How Close are Southeast Asians Related to Southern Chinese?

Tyler Lee (apparently a Chinese male) writes:

I think it is only applicable to about 10-1 The ones that look like Southern Chinese are most likely to be mixed descendants of earlier Chinese immigrants from centuries ago. Another supporting fact is that although they have been a democratic nation for longer than nearly all Asian countries, Philippines is still dirt poor, and Filipino IQ, as a whole nation, is no where near that of Southern Chinese. However, I do see similarity with Fujianese/ Cantonese and Vietnamese, based on the look, culture and relatively high academic/professional performance among these in the U.S.

Filipinos are very close to Southern Chinese. However, Thais, Lao and Vietnamese are also very close to Southern Chinese. As far as why Thais, Lao, and Filipinos do not particularly look like Southern Chinese, that is because they are heavily admixed with native SE Asian or native Filipino. In Filipinos, the male line is Ami from Taiwan, but the female line is ancient island SE Asian related to proto-Tai from 10-20,000 YBP. This was basically an Australoid or Melanesian type grouping. The male line via Taiwan aborigine is not related to more recent infusions of Chinese genes in Filipinos over the past ~1000 years. It is well known that Vietnamese were predominantly Australoid (Melanesian) until ~2,000 YBP. At that time, there was a huge infusion of genes from Southern China (Cantonese region) and they transitioned from Australoid to Mongoloid (SE Asian type). They had already been transitioning this way for ~2,000 years, but the mass infusion of Chinese genes helped them along. With the Thai and Lao, they are mostly Southern Chinese. A huge infusion of Southern Chinese genes poured in from Yunnan about 900 years ago and admixed with native SE Asian (probably Melanesian/Australoid type). This admixture created the modern Thai or Lao people. Closely related groups can have dramatically different IQ’s. We can see this by looking at SE Asian IQ’s.

                  IQ     Genetic distance*
Southern Chinese  105    -
Northern Chinese  105    Very far
Vietnamese         99.5  Very close
Thai               98.5  Close
Lao                89    Close
Filipinos          86    Close
*Genetic distance compared to Southern Chinese.
1. Thai, Lao and Filipinos are about equidistant from
Southern Chinese
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17 thoughts on “How Close are Southeast Asians Related to Southern Chinese?”

  1. ” Constituting an estimated 1.3% of the country’s population, the ethnic Chinese have a disproportionate impact on the economy and government…Ethnic Chinese entrepreneurs are estimated to control 60 to 70 percent of the Filipino economy”
    -World on Fire 2002

  2. This article is interesting. But I still don’t have an idea about my whole Filipino make-up genetics-wise. Some foreign people mistaken me for being Korean or Thai (I have lighter skin than most Filipinos) and my last name has Chinese element in it (Gao). Still some other mistaken me for being a Mexican lol.

  3. Your theory is…somewhat…stupid. I prefer Tyler Lee’s theory. I, myself am part Chinese (Cantonese) and Vietnamese. I see a lot of similarities between Cantonese, Vietnamese and Fujianese based on looks, culture, language and high academic performance in the US, as Tyler Lee wrote. I do not see many or even any similarities between Filipinos and Southern Chinese (Cantonese, Fujianese etc.) based on culture, looks, language and academic results in the US. I think Filipinos are more alike Indonesians and Malaysians.

    1. Actually, most Filipinos have Malay, Spanish, and Chinese blood in them. Malay is most dominant, then next is Chinese, and only 3% of filipinos actually have Spanish blood in them. 90% of the economy of the Philippines has been grown by Tsinoys (Chinese Filipino people.) Many Vietnamese people really try too hard to disregard the fact that Filipinos, Laotians, and Thais actually do have a good amount of Chinese blood, for some strange reason. It’s like Viets are so obsessed with trying to become Chinese that they try to deny the facts. As a Chinese, I see this as pathetic on the Viets’ mindset.

      1. Actually, Chinese are considered the lowest class among all East Asians. They’re infamous for their boorish, backward and uncivilized behaviour like spitting, peeing, shitting, farting everywhere in public places, eating penises,..There are tons of articles about that and I don’t see how anyone would want to become Chinese. Get rid of your delusional perception of self-grandeur, chinkymonkey!

      2. Southern Chinese are different from Northern Chinese. Cantonese are a mix between 40% original Han and 60% Nan Yue natives, who are genetically closer to SEA people. Southern Chinese has this inferiority complex denying the other half of their ancestry & siding with the Han rapist conquerors because they don’t want to be seen as less inferior to the Northern Han Chinese. They believe in the Han supremacy from the distorted Chinese history written with contempts for other people of different civilisation.

  4. I find that table of yours very interesting in that Northern Chinese are genetically *very far” from Southern Chinese. Yes I see this all the time. One can note this in appearance. The visual difference between Helionjang and local Singaporean is great. Also average IQ is the same but what is the spread?

  5. My interest ( rather shallow though) is in physical anthropometry. What are the differences in climatic conditions that caused the differences in facial features and also the reason for the facial hair. In Desmond Morris’book the Naked Ape, he alluded to body hair as a sort of advanced thing and referred to the lack of hirsuiteness among Black Africans as indicator of theif lower evolution. I may be wrong on this. But the East Asian race, too, is unhirsuite.
    For example we find people who have lived for eons within same climactic conditions but with markedly different features. Eg: Eskimoes live in very cold climates but dont have facial features of Caucasoids and so on…

  6. Hi Robert, I must say you’ve greatly enlightened me about the Asian Macro Race. I saw in one of your other posts that even Southern Chinese are further away genetically to Northern Chinese/Koreans/Japanese/Mongolian than Caucasoids are to Northern Chinese and other NE Asian groups. I was at first astonished by this, but now I can see greater resemblance in general physical facial characteristics between NE Asians/Caucasoid. Given that Southeast Asians are not even completely Australoid, the pure Australoids like Aborigines and Dravidians must be extremely distant from NE Asians.

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