"Don't Look at Me – Unless I Want You To," by Alpha Unit

In France, you could end up in trouble with the law if you look a woman up and down and she’s offended by it. “Looking someone up and down” is included in a list of behaviors that could be seen as sexual harassment in France. This list is in a preliminary report issued by the French Parliament back on July 18 – a report that will serve as a guide in implementing France’s brand new law against sexual harassment. Under the old law, the notion of sexual harassment was restricted to “obtaining favors of a sexual nature” and was punishable by a year in jail and a fine of approximately $18,000. The new law is more specific about defining sexual harassment, which is:

imposing on someone, in a repeated way, words or actions that have a sexual connotation and either affecting the person’s dignity because of their degrading or humiliating nature or putting him or her in an intimidating, hostile or offensive situation.

A perpetrator could serve 2 years in jail and be fined about $37,000. If the person you harass is under 15, under your authority, or disabled, you could be fined about $53,000 and serve up to 3 years in prison. Unacceptable behaviors in addition to reckless eyeballing might include:

  • blackmail
  • sexual jokes
  • neck massages
  • leaving a pornographic magazine on someone’s desk

The new law will cover interactions in the workplace, universities, housing, and job interviews.

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94 thoughts on “"Don't Look at Me – Unless I Want You To," by Alpha Unit”

  1. France sucks. Some of my fondest memories were that dicey exchange of innuendo I traded with my son’s 13-year-old paraplegic female tutor.

  2. Wow, I mean, just wow.
    Not that I’m too surprised, given the current state of political correctness and gender affairs in the Western world, but this is still mind boggling.
    Something tells me that this can’t last. At some point, righteous men have to say “enough is enough!”

  3. You may not agree but I think this is the kind of thing that makes Islam seem like a good idea. It’s preferable to this.

      1. Well that wasn’t my point was it. If the choice came down to average Islam like what exists in Turkey or Malaysia to this kind of feminist crap then I’ll choose Allah and his Messenger every time.

        1. Oh that’s what you meant. I’m just so used to Islam being synonymous with extreme conservatism lol. Anyhow, it’s a matter of culture. There’s nothing Islam can offer that Christianity cannot.

        2. Christianity is almost gone in France and England and the only way Islam could take over is by demographics, not conversion.

        3. that’s because they are all Catholics!
          I think for the UK, the Muslim population projection by pew was doubling from 4 to 8% from 2010 to 2030. The Muslim population is currently about 2.8 million I think. Population of the UK is around 60 million. If it doubled again, that would be 16% by 2050, 32% by 2070. But it wont follow that exact trend in the long run. Immigration and birth rates will change.

        4. I think they actually anticipate the Muslim birth rate to drop closer to the national average as the generations go by. I think there is some evidence this is happening.

    1. Hah try looking at a Muslim woman with sexual intent in the public. Te whole village will chime in. You’ll then get a nice caning from the religious police.

        1. “What is your ethnic origin?”
          Pashtun/Swede. Dad came to US on a scholarship in the early 60s to pursue his medical training. He met my Mom in university. I was born and educated here; I’ve never been to Afghanistan.

        2. I’m also atheist. I have not fasted at all this month. I appreciate the good elements Islam has on society, but it’s overshadowed by the crazies. ‘Crazy religious type’ is quite rare for Afghan or Persian students that immigrated to US/Europe on scholarship. in the 60s/70s. They were also the fastest to Westernize compared to the later refugees.

        3. Since I’m on a roll here.
          I’m 2 weeks shy of 41
          I’ve been married for 15 years
          I have two sons, age 13 and 8
          Sure, debating with me can get feisty due to my strong opinions, but this blog is rare because it gives us an outlet to really say what we think.

      1. “”Hah try looking at a Muslim woman with sexual intent in the public.””
        Happens all the time in Dubai.

      2. “Hah try looking at a Muslim woman with sexual intent in the public.”
        You’d be surprised what goes on in the most repressive Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia. On second thought, maybe you wouldn’t. They risk their lives to get their freak on. But they get it on….

        1. Repressed homosexuality must be rampant now if women drape themselves in a towel at age 12 and men don’t become worthy husbands until after their master’s degree.

      3. “Hah try looking at a Muslim woman with sexual intent in the public.”
        Looking is all right. It is the touching that’ll get their goat. Even Islamic societies are not that crazy about ‘looking at a woman’ (although they do recommend Muslims to ‘lower their gaze’).

  4. The quoted bit is quite a good definition of sexual harassment. It describes inappropriate behaviour for sure but I don’t agree with the punishments. Acting like that is out of order and if anyone acted like that to my mum or sister, I’d want to deal with them myself, the old fashioned way. The situation should be sorted out in a common sense way. No need for jail. Maybe firing if its bad. It depends on the spirit it is done in and how aggressive it is.

    1. The best thing would be for the woman to just tell him to fuck off. It probably doesn’t even happen that much as defined.
      I wonder what the conviction rate will be. That will tell us a lot about how this is interpreted and enforced.

    2. well maybe not the spirit it is done in but how aggressive it is. The problem is proof though. A clever harasser wouldn’t leave proof or witnesses. That’s why the best thing is for the woman to tell him to fuck off or get a male friend’s informal help. Common sense.

      1. I’m talking about constantly making sexual comments or constantly coming on to somebody when its obvious they aren’t interested. First tell them to knock it off. If they carry on, get somebody to have a word with them. Like, I said, if it was my mum, I’d wanna punch the guy or something. Maybe if there’s proof, disciplinary action or firing in the workplace if its bad enough to warrant that. Common sense. A yeah in jail seems a bit harsh. I don’t see how it would get proved either.

        1. I’m talking about constantly making sexual comments or constantly coming on to somebody when its obvious they aren’t interested. First tell them to knock it off. If they carry on, get somebody to have a word with them.
          Well, that IS sexual harassment, I suppose.

  5. Moroccan Frenchmen are f*ckin’ hot!!!! You mean if I undress them with my eyes I’ll go to jail? Do they have co-ed jail cells?
    I love me some dark meat, though I am, technically, “pure veg”.

  6. Bea, did you catch Aakash’s “toy boy” comment about your hubbie? Only a sheltered Desi mama’s boy would consider an 8 difference a cougar/boy toy relationship.
    And let’s not forget the “auntie fetish” so many of those mama’s boys have in the first place, again due to the PTSD that accompanies an emotionally incestuous relationship.

    1. “That would only make sense to an Indian.”
      LOL. Touche! I personally can’t wait til I hit 40. I plan on becoming a major cougar and dating all manner of exotic men in their 20s. Even now, every year I age 1 year but the men I date stay the same age.
      50 is in the new 30, baby. But in Aakash’s neck of the globe 30 has always been 50 or older. Again goes back to the joint family system where it pays younger parents to act older than they are, emotional guilt tripping and all that.

    2. “Bhabiji-
      For whatever reason, (even in India) I always attract the attention of males in their teens & twenties. Being over 40 has NOT diminished the amount of this attention at all.”
      I wouldn’t be surprised if its increased it, seeing as so many Desi mama’s boys have aunty fetishes.
      “I’ve noticed Indians do seem to age somewhat prematurely, like 30 is 50 in India.”
      Yep, they plan it that way. Part of the joint family culture.
      “Indian men start keeling over from major heart attacks at 35 & many Indian women suffer early menopause in their 30′s-not sure what that’s about.”
      Its psychosomatic.

  7. Since its relevant wrt the “creep” label you guys here protest so much, what do you think about this comment written by a female?
    “Guys complain that girls won’t ask a guy out, or pay for the first date. Here’s why we don’t. Whenever a girl professes her love for a guy first, asks him out and other things, guys call it creepy or call her “a stalker chic”. Girls are, in effect, penalized for showing interest in guys by being forward. I have love poems hidden in my drawer for every guy I have ever crushed ( three guys in total, well, maybe they weren’t crushes because they lasted for years, but whatever), but I would never send any of these guys nathing I had ever written or express my affection publicly,because somehow this is not correct or appropriate.”

    1. So she stalked 3 guys and wrote love poems for them, which she keeps in a draw with stuff she found in their garbage?

    2. It sounds like she might be talking about her own experience more than anything. Maybe she came across that way…she did write ‘professes her love’ which is a bit full on.

        1. Attractive women don’t have to ask first or pay for, well, anything. So any woman who does ask or pay is probably unattractive. I’ve been stalked by unattractive women before. It’s not pleasant at all. It isn’t even flattering. Unfortunately, I can’t call them “creepy” or accuse them of patriarchally oppressing me.
          It’s too bad, but I don’t see it changing any time soon.

        2. “I’ve been stalked by unattractive women before. It’s not pleasant at all. It isn’t even flattering.”
          Bingo! This is where popular ‘wisdom’ is at odds with reality. Most men, especially men with options, wouldn’t just sleep with *any* woman.

    3. @ Bhabiji – “Girls are, in effect, penalized for showing interest in guys by being forward.”
      If a woman a guy is attracted to, approaches him first I don’t see why the guy would think she is creepy (unless she does something very out-of-place, a la Alicia Silverstone in The Crush).
      These complaints come from women facing the classic – sexual/romantic rejection. It isn’t a penalty, but something men deal with, which these women have no stamina for (gender equality notwithstanding).

      1. @ AI
        Exactly, not to mention that guys frequently get called creeps when they show interest in/are forward with girls.

    4. Women and girls have asked me out so many times I can’t even count them. And women and girls generally profess their love for me before I do. She’s the first one to say, “I love you,” and usually does so fairly quickly. I don’t see why that’s stalkerish.
      Female stalkers and creeps are extremely rare.

    5. They did an experiment on a university.
      Two students: One man, one woman. They each had to approach opposite sex with sexual intent.
      Less than 10% of women went with man. 90% of men went with women.
      It’s obvious to explain why. But claiming the creep label is equal is stupid.

      1. And the other 10% deep down wanted to but didn’t because of insecurities about their penis or sexual performance.
        And what I get from the 10%- ask ten random woman to have sex with you and one will say yes.

        1. Go up to two woman in a bar and say to the hottest one “are you into threesomes?” If she says no, say “tell your friend to fuck off then”.
          If she says yes, you’re in.

      1. You’re going to get me on the technicalities of it. But using them as a contrast with european whites to prove a difference in skin color is why I brought them up in earlier posts. Beating on a dead horse.

        1. You used “dravidian” as a, in your words, “blanket term” for “darker skinned Indians”. Its wrong.

        2. Is it any more wrong than your tendency to use ‘desi’ as a blanket term to refer to people from the Union of India?
          Face it, if you are a lower caste Hindu Indian, you are most likely from the same ethno-racial group that Dravidian people are of. So Ishmael isn’t so wrong when he refers to these people as ‘dravidian’ (since there isn’t a term any more proper to refer to dark skinned proto-australoid phenotypic Indian people).

        3. “Is it any more wrong than your tendency to use ‘desi’ as a blanket term to refer to people from the Union of India?”
          Desi is South Asian, not just Indian. I’m an American, that’s the term we use. In the UK they call Desis/South Asians just plain “Asians”.
          (Steve Jaan, this Asian is waiting on your pic)

        4. ““Desi is South Asian, not just Indian.”
          So how does that make me or Dota, a desi?”
          Do you know where South Asia is?

    1. Dravidian is a linguistic term not a racial one. She very likely has a high degree of ASI (Ancentral Southern Indian) ancestry.

    1. Ghosting doesn’t really help. A few men going their own way, rather than trying to ‘fight the system’ won’t change anything, except make the playing field easier for feminazis.

      1. AI stop pretending you knew any of these terms all along and your knowledgeable in this; when you just spent hours reading blogs just to get a grasp of this so you can seem “knowledgeable”. Although I can understand your hate of “feminazi’s” whom you had to deal with when you were dating those 5’s and below.

    2. Paul, I’ve been hearing about and reading about mgtow for years now. When the hell are y’all gonna do it? I want a date and time.
      You won’t be missed.

  8. Dear Robert
    Let’s clarify a few things.
    1 – France needed a new law on sexual harassment because the old law was thrown out by the Supreme Court as too vague.
    2 – The normal maximum punishment is one year in jail or a fine of 15,000 euros. Only when there are aggravating circumstances such as duress or abuse of trust can the punishment be increased.
    3 – The key words are “de façon répétéé ” = repeatedly. Nobody should get into trouble for one lewd remark or dirty joke.
    4 – As I see it, it isn’t a bad law, but ultraliberal judges may turn it into a tool of feminist harassment. Are there such judges in France? Remember, it was hard to get convictions for sexual harassment under the old law.
    Regards. James

    1. Hmm, I don’t know anyone that lives in France. It’s possible that they changed this law due to sexual harassment cases being interpreted by feminist judges and not being specific enough?
      Just throwing it out there.

    1. For those who don’t know, Namae Nanka is another desi mama’s boy who trolls MRA blogs copying and pasting, copying and pasting.
      So much energy spent in useless activities and not an ounce of energy spent in individuating from their parents.

      1. There are better feminist expectations here, forget 2nd wave, 3rd wave:
        “Here is a post written as a plea against Indians seemed to believe it is fair to beat ‘disobedient’ wives. ”
        what about disobedient husbands?
        Did you watch that youtube video of male trespassers in female compartment getting beat by police and the outraged women?
        “but I will say that India needs equity feminism, not gender feminism.”
        when exactly has this thing called ‘equity feminism’ existed?
        that equality is kinda like claiming yourself equal to an apple farmer(I like them apples), then asking him to give over his tractor since he has been driving it so for so long(even though he started with a plow) and then having the gall to order him to put an AC in.
        “This means that Indian women need equal access to education, political/civil rights, healthcare ect… ”
        equality is a foolish notion. Even more when you have the examples of western society implosion.
        -left over at atheist indian’s site

      2. “…male trespassers in female compartment getting beat by police and the outraged women.”
        Why would males trespass in a female compartment anyway? If they *did* tresspass, the beating does sound legitimate to me.

        1. maybe on a cue from jewish feminists who want to ride amongst men and not separately. My friend otoh got into one in a hurry, didn’t know about it, and was pushed off the moving train and broke his hand. I didn’t really think much of it back then, now I would throttle such women.
          “If they *did* tresspass, the beating does sound legitimate to me.”
          the jewish feminists would welcome the equality.

        2. Namae Nanka, for those who are not aware, is another Desi mama’s boy who spends his time trolling Western MRA blogs and declaring Desi women who want to live as grown adults with their husbands in a house separate from in-laws as “radical feminazis”.
          AI, when the trains are over crowded sometimes men have to ride in the women’s compartment and as long as they behave civilly there is no problem. Sometimes men ride in the women’s compartment to “eve tease” the women though, in which case they deserve a thrashing.

        3. @ Bhabiji
          I notice, you use the term ‘mamma’s boy’ or accuse men of ‘mommy issues’ out of context, when you are cornered in an argument. So spare the furnishment on name nanka, I am sure people can see his arguments on their own merit (or the lack of it)
          @ namae nanka
          That doesn’t make the point. Why would men enter a reserved woman’s compartment and not expect repurcussions? It is not a ‘ladies compartment’ because men with ‘good character’ should be able to enter; but a compartment reserved exclusively for women, because men’s character aren’t written on their faces or attire.

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