Do Blacks Act Better When You "Cut Off the Welfare?" No

If you take away the “welfare,” do Blacks act any better? If you make Black people poorer and poorer and more and more desperate, do they act any better? Of course not.
There are 3rd world countries all over the world that are full of millions of Black people. They don’t give them one red cent of “welfare.” They fester in the most horrific slums imaginable with crime that is off the charts. Do Blacks act any better when 3rd world countries “cut off the welfare”? Of course not.

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0 thoughts on “Do Blacks Act Better When You "Cut Off the Welfare?" No”

  1. Take away most blacks’ welfare and, for him, the only logical alternative is crime of some sort, whether robbery, prostitution or dealing drugs. For a shitload of American urban blacks, those are the only choices they see on their radar. It’s almost like extortion: “Think you got crime now, Whitey? Try taking away my welfare, then see what happens”. A reality and a shame.

  2. Huh? Just about all violent crime is committed by men, and men don’t get welfare. So what’s your point?

    1. Tulio, a lot of inner city black men live off of women who are on welfare, such as their mamas and baby mamas. They often bounce back and forth between mama’s crib, baby mama’s crib and their homies’ cribs.

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