Glasgow, the Most Violent and Depraved City in All of Europe

There are articles all over the Net now about Glasgow, the most violent and disordered White city in Europe. Much hand wringing is going on about gangbanging, heavy drinking with resulting disease, spousal abuse and knife crime, especially knife homicide. It’s Whites who are engaging in almost all of this “ghetto” behavior. But there is a problem with this argument, and that is a relative one. In 2011, Glasgow had 20 homicides in a city of ~700,000. That is a rate of 2.85 per 100,000. Glasgow has the second highest homicide rate in Europe, the Whitest continent on Earth. It’s the nadir of Whiteness. The most recent figure for Black male homicide in the US is ~26 per 100,000. So the rate for Black America as a whole is fully 9 times higher than the most homicidally violent city in all White Europe. Blacks in other nations in the Caribbean, Latin America and Africa have similarly sky-high rates of violent crime and homicide. Even well-ordered and heavily Black nations such as Barbados have very high violent crime rates. So, Black people “acting normally” here in the US (their background rate – forget their much higher rates in big cities) commit 9 times as much homicide as European Whites at the very worst of their very worst. In general, any given large area with lots of White folks will be vastly less disordered and violent than any given large area that has lots of Black people. Most folks, even Leftists and liberals, know this instinctively, which is why there exist such things as White Flight, gated communities, White suburbs, anti-Busing protests, etc. Bottom line, Whites are simply vastly less likely to engage in violent crime and general disordered activity than Blacks are. Violent and disordered areas are the exception to the rule among Whites. Calm, peaceful, orderly areas with little violent crime are the exception to the rule among Blacks, to the extent that they even exist at all. Now, all of this certainly cries out for an explanation. My explanation is that Blacks and Whites are simply different. Now whether that differences is biological or environmental, it exists. I lean towards biological, but I acknowledge that we have no hard evidence for it yet. But the observational evidence surely suggests that there is something biological going on. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.

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134 thoughts on “Glasgow, the Most Violent and Depraved City in All of Europe”

    1. Because there seem to be relative racial tendencies across cultures and nations found all over the world in far flung places. This suggests that something other than culture is going on.

      1. I’m still on the culture bandwagon. That’s why alpha is confused I think. Like I said, I would give my black neighbors the keys to my house! They go to church, their kids don’t wear their pants to their ass and they speak in proper English.
        But if it’s IQ, why do similarly IQ places, like the Gulf States, have less crime? But then again, I could just point at Syria or Egypt. Do you think that tough Islamic Laws are the only things from keeping these places go apeshit? It also explains why Blacks are heavier on smaller violent crimes than starting organized gangs.
        As for high T, I can see the connection. Testosterone is necessary though; doesn’t it help with creative energy? When is too much of it a good thing?

        1. When I’m talking organized gangs – I’m talking about the Crips/Bloods vs. Italian or Russian Mafias.

        2. Part of the reason why Gulf States have low crime is because they don’t consider things like rape, honor killings and executing homosexuals a crime.

        3. “Part of the reason why Gulf States have low crime is because they don’t consider things like rape, honor killings and executing homosexuals a crime.”
          BINGO! And comfiscating the passports of Desis and Indonesians and Phillipinos who go there to work, and abusing them in various ways. Nope, that’s not crime.

        4. If your black neighbours are living in a white neighborhood, then that could explain it. I think the operative idea here is group behaviour. The black people I know pretty much all live among white people and and are all totally cool. I’m going wth a group dynamic which allows the biologically influenced traits to surface most easily by reducing the opportunity for cognitive behavioural awareness. Self-consciousness can be a good thing, as well as living among people who are generally calm, rational and not terribly violent to begin with.

        5. No Huax part of the reason why they do have low crime is because of strict enforcement of rules, unlike in China where corruption and killing is the norm.

      2. @ Ishmael
        “It also explains why Blacks are heavier on smaller violent crimes than starting organized gangs.”
        I was always curious about that bit. While blacks have a reputation in non-black societies for being prone to criminal behaviour, I have never heard of a black mafia cartel or other organised crime groups. On the other hand, when I was in Europe they was a rather large sensation when a child porn/prostitution ring was busted by Italian and Russian police, involving upper class elite Jews who otherwise have no records of criminal behaviour/tendencies.
        While I don’t rule out the biological theory, perhaps a part of the high crime rates among blacks has to do with their lack of organisation and sophistication, the traits required to keep crime concealed ‘within the community’, so to speak.

        1. I think it’s intellectualism and respect for authority. Work ethic too. If an inner city black has food, liquor, pussy and warm socks – he won’t work or be very loyal. He won’t hesitate to commit crime as long as it brings some sort of physical pleasure – drugs, booze, women. It doesn’t help that rap and pimp glorification runs through black culture now.
          Organized crime requires a sophisticated structure, with a concrete chain of command. The Mafia had a history hundreds of years before coming to America and developed these systems over the years. While Jews run the Russian Mafia higher ups. The head of the Russian mafia is also an economist by training. And Jewish, of course.

        2. As I’ve said before, it’s organized versus unorganized violence. Whites, I will admit, are much worse on the organized violence front than blacks.
          However, aside from the occasional individual rampage killer (like that James Holmes guy), whites don’t really seem to engage in random, chaotic violence.
          I think this also goes back to Robert’s whole introvert vs extrovert theory. If white people are angry or upset about something, they tend to let it initially slide, and continue to bottle their anger up. Of course, this means that eventually, whites who are angry, and who haven’t been able to let it out earlier, occasionally go on a rampage.
          But at the same time, you hardly ever see white people starting random fights or brawls on public transportation or at fast food joints.
          Blacks, on the other hand, tend to be more extroverted. If you do something to piss them off, they will let you know. They do not ignore or forgive slights easily. They don’t seem to repress their anger as much. Therefore, you don’t see as many black rampage killers (though they’re certainly out there, like Colin Ferguson or John Allen Muhammad).
          However, if you’re riding public transportation and you’re worried about potentially being accosted or confronted, or if you’re out in a public space and worried about a large fight or brawl suddenly erupting, then it’s almost always blacks involved.
          There was one “hood film” I saw called “Poetic Justice,” which starred deceased rapper Tupac. Basically, Tupac and some other friends are going on a cross California road trip, and they encounter a large black family in a picnic area, and Tupac says, “man, all these black folks in one area, and there ain’t no fight!”
          In conclusion, I’d say that on average, white people are far more neurotic and uptight than blacks. This means more organized crime and more occasional rampage killers.
          On average, blacks are more impulsive, which results in a lot more stupid, everyday confrontations.
          If I had to choose between the two, I’ll take the neurotic white guy over the confrontational, impulsive black guy.
          Sure, I’d have to worry about the occasional school shooter, but it also makes for more orderly communities.

        3. most of the psycho child molesters and cannibals are whites, true.
          Impulsiveness! Good point. I imagine one could link it to high testosterone now. Like I said, black crime seems to be very ‘physical’ based. Food, sex, etc. And it’s not because they’re starving, either. It may also be a low trust society (like Latinos, who are very close in their extended families but will kill their neighbor and won’t think twice about getting something from them.)

        4. like Latinos, who are very close in their extended families but will kill their neighbor and won’t think twice about getting something from them.
          That’s the impression of blacks and Hispanics that I’ve gotten as well.
          They are very loyal and protective towards their family and other close people in their lives. I long ago learned the hard way that it’s not a good idea to jokingly insult a Hispanic guy’s mother, even if he’s kind of your friend.
          However, towards outsiders, you can’t help but get the feeling that they are ready to fight, or even kill you (if the fight were to escalate), at the drop of a hat.
          I’ve had blacks threaten to beat me up just because they thought I was looking at them the wrong way (what they would call “mugging”).
          I wonder how much of this behavior is testosterone, and how much of it is cultural. According to various historians of the Scotch-Irish and other early white settlers in the South and Appalachia, that specific subgroup of white people developed a very “honor based” culture. Those people would fight and die over slights to their honor. Blacks, of course, were overwhelmingly concentrated in the Southern slave states, so I wonder how much of this tit-for-tat aggression disproportionately prevalent among blacks comes from their exposure to this Scotch-Irish honor culture.
          As for Hispanics, I think macho, patriarchal Latin American culture has a lot to do with it.

        5. Ibo Nigerian/Cameroon are certainly exceptions to the rule. They have a history of being a market dominant minority and do quite well even on an international stage.
          Not the norm.
          “HELO, my name is John Nwangaka Tumbutu IV. I have an inheritance of 27 million dollars but I need to pay for my cancer treatment so I go to the bank. Please give me 45000 us dollars and I will give you 50% of my inheritance.”

        6. “I was always curious about that bit. While blacks have a reputation in non-black societies for being prone to criminal behaviour, I have never heard of a black mafia cartel or other organised crime groups. ”
          HBDers would say its simply because they don’t have the required IQ to organize crime.

        7. “most of the psycho child molesters and cannibals are whites”
          You don’t get around (the world) much, do you?

        8. BAG “”I long ago learned the hard way that it’s not a good idea to jokingly insult a Hispanic guy’s mother, even if he’s kind of your friend. “”
          I wanna hear this story 🙂

        9. @ Dota
          It wasn’t that huge of a backlash on his part. He kinda slapped me on the head, and then threw stone gunk on my clothes in the locker room (this was during my early days in high school). Once that was over, it was all water under the bridge.

      3. I get that some people draw that conclusion, but I don’t see why they would necessarily draw that conclusion, simply by observing.

      4. Yes, there is something going on – Americans have easy access to guns. Glasweigans have to use knives, which really lowers the homicide rate.

      5. Seriously, you have got to be one of the biggest morons on the planet. You lean towards a biological for higher crime rates amongst blacks because you’re too stupid and lazy to do any serious thinking.
        First of all, skin pigment is a meaningless indicator for serious genetic differences in human populations. The more sun exposure there is, generally speaking, the darker the skin pigment is to avoid burning. ‘White’ people have less pigment in order to better absorb vitamin D from the little sun they get (that’s why those with darker skin often need vitamin d moisturizer in colder climates).
        Violent crimes rates amongst different populations are almost always entirely cultural. The ‘blacks’ you speak of (Barbados, African Americans etc etc) are almost entirely the offspring of slaves and come from cultures devastated by Europeans. Not only were they enslaved, but taught to hate themselves and their skin colour – hence creating a vicious cycle of self hatred and violence.
        Also, if you engaged the little brain power you have, you’d realize that Europe had one of the most violent cultures in the history of humanity. What the fuck do you call World War 1 and 2???? Is that the inherent violence of ‘white’ people, or the result of a culture of domination and aggression? I’m guessing you’d go with culture, given you’re white and obviously don’t see yourself as inherently aggressive and dangerous.
        Seriously, read some fucking books.

        1. you forgot the involvement of Jewish lust for control. Mr H stopped globalisation and hyperinflation in 1933. Not exactly standard street crime

  1. Excuse me, sir. I am following your posts and I would like you to give me an answer to this question: are you suggesting that every place with a black majority is always more violent than the white ones? Feel free to answer directly to my e-mail or by any other means I could possibly check. But, please, answer me.

    1. Yes of course! In the US anyway, any large city with a Black majority will always or nearly always be more violent than any large city with a White majority. That’s pretty much of a basic and simple fact about my country. It holds for nations too. Most majority Black nations will be more violent than most majority White nations. There are a few exceptions to the rule, but probably not too many. The majority Black nations of the Sahel may not particularly violent, but good figures are hard to come by. And mostly Black cities in Yemen and North Africa may not be very violent either.

        1. Wrong.
          Culture makes the difference. In strict Islamic societies like the Middle east, there is certainly a lot of crime, but much of that is swept away under the rug and never reported. Sexual crimes are huge in the ME whereas in Malaysia that sort of behavior would get you canned.

        2. Where I live, it seems to be Christianity that has the effect. I’ve not seen a single church going black getting angry and I see a bunch of them every day.

        3. “Sexual crimes are huge in the ME…”
          True. Child molestation, rape, street harassment and abduction of women (for sex) is common in countries like Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
          Islam doesn’t particularly prohibit child sex or slavery, so Arabs always seem to find a way around the ‘restrictions’ (abducted woman = slave; child marriage = sunnah).

  2. Glasgow gangs usually use knives or razors not guns so the gang homicide rate is understandably lower than Chicago or L.A., where gangs use guns and practice drive by’s, walk-ups etc. With the exception of homicide, the violent crime rate in Glasgow is comparable to or greater than many US cities with large black populations like New York.

  3. BAG: According to various historians of the Scotch-Irish and other early white settlers in the South and Appalachia, that specific subgroup of white people developed a very “honor based” culture. Those people would fight and die over slights to their honor. Blacks, of course, were overwhelmingly concentrated in the Southern slave states, so I wonder how much of this tit-for-tat aggression disproportionately prevalent among blacks comes from their exposure to this Scotch-Irish honor culture.
    Thomas Sowell wrote an excellent essay on that very subject called “Black Rednecks”. He makes a pretty good case that Black Americans absorbed much of their culture from Scotch-Irish “rednecks”.

    1. “that specific subgroup of white people developed a very “honor based” culture.”
      Way back in the sixties and seventies I got involved in the Glasgow gang culture, more as a ‘privileged observer’ and occasional participant than as a full-blown regular gang member.
      As I recall, it was all about getting a ‘reputation’. Honour if you like. It worked on a fairly simple points system. Negative points for beating up women and old men. Very high points for opposing someone, equally armed, with a reputation, in a straight fight. Successful raids on shops, and offices for ‘posh’ stuff got points somewhere in between.Anything outside the working class estates was looked on as ‘posh’ and rated as fair game.
      Those that didn’t abide by the rules were branded as ‘headcases’.
      When I left, there was a bit of an arms race going on. Knives were turning into swords. Many had access to sophisticated metal-workng facilities.
      I don’t know what things are like now. From what I have heard, drugs now play a big part.The number of ‘headcases’ has increased and the ‘honour’ concept has diminished but hopefully not died away completely.
      70 % of our pipe-band members came from those working class estates, and all knew how ‘to handle themselves’ as the expression went. One year the band was playing in a small seaside Spanish town and the local beach boys were having a high old time to themselves, lifting up kilts while the band was playing. Nobody broke ranks until the pipe major(the band leader) gave the final signal. Then everybody knew what they were OBLIGED to do……basically beat the Dago’s( spics?) heads in until they begged for mercy….which cutting a long story short, was achieved, followed by the arrest of the entire band and next day run out of town by the mayor and told never to come back again.
      Decades on we look back on this with deep joy and all are agreed ….it was our finest hour…….Honour had been regained…..anything else was unthinkable!
      “Nemo me impune lacessit” as the say……..”no-one assails me with impunity.”

  4. You left out an important detail in your essay, Robert. Glasgow is an overwhelmingly native “White” city and has a worse crime rate than immigrant heavy (and largely Black) cities like Paris and London. I believe the second worse city for crime in Western Europe is Naples, Italy (due to Camorra activity). Like Glasgow, Naples is almost entirely local “Whites”, has few immigrants and almost no Blacks/Africans.

      1. I think you’ll find Glasgow is one of the most multi cultural cities in the UK, we may not have the large amounts of African people as London but have many other cultural mixture. In Glasgow last year the rasre was 2.8 but you’ll find that has halved over the last 10 years through massive programmes of education both in schools and on the streets and larger banning of shops were you could buy a knife as easy as as newspaper.

  5. Robert, you seem to be leaving out of the equation that the weapon of choice in Scotland is the knife. I’m guessing that being that this is the UK, guns aren’t easily available. So you’re comparing apples to oranges. You’d have to look at not just the homicide rate, but the *attempted* homicide rate. Obviously a country where guns are readily available is going to have a higher homicide rate than one where guns aren’t easily attainable. A gun is far more efficient than a knife for killing your opponent. So Glasgow’s relatively low homicide rate may just be due to lack of access to weapons that can kill more efficiently.

    1. Got a point with the guns. BUT
      We could just as easily take the most violent white majority city in the US with the most violent black majority city. We could also compare similar income black vs similar income white crime in the same city.
      It’s so stark here in America.

      1. I’m not saying that there are no differences in crime rates between blacks and whites, the only point I was making is that Glasgow’s murder rate may be lower than it would be if they had the same level of access to guns. You have a pretty good chance of surviving a stabbing. A gunshot to the head, not so much.
        I think what we can conclude though is that when whites live in concentrated poverty, they can just as soon turn to senseless violence as any. Read about the crime, gangs and violence in NYC tenements during the 19th century. These places sounded as filth and disease ridden as any slum in Lagos.

    2. Bad argument. Whites in Switzerland supposedly have good access to guns, but the homicide rate is low.
      And in the UK, Blacks are only 2% of the population, but they commit 20% of the homicides.
      In the US, Blacks and Whites have equal access to guns, but the Black homicide rate is 8 times the White rate.

      1. I’m talking specifically about the situation in Scotland where you have an abundance of violent white youths in concentrated poverty. I don’t believe that situation exists in Switzerland. Nearly 1 in 5 Scots live in poverty, whereas the number is less than 1 in 20 in Switzerland. Switzerland is not a violent country. Its very culture is non-violent, and it declares neutrality in all conflicts. Scotland is not a non-violent culture. The only fair comparison would be to see what happened if guns were flooding the streets of Scotland as they are the projects of America.
        Also keep in mind that rape is at record levels in Scotland. Incidences of rape is often the most telling sign of how violent a population is since no weapon is needed other than penis.

    White countries with the highest murder rates:
    Estonia 17.1 (1995), 14.1 (1998), 10.9 (2003), 5.2 (2010
    Lithuania 10.9 (2005), 6.6 (2010)
    Latvia 9.2 (2003), 3.1 (2010)
    Belarus 10.1 (2000), 8.3 (2004), 4.9 (2009)
    Ukraine 10.0 (2001), 8.0 (2004), 5.2 (2010)
    I’m not including Russia because it spans across Eurasia and encompasses some non-white ethnic groups, but the murder rate got up 18.9 in 2004 and may have been higher in the 90’s.
    Black countries with the lowest murder rates (most recent figures):
    Sao Tome and Principe 1.9
    Niger 3.8
    Mali 8
    Senegal 8.7
    British virgin Islands 8.6
    Mozambique 8.8
    Seychelles 8.3
    Madagascar 8.1
    Togo 10.9
    Barbados 11.3
    Nigeria 12.2
    I don’t know how accurate African murder stats are. Is murder under-recorded?
    Consider though that African countries have terrible medical care and therefore people may die from wounds that would not kill them in Europe. I don’t know how big of a factor this is. Also consider poor policing.
    Okay, you will notice the murder rates have fallen in the worst eastern and northern European countries. Murder rates may have peaked due to turmoil after the collapse of communism, then fallen. But in all of these countries there were several consecutive years with murder rates around 8-10 and even higher in some years. This shows that in the right political and economic circumstances the white murder rate can be high. African countries have some bad economic and political circumstances too.
    I’ll leave you to draw whatever conclusions you want. Just wanted to point this out.
    Obviously, there are many black countries with sky high murder rates and many white countries with murder rates below 2.

    1. Yes but the rare conditions that bring about high rates in White nations usually do not last long. the high rates in NE Europe after the fall of Communism were the exception that proves the rule.
      ALL of those Africans and Caribbean Black nations with two exceptions have high homicide rates. And yes there probably is underreporting. Poor policing is a bad argument. Poor policing may be caused by the Blacks of those nations alone and is related to their overall levels of disorganization and general dysfunction.
      Show me the social and economic conditions that produce low homicide rates in Black nations. They are rare, and they are the exceptions that prove the rule.
      Anyway, bad argument. The poor social and economic problems that you claim are causing all the homicide in Black lands could well have been caused by the very Blacks who live there themselves.

      1. You said that Glasgow had the worst homicide rate in Europe so I just thought I’d point out that there are white European countries with much higher crime rates.
        I wasn’t really making an argument. I was just throwing some stats down for consideration.
        Do I think you might be right that genetics has something to do with it? Sure. I can see perfectly well why you think it too.
        But when there are a number of African countries with a homicide rate of 8 (if that’s genuine), I don’t think it is an unreasonable aim for other African countries going forward.
        And then…..maybe they can improve further. Who knows?
        Barbados is quite a developed country but I don’t believe it is doing everything it can possibly do to cut the murder rate.
        I like to be positive, so shoot me! 🙂
        I also like to air on the side of caution when it comes to promoting biological racial arguments about crime. What if I’m wrong and I do harm by it?

        1. A homicide rate of 8/100,000 is NOT ok. It is VERY HIGH. That is 60% higher than the US rate, and the US rate is considered very high by 1st World standards. In US terms, a rate of 8/100,000 is just a catastrophe. Now, the US rate has been that high before, earlier in the century.
          When are these African countries going to get their rates down to even 8/100,000? Is it going to happen in my lifetime? Why would it? Is there some trend in African societies of lowering homicide rates?
          Believe me, you do NOT really want to live in a country with a homicide rate of 8/100,000. That’s a pretty violent place. Unless you can find some part of it that is more peaceful and has a lower rate.

        2. If you look at the variation in black murder rates by country, its huge variation, and you can at least infer that genetics are not purely responsible for the higher end. I think this is an insight worth having, even if there aren’t solutions in your lifetime.
          Jamaica is verging on a war zone in some areas but that’s not inevitable from the levels of testosterone or whatever, and that matters.
          I’m not saying 8 is a great situation, but it is a much better situation than in numerous black countries.

        3. LOL, 8/100,000 is not so bad. My very own city has a rate of 13/100,000. That said, most of this involves gang disputes of various types, so if you stay out of that scene, you are pretty much in the clear. A lot of the rest is just a beef between scumbags, one scumbag versus another. Scumbag on scumbag homicide I guess.
          I sometimes go for walks from 10 PM-midnight and I am not frightened.

        4. If the murder rate in this city was 13/100,000, you wouldn’t catch me on a walk at 10pm! Its probably risen to about 2 here and there’s a noticeable deterioration.
          8 is bad, including in terms of the amount of less serious violence it implies, but in Jamaica 8 would be like a ceasefire.

  7. Dear Robert
    There is some confusion in your comparison between Glasgow and American blacks. You pick the total murder rate for Glasgow and then you compare it with the male black homicide rate in the US. That’s not a fair comparison. Let me give some ballpark figure about the total black murder rate in the US. There are (were?) about 15,000 annual murders in the US. About half of those are committed by blacks, so that’s 7500 for a population of 38 million. That yields a murder rate of 19.7/100,000 for American blacks.
    Whatever may explain the difference between whites and blacks when it comes to murder, it is a fact that the state is not powerless. Here are some murder figures for Brazil.
    2000 2010
    State of São Paulo 14,000 6000
    all of Brazil 45,000 52,000
    As you can see, while for the country as a whole there was an increase in the number of murders, the number of murders in São Paulo went down by a whopping 58% in one decade. This came about because the government of the state decided that it was time to do something about the sky-high murder rate. It worked.
    Regards. James

    we at least know that the US black murder rate of 26 or the sky high Jamaican and South African murder rates could come down as low as around 8. That would make a huge difference, right?
    Sao Tome is an interesting case. The murder rate is really low and in a country of 160,000 people, there are two or three murders a year. That’s 160,000 blacks living together for a whole year and a couple of people get murdered.
    From what I can gather, these are normal west Africans! The government identifies 7 groups:
    -Mestiços, or mixed-blood, descendants of Portuguese colonists and African slaves brought to the islands during the early years of settlement from Benin, Gabon, and Congo (these people also are known as filhos da terra or “sons of the land”);
    -Angolares, reputedly descendants of Angolan slaves who survived a 1540 shipwreck and now earn their livelihood fishing;
    -Forros, descendants of freed slaves when slavery was abolished;
    -Serviçais, contract laborers from Angola, Mozambique, and Cape Verde, living temporarily on the islands;
    -Tongas, children of serviçais born on the islands;
    Europeans, primarily Portuguese and Sephardi Jews
    Asians, mostly Chinese minority, including Macanese people of mixed Portuguese and Chinese ancestry from Macau.
    (pasted from wiki)
    Down with genetic determinism I guess.

    1. Sure, there is no genetic determinism. But genetics may simply mean that your group has a very high likelihood of having outcome A or outcome B.
      Sao Tome is obviously the exception that proves the rule.
      What is the likelihood that US and South African Black homicide rates will crash down to 8 or so? The environmentalists keep saying it’s possible, but if it never happens, what’s the point of talking about possibilities?
      The environmentalists for many decades have been saying that the Black violent crime rates is all environmental. So have they been able to devise any sociocultural or socioeconomic conditions that will reduce these crime rates, even on a small scale.
      So what’s the point they are making. The Black violent crime is caused 100% by environment. OK fine. Now what to do about it.
      Well let’s see.
      In the foreseeable future, will the socioeconomic and sociocultural problems that are causing all this Black crime ameliorate or lessen in any significant way?
      So the Black violent crime rate will remain high into the foreseeable future and until my death.
      So what point have they made? They argument just goes in circles and doesn’t explain anything or offer any solutions.

        1. I’m am not a hereditarian either. I’m neither. I believe that both are probably operating here.
          First of all, I would like to find out what, if anything, is causing these very high rates. That implies first of all that we need to broach the question of sky high Black violent crime around the world and try to figure out what is causing it. The main problem with the environmentalists is that they have *banned the entire discussion*! You can’t even discuss the sky high Black violent crime rate relative to other groups as a problem. Once you do, they call you racist and they start throwing out all of these denialist arguments that you see in this thread.
          So, in environmentalist circles, outside of reflexive denialism that there is a problem in the first place and the ensuing attempts to pawn it all off on environment, the entire discussion is simply banned. You’re not allowed to talk about. They propose stupid solutions like fighting poverty, homelessless, better education and health care, more jobs, more social programs, fight racism and all that bullshit. The problem is that the liberals have been offering these same crap “solutions” to Black crime for decades now, and while I support these efforts, there is little evidence that any of it even works. Furthermore, we have been in a reactionary politics mode for over 30 years now and the trend in both parties is to stop or slow way down any such efforts to fight the problems above. So when I die in 30 years, all of the problems above will be just as neglected as ever, and Black crime will still be through the roof.
          The truth is that liberal enivronmentalist idiots simply assume that Black crime is caused by all the crap above and then jump up and down screaming that we need to fight all these problems. Well, that plan doesn’t seem to work.
          The environmentalists pretty much refuse to even look at the issue period, so there’s no discussion of parts of the world where Black crime is lower or higher and what are the factors of those places it is lower and those places it is higher. If they did, maybe we could start making some headway on the issue. But they aren’t even trying to do that.
          Not only do environmentalists deny that there’s a problem in the first place, but they don’t even bother to offer the slightest plan to deal with it anyway, because to do so would admit there’s a problem, and any such admission is de facto racist on its face.

          1. Okay, you say that the first step is to broach the subject of sky high Black crime. To whom would you broach the subject once you decided to do it?

        2. They need to broach it to the whole world in terms of interviews, blog, journal, magazine and newspaper articles and also books.
          They refuse to do any of this because according to them, the very concept, “Blacks are vastly more violent than Whites and Asians” is a viciously racist statement, so they will never even do the first step.

          1. Well, I’m talking about you. You are clearly concerned about this and you just said these steps need to be taken. To whom would you broach the subject?

        3. I am already broaching the subject in blogs, magazine articles and interviews. That’s all I can do.
          People are so confused about me. I bring up problems all the time, and they say, “WELL WHAT DO YOU PROPOSE TO DO ABOUT IT?” Answer is typically, “Nothing.” I offer no solutions or ameliorations to any of the problems that I discuss. I am more interested in what is causing a problem versus how to fix it.
          So, I for an amelioration to this problem, I advocate absolutely nothing whatsoever other than further research to attempt to determine what exactly is causing it and what environmental variables either magnify or reduce its tendency. And we aren’t even there yet.

        4. It would be good to search for what the low murder rate black countries have in common. You would have to start by rigorously studying how these rates are formulated in different countries to make sure they are even valid before you start.
          What would happen though if this was blasted all over the media? There would be an enormous resurgence of racism. Enormous. That’s a serious concern.

        5. Hey Steve, how about a news flash?
          It has always been there whether it’s on the news, covert, overt, subliminal and this tradition still carries on to this day!!! Racism is already a huge problem and is already on the levels that you suggest, that’s why humans need to solve this problem first if they want to branch out to colonize mars or build warp powered generators on their planet.

        6. I’m not saying there is no racism- there is plenty- but the racism was much worse in the past in Britain. In the 50s and 60s when there was a big influx of Jamaican immigrants, the crudeness of the prejudices that the British pubic had, and the level of discrimination, were shocking. There was a time when it wasn’t unusual for black people to be abused in public and black communities were victimised by the police.
          I heard a black person talking about how her father would be called nigger and coon on the bus. The fact that bananas were thrown onto football pitches when black players played is a small indication of the types of racist ideas people held. Most people are sincerely against that kind of thing today.
          Widely publicizing and talking about black crime rates, especially as a biological issue, is unthinkable in this politically correct culture. But if it was widely publicized that almost all black countries have really high murder rates and talked about as possibly a genetic issue, I predict there would be a significant increase in racism, in how many people have an overtly negative view of blacks, and in the boldness of racists.
          Maybe it needs to be talked about anyway. In any case, whatever is the truth will probably out in the end.

  9. There are Muslim Ghettos in India, entering one for any sane person would be like entering a Black Hole, dont know what happens, but you definetly wont be returing back dead or alive.

  10. Just thinking outside the box a little. Lets say an African country has a murder rate of 8 per 100,000 per year. In a country of 20 million people, that is 1600 murders a year, which is 4.3 per day.
    Now lets say an average person lives to 50 years old. If 8 in 100,000 people are killed a year, then 400 in 100,000 people will be killed in 50 years (or 80,000 in 20 million) assuming the murder rate remains the same. That is 0.4% chance of being killed in your lifetime.
    Now lets make the assumption that for every murder, there is a different murderer. If this is the case, then less than one in 200 people become murderers in their lifetime and less than one in 200 are killed. (In reality, some people will commit more than one murder, so less than 0.4% will become murderers).
    That is, of course, far too many murders and far too many murderers. But when you think about it another way, the vast majority of the people never kill anybody. A full 199 Africans in every 200 in this imaginary population with a plausible murder rate live their whole lives without ever killing anybody! This is not a population whose genes I’m concerned with! If they are predisposed to anything, it is to living peacefully or living without killing anybody, with murder being the rare exception rather than the rule. I think that’s a people I can get behind.
    (Does anybody know how much more likely a man is to kill somebody than a woman so I can work it out for just men?)
    Let’s say the murder rate is double- 16/100,000. That’s still (a bit more than) 99 in 100 people never killing anybody in their lifetimes. And that’s a country with a really high murder rate.
    If any of my calculations are wrong, I’m sure somebody will tell me.

    1. I have made this argument before. I ran some numbers on how many black men in America are actual murderers versus the number that aren’t. You’re talking a very tiny slice of the population. That’s the thing with statistics. You can on one hand say black men are *1000x more violent than Japanese men. But at the same time *99% of black men will never kill anyone in their life.
      *I’m just using these numbers for the sake of illustration.

      1. What difference does it make for your own safety or for those you care about that the vast majority of Black males never kill anyone? Would that comfort you enough to regularly spend large amounts of time in your typical high crime Black hood, town or city?
        Those numbers are just abstract bullshit. They mean nothing to me. I hear that some Black town is way the fuck more violent than my town and I am staying the fuck out of that place. I won’t go hang out there all day just because “the vast majority of Black men there will never kill.”

        1. For one thing, it matters is to my perception of black people because when you hear about the sky high murder rates, you can start to see blacks in a negative light in general. It just puts it into perspective.

  11. Bobby Ji, did you link to the blog you wrote about African immigrant IQ being higher than East Asian IQ for me? Please do!

  12. Dear Steve.
    Your calculations are right, but you are overlooking that the number of people at the extreme is affected by the average. For example, the vast majority of men are shorter than 195 cms, but nearly all people taller than 195 cms are men because the average male height is greater than the average female height. Similarly, the vast majority of blacks aren’t murderous, but if blacks are on average more violent than other races, then they may end up being massively overrepresented among murderers. The overwhelming majority of men are not rapists, but the overwhelming majority of rapists are men.
    Regards. James

  13. I’m finding some interesting stuff in this:
    In Europe, Asia and the Americas, there appears to be a strong correlation between HDI and homicide rates. There is also a correlation between inequality and homicide rates. Both of these are also probably the case in Africa but its a bit more problematic to confirm it there for a reason given in the report.
    I’d like to look for relationships between homicide rates in Africa and other variables, like number of police, type of government, level of freedom, firearm ownership, history of conflict, economic and development indicators, religion, family structure, etc etc. Is this the kind of investigation you are interested in Robert?

    1. I will note that although there is a clear correlation between HDI and homicide rates within continents, if you compare African and Asian countries with a low HDI, the Asian countries have much lower homicide rates. Likewise, Barbados has a very high HDI but has a high homicide rate compared to other very high HDI countries.
      Also, in Latin America, high HDI countries have high murder rates.
      So development alone cannot explain differences in murder rates, especially between continents.

    2. I just made a quick graph on paper to see if there is a correlation between HDI and homicide in Africa. I have HDI along the bottom and homicide rate along the side. I’ve got to say it looks like there is no correlation whatsoever!
      There is, however, a huge variation, up and down, with the bulk between 9 and 21. There are 8 above 27 and a couple below 6.
      There are 6 around 9-12 and 5 around 35. Why such a big difference?

  14. I have a little more progress on this. Though homicide didn’t correlate with HDI at all, I’ve done a preliminary graph for inequality and homicide and there does seem to be a correlation. I’ve plotted 22 countries and there is a noticeable slant (I don’t know graph terminology lol).
    The three countries with the lowest homicide rate out of these 22 are Niger (3.8), Mali (8) and Madagascar (8.1) and they are also the three countries in the sample with the most equality on the gini coefficient score of the world bank.
    (note: those three do not have as much equality as European countries)
    This may be a significant finding.
    Are you seeing these posts Robert?

    1. As a socialist and as somebody who would like to know how to sort out the crime problem in Africa, you should like and be open to this Robert.

    2. Yes of course there is a link between homicide and inequality! And crime in general and inequality! This is well known to all of us socialists, but thanks for plotting it out.
      It might be nice if you could do a guest post on this and take some screen shots of those graphs and make them into jpgs.

      1. Yeah I might do that. Thanks for asking. Its just on paper at the moment.
        I’ll think about working on something.

  15. I’ve also noticed something else. Quite a few of the lower murder rate black African countries are in the north and are Islamic.
    Maybe it is because, as you noted, Islam is a law and order religion par excellence (I think you said that) or maybe it is because Islam encourages more equality. Or maybe it is because those countries border Arab countries and there is some good influence from them.

    1. Many of the Muslims who are proving criminally problematic in Europe are from Africa. Also in Australia they have a major problem with African and Lebanese gangs of “Muslim youths”.
      I remember one period where Indian immigrants to Oz, many university students, were getting harrassed, abused, beaten up, robbed and even killed and Desis on the interne went crazy calling Aussies “racist”. When it came to light that the perps were African and Leb Muslims, these Desi nutters called for “nuance” in approaching the issue.
      Now wtf is that about?

      1. ‘Many of the Muslims who are proving criminally problematic in Europe are from Africa.’
        Arab north Africa or black Muslim Africa? So what anyway? They still might have lower crime rates than Christian Africans.
        The Arab N.Africans have pretty low crime rates in their own countries (I don’t know about in Europe). That’s one thing you can say for Arabs- they do pretty well on law and order.

  16. Your comparison is biased : guns are strictly controlled in UK, thus most murders in Glasgow are the results of knife attacks.
    With equivalent weapons lenient laws in Scottland, the crime figures would be far worse.

  17. Listen racist scum. I’m fae Glasgow. If any of you pharmacists want a battle you are more than welcome in Glasgow. Our problems are no different from American cities where black people make up the majority of the working class. The rich get richer we get poorer. But we won’t accept your racist shite. Get in touch with me you Nazi Fuck and I’ll show you a “white” city that’ll make you shite yoursel ya Dick

  18. Hmmm let’s think maybe it’s to do with long standing problems rooted in slavery (pretty violent and carried out by white folk) and social discrimination and segregation of a race. Especially in the US where even after law made racism illegal the mentality lived on and subsequently black communities faced extremely poor living standards and social standing. Drugs and gang life becomes common in deprived areas because people need to survive. When you can’t get no work because of prejudice and theres poor wage levels even if you can then humans do what they need to to survive and provide for their families. Drugs lead to crime and people get trapped in a cycle. Where the government provide no help and education is often dire in the ‘ghetto’ then crime becomes a reality for many. plus capitalism needs a poor class so the rich stay richest and it sure benefits from the drug money.
    So talk about biology all you want but where’s your evidence? Where as history, circumstance and desperation is ever so apparent.
    Your entitled to your opinion but I don’t in the least agree. I am white, not that it’s all that relevant (to me anyway)
    Jah bless. Hope you see the light

  19. Murder rate is not the same as violence rate – something Glasgow exceeds at. Measure violence and you’ll see that Glasgow is on par with Detroit. Also, measure poor neighborhoods (more often black) and you’ll see the correlation between violence and poverty, not violence and race.

  20. This post by the writer is inticed to fuel bigotry and hatred. It is aimed at making the black man feel inferior to the white man. Read his carefully constructed article. He talks about violence as a whole in white society but focuses on murder rates purely because he knows murder rates are obviously higher in a country where guns are prevalent. He uses this to his advantage by fooling the reader and carefully blaming black people to having a genetic disposition. The accounts that share his opinions are obvious acquaintances of this man help push his views before he agrees on them to make him look innocent.
    As a violent city, yes I said VIOLENT that’s violent attacks via any accessable weapon or even bare hands which includes child molestation and rape but NOT INCLUDING GUN RELATED HOMICIDES Scotland is more violent than most of your so called high gun death statistics USA states you are pushing on the black man. Which concludes if you arm them with guns they will have better scores on gun homicides plus the their exhisting all round violence on top. This is why Time Magazine voted it the most violent western country BUT YOU KNOW THIS and have deliberately side track your article.. Oh yes and I’m not black which doesn’t mean cr*p on the internet anyway because I could easily still be just like your fake accounts my friend who push your ORGANISATIONS rascist and bigoted judgments against race and religion. Your obviously paid for this evil garbage and are part of a larger consortium. Do something positive and try bring people together instead of making them feel different.

    1. Well, actually, he was banned for “hostile tone.” Read the Comments Policy. Hostile tone is a violation, resulting potentially in a ban. You can disagree with me on here. Regular commenters do it all the time. You just have to be nice about it.
      PS, I am also banning you, jerk, for the very same reason.
      Merry Christmas!

      1. Suggesting that you write posts that bring people together instead the opposite is far from hostile, just saying. Feel free to ban me as I think this is racist dribble. Peace and love. 🙂

  21. This article is just what I was looking for and is much appreciated. The antis are using Glasgow’s “high” crime rate to lie by omission about racial differences. This information sets them back on their heels. Well done Sir!

    1. I live in Glasgow. I assure you the violence ain’t a lie. And the people are white. Straight up facts. But believe what you will

      1. What was the crime rate before the influx of Muslims and other non-whites? What do you believe is the cause of the violence? Multiculturalism and diversity perhaps? I’m sorry but facts and empirical evidence don’t lie; black crime and violence is high wherever you go. I know this from personal experience. The sad spectacle of South Africa should dispel all doubts as to the veracity of this. I seem to recall a video of the violence in Liberia, Monrovia to be specific, where a warlord eats the heart of his enemy to “gain his power”. Does anything comparable to this occur in Glasgow?

        1. I’m giving you facts. Glasgow is a majority white city. There has only been a significant enough to mention influx of immigrants who are not white/European until the 1960s at earliest. I study Scottish history so again not a lie. Yet crime and violence in the city has been a serious problem for over a hundred years at least. In the early half of the 20th century there was mass crime and violence in Glasgow. The reason you ask? Simple. Extreme poverty, mass unemployment, gang culture (white gangs. Feel need to keep stressing this with you)- Glasgow had a ‘mafia’ equivelant gang culture for most of the 20th century that police could not touch.
          You mention South Africa. I could rant but simply I feel need to mention that South Africa was a country that belonged to Africans. Until of course the white man believed that to be something he was entitled to take by any means. That where the worst violence stemmed , from oppression.
          As to your example I could give you many a history lesson. Yes in Scotland (I don’t argue today necessarily) and certainly by white folk where such horrendous crimes have been carried acts have occurred. Your liberia example. Did this happen in a forat world country? No so your example is not one comparable with the exception of race. It happened in a country where old beliefs of magic and ancient forms of ‘religion’ still hold. Like I said I could sit and tell you of things like this happening in Europe not so long ago. Bit I have little time for a history lesson. And I feel your opinions are clouded by something other than fact.

  22. Just a Human-
    You answer is insufficient and lopsided. It appears to be the product of Marxist educational “truth” in the vein of the likes of Franz Boas and Noel Ignatiev.
    Go back and read the article above. If you cannot understand it then I cannot help you. The average black crime rate is 9X the rate of Glasgows. Cities such as Chicago and Detroit are more hazardous than war zones literally speaking.
    Now who created this culture which is expected to magically transform superstitious and ancient forms of religion? Who “educated” us?
    Additionally the region of South Africa had very few blacks prior to its colonization by whites; there were few resources available until whites developed them.

  23. Obviously your powers of observation are (yes I am going to throw down the race card) racist and carefully viewed to leave you with a sense that white folks are superior to black folks. Of course there is no scientific evidence to support your self-serving decree of a biological difference because there is none. Let me put it into words that even you can understand.
    History shows that it was the European that was the violent race. Who took China’s gun powder and turned it into a weapon? Europeans. Who then took these newly invented gun powder using weapons to pillage the African and American continents? Europeans. After violently taking and exploiting the ill-gotten gains including people from Africa and immorally cornering the market on wealth with their theft.
    In essence if a group of people have been violently taken from their homeland in Africa or their African homeland violently arrogated how does that benefit these people? How did it benefit Africans to have their families decimated and kidnapped to places all over the Americas and the Caribbean? Black people are no more violent than the White masters they learned from. Take a White man’s money, privilege, power I wonder if he will remain as peaceful as you are trying to portray them. I even challenge your statistics. We all know the white media will down play white crime and beat like a drum any incidence of black crime real or imagined.
    When you have money, not only are your basic needs fulfilled, you can also partake in indulges.
    You need money and power to create and conceal organized crime and for more cover, you have to blend in with the people who have the power so your actions are less scrutinized. Not too complicated to commit ordinary crimes by yourself or within a street gang and by extension; it is not too hard for the prosecutor to win his case when you don’t have money to defend yourself as innocent or as guilty you may be.
    A lot of hard working Black folks are either denied a job and called lazy or a working much harder than their white counterpart and being paid much less and therefore expected to survive on much less.
    Here is a scientific way to prove one way or the other biological differences if any. Take a control group of whites from their families. Strip them of their identities and cut off all communications from the world they once knew. Rape the women. Violently beat everyone. Work them from sun up to sun down with no pay. Not even decent food and shelter. Make sure you don’t forget to demoralize them every hour of the day. Do this for three hundred years or so. Then when you finally so call “free them”, make sure you keep a boot on their necks. Make sure nothing is fair and the only break they will see is a bad or unfair break. Make sure they are treated sadistically worse than every other group of people after their so called emancipation. Make sure you gate them off in neighborhoods by themselves with no hope of attaining prosperity because jobs are deliberately withheld or so low paying; it is still a challenge to survive even though you work. Make sure you continue to brain wash them by keeping them divided. Oh yeah make sure the police has a license to murder and brutalize their neighborhood with impunity. Can you honestly, tell me the descendants of this model group of white folks will be unscathed by their ancestors ordeal and the hardships that are still heaped upon them by their oppressors? Really, honestly? No other group of people have suffered more in this world than the African slaves and their decedents and Africans in general. Not the Jew, not the Japanese, not the Armenian not the Mexican. The African genocide is the greatest genocide of them all and sadly it is not over. The only other group that comes close is the American Indian.
    Not only is the treatment of Black people cruel and unfair, it is short-sided. Just think of all the inventions and discoveries that could solve some of the world’s problems are being left unrealized because the African’s potential is suppressed and under utilized.

  24. So you are suppose to make me mad with lies and half-truths and that is okay. When I make you mad with the truth I am banned. What kind of logic is that? But, you are not alone. America and Europeans in general can’t handle the truth either about how dirty they have treated and continue to treat the African and their decendents.

      1. You’re a child, Robert. You can counter with no legitimate response, so you institute the ban hammer to avoid confronting someone who points out the obvious error of your puerile logic, and your multitude of excuses and affirmations regarding the horrifying problem and consequences of “white” crime.
        To be quite honest, as a scientific collective, we know absolutely nothing about genetics. How genes really work, what they really do, how they really “evolve,” what they really don’t do, et cetera. We know they’re their, and that’s about it.
        Violent crime is an epidemic that affects ALL humans, however the most extreme, random violent crime is an area that has been unquestionably dominated for several thousand years by the Caucasoid race. Is it genetic?
        Not quite, it’s just easier to cover up, ‘white’-wash, and pay-off when you have the power to able to do so.
        The majority… the vast majority… the overwhelming majority of “black” crime is economic-based. That is a fact. Violent crime occurs in significantly lower rates amongst higher-income “non-white” areas, whether they be “black,” “Hispanic,” “Indian,” “Asian,” whatever. Hilariously enough, the same cannot be said of the other side of the fence. That is also a fact.
        “Mugging” someone is perceived as intimidation, threatening, that is why an above fool was accosted by his actions. It’s natural to react aggressively to the possibility of a threat. In some sense I suppose you could also state that the tendency for whites to randomly commit violent actions against those who pose little threat seems “natural” (as violence itself IS very natural,) but let’s not split hairs here. Ironically, whites love to dominate those who are economically weaker they are, but as the world readjusts, which it always does, the shoe will be on the other foot.
        Have a horrible rest of your day!

  25. Fuck you !!!! Racist nazi fucker !!!! You could only say this on the Internet… You would get knocked out in person faggot!!!

      1. Hi Robert, Isn’t the Russian murder rate 5 times higher than the USA’s? Maybe you should check it out.

  26. hey im from the murder capital there is as much violence and nice people as anywhere but there is major poverty in glasgow as there is in the rest of scotland due to the flood of incomers

    1. It don’t matter if you crips of bloods as long as you got love for thugs

  27. I’m from Glasgow and our city is in such a mess because of lack of opportunity after industrial jobs failed leading to social deprivation I’m pretty sure that back social conditions and environmental factors are a lot more to blame than biological factors as how do you explain glasgow’s violence problem as we are a very white race city is it biological for us too?

    1. @Steve mactavish
      Re: “I’m from Glasgow and our city is in such a mess because of lack of opportunity after industrial jobs failed leading to social deprivation”
      Glasgow could be better I suppose, but a lot of ‘poor’ people in Glasgow don’t seem to realise how bloody lucky they actually are, or why do so many of them throw away opportunity after opportunity that most other people (even in parts of Scotland) wouldn’t even get in the first place?

  28. I beg to differ.. There’s some shite holes but there’s certainly alot more deprived cities in Europe. Scotland’s got a considerable wellfair system by American standards and Eastern European countries. Id say theres more depraved cities. Ken its violent in the poorest areas. Whaddup!

  29. Mostly everyone here is a moron and should be ashamed of themselves. Whites have messed around in African cultures and ruined them, displaced the people and brutalized them in every manner possible. How about you dumb fucks open a history book and your eyes. The only savages I’ve ever come to know are inherently white.

  30. Certainly be interesting to compare Glasgow with say a much wealthier city, Edinburgh 45 miles away.
    Also noticeable where in Glasgow most murders occur.
    Taking race and guns out the Glasgow story and the murder rate fits certain patterns.
    Very poor working class areas with serious social problems.
    There’s also something else going on other than poverty in Glasgow.
    Why does Dundee not have the same kind of murder rate?
    Same ratio of poverty yet tiny murder rate compared to Glasgow

  31. Long before Mexicans became an illegal alien issue Cherokee Indian Emissaries traveled to England to implore the English court to stop sending those damn Scots crackers to Appalachia!
    Glasgow Scots created the society we have in Appalachia. So it is no surprise their mother country has the same hillbilly madness of knifings in Sports Bars, domestic assault, incest and teen rape, guys in pickup trucks leaping to jump some pedestrian.
    After all, they are the mother of all rednecks in the U.S.

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