes
          -Tubewell /boreholes
          -Protected dug wells
          -Protected springs rainwater collection
          -Bottled water, if the secondary source used by the household for cooking and personal hygiene is improved”

        2. Before you start calling me an apologist for India, here are some more damning stats:
          % of under-fives (2006-2010*) suffering from: underweight (WHO), moderate & severe
          % of under-fives (2006-2010*) suffering from: underweight (WHO), severe
          % of under-fives (2006-2010*) suffering from: wasting (WHO), moderate & severe
          % of under-fives (2006-2010*) suffering from: stunting (WHO), moderate & severe
          % of population below international poverty line of US$1.25 per day, 2000-2009*
          % of central government expenditure (2000-2009*) allocated to: health
          % of central government expenditure (2000-2009*) allocated to: education

        3. Although a 2011 UN reports says:
          “The fastest growth and sharpest reductions in poverty
          continue to be found in Eastern Asia, particularly in
          China, where the poverty rate is expected to fall to
          under 5 per cent by 2015. India has also contributed
          to the large reduction in global poverty. In that country,
          poverty rates are projected to fall from 51 per cent
          in 1990 to about 22 per cent in 2015. In China
          and India combined, the number of people living in
          extreme poverty between 1990 and 2005 declined
          by about 455 million, and an additional 320 million
          people are expected to join their ranks by 2015.”

          The 42% figure is for the latest available year from 2000-2009. 2015 is only three years away so it must be closer to 22% than it was. That’s something, isn’t it? That’s a pretty huge reduction in extreme poverty in 25 years. Its not a totally dysfunctional society that can do that, is it?

        4. 48% of the population suffers from stunting, yet maybe only 23% of the population is in poverty. Tell me how that makes sense. How is it that so many people are starving yet not even poor. How can a non-poor person be starving.
          As far as whether or not the society is dysfunctional, read some of the travelogues of India by people who have been there. Look at some of the photo essays on “filthy India.” Read reports on the insane filth and human degradation of the place. It’s a monstrously fucked up society, and worse, no one seems to particularly even give a shit.

        5. They may have relatively clean water, but I understand that diseases from filthy water are still pretty common in India. Also the rivers and streams flow with raw sewage. Sewage is generally not treated. And rives and streams are also polluted in all sorts of other ways.

        6. The difference is that the Chinese Communists actually care about things like reducing poverty, cleaning up the water, treating sewage, getting people toilets, etc. Though they care less and less about these things now that China has made this transition towards capitalism that everyone is cheering on. For instance, millions of people in China are now dying every years from lack of health care. That’s the system that the whole world is raving about.
          Indians and the Indian state don’t give a fuck. They don’t care about these things. And that’s just wrong.

        7. Steve it’s good to hear positive news about India for a change. In general the whole developing is steadily moving forward in things like health indicators and education. You won’t hear anything positive about India in this blog that’s for damn sure.

        8. Raskolnikov, you’re an Indian, right? That’s why are you so bent about all my India critique posts.
          Look, I don’t criticize Indians for anything that they can’t control. All the stuff I am criticizing them about, they could knock it off right now. The problems are primarily religious and cultural more than anything else.
          Frankly, I am disgusted in these people and their crap culture and religion. And from a Left POV, to me, they seem like the most reactionary and backwards humans on Earth. That’s not something I am going to cheer on. India reminds me of a nation of 1.2 billion Republicans. Fuck that!

        9. I’m Pakistani. And yeah I’ve yet to hear you say anything good about immigrants or other races. You have a very very right wing view towards those groups you consider outsiders, even most right wingers are not like this.

        10. Look Raskolnikov, I am going to have to ban you. You can’t stay on here and call me racist and whatnot. Further, what you are saying is not true.
          And yeah I’ve yet to hear you say anything good about immigrants or other races.
          That’s not true at all.
          The main thing is that you are obviously not happy here, so you pretty much just ought to leave.

      2. My observations of Egypt have been otherwise. But yes, I haven’t compared Bombay to Cairo, since I am not familiar with that part of India (which is a hellhole run by Hindutva goons). The less populated, renegade parts of India are far less chaotic than the slumlands are (including Egyptian slumholes) and thats what I struck me an omnious – how it is culture, not economics, that creates slumholes.
        Violence is high though, because of the armed civil war against the Union of India so perhaps thats where Egyptians would score (since they don’t have the capacity for a sustain armed conflict, not against militarised states anyway).

        1. AI,
          how is development and modernization affecting casteism in India? Caste obviously originated as a pre-modern, rural phenomenon so is it breaking down in the modern cities? To what extent does it order life or limit people in the cities?

      3. Robert,
        “48% of the population suffers from stunting, yet maybe only 23% of the population is in poverty.”
        More than 23% of the population is poor! I bet that 80% of the population is poor. Its a very poor country.
        “Tell me how that makes sense. How is it that so many people are starving yet not even poor. How can a non-poor person be starving.”
        A non-poor person cannot be starving, unless they are anorexic! What % of Indians are starving? Well, 16% of under 5’s are ‘severely’ underweight so I think they could be considered starving. Starvation is the most extreme form of malnutrition. I think we can safely assume all the starving of India are living below the international poverty line, and therefore rightly considered to be ‘living in extreme poverty’.
        The IPL, remember, is defined as the minimum amount required to buy enough food.
        I assume that the majority of the moderately malnourished children are also from homes that are below the poverty line. Am I wrong?
        As it happens, there are an inordinately high number of malnourished children in India, more than the level of poverty accounts for. A higher % of sub saharan Africans live below the IPL (e.g. Nigeria- 67%) but malnutrition rates are half what they are in India. This is for cultural reasons, which have been discussed here before. Its is to do with lack of education, gender inequality and disempowered woman, and Indian diets.
        “As far as whether or not the society is dysfunctional, read some of the travelogues of India by people who have been there.”
        I have no doubt that it could function and be run MUCH better and I’m sure I would be as disgusted as the travel writers if I went there and saw the poverty and the shit.
        However, it can’t be completely dysfunctional and doomed if it manages to reduce the % of the population living below the *international poverty line* (I trust the world bank’s measures and estimations much more than the Indian government’s) so dramatically in 25 years. Its economy must be functioning and growing.
        “Indians and the Indian state don’t give a fuck. They don’t care about these things. And that’s just wrong.”
        I don’t disagree Robert. Maybe it is so.
        In regard to China, you wrote:
        “Though they care less and less about these things now that China has made this transition towards capitalism that everyone is cheering on. For instance, millions of people in China are now dying every years from lack of health care. That’s the system that the whole world is raving about.”
        China is reforming its healthcare system and is moving towards universal healthcare. I vaguely remember 2020 being the target for that but I might be wrong. China will be a developed country and developed countries almost always have universal healthcare. America is the only exception I know of.

        1. If you want to devise an alternative definition of extreme poverty that involves more concrete criteria like malnutrition, sanitation, housing etc then maybe you could argue that more Indians are extremely poor than the purely economic measures suggest. Maybe you could even argue it is poorer than Sub sahran Africa, at least in some regards.
          Income and purchasing power wise, though, they are doing better than Sub saharan Africa and ought to be doing better on those criteria but aren’t for cultural, not economic, reasons. In other words, they have the money to be doing better.
          So pick your definition.

        2. Actually, having thought about it, what I’m surprised about isn’t that India has such high rates of malnutrition (doesn’t the % below the IPL predict a lot of it? there are similar rates of malnutrition and extreme poverty), its that so much of sub saharan Africa is below the IPL yet it has much less child malnutrition than India. How are they feeding the kids if they apparently can’t afford enough food? Confused.
          In other news,
          Progress in India?
          Under-5 mortality rate, 1970
          Under-5 mortality rate, 1990
          Under-5 mortality rate, 2000
          Under-5 mortality rate, 2010

  3. Why did you want to keep her around and not ban her sooner? Is it somehow good for the blog that she generated lots of comments, like on search engines? Or did you just like how she made it livelier?

    1. Banning regular commenters is really bad. It makes the other regs scared, and everyone quits commenting for a while as they think they are going to be next. So I really try to avoid it as much as possible. Also, I like to give people a fair chance. I wanted her gone, but there’s other commenters I want too (LOL) but I won’t ban on that basis. I have to wait until they actually violate the rules before I can ban them.
      Bans have to be on rules violations, not on whether I like them or not. It’s only fair.

      1. Actually Robert I do see where BAG is coming from. When I drifted to this blog over a year ago I was struck by the quality of the comments and the intelligence of most of the commenters. I was impressed by Wade’s knowledge of European history, Cyrus’s knowledge of central asia and BAG would occasionally post a reference or two that was worth looking into. Some of Motts comments were also exceptional when wasn’t clowning around. With the arrival of Bhabi, Indian Man Brahmin/Born beggars ect the atmosphere here seemed ruined. It didn’t feel like the same blog I was drawn to over a year ago. Trolls can be a serious problem.

        1. I am worried about extending ban rules to trolls. So many people on here flame war each other that it gets hard to tell who is trolling and who is not. People will not know if they are trolls or trolling or not so they will always be worrying about getting banned. It’s a real problem making commenters too afraid to post by banning too many regulars.
          I understand your concerns but we have to walk a fine line here.

        1. You’re less of a deliberate (buster) Zimmerman, and more of a Sullivan, who talks boldly and never misses a shift, but hides when the real danger arises.

        1. Sure, there are sites where they basically ban on whether they like you or not (in fact, most sites that ban ban on that basis) but then you never know when you are going to get banned especially when you figure out that the owner probably hates you. It’s really scary. You can get banned at any time. And those people don’t enforce rules openly. They say the people they hate break the rules, but then they let the people they like go crazy breaking the rules like mad. So it’s biased rule enforcement, which is typically human behavior, but it’s just not right.

        2. are there other blogs which you are known as a regular commenter on, like we are here?
          If you get banned, it just means you can’t comment. Its easy enough to access a site you are banned from (don’t mean to give anybody ideas). You could even start commenting under a new name but it would be frigging obvious if people know you. We knew Bhabiji was Asian philosopher after the first ‘desi mamma’s boys’.

        3. No, not really. I was a regular commenter on Bigfoot Forums, but they threw me off of there. I don’t comment much on other blogs. I have my hands full on here, with reading, writing and with work that I do for money.

  4. Another chapter closes 🙂
    I have a feeling this isn’t the last we’ve seen of her, tho I hope I’m wrong.

    1. I think things will calm down a bit. When she is posting loads of comments, it encourages me to sit here posting comment after comment. Its probably better to take it a bit slower.

  5. “In other words, feminist theory cannot be accurately regarded as a competing or rival account, diverging from patriarchal texts over what counts as true. It is not a true discourse, nor a more objective or scientific account. It could be appropriately seen, rather, as a strategy, a local, specific intervention with definite political, even if provisional, aims and goals. In the 1980s, feminist theory no longer seems to seek the status of unchangeable, trans-historical and trans-geographic truth in its hypotheses and propositions. Rather, it seeks effective forms of intervention into systems of power in order to subvert them and replace them with other more preferable. Strategy implies a recognition of the current situation, in both its general, structural features (macrolithic power alignments), and its specific, detailed, regionalised forms (microlithic power alignments)…
    As a series of strategic interventions into patriarchal discourses, feminist theory doesn’t simply aim to reveal what is “wrong” with, or false about patriarchal theories – i.e. at replacing one “truth” with another. It aims to render patriarchal system, methods and presumptions unable to function, unable to retain their dominance and power.”

  6. “…I was struck by the quality of the comments and the intelligence of most of the commenters.”
    I am of the same opinion. When I first started browsing through, the comments were as interesting as the articles. Apart from the present regulars, there were people like Howard, Cyrus, etc. who contributed a lot to the discussion with their insight and analyses. Nowadays it is like a race between Haux, Bhabiji and Xera to see who can be the biggest troll of them all.

  7. Thank you, My frst experience of the wretch was when I posted a rather personal story in response to a topic and not 2 minutes after it was up, there was a reply by her which had nothing to do with the topic, but that essentially sought to invalidate me and my story. The poor girl clearly tried to make this blog her own little stomping grounds, obsessively compelled to let anyone who showed up here know who she was and get in their face. I cannot say that I’m sad to know she’s gone, she was hostile, arrogant, rude, non-sequitur and so toweringly insecure as to defy description.

  8. Dota, I have an argument for traditional gender roles for you, an argument against intelligent woman pursuing careers.
    In America, among white and black woman, there is a negative correlation between intelligence and fertility. Lynn and Vanhanen (2012) write:
    “All the studies summarized in Table 7.1 show that dysgenic
    fertility for intelligence has been present in the United States
    during the twentieth century. All the studies show that there has
    been greater dysgenic fertility for intelligence in women than
    among men. Probably the explanation for this is that children
    impose a greater cost on the careers and life style of intelligent
    and well-educated women than on those of intelligent and welleducated men, and also that women have a shorter period of
    childbearing years. It is women who have to bear most of the
    burden of childbearing and childrearing and who therefore have
    stronger incentives to limit their number of children or to remain
    childless. At the other end of the intelligence spectrum, low IQ
    women tend to have higher fertility because they are inefficient
    users of contraception and there are always plenty of men willing
    to have sex with them. Low IQ men, on the other hand, tend not
    to have such high fertility because many of them are unattractive
    to females and lack the social and cognitive skills required to
    secure sexual partners.
    A second factor accounting for the greater dysgenic fertility
    of women is probably their shorter span of childbearing years.
    Many intelligent women undergo prolonged education and devote
    themselves to their careersin their twenties and into their thirties,
    intending to postpone childbearing during the years when less
    intelligent women are having children. By the time childless,
    high- IQ, career women are in their thirties, significant numbers
    of them discover that they have waited too long to find suitable
    partners with whom to have children, or that they have become
    infertile. Older intelligent men who delay marriage and children
    until their late thirties or forties are less likely to become infertile
    and can find young wives more easily than older women can find
    young husbands. It has been shown by Meisenberg and Kaul
    (2010, p. 177) that the lower fertility of intelligent women is not
    due to a lack of desire for children”
    If L&V are correct about their second reason for the negative correlation between IQ and fertility, namely that higher IQ woman have less kids because they pursue careers, then there is a clear argument for them not doing that. Higher IQ woman pursuing careers could lead to a decline in genotypic intelligence for the whole of society! If so, maybe they should go straight into child bearing in their early twenties.
    There are alternatives, such are child bearing quotas implemented by the government. There could even been higher quotas for more intelligent people (ie eugenics) but that course may not be desirable or good.
    Phenotypic intelligence as measured by IQ has been increasing through the 20th century, possibly masking a genotypic decline. If at some point the Flynn effect reaches an end and the genotypic decline kicks in, and IQs start declining, then this may be thought about seriously. Until then, probably the decline will continue, if it is real, which it must be if IQ is partly genetic and parents and children’s IQs correlate because of that.
    You’re welcome.

  9. The technology to genetically engineer humans is right there, it’s just that the technology is being suppressed by higher people.

      1. Huax was funny, before he went off the deep end. Bhabiji was funny. At least she knew how to poke fun at her own kind.

        1. She did to Indian men what you accuse Jewish men of doing to Jewish women. You never found that funny did you?

      2. “At least she knew how to poke fun at her own kind.”
        She specifically avoided poking fun at her ‘own kind’, the Malayalees, while qualifying herself as an ‘Indian’ so that she can poke at the non-Malayalee Indians. It is like an Indian-American ‘poking fun at his own kind’ by making jokes specific to blacks or whites and never other Indian-Americans.

        1. She used a number of native Malaylee words and put up pictures of Malayalee TV actors in her arguments. Malayalee is a Dravidian language, completely indecipherable to non-Keralite people so the only way she’d be intimately familiar with the language and culture would be if she is a Malayalee herself.

        2. wasn’t she criticizing at all Indians? Is the family structure different in Kerala or wherever they are from? The Malayalees look like ordinary Indians to me, not like the difference between Indian Americans and blacks. ??

        3. “wasn’t she criticizing at all Indians?”
          Not really. She created a stereotypical image of “Indian culture” in her mind that revolves around the Hindu cultural practice of joint family and deification of parents; then the plasters it over every culture in South Asia. It was rather funny when she chimes I am a desi when my culture is the inverse of how she defines desi culture as.
          What is an ‘ordinary Indian’ supposed to look like. Indian looks very ad-continuum, they vary not just individually, but as ethnic groups as well. It is common for people who are fixated on a particular phenotype as ‘Indian look’ to assume those outside the fold as ‘not Indians’.

      3. Bobert I thought I’d never say this but I am really starting to miss Huax. Best damn one-liner ever. “Without China you sand niggers would still be fucking camels in caves. Now you sand niggers can fuck camels in houses”. LOL.

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