Monkey Wedding

You may now kiss the bride!
Monkeys get married too. Matrimony has long been practiced by various simians. In fact, human matrimony is said to have derived from that practiced by our simian ancestors. Say hello to the bride and groom please.

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0 thoughts on “Monkey Wedding”

    1. What’s that Huax? I see Chinese lettering behind those monkeys, are these your monkey cousins? Dude I remember in China they used to have the awesome cartoon with the Monkey king, the dude that had a gigantic red stick that could grow to any size and smash every discernible object in the world, he would fight those evil child like demons, oh yeah and of course his famous pig companion that looked funny!! Only in China man, Only in China!! See Huax I know about your culture because I actually lived there!!!
      Sad that in China they eat monkey brains and kill them, so only in China can this happen and not the cradle of human civilization “Egypt”.

  1. “Is there dowry involved in this?”
    If they are Indian monkeys, for sure! Meanwhile, I’m now on vacation without much web access (thank god) but thought you all might all like seeing South Indian courtship and future joint family daughter-in-law/mother-in-law concerns from this very short film. English subtitles included.
    By the way, they are South Indians, so there’s your beloved “dravidians” and “dalits” for you. snark. snark.

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