Does Welfare Disincentivize Two Parent Family Formation, Education and Work? No

Bhabi writes:

Yeah and welfare disincentivizes two parent family formation, education and work. But Clinton made some welfare reforms in office, which were good.

Actually, allowing people to survive doesn’t really do any of that. Anyway, people don’t necessarily act worse if they don’t work. Welfare of course does not disincentivize education.  You get welfare even if you go to school, or especially if you do. As far as 2-family formation, that was a mistake. But welfare started in 1935. Blacks had welfare available to them from 1935 on. It only became an issue after the 1960’s, when manufacturing jobs left the cities and men had no way to support women. The premise of welfare is “children must be supported, one way or another.” IOW, adults may not have any right to survive, but children do. Welfare said simply “children have a right to survive, and we will ensure that they are allowed to live until they are 18.” This is the crime of welfare! To allow children to live instead of die! The real problem with welfare was started by I believe the conservatives who set into place something called MARS. Conservatives were furious that a woman might be getting welfare if there a man anywhere in the vicinity as he ought to be supporting her. So women on welfare were basically banned from having sex by welfare authorities, or at least they tried to enforce such a ban. The inspectors would come around and open women’s closets to see if there as a MARS around (man assuming role of spouse). If there was, she was cut off. The whole thing was a bad idea. Kids need to be supported regardless of whether there is a man in the picture or not. The solution is to allow kids to get welfare if family income is low enough weather there is a man in the picture or not. Lack of affordable medical care and day care meant for many women going on welfare was logical. With welfare, you didn’t have to worry about getting child care for your kid. If you quit welfare to work at McDonalds, you now make too much money to get Medicaid and you can’t afford day care for you kid. Makes no sense. May as well take the welfare so your kid gets day care and medical care. The system basically punishes you for working. That’s not the fault of welfare. That’s the fault of a lack of cheap day care and social medicine in the US.

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  1. The MARSians should have heeded Patrick Moynihan’s advise back in the 60s.
    Anyway, can you link to the blog you wrote about African immigrant IQ being higher than East Asian IQ here please?

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