97 thoughts on “Think You Need to Mow the Lawn? Think Again!”

  1. Jesus, can’t people just be allowed to have a prefernce and leave it at that? Who really cares whether someone wants to shave it off or not? It’s not as if laws are being proposed regarding personal grooming. To me, when I see someone feeling so strongly about such a subject that they feel compelled to write a piece defending and supporting their own preference, I smell a fetishist.

  2. Hair is on our body for good reason. Nature knows what she’s doing.
    (Except for male back hair. That’s just nasty.)

    “The two historic athletes who became the first women to ever represent Saudi Arabia in the Olympic Games have been snubbed by their nation’s media and subjected to a campaign of hate.”
    Read more here;
    The Saudi men I’ve met were male chauvinist pigs to the max. And they were obnoxious horny mofos who none of us would date, though they tried to infiltrate my group of friends and date us. Fuck them. On second thought, DON’T.

    1. I knew a teacher who taught foreign students English at the university, many of them Saudis. According to her, they found it difficult to accept a woman telling them what to do and they expected to cruise through without working hard because in SA you can buy your way to success. That was the jist of her complaints.
      btw I like your title in block caps. I wonder where you got that idea.

      1. Steve, Saudi men are worse than Desi guys. And I thought I’d never be able to say that about any other group of men.

        1. I’ll also add that while Desi guys are weird, awkward, annoying, effeminate mama’s boys, they do not have a deep and abiding hatred of women. Saudi men do. Its deeply ingrained in the culture.

        2. ‘Desi guys are weird, awkward, annoying, effeminate mama’s boys’
          all 500 million of them? :-O (if that turns into a smile emoticon, it was meant to be a shocked face)

        3. No not all of them, Steve, but enough to make it a noticeable global pattern. I still prefer them over Saudis. Saudi men are beyond the pale.

        4. bab, what’s with the unremitting attack on ‘desi mama’s boys’? Is there something personal behind this? Everybody and his dog knows what you think of them by now.

        5. “btw I like your title in block caps. I wonder where you got that idea.”
          Thanks Jaan. I sensed you were just the type of alpha to appreciate bold IOIs 😉
          Just ask Bobby Ji how my sixth sense is. Ain’t that right Bob?

        6. I just learned what IOI means. I’m not up on the PUA jargon. I wonder what those guys actually teach. Personally, I prefer to get by on looks and a amazing personality. 😛

        7. Yeah but you’re white, right? How long can you get by on your looks? Snark. Snark. Anyway, post a pic and tell us gals here what your ethnicity is.

        8. Can’t you tell by how personally I took it when you said white people are plain?
          I’ll get some pics taken that I can post sometime…I’d rate myself in the 6-8 range, if I’m perfectly honest, depending on the clothes and haircut.
          Not that it matters to you much….

        9. And I don’t know what the hell you would think I am but some chicks seemed to like me.
          Now I’m going to bed to watch the rest of flowers of war.

        10. I’m guessing you are over 40 then. Sorry, its impolite to ask woman’s age. Its better to hire a personal detective to find out.

        11. Nope, you missed the comment where I said I have to date white guys that are practically in their teens so they look my same age.
          28 is ok as long as you look it. White people tend to look 40 by that age, but I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, Jaan. You’re the only white man I’ll give that too
          Consider yourself honored (but not in the Saudi sense 😉 …)

        12. ’28 is ok as long as you look it. White people tend to look 40 by that age’
          pffffft such rubbish. 28 year old white guys don’t have lines and they obviously look younger than 40 year old black men. White guys in their teens look in their teens!
          well thank you for making an exception for me while being racist to white people and then saying I should be honourd. Why should I be honoured when white people are probably the most desired group of men in the world?
          Keep on trolling.

    1. Problem with Indians like Alan J is that their parasitic Race is getting exposed and They use Christian names to cover up their degenerate names
      Alan J , Tell us you real name
      and to all people here Bhabiji is a bengali Women ,Sexuall frustrated, Short Dark brown pimpled faced women.
      Living in Either in India or most probably UK or US thats where parasitic bengali race is spread.
      Punjabi’s are mostly found in Canada,UK and recently their Parasitism has spread to Australia.
      Albeit their women are Golddigging sluts,Punjabi women are mostly not feminist
      Most Indian Feminist Originate from Bengali Community or Mallu kerala
      Bhabi , If Saudi Guys are so bad why is that Half a Million Indians Go to Saudi to beg alms during Ramadan season
      Bhabi, is it true that Indians like you are Parasitic race with most ugliest human features?
      Show us how you look Bhabi,Oily faced ,short ,pimpled, plump –and Mostly Dark brown with Red/Pink lip stick–Overall these were exact features i have seen in Kumbh mela where Indian Brown monkeys are decorated with colorful Garments and their lips were painted with pink lip stick.
      Bhabi, Seems your Bengali husband is impotent , get some real job or become a QA Tester , lot of Indian house wives get trained in Some training houses and get their resume Updated with bogus skills and enter QA tester positions.
      Ofcourse you will get a chance to sleep with another Desi manager and you will guaranteed a QA tester position
      Think about it bhabi,There is no use of being a troll and eating and defecating .
      Indians are good at giving lectures and preaching morality , if you follow 10 percent of what you preach.
      India would not be a septic Tank

      1. To All Politically correct Americans over here, you don’t know how to treat Indian bloggers.
        You must not treat them with your Politically correct Nuances and British humour or some sarcasm , they are mentally inept to understand logic
        Treat these trolls , the way their community treats them
        1. When you find Indian blogger ask his Caste, If he is a Dalit abuse his caste, Malign them ,Insult them..Put them on pedestal .
        I know to most it sounds harsh, but if you treat them well, they will Come up with their Desi Traits of scheming and Laughing at your back.
        2.. Americans have no idea how to treat these social Parasitic Indians.
        Arabs know these Dogs well , so they treat them as pests and Guess what Indians Hate Arabs but they Go and Beg them Jobs , Beg alms During Ramadan
        Indians are natural born Parasitic Beggars
        3 Bhabiji must be treated like Degenerate Filth that she is, constantly she must be abused ridiculed and her Caste and Skin color Must be Derided.
        When you date an Indian Girl, abuse her, Deride her, Poke fun of her features in front of all, thats how she likes you.
        If you Treat Indians Respectfully you will end up becoming a Pussy in their eyes.
        Most Indians are corrupt and Degenerate and while growing up they have watched Hypocrisy around them, learnt how to be degenerate from their parents , understood how to lie and deceive from their mother.
        Understood how to scheme the system with politeness from their educational institutions, and mostly All indians got refined by institutional corruption that their society practises every day
        Now if you treat these Subhumans with little respect, they will consider you as meek and easy exploitable person.
        Treat them as filth and Crush them , abuse them, They will worship you.Because Indians generally Like the people who Hate them and abuse them.
        They are like Abused wife suffering from Stockholm Sydrome, They have gone through Repeated abuse from British,Danish,French,Islamic,Mongol,Persian Empires.
        People from Indian subcontinent are Degenerate Subhumans, they must be constantly ridiculed and abused every where, and believe me they will love you for doing all this.

      2. So I was right apparently, Bhabijji is from that Bengal region? Why couldn’t Dota and anyone else figure this out?

      3. I will not post my real name; Google my name you get a few search pages of my professional activities, of all the forums I visit, I dont use my real name. Google search on my name is clean, it has been so for atleast a decade or so.
        Why are Native Americans called Indians? You fucking parasite, In India Europeans are called White Cockroaches. I dont want to use name calling, but as discussed here there is statiscal proof that Blacks are impulsive criminals, Islam preaches hatred etc. You have to believe the Math.
        Sad fact however selfless a European maybe, Crime against Nature and Animals will not go unpunished.
        We True-Brahmins we are the Natural Born Killers and we are the Gods. Bring it on!

  4. I am not sure whether Bhabiji is being deliberately malicious or just behaving like a typical desi. Underhanded ‘compliment’ that mean to insult your ethnic/racial group is a characteristic desi Hindu trait. I recieve that all the time from desis, so much that I have stopped being offended by it any more.
    Classic example:
    Pathan Stranger: So, what biradari are you?
    Me: Sorry?
    Pathan Stranger: Biradari. You are a Pathan, aren’t you?
    Me: Nope. I am from Assam.
    Pathan Stranger: Oh really? I never knew people with XYZ traits/features existed in Assam.
    The socially inept and ethnocentric bloke thought I’d take as a compliment that I’d ‘fit in’ his ethnic group, when the last sentence was an obvious insult.
    Another example would be a commenter here, Kallu or something, who’d outright insult black people calling them ‘bandar’ (ape like), while at the same time, telling Tulio how he is ‘not racist and actually liked blacks’.
    Your best bet is adopt the same style yourself and treat desis with the same level of contempt. After living in mainland India on-and-off for over seven years, I have refined the art.

    1. I sometimes can’t tell whether she is being purposely insulting in a subtle way to mess with you or whether she is just being honest and tactless.

        1. Steve You have been raised in politically correct Culture..She is ridiculing you and thats what Desi indians do Once you give them some space.
          Once Indians get some power or Fame, they will start showing their Desi traits
          Just look at Rajat Gupta, or Fareed Zakaria who is fired today for plagiarism.
          So my point is Don’t give them some Fame, constantly Pin them down, abuse them, Treat them like a social malice and Degenerate Filth .
          They will wag their Tails and worship you.
          They are called SLUMDOGS for a reason.
          They are Far Worse then DOGS , To be frank , i rank these parasites in lowest order of Animal Evolution.

        2. Her general mode her is just what I call “trollery.” She doesn’t really contribute substantially to debate on here but instead just sort shrieks angrily a lot in a lot of emotional ways and makes a lot of other emotional type posts or else just writes frivolity.
          We have substantial posters on here who sometimes do that too, but not to the same extent.
          She resembles the trollish posters like Xera and Huax.
          Now if you want to look at non-trollish posters, there are folks like BAG, GAG, Dota, Ishmael, Atheist Indian, Beatrix, Aakash, Amy Cote, Unmarried Man, etc. Substantial posters who don’t post endlessly with emotional diatribes, frivolity and whatnot.
          Also just being a one-note poster period is somewhat trollish right there.

        3. Aakass is a non-trollish poster since when Robert? I think you are forgetting the trollish comments he made towards Beatrix and ones involving his weird creepy sexual fantasies and finally his flame wars towards Dota when he got a called a “brownie”.

        4. I don’t think she is posting to elicit a response from anyone as that’s what trolls do. I think that she is actually posting what’s exactly on her mind and stuff that she needs to shove on someone; hence her emotional diatribes aren’t really trolling but what she is really trying tell people about her worldviews.

        5. Aakash contributes a lot of very substantial comments to this site. Sure he gets in flame wars now and then, but everyone here does. Just getting into flame wars doesn’t make you a troll.

        6. As far as Bhabi goes, I consider any poster who posts primarily emotional laden diatribes or other emo posts along with a lot of frivolity to be primarily a “troll.” A troll to me is just someone who is not engaging in much substantial discussion but instead is just emoing out or being frivolous or starting and engaging in fights all over the place.

        7. and finally his flame wars towards Dota
          As far as I’m concerned, I’ve buried the hatchet with Aakash. He does make useful comments and his comments on my last article were outstanding. Unlike Bhabi’s pop Hinduism this guy has lived the culture, speaks hindi fluently (he can actually read and write it) and knows Sanskrit which is impressive. You simply cannot compare Aakash to Bhabi. Yes, Aakash can be a dick, but then, so am I.

        8. Yes but at the end of the day, it’s about rational discourse and solving problems. Besides no one can be a bigger dick then be, I am the biggest dick of all and not even Aakash’s or your dickiness can be up to my level since I’m just a bigger dick that will trample you dicks.

        9. One of the main reasons that Dota and Aakash are not trolls is that they are not one noters. Any one note commenter may indeed be a possible troll. There are some exceptions. Andyboy was sort of a one noter, but what do you expect from a Hasbara type. Anyway, he was very intelligent and added a lot of substantive discussion and did not pick fights with other commenters. Instead, he just did his Hasbara shtick. Plus he was rational and calm and not all emo.
          Many posters on here have one noter tendencies (GAG about Jews and Jewish stuff for instance), but only when it’s taken to an extreme is one a true one noter. Anyway, any Jewish commenter is liable to be a bit of a one noter on the subject of Jews to do the extreme ethnocentrism of the Jew.
          Being a one noter means you are sort of stuck in life. It’s much better to branch out and be a sort of a Renaissance Man in your interests than to just bang the gong over and over your whole life. Life is fascinating. Explore it all! Well maybe not all of it, but you get the picture. Go exploring!

        10. Lindsay would you stop implying that I’m from San Francisco?
          But Lindsay I am not a one noter because I know how to incorporate the victimhood complex into every aspect of my life, not just my ethnicity and drone on about it. Just ask Dota.

        11. “Yes, Aakash can be a dick, but then, so am I.”
          Nah, I wouldn’t give you the satifaction of affirming that.

        12. Didn’t I make it quite clear that I don’t require your affirmations for anything? You on the other hand seem to crave it. Especially from Robert.

        13. It’s no offense to him, I’m just hatin on his home town. Lindsay keeps calling me Gay Area Girl FSR.

        14. Dota
          The hatchet’s been buried for a while now. Your questions, interpretations and comments (both agreeable and disagreeable) have shown that you are interested in knowing. That’s all I care about. Knowledge is the basis for imagination. A question we’re asked is an answer we know and the basis for an unprecedented action that we can perform.

        15. “Besides no one can be a bigger dick then be, I am the biggest dick of all and not even Aakash’s or your dickiness can be up to my level since I’m just a bigger dick that will trample you dicks.”
          Xera. Little Egyptian monkey man. Never look at yourself in the mirror with a magnifying lens. Keep trolling though. Its very cute.

  5. Another thing I seem to notice is how Indians try to pick on their own; if they can’t fit in or push around someone of a higher ethnic group (Whites etc), then they have to deliberately resort to means to pull down people of their group that attempt to successfully assimilate with Whites OR ones that can’t. It seems for a Desi, having a wide circle of white/other higher X group friends that are happy, successful, mature, healthy that inhabit a higher society is like an achievement that their countrymen despise and try to bring down to pull apart.
    The more uglier or problematic an Indian is within Western society, the more religious they seem to be whether it be Islam or something else. It seems this choice is a like deflection shield to victimize themselves from the outer world and their stations of useless mediocrity. They also use this religious act to bring down, monitor or hamper individuals within their ethnic group that are more upwardly mobile or successful then them.

      1. I told you Robert, You need to Direct your attention on Human parasitism, then you will understand Indians and Dalit parasites like Bhabiji.
        There is a reason why Brahmins Detested These Dalits Robert, you with your socialistic mindset may hate Brahmins,
        But Dalits are lowest Form Human evolution, doesn’t matter even if they have PHD or MBA from Harvard.
        Just see Rajat Gupta,Anil Kumar–Both Celebrated Dalits, MBA from Harvard–Now Serving Jail Sentence for Insider Trading.
        Raj Rajaratnam, Yale MBA, Serving Jail sentence for Insider Trading.
        Dalits are Denegerate ,There is a reason why they were outcasted from society.
        If you Hate Gypsies , well you haven’t seen Dalits yet, once you start living with them , You will get to know them better.
        they are most degenerate living forms on earth

        1. I’m kind of confused here, Robert is this guy trolling or being serious? I really can’t tell because it has a fervent seriousness to it.

        2. Indian born beggars in all of his various names, yeah, he is basically a troll too. All these emo one noter types are essentially trolls. He says some interesting things here and there, but ultimately it’s just screeching (emo) and banging the gong (one note).

        3. “Just see Rajat Gupta,Anil Kumar–Both Celebrated Dalits, MBA from Harvard–Now Serving Jail Sentence for Insider Trading.”
          Only on a gora’s blog could you get away with passing off a Gupta as Dalit.

    1. Xera is Right, They are social Parasites–They are Parasitic beings,Inorder to understand them you need read about Evolutionary mechanism of parasites.
      Indians are most degenerate parasites around.
      You dont need to destroy Indians,They will pull each other, Corrupt their own society, cheat, betray and even Kill each other for no reason.
      They are most degenerate ones around

  6. I can tell you the problem with Indians. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, its the family structure, which supports the caste system. Marriages are arranged primarily within same caste, religion and class. Everything is organized for you so you don’t have to make any major decisions in life, you never grow up. This is why “Indians are like children” is commonly heard.
    This takes a particular toll on masculinity and is one of the reasons Indian men come off so effeminit, regardless of size and body hair.
    Young Indian women are more progressive than young Indian men because young Indian men are in favor of living with their parents for their entire lives while young Indian women are expected to individuate from their parents and move in with their in-laws. We know that we will not be coddled and spoiled by our parents forever so we prepare ourselves for that day.
    This is why outside of India you find more Indian women than men involved with non-Indians socially and romantically. We are the risk takers while Indian men play it safe.
    Nothing irks an Indian man more than seeing an Indian woman dating outside of her “community”. Dating, which is a normal part of young adult life is called “whorish”. Why, even right here on this very blog it was called so by Desi men.
    Indian women are more likely than Indian men to date outside of their community and take advantage of the broader lifestyle that the West offers.
    Indian FoBs (fresh off the boaters) and 1st generation men are extremely conservative and uptight at heart. They are not risk takers or adventurous. Their idea of risk taking is going to a strip club or getting drunk with white boys. That’s “wild” to them and they will feel satisfied that they have “lived life on the edge” by the time their Mom finds them a bride back in India.
    But to carve a life of their own, make their own decisions about relationships, marriage, lifestyle, career, education, and where to live? No. They won’t do any of that.
    Ever heard of “oreos”? Black on the outside, white on the inside? Well Desi men are the opposite. They will dress like a Westerner, talk like a Westerner, blog like a Westerner but on the inside they are firmly entrenched in 16 Century South Asian values.
    The proof of this is in their marriage “choices”. Although most of their marriages are still arranged, I say “choice” because as legal adults ultimately they have the final say. That they turn such an important aspect of life, nay THE most important, over to their Moms and Pops is telling. These are “men” who do not trust their own judgement because they don’t have practice making life decisions for themselves.
    You can google the “gori blogs” for more info on how that plays out in the international dating scene that Desi guys try to get their toes wet in for a while, while “abroad”.
    Sometimes I go to a predominantly Desi area of town to “people watch” my own people. Its interesting to say the least. There’s always a couple of the brown/white variety, brown girl with white guy. When white guys go brown I notice they go dark brown. Attractive Desi women with beautiful long black tresses, large doe eyes and other attractive features who would nonetheless be considered unattractive to lighter skinned Desi guys simply because of her chocolate tone. But white guys lap these girls up, yo! I’ve noticed the same when White guys date African American women. They go for the dark chocolate sistas over the redbones.
    Anyway, the reaction of Desi guys to the Brown Girl/White Guy couple are amusing to watch. The White guy feels like a king. Finally he found a thin woman with a nice figure, long hair, and knowledge of spices in the kitchen. He’s on cloud 9! The Brown girl also found a man who thinks of her as an exotic treasure and doesn’t take her for granted. A man who will actually says “THANK YOU” when she does nice things for him instead of just expecting that how it should be. He introduced her to his family early on in the dating process but doesn’t expect her to live with them if they were to marry!!!! Ooooh weee! That’s the jackpot right there!
    Anyway, in any Desi area of town you will inevitably see this generic WB/BG couple walking hand in hand with their heads held high and gazing into each other’s eyes with love.
    Oh man does this EVER piss young Desi guys off! How dare she!
    The softy bald uncles and their shrew, fat bitchy wives are furious that the universal order has been disrupted. Neurons fire as they immediately start to calculate in their minds how such an abberation came about.
    Love is the last thing on their minds because its the last thing in their own lives.

    1. To all here, Bhabiji Irrespective of whether she is man or Gay or Women or Lesbo–Is a Dark Brown Dalit
      I can conclude that she is a Dalit because only a Dalit Hypes his Existence and Becomes happy when he /she Dates a WHITE man or FAIR skinned person.
      First Thing Bhabi, India Has over Billion parasites, No body seriously gives a damn about whom you sleep with,In metros seriously no one cares, unless its some sought of Triangular love stories
      I will explain why Indian women like Babhi Feel this way.
      !.If you carefully read her post , she explains her features, She is Dark brown, mostly a Bengali Fish, Stinky and mostly smelly.
      Bhabiji was outcast in Indian society itself, She Suffers from Inferiority complex most Brown Cockroach Indians suffer–Well both Male and Females Suffer from this , but to a larger extent Females suffer from this.
      Thats why most Fairness creams and Beauty Products are oriented towards Dalit INDIAN women
      This syndrome is called WHITE SHADE Syndrome…Most Indian Girls like Bhabiji detest their Skin color and they like it white.
      There are many incidents where Indian women mostly Female Spouse asks for FAIR Looking mans sperm
      Bhabiji suffers from this syndrome, Most bengali men are short , with micro penis, Bhabiji Might be forced to marry a clown who has short micro penis and is as brown as Bhabiji is or if not more.
      Bhabiji most probably is a DALIT women–Incidentally most Feminists in INDIA are Dalits..Strange it may sound these Degenerate Dalit women are only Good at Feminism.
      Basically from the posts i can conclude that Bhabiji is Dark Brown Insecure Dalit, who might have dated Some WHITE Guys as she is insecure in her own nation–She wants to show up to all that –“A Dark Brown Dalit parasite even deserves a White man”
      Indians are generally not unique group, as i said earlier, Most indians are Like Different Form of Insects that you see in Faecal Matter or Septic tanks–They come in all colors and shapes–Society itself is degenerate so you can expect People like bhabiji.
      Bhabi or what ever your name is–You deserve your Desi Dude, or perhaps you can date a Pedophile WHITE MAN or OLD WHITE man for WHITENING your taste.
      But you see no self Respecting WHITE/Black /Yellow man Dates a parasite like you.
      Only a Degenerate DALIT Bengali will Worship your useless vagina.
      Now stop Trolling and try to become some QA Tester.

      1. If she were a Dalit, she’d probably be more against the caste system. She thinks family structure, not caste, is the central problem of Indian society.

        1. “”If she were a Dalit, she’d probably be more against the caste system. “”
          Some of the strongest supporters of Hindutva are Dalits. Remember Jaipal? The dalits are a mixed bag, don’t automatically assume that they are anti-caste or anti-Hindu.

        2. She ain’t no Dalit. I am not sure what caste she is, but she is higher caste as opposed to lower caste. She comes from a caste that persecutes Dalits in India.
          Remember on that horrific film about casteism in India, she only made a few comments, and those had an anti-Dalit tone to them. So she’s obviously not a Dalit. Now whether she is high caste or mid caste, I do not have the faintest idea.

        3. Dalits come in different Flavours, most of these idiots are exposed to education for first time in their Evolutionary pattern.
          They have half baked ideas and most of them are highly confused idiots with some degree to prove their worth apart from that they have nothing , no history, no Tradition nothing.
          So they Bark like street dogs, and most of them are useful idiots as they have no history , they have adopted Brahmin history and traditions as their life pattern.
          Family structure is defined in caste–Your family structure is even oriented towards caste-Thats why you see Reddy’s marrying Reddy, Lower caste marrying another Lower caste.
          The indian family structure was outburst of caste system.
          Varna Vyavastha Imposed Two Modes of Living in Indian society
          1..How Different Caste must orient towards certain professions and must live their life
          2.How those castes must contribute and mingle with other caste.
          Inter caste marriage is frowned upon in Indian society for same reason.
          Moreover there used be another system in Indian society named Kanya Sulka–Where, Men used to pay dowry to women inorder to marry them.
          Today most Indian scholars Just interpret that this Tradition was practised by Old Men , but its not True, even Young men used to pay dowry to women for getting married.
          So ,Bhabiji is off base about dowry system.
          Indian tradition Family system originated from Caste System -If you read manusmiriti it becomes Crystal clear to you, how Society according Manu was organized.
          It even gives you some glimpse about social structures in Olden days,
          And about marrying into your own Caste–This phenomenon was generally practised by Brahmins because they felt that lower caste were degenerate and must not assimilate into their families.
          Generally in Olden days lower castes were allowed to marry other lower caste men/ women
          Theory of manu even says that it valid–so you can’t blame Hinduism for Forced and Arranged marriage system.
          As i mentioned several times in this blog that Degenerate DALITS started Adopting Brahmin System and Started following(Aping) Brahmins
          They started worshipping Brahmin Traditionalist norms,They started Caste Segregation,They stopped inter marrying and developed a Kind of pride in their own caste.
          Now they started building their families as per Brahmin laws.
          Reddy marries another reddy,SC marries another SC caste guy.
          No one in This blog has any Proper understanding or atleast have read some Indian Hinduism Scriptures, to understand how Society,Family were organized in olden days.
          Bhabi was an Dalit Indian educated in UK/US Mediocre university,Slept with some Old Ugly White men and felt great about being fucked by some White men as her Dalit Brown Existence is Trivial.
          Bhabi is confused about why Indian society is like this.
          Bhabi 95 Percent of Modern day indians are Dalits –The upper caste today is minority–Degenerate lower castes multiplied after Their Dengerate leader Ambedkar gave them license and reservation to fuck and Feed on productivity of others.
          But you see Once Dalits got freedom, they yearned for Political power.
          They understood that Political power can only be obtained ,through Unity,but Dalits have many subsections with in themselves, so–Dalits reinvented Caste system for themselves now.
          Now For political and economic power, they started same caste marriages.
          Even for land rights or right to own Farm land or Cattle,Most of the dalits felt that Their Caste must enjoy the fruits of newly Got Freedom.
          So Dalits Created their own hierarchical social order.
          Started Segregation among themselves-Discriminated their own people for power.
          Used Other Dalits as useful idiots to enhance their political mileage.
          Gerorge Orwell’s Animal Farm is a classic example of not just Soviet society but even Indian society.
          Bhabiji like any other Educated ,Half baked Dalit Women is confused about her own society.
          Sometimes she blames on Family system, some times she blames on men whom she calls “momma boys” –Some times she feels delighted that a pathetic Dalit like her had an opportunity to sleep with WHITE MAN and she thinks that All Brahmins and her Dalit clan is jealous about her great Achievement–She just feels happy in thinking that every one is jealous about her greatest achievement which is to sleep with a WHITE MAN.
          This phenomenon is highly found in Dalit women–Dalit women Ape everything–Same like Dalit men
          Before Liberalization India is a closed society–So Dalits have no one ape other than Brahmins and their Family structure,Education Etc.
          Now After Liberalization Dalits moved abroad(Which is first time in their 3000 years of existence in Subcontinent)- Now they have Western women and WHITE MAN to Ape
          Now these Half-baked Dalit Women Adopt to some Western Feminist ideals and Force those ideals on Indian society and wonder why society rejects them.
          Truth is these morons have no Ideology, They have no history..
          Their own existence is based upon mimicking some others–Their accents, their behaviourism, Family structure, sometimes even religious beliefs
          Bhabiji doesn’t have any ideology–All she has is some Emotional baggage .
          She wonders why her Tiny Dick Bengali husband can’t Penetrate her properly and masturbates dreaming about old Drunk white men who fucked her.
          I pity Dalit women like Bhabiji.
          Robert thinks that Dalits are all United and -They are all brotherly and care about themselves.
          A communist Left wing Socialist like Robert can’t understand that Dalits are more divided among themselves than any others
          The biggest Threat to a Dalit is another Dalit–Most of Dalits are self hating useful idiots who have no issues about their own dalit Brothers suffering.
          There are many Dalit politicians who got elected by their own Dalit Clan ended up Betraying their Own Tribe For getting married to a Brahmin women.(Sometimes they even killed their previous wife ).
          Such is their pathetic existence..These Dalit Tantrums amuse me

      2. Silly Desi mama’s boy – Trix are for kids!
        You’ve obviously not read my comments. I generally do not find white men attractive for a few reasons, though there are exceptions, Steve maybe being one of them, time (pix) will tell.
        I even got labeled a “racist” here because I said white people in my opinion are not very good looking and age horribly, even though that’s not racist, its just my personal preference and the aging part is just a fact.
        In typical Desi male fashion whenever the truth about our mama’s boy culture is told, you react, like a typical reactionary, instead of offering solutions to the desi oedipal complex and joint family system.
        I’d like to open up this thread as a brainstorming session on how Desi men and their mothers can change and we can stop being “parasitical”.
        Steve, Xera, Bobby Ji, GSG, BAG, any ideas? How familiar are you with Desis? I know California has a good number and UK is the 2nd Desh. Lemme hear what you’ve got to say. I’m open. I’m all ears.

        1. What is your jati Babi? Which part of India does your family originate from? You grew up in the west, right?

        2. And does it matter to you what your jati is. If so, why? Does it affect how other Indians in America treat you or how you treat others? Tell all.

        3. And tell us what Indian languages you speak. The bitch tries to psychoanalyze Robert but she keeps ducking this question. And she wants Steve’s Pics when she won’t give out any info herself. Of all the commenters that have drifted here over the last year, she single-handedly has ruined the serious atmosphere of debate here and has dragged several of Robert’s promising threads into the gutter. I share BAG’s amazement that she hasn’t been banned yet.

        4. Steve Jaan, no, my caste, lack thereof, jati, lack thereof, varna, lack thereof, gotra, lack thereof, has never affected me, anywhere, ever. In fact, I find it amusing that non-Indians are so obsessed to with the caste system, its something I never consider. I treat people as individuals and I expect to be treated by them the same. Its an approach that has worked wonderfully for me.
          Now, you may ask, “well you seem not to treat Desi men as individuals since you say you no longer will date Desi men, right?”
          I have given Desi men literally dozens of chances to behave as individuals and they never do. That’s why I decided to date only individualistic men from then on, and yes, I have dated some White guys, even though I know you feel bad that I don’t generally find them physically attractive. I date them more for their individualism, which I really appreciate, than their looks. There is hope for you 😉
          The funny thing is, while Desi men get all antsy about Desi women dating White guys, when we date Black guys the shit really hits the fan! Only on this blog so far has not a Desi man dared to say a racist thing about Black people, but on other blogs? Oh my god.

        5. Why Don’t you tell us what is your Caste,and since when dalit women started mimicking their western counter parts in Treating people as individuals.
          Oh my, is this a new trend in Dalit existence, You Clan gypsies are expelled from France now.
          Why is that you Dalit Parasitic group Spends lot of time covering up the truth that they are social parasites.
          What is your professional Dalit Beauty Queen?.how come you have so much time to write your emotional BS?–Are you on Period’s?.
          Once you let us know your caste , we can have some rough idea about your family structure.
          People here think that you are some reformist–But the reality is that you are Pathetic DALIT trying to cover up your caste lineage .
          No wonder you blame Family system, Dalit queen your Ancestral Lineage is bastardized , you can’t change that history with your feminist Reformist left wing nonsense
          So Dalit Beauty, tell us your History–The wonderful Lineage of your family.

  7. Bhabiji is not a Bengali woman. I have lived around Bengalis for more than three years and I know how they think. Her writing style is characteristically un-Bengali like. And by the way, Bengali looks are ad-continuum, they range from some of the ugliest hairy midgets to some really good looking women (the region had two beauty queens after all). She is probably a South Indian dalit or the progeny of a mixed caste marriage and most likely, faced a lot of sexual/romantic rejection from a lot of Indian men (which would explain her ‘fuck you’ personal vendetta against desi men and her lack of real world experiences/perspectives on the message she tries to convey).
    Her behaviour is trollish, but not outside the general emotionalism that desis converse with in real life. Being rude and trying to eke out emotional responses (by making underhanded and direct insults) is a typical ingrained desi behaviour, kind of like how Middle Easterns do it. In fact, I am rather amused how mainland Indians and Middle Easterns are uncannily alike in how they converse and how they rehash ideas gained from others to pass as their own.

    1. I haven’t seen this behavior in Lebanese, Egyptians, or Syrians, so if it does occur then by all means it’s common in every culture that exists.

    2. AI
      I suspect she’s a southie too which is sad because south Indians are some of the nicest people I’ve ever known, whereas she is an abomination in Aakash’s words. It’s also sad that while she accuses me of having a racial inferiority complex, her’s is the size of a mountain. Xera racially attacked her a bit and now she’s too afraid to divulge her ethnicity. Still its fun watching her squirm every time I ask her what her mother tongue is. That’s probably the easiest way of trolling Bhabi, just respond to all her posts with that question. She’ll eventually quit this blog altogether lol.

  8. Bhabiji: The White guy feels like a king. Finally he found a thin woman with a nice figure, long hair, and knowledge of spices in the kitchen. He’s on cloud 9!
    GET OVER YOURSELF! I’ve known white guys with brown skin fetishes that didn’t find South Asian women attractive. They liked Latinas and Filipinas.
    Knowledge of spices? WTF?! Like white people only use salt and pepper? (and how many times can you eat Tandoori chicken?) Nice figure? Your hubris is astounding.

    1. She is dirty looking Bengali Dalit, A touch by WHITE man itself is a blessing to her Dalit Life.
      You have no idea how Insecure Dalits are, they are most degenerate humans ever lived on earth.
      The Touch and a simple talk with WHITE man is all they need, some dalits even pose with White man and Photograph themselves with White tourists and daily worship that photograph.
      Thats how miserable these vermin are

    2. NonKoolAidDrinker, I’ve never eaten tandoori chicken. There are thousands of different South Asian cuisines. Tandoori Chicken is more a British entree, like Chicken Tikka Masala (wtf?) than a pan-Indian staple.
      And I wasn’t talking about myself in the above scenario. Anyone who’s read even 1/4 of my comments knows that I prefer to date BROWN skinned men, not white ones. I was describing what I witness on the regular when I go to any Desi predominant area in the USA.
      I always see a white man proudly walking hand in hand with his “Indian princess” – a woman who, while attractive, would not be treated like a princess by Indian men because of her too dark skin and too long of hair, signifying more of a backwards, simple girl, than a modern one with shorter (though not short) hair.
      I’m talking real long hair here, like down to the butt and beyond. While “modern” Indian men like long hair, in South Asia its usually the simple village girls or country bumpkins who keep it that long. Such women are looked askance at by both Indian men and women in the USA. They are thinking, “how did such a fresh off the banana boat village girl get a ‘modern white guy’?” They are also thinking, “Ho! She should be back in India married off to a local villager of her same caste!” … “What is SHE doing in Amreeka?!” and the like.
      Indians are anti-freedom and anti-autonomy. That was my point.

  9. @ NonKoolAidDrinker
    I was astounded by that as well and particularly her asserting (to Steve) that whites ‘look like 40 when they are 28’. People of her ethno-racial group age terribly, the women in particular, as they lose every semblance of a figure by the time they touch 30.
    She was probably trolling Steve, to seek vengeance for not ‘dancing around her fingers’, so to speak.

    1. “I was astounded by that as well and particularly her asserting (to Steve) that whites ‘look like 40 when they are 28′. People of her ethno-racial group age terribly, the women in particular, as they lose every semblance of a figure by the time they touch 30.”
      South Asians also age horribly but not our skin. White people’s skin is such that many of them do look 40 in their late 20s, while they bodies may be in great shape from working out and eating right. So you see them from behind and think “wow! what a great figure/physique” and then you see their face and wrinkles and are like “ew”.
      With South Asians its the opposite. Our skin does not wrinkle early but our bodies turn to mush because we do not work out or eat right.
      That’s why I’m a fitness buff. I refuse to be called “auntie” before I reach 30.

      1. white guys my age don’t usually have any wrinkles. Maybe ones who spend too much time in the sun? That’s not an option here (where we evolved :-P) but people who go on the sun bed too much have terrible skin.

      2. You WILL be an auntie before you reach 30. It is inevitable, given that Hindu vegetarian diets are ultra low in protein content, something your fitness regimen wouldn’t compensate for. I haven’t seen a fit 30+ desi woman in the gym. They don’t exist, even Indian actresses start to blow up once they cross this threshold age.
        So…good luck on being a cougar in your 40s. You’d really need it.

    2. And don’t get me worked on South Asian skin. Koolaiddrinker is right, South Asian brown in nowhere close to the brown that SEA or Latin American women sport – mainland Indian brown is more of the blochy and muddied brown that looks overexposed and diseased once ageing creeps in.

  10. The technology to genetically engineer humans is there, why can’t the governments of the world just do it to solve our societal problems? There has to be a societal agenda there I guess. Designer babies are the future and people like Bhabi won’t exist as there would be no place for them.

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