Feminism As the New "Default" in Western Women

Pat writes:

From the blog post: RL: Men and women struggle for power in various ways even in marriage and loving relationships. This is because they have different interests. When the pro-female agenda is imposed on society, the anti-male effects are obvious. Because what is pro-female is often anti-male. Because females (even feminists) hate us? No, many to most of them love us. What is pro-women is often anti-male due to differing and competing interests, values and agenda among genders.” Pat: I think this is very insightful. But one of the problems is that these days (IMO) women generally have become so chauvinistic that considering what negative effect a piece of legislation or court ruling or public policy will have on men not only does not occur to most women, but that even being asked to consider that angers them.

Thank you Pat. Pat is correct. I point out to pro female women (like even my own Mom) about how the pro female shit she pushes is bad for men, and she just gets angry! This is the reaction of the typical female too. And even my own Mom, who I love more than even myself, I have to admit, is a fucking feminist! My sister is a feminist! Fuck, they’re almost all feminists! The truth is that feminism has basically become the default for almost all females born in the US. It’s even effected elderly women in a pretty bad way. It’s become so unconscious that a lot of women will even deny that they are feminists while still strongly supporting feminist positions. Feminism is simply unconsciously “normal” in Western women.

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78 thoughts on “Feminism As the New "Default" in Western Women”

  1. Rather than bitch about women online (which does absolutely nothing), the MRM should come together and focus their efforts on practical matters like legislation and family court. But one reason why the MRM will not succeed is because of its inherent racism.
    While there are core MRAs with well known websites who are not racist, lately there has been an infiltration of both HBDers and straight up vocal racists of many MRA blogs who seek to divide men and their “cause” by race. If American men cannot unite to do anything practical because of racial animosity, then the MRM will not go anywhere, and we see, it is NOT going anywhere.
    The Feminist Movement was not a racist movement. Yes it was run by primarily white (and Jewish, shout out to GSG here!) women, but it was not inherently racist and took active measures to include women of all backgrounds. In fact, that is one of the complaints of several Afrocentrists, that the Womens’ Movement sought to include Black women, whom they claim were not discriminated against by “their own men”.
    Until and unless the online MRM does away with racism, unites all men under practical causes like changing legislation or family law, IT WILL CONTINUE TO BE OF NO CONSEQUENCE.

    1. Not just men of all races, but all abilities as well. Right now the MRM operates on the assumption that all men are superior to women in every which wway, and in doing so, they shun the weakest elements of males, who are in the most desperate need of their support.

      1. That’s a pretty broad brush. I do frequently encounter posters who I think go too far, but personally I think that many of them have huge personal reasons and dramatic personal events that drive them to this. Many calm down once they learn more.
        In general, MRA’s see the question of superior/inferior as an individual matter and that the whole notion of identity politics as it plays out today is what’s wrong.

        1. It may not be true of the entire movement, but I do notice a trend, and you will find these attitudes in the comment sections of every MRA blog. They assume the identities of more successful successful men, and always attribute their accomplishments to all of MANkind. They are dishonest about the limitations and weaknesses of males, and attribute all the problems (usually mental disorders) that disproportionately affect males to feminist instructors or discrimination from an early age which stays with them later on in life. Whenever there is an article that mentions highly successful women, there are always snide comments, and others claiming that their accomplishments are/were products of affirmative action. I don’t mind as I know they are trying to feel better about their situations, but it does nothing for the movement.

    2. As you can probably tell, I frequent a fair number of men’s sites and I can say unequivocally that I have not encountered racism on any of them. I can also confidently say that it would not be tolerated. Please provide links to some of these racist MRM sites so we can judge for ourselves.
      As for aiming our strategy at legislation and family court that is in fact probably the main thrust of the movement. Google Glenn Sacks for starters or here is a helpful website: http://www.fathersandfamilies.org/
      Also, the beginning the the women’s movement actually was fairly racist. Most of its early pioneers believed light skinned people to be superior and even advocated a passive form of eugenics in which certain races should be encouraged to procreate while others should be discouraged.
      The only criticism I have for the MRM in this aspect is that many are anti-gay which I think is highly unfortunate. Personally I think homophobia is nothing more than another expression of the general demonization of male sexuality in our society and that it’s absolutely unethical to exclude men from the movement simply because they’re a different sort of man.

      1. Pat, while you may be right that the core, mainstream and most recognized and level headed of MRAs are not racist, the blogs that have sprouted up everywhere lately that seek to combine PUA with MRA with HBD do in fact have a lot of racism on them.
        PUA, MRA and HBD don’t really mix in reality. Somehow these three have meshed together in the blogosphere known as the “Manosphere” and is giving both MRAs and PUAs a bad repuation.

        1. Please provide links to the racist websites you mentioned so we can judge for ourselves. Otherwise I’m calling bullshit.

        2. She’s right, Pat. For starters, how about Mangan’s, In Mala Fide and a few others. And the comments section of Heartiste’s site was full of racists. Recently, White nationalists have been invading the Manosphere bigtime.

        3. “PUA, MRA and HBD don’t really mix in reality. Somehow these three have meshed together in the blogosphere known as the “Manosphere” and is giving both MRAs and PUAs a bad repuation.”
          Add in religious conservatism and gub’ment phobia and you’re dandy.

  2. Right now, they claim to be non partisan and non denominational, but every now and then, you’ll hear them rail against BDG or refer to women who have had abortions as murderers or use religious mumbo jumbo to justify their positions on women.

    1. Yeah you’re right. I see some religious nuts have infiltrated, mostly Christians, with hopes to veer them to Christ. Then you’ve got the “Islam is the future” brigade amongst them. They say to “go your own way” and let the Muslims take over, that’ll really “teach those women who’s boss”.
      When I mentioned to some leftie feminists that the MRA kooks use Islam as a (good) example, they (leftie fems) got mad at me for being “Islamophobic”!!!!!!!!!!!
      What the hell? GSG can you explain this fuckery to me, I don’t get it. When did Islam become the sweet baby of left feminism?

    2. And yet the head wrtiers embrace them even though they undermine the mission. Their presence radically alters the movement.

      1. Sometimes they embrace them because many of these men have been through the wringer and those websites are the only safe places for them to vent.

    3. Actually the pervading understanding in the MRM regarding religion and Christianity is that most Christian religious institutions are fairly anti-male. Many — including myself — have stopped attending church because of this. In my own personal experience, I have witnessed year after year at the annual father’s day service the priest criticizing and deriding fathers rather than celebrating them at least that one day a year.
      The last straw for me was that locally we had a female teacher who molested a couple of her male students. During the sermon the priest blamed the boys and portrayed the teacher as the victim.
      So while you may be able to cherrypick a few bible thumpers in our midst the overriding belief among most MRA’s is that mainstream religion is fairly anti-male.

  3. Feminism is Jewish Invention,Just like Communism-Which nothing but Judaism and Doctrines of Judaism in Implemented in politics
    Jews like Indians are parasites–No wonder they come up with one ideology after other to Feed on their hosts and ultimately Wreck their societies
    There is a reason why they have been expelled over 120 times from Europe.
    Their presence is dangerous to any organic progressive society.
    Similarly Indians who belong to same social parasitic group are highly involved in destroying the progressive west.
    Today humanity faces a great danger as Parasitic indians and Jews are multiplying in large Numbers
    We need another Himmler and Adolf.
    I pray Mother Nature to create some Masculine Beings to destroy Both Jews and Indians once for all from this planet

    1. This is bunk.
      Feminism IMO is actually the product of some cultural beliefs and social customs that have been with us for hundreds of years. It finds much of its inception in the 19th century obsession with chivalry and the Victorian belief in male moral inferiority. These later combined with intellectual Marxism which resulted in a paradigm that men and women comprise distinct social classes.

      1. Pat, ignore him. He’s an Indian male troll who thinks Indian brides who suggest to their husbands that living in a house separate from his parents instead of in their home might be a good idea, is a “radical Feminazi”

        1. Bhabiji got irked ,I am not living with my moma bhabiji , I have no reservation like you clan, so i have strive harder.
          You can’t ignore us Bhabiji, we work hard, and our intellect is source of income for India, so that Dalit women like you live on handouts from state.
          Atleast be happy for that miserable existence,I can suggest you a best way to liberate yourselves.
          Work in porn, you can fuck daily with a different Guy , sometimes you get a chance to sleep with women mostly white women bhabi. The colour that your caste yearned for thousands of years but still can’t obtain it

    2. Same as the White people during imperialism came from no where breeded like fox and wolfs plundered resources from our country and not the least you want Himmler and Adolf and I will get Stalin !

  4. Robert-
    My mother was once a feminist as well, but completely changed her tune when my brother was divorced and she witnessed firsthand how extreme the judical bias against fathers is.

  5. On feminism and eugenics from wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eugenics_in_the_United_States#Early_proponents
    Several feminist reformers advocated an agenda of eugenic legal reform. The National Federation of Women’s Clubs, the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, and the National League of Women Voters were among the variety of state and local feminist organization that at some point lobbied for eugenic reforms.[18]
    One of the most prominent feminists to champion the eugenic agenda was Margaret Sanger, the leader of the American birth control movement. Margaret Sanger saw birth control as a means to prevent unwanted children from being born into a disadvantaged life, and incorporated the language of eugenics to advance the movement.[19][20] Sanger also sought to discourage the reproduction of persons who, it was believed, would pass on mental disease or serious physical defect. She advocated sterilization in cases where the subject was unable to use birth control.[19] Unlike other eugenicists, she rejected euthanasia
    In the Deep South, women’s associations played an important role in rallying support for eugenic legal reform. Eugenicists recognized the political and social influence of southern clubwomen in their communities, and used them to help implement eugenics across the region.[24] Between 1915 ad 1920, federated women’s clubs in every state of the Deep South had a critical role in establishing public eugenic institutions that were segregated by sex.

  6. ‘And even my own Mom, who I love more than even myself, I have to admit, is a fucking feminist!’
    Such a sweet and amusing sentence.

  7. This is the case in the UK too. Robert, can you please set out exactly what is male and female thinking? Define it and explain it to me because, as you can see, I am quite slow when it comes to understanding this.

    1. Male is a producer/host–Female is a parasite..Now Rest of it can be understood if you get this basic thing

      1. I realize you’re a troll but I’ll respond anyway.
        The natural state of men and women throughout history has been anything BUT a host/parasite relationship. Prior to the 20th century women were highly economically productive and there was no way a family unit could survive without women. In short, in those days women MADE virtually everything for their families except the walls, ceilings and shoes. This was the way things were up until about 1920 when the balance tipped from country to urban living.
        After the industrial revolution was in full swing women stopped being so productive because now most everything they used to make was now primarily being made by men in factories somewhere. Women’s economic role severely truncated and didn’t start to turn around again until the 1960’s when they began entering the “away from home” workforce like their husbands.

        1. Based on what you said, it seems an argument could be made that since woman became less useful in the home in modern times, it was necessary or sensible (it was time) for them to enter the ‘away from home’ workforce. It wasn’t just an outcome of feminism but an inevitable or necessary part of the historical process. You dig? No? Okay.

    2. Real simple.
      Female thinking: The way Bhabi thinks! Everything she writes is pretty much an example of female thinking, except she actually likes men and likes to fuck them, which is more than I can say for a lot of feminists. When there’s any kind of issue between a male and a female, notice that Bhabi 100% of the time sides with the female and blames the male? Notice that Bhabi attacked that poor shmuck who got run the grinder for asking out a chick at work? Notice that Bhabi supports women calling men “creeps” for having a sex drive and for doing such diabolical things as asking women out? Bhabi basically supports the outrage called modern sexual harassment law. Modern sexual harassment law is a result of female thinking. So is the utter outrage of modern domestic violence law, where, if some flipped out cunt hits me and I hit her back, *I* go to jail! Yep, we can’t even hit bitches back. If we hit them first, we are wrong, and if they hit us first, we are wrong. Classic female thinking in a nutshell.
      She defends women who are evil, devious, underhanded, conniving skanks and attacks their male victims.
      She attacks MRA’s, who are just the male equivalent of feminists, while being a radical feminazi herself. If it’s ok for women to be feminists, why isn’t it ok for men to be MRA’s? But you see, that’s typical female thinking. The vast majority of feminists will tell you that it’s rational for a woman to be a feminist, while it’s evil for a man to be an MRA.
      Bhabi has stated men seducing women is “exploitation of women.” This is classic female crap thinking. Seduction = “exploitation.” It’s crap! Seduction = seduction. Exploitation = exploitation.
      Other examples of female thinking include the modern Pedophile Mass Hysteria. Most of this shit comes straight from female puritanical thinking that sees the vast majority of men as potential rapists and molesters.
      In the US, feminazis passed a law that made it much more difficult for men to import brides (real women, not feminists). They did this under the fake rubric of “men are beating and murdering their male order brides.” It was crap. Really they just passed it to limit the competition. The same thing is going on in Sweden right now.
      I understand that on many US college campuses, you practically need to sign a contract with a woman before you can do anything sexual with her. This once again is crap female thinking at work.
      The female mind is quite puritanical, and once female thinking takes over the public sphere, society rapidly beings highly desexualized, uptight and frightened.

      1. Based on what you’ve described Robert it would seem that in this way the feminist is very much like the Jew. Both let their victim hoods define their very being, and this results in morally retarded behavior. Both in effect practice moral particularism ie is it good for women/is it good for the Jew? as opposed to Is it good for mankind. Just like the Feminazi who opposes MRA while wearing her own toxic ideology on her sleeve, doesn’t the Jew likewise practice ethno-nationalistic chauvinism while condemning whites for taking pride in their heritage? Or flooding North America with immigrants while opposing the same with regards to Israel?
        It’s no surprise that the Jew has left a permanent imprint on feminist thinking.
        “”When there’s any kind of issue between a male and a female, notice that Bhabi 100% of the time sides with the female and blames the male? “”
        She does. Remember the thread where one commenter was unfairly accused of domestic violence because his girlfriend was a disturbed alcoholic? Bhabi immediately blamed the man for getting involved with someone like that. When I pointed out her hypocrisy she back peddled and half halfheartedly condemned the woman’s behavior. It did not even initially occur to her. Now imagine a society where women like her dominate the judiciary. Women who cannot tell right from wrong. It’s freaking scary.

        1. That’s a good point. It was clearly the woman’s fault. She is the one who is morally responsible for her behaviour and the one who was at fault. He didn’t deserve what happened to him, even if he made a mistake by getting involved with the wrong woman. You can’t blame the abused for their abuse.
          I did defend her at the time but that’s because I think it is sound advice not to get involved with an alcoholic. Perhaps he shouldn’t have. But that doesn’t mean he is to blame. The blame has to go to the perpetrator, not the victim.
          In fact you should sympathize with somebody who shacked up with the wrong person out of the desires and vulnerabilities we all have.

      2. Dota
        Interesting. Earlier you claimed that a lot of feminists act out of self interest, rather than for all of womankind. That the leaders of second wave feminism were using the movement That they support policies that only benefit of the top 10% of women, rather than all women. So choose your pick.
        White nationalists are more jewish than the jews themselves.

        1. There’s a difference between feminist elites and the common woman GSG. Feminist elites are effectively doing the elites’ dirty work by improvising the middle class while the average female infected by feminism cannot see beyond her own petty interests.

        2. Exactly Robert. GSG needs to think outside her textbook. The amoral behavior of the average western woman is clearly the product of a feminist environment.

        3. I’ve never taken a womens’ studies class before. I chose Latino-American studies to fulfill my domestic diversity requirement.
          Beauty makes a women vain and selfish. There are still many women who can’t afford to act like that.

        4. “It’s second nature! The vast majority of Western women are now de facto feminists. Face it. It’s become so natural that it’s almost completely unconscious.”
          That’s true. One absorbs the values and assumptions of ones society without making an effort to. Western woman are de facto feminists in the sense that they have absorbed feminist values and assumptions. Feminist ideas have permeated society. Even if you are a feminist, you have to admit this.

        5. Dota, I’m not talking about ‘amoral’ behaviour. I’m just talking about normal assumptions about gender roles etc.

        6. In a similar way, political correctness has permeated our societies.
          I’ve noticed though that country villages have been least affected by it. They don’t seem to have any compunction about speaking their mind. I’ve been to a couple of villages in the south-west of England and the people there, especially in one of them, were outspoken critics of Muslim immigration. A liberal urbanite automatically interprets that as small minded racism and bigotry. But it was spoken without even consciousness of that.

      3. Bobby Ji, “She defends women who are evil, devious, underhanded, conniving skanks and attacks their male victims.
        She attacks MRA’s, who are just the male equivalent of feminists, while being a radical feminazi herself.
        Bhabi has stated men seducing women is “exploitation of women.”
        You’ve been itching for me to respond to you for days now Robert, so I’ll throw you a bone today. *Pats Bobby Ji on the head and causes his tail to wag*
        I challenge you to come up with quotes proving that I said any of the above.
        Who are these evil women I “defended”? Who are these male victims I “attacked”? Where is the quote where, according to you I “stated” that seduction is “exploitation of women”?

        1. You’ve been itching for me to respond to you for days now Robert, so I’ll throw you a bone today. *Pats Bobby Ji on the head and causes his tail to wag*
          I continue to be shocked that you haven’t been banned yet.

        2. Look kiddo, I am just going to have to ban you. I have been trying very hard to keep you on here for as long as possible, but you just keep pushing and pushing and never stop. Sorry about that, and have a good life.

        3. In addition, you are hijacking one thread after another and derailing them with your endless tangential remarks about your usual trollish, emo or frivolous stuff. This is a serious blog, and you’re basically singlehandedly destroying one thread after another. But the main thing that got you banned was hostile tone.

        4. Well, at least according to Huax himself. But then again, given his highly inflated sense of self-worth, he was probably imagining it, just as he falsely claimed that you vouched for him.
          Well, either way, I applaud your decision!

  8. Steve-
    Yes I agree. With or without feminism these changes would have come — maybe not as quickly, but I think with a better and more robust social outcome. In a way feminism was actually one step behind while at the same time claiming credit for it.
    In the end the best thing that ever happened for women’s rights were the technological advances of the 20th century — ironically created mostly by men, with its fruits being passed off to women almost immediately in the historical time scale.
    I also hypothesize that the truncated role of women from the 30’s to the 60’s created a significant shift in their perceptions of their worth generally. That is, prior to that women measured their own worth by what they could make and do, whereas by the 1960’s women were measuring their worth by what others would do FOR them. Whether men generally or the gov’t, etc. This attitude pervades the general female paradigm today.

    1. Interesting.
      Do you agree that the second world war speeded up the process too? You know, because so many woman entered factory work for the war effort while their husbands were off fighting. This was the case in Britain anyway and it was apparently empowering to woman to prove they could do it.

      1. I think the effects of women working in factories is exaggerated. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised that if anything it slowed the women’s movement down since because of it, more women were able to see how much their factory worker husband’s lot in life actually sucked.
        That’s why feminism is mostly concerned with only seeing that women gain equality or advantage in white collar work or political power.
        Ever hear a feminist argue that we need equal numbers of men and women on an assembly line? I sure haven’t.

        1. But in short let me ask you this: If you were given the choice of working the night shift in a noisy dirty factory vs staying home every day and being really connected with your kids, while someone else goes to the factory, which would you choose?

        2. I take your point Pat. I had a lecturer whose late father was a miner and whose mother was a housewife. When people suggested to his mother that she was hard done by or oppressed, she would say that her husband worked down the mines for long hours every day while she had it relatively easy. She basically said don’t take his hard work for granted and she was the lucky one.
          If you were a Martian observing human society in the past, mightn’t you think that the ones who worked were the oppressed class and the ones who were provided for were the ones who had it rigged in their favour? its interesting to turn it on its head like that.
          Obviously it ignores the fact that woman made a valuable contribution to society too and the fact that men had the powerful positions.

    2. Also, how do you think this bears on Muslim countries? Do you think it is inevitable that woman will enter the workforce in the same way as in the west or can they have their own version of modernity?

      1. Hard to say and I generally don’t offer an opinion on things I haven’t studied up on quite a bit. The socio-cultural situation in the Middle East is not something I understand all that well.
        Though since you asked….
        The middle east is very different from America in that they had no industrial revolution. Their economies basically fell into their laps with the oil economy so it’s a completely different thing.

  9. Robert-
    Answering down here….
    To be honest I’m not familiar with any of those sites and at the sites I frequent:
    there is no racism. In fact just the opposite. It’s pretty widely recognized that African American men have been bearing the brunt of feminist gov’t policies. You should check these out.
    But like any social movement perhaps the MRM is beginning to attract the extremists.

  10. What was the other nonsense that feminists “hate” children. The MRM is starting to lose sight of it’s initial mission.
    It’s good to have many allies, but when you bring so many diverse people under your tent, the movement starts to disintegrate.”

  11. You’ve adopted the standard talking points that modern women are short changing their children, when in reality they let them walk all over them and cave into every demand.

  12. If women were benevolent and divine creatures the way folk wisdom portrays them to be, then feminism wouldn’t really have been a problem. The biggest problem with feminism is not that feminism makes women amoral, but that feminism unleashes the kind of amorality that is present in women (and men as well since it is a part of human nature).
    Social and personal responsibility is a learned trait, cultures where this is not imbibed end up cultures where men behave like women. Example would be the Indian judicial system, which is as scary as Dota’s illusion of a scary judicial system run by women. It is a case of social conditioning where a sense of ethics and justice hasn’t been imbibed, but rather Hindu morality rules the roost.
    Gender feminism plays on the ‘women are wonderful’ trope and creates a reward/responsibility system that assumes women are above men in character and would self-regulate themselves. Which is not how the human world works. The real world is far more Nietzschean than people are willing to accept or admit. Motherhood for example, is divine only when the society makes it divine. Otherwise, an irresponsible woman would abandon her children the same day a ‘deadbeat dad’ abandons his kid. Nothing more.

  13. To Robert Lindsay and others —
    I have delved Deeper into issues of Parasitism and Indian parasites.
    Strangely i found out that Two Forms of Behaviourism and Adaptability of Living organism
    1. Progressive( Evolutionary)
    2. Survivalist.
    Animal Species adopt to these forms of Behaviourism on basis of Resource availability and mostly Due to inherent Biological make-up.
    Progressive /Evolutionary Animals follow Evolutionary Mechanism where Higher and more Adaptable Species moves up the evolutionary ladder and rest will contribute to such progress.
    Survivalist species on the other hand follow different Behaviourism , They basically tend to Depend on available resources and Survive somehow.
    These species basically Feed on existing resources till they deplete and move on to next location for Feeding and Breeding.
    Survivalist Behaviour is greatly found in Insect parasites, their whole Biological make up and Physical body composition is designed to just survive , no matter how filthy the surroundings are , or not matter how disgusting the Eco system is.
    their whole Behaviourism is just to survive, and These animal species will do anything to just survive, they breed in large numbers to keep on their Gene pool alive, they feed heavily and their contribution to life cycle is nothing.
    You find this Survivalist attitude among Indians.
    India is basically a Survivalist society, and by Definition the organism(Humans) who live in such society tend to adopt to human parasitism to prolong their Gene pool.
    In a survivalist society , their Family and Tribe comes first –Wealth and everything revolves around their Family or Tribe.
    These societies care less about the environment or Ecosystem.
    All they care is if they can manage to survive and if their Offspring can manage to survive
    Progressive societies will let their offspring to .compete in Evolutionary pattern, where as survivalist societies will not let their offspring compete .
    They seek reservation, they seek security for their offspring–That’s why you find High amount of nepotism .
    In a survivalist society, the only allegiance that an Individual has is with his family or Tribe , in case of Indians its their caste.
    This basically explains why People who were living in subcontinent have adopted to human parasitism as their mode of living.

    1. I don’t know who the hell are you and can’t make anything of you but this post, though written in a robotic, monotonous manner, is an outstanding one. I can agree to a lot of it. It is like an alien is analyzing Indians in a brutally impassive manner. Forget wizard of oz, this is the new shit you gotta have next to dark side of the moon when you smoke that joint.

  14. I read some where that there are no Female Homeless people on the streets of New York or anywhere else. It means they are taken care of.
    Father figure is a n important part of a childerns lives. Unfortunately man children are raised by single mothers.
    Women were taken for granted, even my generation women are very responsible, toook care of all non-core issues so Men can focus on Core isues.
    Present day Boys, and Girls most of them are not worth the fuck in any sense.

    1. “I read some where that there are no Female Homeless people on the streets of New York or anywhere else.”
      You read wrong. There are female homeless in the the US. The rise in homelessness started when institutions for the mentally challenged were shut down.

  15. It depends which aspects of feminism you are referring to. If you are strictly referring to women taking advantage of men. But other criticisms of feminism are less accurate.

    1. If Feminists want to salvage their name, they can do a Austin Powers type of Save the Planet mission against Muslim terrorists.
      I call them Fataharis [ After the legendary Matahari], Since a Muslim is allowed more than one Wife, Two Fataharis can seduce an Muslim Terrorist [MT], One fatahari sits on his chest, another fatahari on his face. Within minutes MT is dead, mission accomplished. Move onto next mission. It is Love Jihad Fatahari style.

  16. Women get angry when men say that a “pro-woman” agenda is bad for men because the male-dominated societies that have ruled the world for thousands of years haven’t been so great for women. For most of that time, a woman began her life as her father’s property, and ended life as her husband’s property.
    It wasn’t until the 20th century that women truly began to count, as in having the right to vote and more recently, the right to have a career outside of the home. I refer to them as rights because at a societal level, in earlier generations, the mere thought of women pursuing careers outside of the home was not only frowned on, it was unthinkable, even for women.
    I think you can compare this to whites who complain about black people who are “too vocal” and need to shut up about racism already. Not long ago, the best that most black men could do was live life in a world of oppressive racism that obliterated any chance of progress. There are quite a few parallels.

  17. i think miss angela merkel is doing at least a decent job in germany,her party was even reelected,i don’t think women can’t rule countries,maybe i understood wrong this blog,but i remenber robert said that women are too emotional,is true,but most mature women are enough intelligent to keep their emotions,well i think that

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