The Death of Johannesburg

[youtube=] Although of course I opposed apartheid, supported the ANC and the transition to democracy, let’s face it. It hasn’t all been peaches and roses, now has it? On balance though, I would say that it was the right thing to do. One man one vote is the only way to go. Apartheid, racist rule by a tiny minority, was just wrong, period, whatever benefits it may have had for whoever. Sometimes doing the right thing causes more problems than doing the wrong thing. In that case, as a Western Christian, I would still say that we should do the right thing anyway for no other reason than to do the right thing. Doing the right thing is proper and correct in and of itself, regardless of whatever consequences flow from that decision. Besides, the notion that Blacks lived in paradise under apartheid is highly dubious! Reading through the comments, many of which are racist, one point keeps getting hammered home over and over. The nonracist side of me cringes when I hear it, but nevertheless, all arguments should be entertained in the quest for truth. Just because an argument is racist doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Sadly, racist arguments may indeed be correct even if the people making them are bad people. The argument is that Blacks not only cannot create higher civilization in the first place on their own, but when handed a higher civilization created by another group (typically Whites) in a matter of time, a few decades or less, they pretty much unravel that advanced civilization and turn the place into a dirty, dangerous, chaotic, polluted, unhealthy slum. Those pictures in that video could be of Detroit, East St. Louis, Camden, Newark, Chicago’s South Side or Oakland. Whether or not Blacks are civilization destroyers once they become a majority is an interesting question, but once one accepts the premise just for the purposes of argument, one still wonders at the reason. One argument is IQ. However, the US Black IQ is ~87. That’s certainly high enough to create stable civilization. The African IQ is controversial. One paper says it is only ~69. In that case, civilization wrecking would seem to be par for the course. Yet a new study puts the African IQ at ~80. I am not sure if that is correct, but if it is, that should be high enough to create a functional society. After all, the Moroccan IQ is 82, the Indonesian IQ is 79 and the Qatari IQ is 78. All of these peoples have produced more or less functional societies with ~80 IQ’s, so an 80 IQ should be plenty enough to create a working society. Another argument is high testosterone. High testosterone may explain higher Black crime rates until age 33. Would Black crime alone in and of itself be enough to completely unravel civilization in that way we see in Detroit and in the video? Isn’t there more going on there than just crime? At any rate, Black women commit little crime, and after age 33, Black men’s testosterone is lower than that of Whites. Surely Black women and older Black males ought to be able to create functional societies as they don’t have testosterone to blame. At the end of the day, the arguments just don’t seem to be make sense. The, yes, racist argument that Blacks are civilization wreckers in at least quite a few cases stings, but even non-racists must wonder painfully if it’s true. Yet that arguments put forward for why Blacks dismantle civilization seem to lack explanatory adequacy. Even more painfully, let us suppose that Blacks have civilization dismantling properties. Are they doomed to do this forever and ever? Is there any hope for Blacks? Are admixed Blacks (mulattos, zambos, etc.) also likely to do this? If so, do they do it at the same rate or a lesser rate? I’m sure that quite a few Black people like to live in chaotic, filthy, disordered, and dangerous places. On the other hand, we have Black commenters and authors on this site who are as repulsed by these places as I am. Before attacking Blacks wholesale for dismantling civilization, let us keep in mind that the primary victims of Black civilization dismantling are Blacks themselves. Other races suffer from the downside of this unraveling at a dramatically reduced rate. As Blacks dismantle civilizations, they inflict an unbelievably horrific cost of suffering, pain, illness and death on their very own kind. That right there is as sad as a bottomless well. That Blacks are the primary victims of this entropic impulse makes it even more imperative that we get to the bottom of it.

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33 thoughts on “The Death of Johannesburg”

  1. Central american immigrants are doing the same to US neighbourhoods. You’ve seen North Hollywood, parts of it don’t look any different than countless places in Mexico: trash everywhere, buildings falling into disrepair, abndoned vehicles littering the streets. And this is not due primarily due to Illegals, these are legal immigrants imposing their inferior cultural standards on once-clean, halfway-decent neighbourhoods. They flee the horrid conditions of their native countries and then terraform our country to resemble it, how much sense does any of that make? Oh, right, they don’t mind the filth, just the “getting taken from your home in the middle of the night by the police” part. How nice for them.

    1. I was dissappointed in SA golfer Ernie Els who in his victory speech
      after he won the 2012 British Open, thanked Mandela for improving the standard of living for South Africans. This privileged Afrikaaner I assume lives in a walled-off community and realizes much of the Afrikaan community hasn’t benefitted in the slightest by anything Mandela did, nor has much of the black community. Els should simply have wished Mandela a happy birthday and let it go at that.

  2. Blacks get social capital in their societies by not going to school and trying to get by with the least amount of effort. Kind of a slave/victim mentality. I assume S.A blacks are very similar to U.S blacks in that respect. White societies typically place education and working at the top regarding climbing the social ladder.
    If Blacks get no social capital by getting book smart, they won’t change.
    The ghettos themselves are the problem…like ethnic enclaves of immigrants all over the world, it shuts them off from the larger society and keeps the blacks in a hole. They don’t assimilate. Middle class blacks, although prone to typical negro behavior, do okay because of better parenting and assimilation into the larger community.
    But I must note that upper class blacks that go to universities in America/Europe are just as good as their white or asian peers. Same goes for West Indian immigrants. They’re more assimilated to white culture and place similar weight on education, working and curbing down the worst elements of negro culture. Most of the blacks at my university were FROM AFRICA. The ones that were not played some kind of sport.
    Somalis are a lost case.

    1. I love how you say typical “negro behavior” wtf is that supposed to mean? I am supposed to take you seriously and you are supposedly more enlightened then Huax. South African blacks are not U.S blacks, they tend to be of a lighter breed and don’t originate from the West African region that supplied the slaves to the America’s. Upper/Middle class are extremely assimilated (Tulio for example) and smart as any other White out there. The U.S blacks in particular were selectively bred to be work horses and the smartest ones that realized what was going on were shot by the slave traders. Thus you have a mini-eugenics effect within U.S blacks into selection traits of super athleticism and societal conditioning of lowering intellectual value. However you look at places like New Orleans and what Blacks have done and accomplished in terms of culture, athleticism inventing rock, the genre of Jazz despite socially ostracized. Blacks have done quite a lot despite their reputation, that’s a hell lot more then what the superior Pashtuns have accomplished in every country they have immigrated to.
      I am pretty sure you are going to blame Detroit’s problem as a “negro problem” when again it was proven that was not really the case. God damn, I am supposed to take your retarded thinly disguised racist views and you have the nerve to imply that I am an immature little racist cunt who doesn’t know what he’s talking about when every single one of your posts were filled with logic holes or false statements, I and someone else had to correct? Seriously GTFO man

      1. Detroit is a negro problem.
        “Upper/Middle class are extremely assimilated (Tulio for example) and smart as any other White out there.” -you
        “Middle class blacks, although prone to typical negro behavior, do okay because of better parenting and assimilation into the larger community.” -my quote
        Our opinions are surprisingly similar.

        1. Detroit is commonly thought as a negro problem only by ignorant racist retards, who attempt to disguise their thinly veiled racism, such as yourself who doesn’t know or take the time of know the actual history and the politics that doomed it/led to it’s problem.

        2. Alpha, the problems with inner city blacks are endless. The primary gist I want to get at is culture. NOT IQ, NOT Testosterone. Culture. Blacks from other corners of the world that come to the United States do much better. Detroit itself is a tough issue to tackle, so I’ll do this one step at a time.
          Loss of manufacturing jobs caused people of all kinds to become unemployed. I don’t blame blacks for that, just to set the record clear. I’m talking about what happened to that city for the last 40 years.
          Loss of jobs are hard on everybody, but most black communities in Detroit following this problem just festered in the city itself. Whites were long gone and moved to the suburbs. Explain to me why people from inner cities do so poorly? I’m not too happy with lumping it with IQ. It’s a social problem. The black communities isolate themselves from the broader city, commit more crime and are less enthusiastic about work. Why work if the government provides all your needs?
          Welfare traps the people into continuous slavery to the government and creates a dependent class of people that don’t have an ounce of dignity left in them. It’s shameful.
          Blacks are also more prone to crime and cheating. That is all a product of a slave/victim mentality. In Detroit and other inner cities across the States, blacks glorify a culture that promotes crime and drugs and does not care for education.
          Call it white society or whatever, but good social values combined with a strong emphasis on education and social conditioning makes for a better society. Have you ever been to the 90% white cult-worshipping Utah?
          The vicimhood many blacks feel here in America is isolating them further and further from the community, while their West Indian genetically identical “slave trait” selected counterparts do just as well, working like other model minorities that values hard work, independence and education.
          @Xeta: I won’t use the word negro anymore. You’re right. It’s an old word, but its not the N word.

        3. Breakdown of the family unit too. Forgot about that. 70% of black children born out of wedlock. 70%! Black communities have to find some way to heal this family unit and change the overriding culture.
          It won’t surprise me if more middle class blacks go to church more.

      2. GTFO -racis’- cunt- retarded- wtf
        Bad language never helps arguments. But you have a kernel of truth in your post. Why don’t you rewrite it?

        1. It’s more then a kernel of truth, but 2nd grade outdated language such as “negro problems” don’t really help your cause sorry to say.

        2. It’s funny how you got all angry and uptight when I was talking about East Asians, but suddenly you are blaming problems on “ethnic groups” and apparently get angry when people attack “races”. You are supposed to be the rational moral police trying to show me the error of my ways now huh?

        3. Well you better read my long post I wrote on Asians. Asians are more successful than Blacks. They have a culture better suited for productive society.

        4. That’s debatable whether they do since you don’t even know what their “society” even is, let alone the actual values of it except from what you have read from internet articles and youtube videos. These aren’t reputable when trying to again get past that surface image one puts out.
          Whether that success is just a periodic one and decline within cyclical periods remains to be seen. China itself didn’t innovate shit for thousands of years and went through warlord cycles for centuries and they have a history that show a much more violent side then “Blacks Americans”. However you are taking amateur methods of conveniently blaming one single group for their entire racial groups errs, ignoring the various other Black people that have thrived and accomplished in fields outside their main pursuits and then dumping it using the problems of Detroit.
          Asians have as just as big a crime rate when they are in a similar situation, one needs to simply look at the Yakuza, and various enterprises they attempted to hijack into the U.S during the 1980’s as well as the Chinese ghettos of old (yes there was a time when they refused to assimilate). Blacks naturally are the most assimilated minority in American because of how they have played a crucial role in American culture, of which is being destroyed by bringing in “Asian immigrants”.
          Also Blacks differ geographically in the U.S and thus the argument for blaming Detroits problems as a black cultural problem while ignoring the Blacks in other states that don’t have crime, pertaining to the state’s culture, already defeats the common racist straw man you are pulling. BTW there is an active agenda to keep down Blacks in the U.S, Ronald Reagan was known for shipping in Central American drugs through their CIA drug network to keep the Blacks addicted to drugs and on poverty levels. So the “racial” problem is on a governmental level as well, but I’m sure a sneering and failed hypocritical racist such as yourself don’t know this fact or the history behind these do you?

        5. Yes Asian values are so successful for a functioning society, kind of like how I repeatedly had store owners in China, sell me boxes of merchandises without the actual merchandise in them, computer games without the actual computer games in them but only the boxes carefully covered in plastic, spitting everywhere and then scratching the metal on elevators using pins and then doing nothing about it.
          This behavior actually goes on such as the fact that I had multiple bikes stolen (with locks attached) from me with an apartment guard watching actually watching it get stolen and then yelling/blaming the problem on me like nothing happened but it was my problem when the theft took place in front of his eyes. Then you have the rampant pollution and the use of sewage in restaurants, killing Rhinonceras’s for mystical medicine supposed to heal your penis, organized cheating on a university level that spans entire classes of students, human rampages in parks that kill people, forcing foreign business owners and entrepreneurs to “submit” and “hand over” ideas to Chinese government officials of any valuable schematics, maps, designs, workings, details, information when they are not supposed to have any involvement on a personal level on these business dealings. Then of course you are supposed to pay “commissions” and pay “gifts” if you want to get anywhere with the bureaucratic framework and anything that involves an official. You also have the rampant destruction of natural reserves and pollution of rivers of which no one gives a shit about. Eating dogs and other animals and various other strange and odd behavior.
          You see Ishmael, I don’t think you really know what “East Asians” are like and how their society REALLY functions or what their values even are. I mean people in South China drink their own piss in the morning and think that it’s good for your body, so Ishmael do you want us all to drink our piss in the morning everyday? I think everyone should drink their own urine, what a terrific idea and proposition for everyone!!!!

        6. shut up
          That post had no relevance to anything on this article. Post it on the other one so you can debate with Huax.

        7. Careful, Ishmael. You don’t want to be a victim of Xera’s ‘ownage’ – 2000 word self-congratulatory essays where he believes he ‘pwns’ you (while lol-ing his way to glory).

  3. “Blacks naturally are the most assimilated minority in American because of how they have played a crucial role in American culture”
    The ghetto is the problem. The inner city ghetto. The crabs in a barrel poverty culture not unlike Latino sections in Los Angeles. I’ve made more than enough hints that middle class blacks do okay. “Accepting EBT! Shop here”
    “Blacks in other states that don’t have crime”
    Are you kidding me? Half the prison population is black. And they’re 13% of general population.
    Reagan giving blacks drugs? LOL
    How else are you going to solve this problem? You think it’s racism? It’s a ghetto, victim mentality. Without white structure, blacks will degrade to Haiti. There needs to be a new cultural movement.
    And leave Asia out of this discussion.

    1. I don’t think Indians will ever get anywhere in this world for the time being to come, you guys are just a failed society on a whole that’s not going to go anywhere for the time being. I think people are predicting that the Indian sub-continent might submerge in the possible near future. That’s good news for you right? Finally we get to see shit Indian culture go away/fade.

  4. man this is so bias, i can show pictures you the opposite situation all over south africa. Soweto was just a dirty slum during apartheit now its beautiful and clean, and the property prices have increased, there are many former slums that are now clean and habitable towns, the places that have regressed are those that were only white during apartheid and the inhabitance left after 94 living unihabited apartments whre the poor mostly foreigners ( nigerians) have moved in, and there was no services or developed.

  5. i would like you to go to johannersburg and see for yourself how the city has been developing. you clearly have no clue about the city, its not perfect and the is a huge influx of migrants and ilegal immigrants from the rest of the continent who tend to live in those run down apartments. why do you take a small place like hillbrow and generalize the whole situation in post apartheid south africa and ignore all the many positive developments through out the country. You clearly have an agenda.

  6. Doing the right thing is proper and correct in and of itself, regardless of whatever consequences flow from that decision.
    I agree.
    One argument is IQ. However, the US Black IQ is ~87. That’s certainly high enough to create stable civilization.
    I think it requires about 90 to maintain a democracy. Otherwise, even very low IQ societies can maintain or even build simple agrarian civilizations. E.g., Songhai, Zulus, Mali, etc.
    Industrial civilization? That’s an entirely different matter. For a start it needs a minimal cadre of people with IQ’s of 105/110 just to maintain the industrial infrastructure – roads, canalization, electric grid, school system, etc, etc. That’s about two standard deviations above the sub-Saharan African mean.
    The thing is that this industrial systems feeds back into human capital. The reason American Blacks are one SD above sub-Saharan Africans is mostly because they live in an advanced industrial civilization with access to its amenities. If they were to be separated from whites, to what extent will Blacks be able to maintain this infrastructure by themselves? Is it possible that this infrastructure will decay, leading to a decay in IQ (Flynn reversal effect?), leading to even faster industrial infrastructure decay in a runaway death spiral? I do not know. But the evidence from European decolonization of Africa (desirable as that was) is not good.
    Another argument is high testosterone. High testosterone may explain higher Black crime rates until age 33. Would Black crime alone in and of itself be enough to completely unravel civilization in that way we see in Detroit and in the video?
    Doubt it. Inner city Black America may be very violent but not more so than say medieval Europe, and America as a whole in the early 19th century. Murder rates are estimated to have been extremely high in the urban areas of the Roman Empire. Basically as long as you have elites with reasonably high IQ’s then the bloodthirsty proles can be kept in check. (I.e., with panem et circenses… and a big stick, if things get out of hand).
    Are admixed Blacks (mulattos, zambos, etc.) also likely to do this? If so, do they do it at the same rate or a lesser rate?
    Probably at a lesser rate. After all Jamaica, Mauritius, Trinidad and Tobago, etc. are extremely good compared to sub-Saharan Africa.

    1. Agree with what you say here, but connecting black crime today to the middle ages is a bad comparison. Just look at similar income whites/asians and compare them to blacks of the same income levels.
      Blacks are more violent.

  7. “All of these peoples have produced more or less functional societies with ~80 IQ’s, so an 80 IQ should be plenty enough to create a working society.”
    So did we! Western European and American IQs were 80 about 80 years ago.
    If what you say is true about testosterone, they need a culture dominated by the older men (and possibly woman), who wisely find productive or non-harmful outlets for the young men. You say woman need to be controlled- young men need to be controlled. Same goes for everywhere.
    There has to be respect for elders. We can’t have a culture where the young men, unwise and full of testosterone, have no respect for authority. As authority is eroded in society, you see the young people become uncontrollable in the classroom and now even rioting.
    Respect for ones elders, involving the use of honorific titles, is a mark of east Asian societies.
    How about national service? Make young men join the army for one or two years and right there you’ve taken all the 18 year old men off the streets. On top of that, you use that year to regiment them, teach them discipline and respect, which will further reduce how many of them become criminals.

  8. You’ve got to admit that Bridgetown, Barbados, even if it has a lot of foreign investment and tourism, is still in the hands of blacks. The central area looks not just highly developed, but especially colourful and pleasant.
    And yes, the murder rate is still significantly higher than western Europe, but they are still holding together a pretty well run, functional society which looks good.
    You see this place and you’d happily live there. I would anyway.

    1. Robert, have you ever heard of the IQ study done on the children of German woman and American GI’s who stayed after the war? The average IQ of white woman/black GI was 96.5 and the IQ of white GI/German woman was 97.
      There is also the IQ study of white mum/black dad compared to black mum/white dads. Both combinations have 50% white/50% black genes but the ones with white mums had IQs 9 points higher. This is assumed to be the effect of the mother being the primary parent.
      I can give you references if you like.

      1. That GI study is the one they endlessly harp on because it’s the only study that ever upheld their hypothesis that the difference is all environmental and not genetic. A single study does not prove a theory, especially when we have a ton of other studies that crash the non genetic, environmental theory.
        I do not know about the second study, never heard of it.

        1. Is it true that IQ correlates very poorly with amount of European genes in blacks?
          No, that is one of the lies of the environmentalists, no genetic effects types. Apparently they have not proven their case on that one at all, and B-W hybrids score about 1/2 way from Blacks to Whites I think.

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