What Pathologies Does Social Spending Cause? None

Bhabi writes:

Bobby Ji, I don’t get it. You declare yourself a socialist, even communist, and are in favor of government handouts year after year, generation after generation, lifetime after lifetime, yet you fail to see how that leads to Detroit?

“Welfare” – really just social spending – doesn’t lead to Detroit. There are socialist countries all over the world with robust social programs and no slums. There are 3rd World countries all over the world with zero social spending that have slums way worse than Detroit.
Social spending doesn’t cause slums, crime or really anything. It doesn’t even cause single motherhood or breakup of families.
All it does is allow human beings to survive at a very basic level.

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0 thoughts on “What Pathologies Does Social Spending Cause? None”

  1. Conservative Argument: Entitlements cause bad work ethics and destroys families.
    Argument Wrong: Culturally homogenous peoples in Europe have fine work ethics even with the safety net.
    Biological Argument: Blacks are mentally inferior for civilization
    Argument Wrong: Assimilated, white culture Blacks do just fine where these structures are in place.
    Cultural Argument: Differing cultural values pertaining to work and family ruin Black communities and keep them isolated from the broader community.
    Argument Wrong: __________________

  2. The conservative argument against social spending follows the belief than humans, once they have their basic needs fulfilled, would no longer strive to be productive. Which in reality, applies only to a very small segment of people. Most people seek personal fulfillment once their survival needs have been met, so even if we have a welfare system, people who can compete and stay productive would work to compete and stay productive. Most poor people don’t fancy being poor, they want to survive till they find a way to get out of the rut, so to speak.
    If we have a society devoid of charity and social spending, we’re going to put a lot of people into a dog-eat-dog mode of basic survival, which is how it works in a lot of third world nations that don’t have a safety net for those who can’t compete (for whatever reasons).

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