Woman As Guerrilla Fighter: Why Men Make Rules and Women Break Them

Steve writes:

You are accusing woman in general of being immoral or amoral in certain ways. You are portraying them as vindictive and opportunistic, using rules to get their own way. You are questioning the moral integrity of woman in general.

This is exactly what I am doing. By the way, Alpha agrees with me on this. And you know who told me, “Man make rules. Women break them.”? My own mother! She knows her own gender very, very well. Now, neither my mother nor Alpha are inclined to use rules as tools like that, but they understand that the basically conniving nature of women means that many will. There is a good reason why women do this. Men are strong. We are stronger. Rules favor the strong and disfavor the weak. The weaker people will use rules as tools to be used to their advantage however. The stronger will demand that everyone play by the rules. An example is the rules of war. Strong states like the US and the Zionist entity demand that their opponents play by the rules of war. However, those fighting the US, Israel and any other huge state would get completely creamed if they played by the rules of war. So guerrillas and any weaker force fighting any stronger force will always bend the rules and break the rules and use guerrilla warfare, deception, sneak attacks, suicide bombings, spies, no uniforms, hiding behind civilians, waving surrender and then dropping their flags and shooting and other pussy bullshit when fighting the stronger force. It’s the only way they have a chance. Women don’t really stand a chance going one on one against men. That’s why they use subterfuge, spying, conniving, rule-breaking, deception and other “guerrilla war” tactics when fighting men and others in general . Guerrilla war and deceptive, non-rules based war are essentially feminine warfare tactics. The US and Israel demanding that everyone fight fair and square is a masculine mode of warfare. The way women see it, demanding that they fight fair and square is bullshit. Men are stronger, so men will always win.

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  1. I don’t think it’s amorality, it’s more like an uncritical approach to their (admittedly much more robust) feeling function, which inhibits objectivity about themselves. Men on the other hand are more likely to entertain the notion that they may objectively be mistaken or at fault at times (except to women, ladies… as men quickly learn that they use admissions of culpability as an emotional cudgel), yet I’m having a hard time recalling a single, sincere, unqualified apology from a woman that I ever witnessed. The admission of mistakes goes hand in hand with moral culpability, whose subjective (moral) reality trumps the objective in the female mind. To admit wrongdoing is to concede the moral high ground, which is the source of her power — as any man who’s ever suffered through a guilt trip or other form emotional manipulation can attest.

  2. Can you specify which laws is seen to you as feminist? Or what rules do feminists break? I agree the whole philosophical women’s rights are detrimental to society, but we need to brainstorm specifics.
    Examples such as giving women benefit of doubt regarding legal issues and divorce can be one.
    I made a big swipe at abortion and contraceptives on your last article, to the point of claiming that abortion/contraceptives were the causative agents of this mess.
    Is it women’s right to vote?
    What laws are feminists changing or implementing?
    I may be interpreting your articles wrong. My interpretations on creeps/betas are very different from other posters, and possibly yours.

    1. Women are inclined to break most rules in order to get their way. They are also inclined to act out in the worst ways. The women in my mother’s generation didn’t do this too much because there were serious consequences. Under patriarchy, men don’t put up with women’s conniving and acting out bullshit. They will hit the women if they do that, or worse.
      Women have basically gone feral. And that’s a problem.

      1. Family life was far more stable back then. I saw that in women too when I went to Southern Italy – they took pride in being a Mother (at home) one day.

      2. ‘Under patriarchy, men don’t put up with women’s conniving and acting out bullshit. They will hit the women if they do that, or worse.’
        what are you saying? Men should hit woman who get out of line? I hope nobody who actually hits woman reads that and gets a philosophical justification. A lot of crap has been justified intellectually.

  3. I agree with the overall gist of your post but not your reasoning Robert. International relations is man on man rule in a Hobsseian Jungle setting. You are comparing this to man on woman rule. The global balance of power will always bounce back and forth among the hemispheres, but the male female dynamic is essential to the survival of our species.
    For the record I don’t believe that women are inherently more morally retarded than men, but I do feel that the constant victimizing of feminism has damaged their moral compass as a group. Victimization is eventually followed by entitlement and that = solipsism. You see this in the Jewish collective psychology as well don’t you? It’s not just the Jew’s tribalism that retards his morality but a carefully constructed victim identity. And this is where good old fashioned white pride can save the day. White men need to emphasize strongly that western civilization has always stressed compassionate treatment of women. Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it; Ephesians 5:25.
    Unfortunately I have yet to find a more ardent foe of white nationalism than the white woman herself.

    1. Same can be applied to African American blacks vs. West Indian Blacks. The latter is high earning and have better social structure despite both having similar IQs.
      Good observations.

        1. “West Indian blacks do have better culture. Those Brits taught em’ right.”
          Or the Indians did 😉
          Anyway, do you know any black people from Africa? Their “family values” are “solid”.
          But I think you’re overestimating Afro-Caribbean culture. While there are some that are very serious about work and family, there are many who are all about fetes, ganja and having multiple kids by multiple baby mama’s and not taking care of any of them. In fact, these are the same ones that will say having many women simultanously is an integral part of Caribbean culture! I’ve never heard Indian Caribbean guys say that though.

  4. “You are accusing woman in general of being immoral or amoral ”
    Humans are born amoral and learn morality or immorality along the way as we grow up. Nature is amoral.
    Steve Jaan. are you sleeping?

  5. There was this news that a caring respectable father of a eigth grade girl had to spend few days in Prison in Bombay, being accused of rape by his daughter for not letting her watch television at study time.
    He was shaken to the core.

  6. Just to clarify your position Robert, are you saying that woman and men are no different in nature in regards to rules but woman break rules because of their strategic situation or are you saying that woman have evolved the propensity to break rules because of their relative weakness in the past? In other words, has it evolved to be part of the female nature?
    Also, which rules do woman break? I can’t think of particular examples of what you mean.

    1. Sexual Harassment
      False accusations of rape
      ‘Victim’ status
      Affirmative Action for women not capable
      Going against the order of nature (amoral sexual behavior)
      Kind of a long list, Steve. Reread the last couple posts.

  7. Robert,
    As a supporter of FARC and the Palestinians, naturally you sympathize with woman for having to break the rules to fight on equal terms with the physically stronger ones who seek to dominate them through force.

        1. “Kill the bitch.”
          She’s already dead
          ” She’s your hero obviously, right?
          ” You’re a reactionary. ”
          Revolutionary to the core.
          “You’re also high caste.”
          WTF? Where’d that come from?

        2. You’re a revolutionary who hates Marxism, socialism and the welfare state? What kind of revolutionary is that?
          You say absolutely nothing whatsoever about caste, the most abhorrent thing about your nightmarish religion, however, when you do address the issue, the only comments you make are to attack Dalits. Well, obviously, you’re higher caste.

        3. “You say absolutely nothing whatsoever about caste, the most abhorrent thing about your nightmarish religion, however, when you do address the issue, the only comments you make are to attack Dalits. Well, obviously, you’re higher caste.”
          WTF? Where did I “attack” Dalits or any caste? Where did I mention caste at all? You’re the one that talked about affirmative action for Dalits and how it was fucking up India, not me. I didn’t say a single word about that. Seriously Bobby, what gives? Really, is work getting to you?

        4. “Bahbiji,
          what do you think about the welfare state and socialism? what are your politics?”
          Babe, as you can see from my comments I’m mostly apolitical, neutral. The “welfare state” has not worked in favor for your country. I lived there for a time and saw the rot in the Bangladeshi and Pakistani ghettos and your kind, benevolent, generous UK government has as much to answer for that as do those immigrants. Its 50/50. They come backwards but providing them with free housing, money, medical care, the whole nine yards keeps them backwards. It fosters laziness and an entitlement mentality. OK, if you as a single, unmarried and childless young adult need help for a year or two to get on your feet, get educated and get a job, that’s fine. But then what business do you have getting married, much less having kids, much less bringing your mother, father, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins and in-laws over from the old country do you have?
          The UK’s, as well as Sweden’s and Frances and so many other kind, benevolent European countries’ immigration and welfare policies are coming back to bite them in the ass in a major way.
          Are they learning anything from this?
          You tell me.

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