Victim Addiction Works: Blacks Increasingly Ape Jewish Paranoia

Every time I check in with Black people, they sound more and more like Jews. And that is not a compliment! This is what Jews do. If you start writing or talking about Jews, Jews get super suspicious instantly. They start looking all agitated. Neurotic Jewish kook (NJK): “Whoa! Why are you talking about us! Whoa! Why did you write an article about us? What’s going on here anyway?” Innocent Gentile (IG): “Well, you know, I think about Jews a lot nowadays…” More alarm. NJK: “Whoa! Why are you thinking about us a lot? That’s very alarming! Why do you think about us a lot?” IG: “Oh, I don’t know. Jews are interesting. I’m fascinated by them.” NJK: “Whoa man! You’re obsessed with us! Dude that is like so alarming!” The basic idea that the Jew has is that any non-Jew who is reading, writing, talking or even thinking about Jews “too much” (which really means at all) is automatically an extremely disturbing and frightening person because it’s assumed that any Gentile who shows a lot of interest in Jews is probably an anti-Semite. The response of the Jew is typical. NJK: “Whoa dude! Stop reading about us, man! Put those books away! Whoa! You sure are talking about us a lot! Stop talking about us, dammit! Shut up! Whoa! You’re writing about Jews! Dude! That is like really alarming! You are really scaring me! You’ve got to stop writing about us right the fuck now!” Then the Jew gets really worried and starts asking all these weird suspicious questions to try to figure out if you’re an anti-Semite or not. Even if you say nothing incriminating, he doesn’t really believe you, and he’s still looking you up and down like a detective. Typically, this probing reveals some “evil” anti-Semitic attitudes (as defined by Jews, which just means anything Jew-critical in any way, shape or form). Then the Jew reacts in various ways, either saying you are stereotyping to saying, “Hey, that’s anti-Semitic man come on.” That’s the mild form, if he still likes you. They can get way worse all the way to severely abusive, threatening, menacing, terrorizing and homicidal. At worst, they begin investigations into you like stalkers and contact your neighbors, employer, etc. to try to smear your name or get you fired. Bottom line is I am seeing Blacks do this more and more. Acting like a bunch of Jews! Which, really, to me, is just shameful. Proud, strong Black people aping, of all people, the paranoid-masochistic, victim-addicted, fanatically vindictive, stalkerish, harassing and totalitarian Jews, altering between shivering huddled in the corner and swinging a baseball bat at your head. Really now. Come on, Black people. You can do better than that.

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30 thoughts on “Victim Addiction Works: Blacks Increasingly Ape Jewish Paranoia”

  1. You struck a chord, Robert… but probably not quite in the way you’d presume.
    Well, I’ve never met any Jews who are this way, but then it could be the types I rub my shoulders with. Most I guess are like myself, due to inter-mixes of race and migration, not considered totally ‘Jewish/Hebrew’ descendants anyway.
    I’ve also never quite seen the behavior either, that you’ve discussed in reference to Blacks, since I got some black, hispanic, white, and other family cultures at my table on birthdays and holidays. The one thing I appreciate is the backbone of whoever started us (My family)- whether some of us accredit it to God, or our great-grandparents, is that we keep it blatantly honest, in and out of each other’s company. LOL!
    I say all that to say first, we all have some bad history associated to our cultures and if any race is avoiding it or excusing it away, that isn’t just a Jewish problem (if such a one exists among Jews), that problem is called ‘Denial’/’Suppression. The rest of the reply is too lengthy to be considered a reply alone, so you will just have to visit my blog… If you want to know:

  2. Well, perhaps they’re doing it for a practical reason. I mean, hey, it works for the Jews.
    Although unlike Jews, blacks wield close to zero power within hollywood, the media, and congress.
    Today’s political, social, and cultural climate is a bit of a paradox. On the one hand, being a victim if chic and gives you points within political correctness. But at the same time, nobody respects completely powerless victims.
    Jews are able to pull both off. By invoking the holocaust and the history of anti-Semitism, they have managed to acquire victim status, even to the point of being honorary non-whites. But at the same time, due to their tremendous wealth, as well as influence within hollywood, the media, and congress (among other things), they are able to use their power to intimidate and bully their enemies.
    Or to paraphrase Joe Sobran, they’re powerless victims with the power to destroy their enemies.
    It’s the secret of their political success.

  3. Recently, a lady trying to ‘budge’ past me in and make the same elevator I was, as a result, she shoved me slightly and my look alone rebuked her. She did turn to me in the elevator and apologize. Then she sparked conversation by asking where did I get the book I held from, (subject: Kosher Health and Dieting) and I told her from the library. She smiled and lifted her necklace from beneath her blouse, which had a Jewish star on it. I smiled and wished her a pleasant day.
    Why did I bring up this story?
    Because I know some Blacks, especially some I confronted recently— on much graver matters than a shove to beat me to an elevator— and I didn’t get an apology, per say. Or at least one that was heart-felt. When attempting to speak and hopefully get the same amount of time to talk that I bestowed them, I was interrupted first-off “Well, you just don’t know what I was going through”, then it was, how could “one thing” be so important to your decision-making process over all? Lastly, it was ‘Well, I’m sorry you felt that”…
    I’ll stick with the metaphor of ‘being pushed’,and say that if the woman in the elevator responded in the ways just mentioned, anyone would half the analytical skills as me would presume the following:
    I was pushed because I was in the way and maybe should’ve taken the next elevator if I couldn’t handle bolting and jarring folks to get in (my fault)
    I was wrong to look at her as I did after pushing me… since I was in her way, above all others (My fault, since she is more special than me)
    I’m so irrelevant that pushing me is no big matter for concern, she shouldn’t be confronted to prevent her from doing the same to anyone else.(My fault, since I wasn’t born special enough to have rights not to be pushed or speak up when I am)
    That me feeling a physical push to my person was an event created by my own mind instead of being a factual part of reality. (My fault, because I’m flat out crazy or high and its got me seeing/feeling things that aren’t real)
    Therefore, my conclusion on that is, well what is the ‘I’m sorry for’ since what I felt doesn’t seem to exist in anyone’s mind but my own? Why should another apologize for my hallucination?…. Seriously, I do mean that.
    The reality is, I shudder to think we actually have people (regardless of race)who think as aforementioned in the bullets above: Folks, we have people like this apart our world and on the loose within society. We may need to re-evaluate the basis that our Mental Institutions are structured upon, after all… Are they ever at fault? Do all excuses justify behavior and do all ends justify the means? If so, then let us burn society down, makes some huts, grab some spears, run around half naked beating our chests while howling a language more UN-intelligible than even apes can decode.
    Are they ever at fault?[Sarcastically] Well yes! They are at fault for being so special, and you are at fault, for not being. Imagine that!
    You say that Jews get paranoid/suspicious when being discussed by others who aren’t Jewish.Was I the only one watching the Trayvon Martin Case, Robert? If you even caught a few days of it, You will have noticed that Blacks [of all things] DO NOT avoid talking about (gossip) or being talked about. They Love it! Any case like Trayvon’s gives them a podium to showboat and take the stage, as so often loved in entertaining the world millenniums over.
    I’d advise going to an AME or predominantly Black Baptist church for further proof, but because of your race, little would be said about any one else in your presence. Rather, you’d be under star-studded investigation so that your answers would be ringing the Sunday gossip circuit faster than a dollar in the collection plate. I’d learned about more people that I didn’t even know in a service than I discovered about Jesus Christ. The best thing I could do was get up and walk out… in an atmosphere with everyone so comfortable with the subject, me saying anything was wrong with ‘gossiping’ about people, would have incited just as much ‘Victim-accusation’ as if you would, Robert.
    I’ve left much more on my own blog to not overwhelm anyone further, as I may have done so already.

  4. “Indians do this too. They’ve bought into the ‘eternal victim’ mentality also- the whites are like so eeeeeevil!”
    This is a new thing, don’t you think Bea? As an immigrant of sorts I don’t see this attitude amongst many older Desis. They basically left India to put their noses to the grind and work and provide their future generations with good oppurtunities. They don’t much get into playing victim or protesting or making much of a side eye. Of course they want their kids to marry other Indians and not get caught up in what they perceive as bad western habits, but they don’t play the victim card or teach their children or grandchildren to do it. Their attitude is, “you are in the land of oppurtunity to make something of yourself so don’t get sidetracked identity politics”.
    Now, the current young generation of 2nd, 2.5 or 3rd generation Desis, they were born into comfort, educated at western universities and indoctrinated with identity politics. Some of them definitely have a victim mentality, though NOBODY is victimizing them.
    They are my age and expect me to feel the same way, and I don’t.

  5. You got it wrong. Jews will acuse you of antisemitism if you neglect to metion them (in a neutral not necessarily positive tone) when speaking about a field or movement which jews play a prominent role or if you show indifference to Israeli politics or for internal issues within the jewish community.

    1. “Having just spent several months perusing Mahatma Gandhi’s collected works, and deeply inspired by his commitment to living the life of the impoverished masses, I had resolved to rough it in Gaza. But this was easier said than done. Along with several other delegates I volunteered to stay at a Palestinian family’s home rather than a hotel. Dressed to the nines, hair gelled, and reeking of cologne, several Palestinian youths met our group to select their home-stays. They departed with first one young female member of our delegation, then another, then another. The only candidates left hanging at the end of the evening were MIDDLE-AGED MEN. We checked into the hotel.”
      MRAs should be outraged over this!!!!
      Women, western women particularly, are very naive when it comes to men from backwards countries. They wrongly assume them to be just as good and honorable as they (the women) are. They assume those men feel the same way about them (women) as they feel about them (men from backwards cultures).
      Ever heard of couch surfing? Can you believe women travellers are naive enough to couch surf in the homes of men from backwards cultures? There’s already been more than a few cases of rape and other forms of sexual misconduct when they do.
      Who still believes “all men are created equal”?
      Nonsensical utopians.

      1. What’s really scary is that the International Solidarity Movement urges volunteers who have been raped by Palestinian men to keep quiet so as not to provide material for the hasbarists.

        1. @ GSG
          Really? You have any links for that?
          Knowing these far leftist, third worldist solidarity types, I wouldn’t be surprised, but I still have a hard time believing it.

        2. I like how Jewish men traffick Thai workers into California or Asiatics into Israel. Really telling don’t you think GSG?

        3. Gay Area Guy
          Jewlicious had an article a while back about that, actually involving the rape of an Arab American volunteer who is identified as Salma. They’re hardly a credible source, but I have no problem believing it, knowing what I do about the Palestinian Solidarity Movement. But lover boy subtlely confirmed that in his book about cast lead.

        4. Xera
          Thais and Flips don’t cause problems. Now if it had been Eritreans or Sudanese I would understand.

        5. The most soft hearted and compassionate women in the world are lefties from the West. They are also the most naive because they assume the people they work on behalf off are just like them. Somebody should be teaching these women that Muslim men from the East consider them “gutter water”. As aptly illustrated right here on this blog.
          Not a single red cent should be utilized in the “liberation” of such men.
          Western Woman: get your ass home. There are people in your own countries who need your help and who will appreciate it and who actually ARE normal and nice like you!

        6. Israpundit reported it too. It came out because she had gotten sick (I don’t know if it was related to the rape or not) and was being treated in an Israeli hospital and felt compelled to disclose it, because it was related to her health.

        7. Those Eritreans are the reason why the Jews (white Jews) have big puffy right? I never understood what exactly Semites are, how they evolved and how they are not really Caucasians. Semitic people have this unique look about them, where did they get it? Are the Maronites like this too?

        8. Bhabi
          Somebody should be teaching these women that Muslim men from the East consider them “gutter water”. As aptly illustrated right here on this blog.
          And when I said this my message was to encourage men to keep away from western women (for dating/marriage purposes). You seem to be implying the opposite, that its a justification for rape. You are one manipulative, emotional, and very a dishonest little swine.

        1. Well, I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest.
          Given the behavior of their cousins in Scandinavia and other parts of Europe, Arab men raping white Western women, when given the opportunity, is entirely plausible.

        2. The part that I highlighted was not that European volunteers are being raped by Palestinian men-that happens everywhere-but that the ISM discourages women from coming forward because it makes Pals look bad or whatever bullshit. And they have the audacity to talk about the sex slaves in Israel, who probably knew what they were getting in to.

        1. And I did read the summary beneath the video at youtube and still don’t get what’s “wow” about her. The summary had nothing to do with her actually.

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