Bigfoot News July 24, 2012

New photos of the Bigfoot steak from the Sierra Kills! Several exclusive new photos of the BF steak from the Kills. We copyrighted all of them to protect others from stealing them from the copyright owner. We have permission from the copyright holder to put the placeholder copyright on them and also to publish them. These are all photos of the same steak taken from different angles. Another photo is apparently of some tissue, fat and hair from the Bigfoot. It’s a bit disgusting unless you like blood and guts stuff or you have an MD. However, the tissue and fat photo is interesting because it is the first time a photo of actual Bigfoot fat and tissue proven by DNA has ever been published. If republished, photos must have the copyright notice.

Bigfoot steak with a shotgun shell by it.
Bigfoot steak with a shotgun shell by it, another angle.
Yet another Bigfoot steak photo. This one is more familiar to most viewers.
Bigfoot steak, yet another angle.
What appears to be some rather disgusting tissue and fat from an actual Bigfoot, along with what looks like some Bigfoot hair attached to it, from the Kills.
Interview with Bobo Fay on Joe Rogan reveals interesting details. Bobo’s interview with Rogan was very revealing. In particular, when Rogan asked about the baby Bigfoot and if they recovered it, Bobo’s mouth dropped and he paused for a moment as if thinking of something to say. Then he said, “I will tell you after the show, ok?” Bobo then proceeded to launch into the standard tale about the body recovery two weeks later, bla bla. I believe that was telling, and that Bobo was as much as saying that the baby Bigfoot was recovered from the scene, which is what I and some of my sources have long believed. Bigfoots are 99.5-99.6 Rumor: Justin Smeja and driver were drunk and had just seen a game warden on the day of the Sierra Kills. In the same interview, Bobo said that Smeja and the driver had been “pounding beers all day,” in Bobo’s words, and had just seen a game warden. They were afraid they were going to get a DUI or get arrested for shooting the Bigfoots. For the record, Smeja says he only had 2 beers on that day. Correction: Actual relict hominid type of the Bigfoots may not be known. In a previous post, I said that the Dr. Melba Ketchum team knew precisely which relict hominid the Bigfoots are. Upon talking further with my source, I have determined that they were mistaken and were reading things into what they heard. The corrected story is that MtDNA side of the Bigfoots is Homo sapiens sapiens, or human. However, the Ketchum team has determined that the nuclear side is some sort of what I would call an ancient relict hominid, much more primitive than we are. Whether they have determined precisely which one, assuming the Bigfoots are known in the scientific record at all, is not known. Is Bigfoot Homo Heidelbergensis? Upon conversation with a source, they said that people on the Ketchum team “did not disagree” when the source told them they thought Bigfoots were Heidelbergensis. That means the Ketchum team “did not disagree” with the Heidelbergensis theory. The source also said that their own preliminary DNA studies have revealed that Bigfoots are a mix of various hominids, including modern humans, Neandertals and Denisovans. The source feels that “the base” of the Bigfoots is Heidelbergensis, but we lack Heidelbergensis DNA, so there is no way to prove that by DNA. However, if the Ketchum team has a body or part of a body, especially a skull, then they could make a Heidelbergensis determination on that basis. If they only have the baby, this will be much harder to do because it is hard to match up baby relict hominids with the adults of the species because they are often so different. Another source told me that they had seen what they feel are skeletons of Bigfoots on museums and private collections, and they feel that Bigfoots look most like the Heidelbergensis skeletons they have observed. When asked for more details on these purported museum and private Bigfoot skeleton collections, they could not tell me anymore. Ketchum DNA paper may be at Nature group. I have sources who know which journal the paper is at, but they will not tell me, so I have to guess. Asking around a bit, I would say that Nature is a pretty good guess, but I can’t confirm that in any way. But let’s put it like this. Is there a “Nature group” of journals, that is journals are that affiliated with Nature but not Nature itself? If so, I would say to look there. I would also look at journals associated with the journal Science, say a Science group if it exists. Ketchum DNA paper should publish from August 21 – September 4, 2012. If it passed peer review on July 10, 2012, which is possible, then I know for a fact that the publishing time at the journal this paper is at is 6-8 weeks after passing peer review. Figuring 6-8 weeks past July 10, I arrive at this date. Correction: Matt Moneymaker drug rumors may be in error. I published these rumors a while back because so many people pass them about. However, the cocaine rumors about Matt seem to be in doubt. That is, perhaps Matt had a cocaine problem and perhaps he did not. We can’t tell one way or the other at this time as it’s inconclusive. However he did have an extensive pill habit for a while. He had some pain issues, so he got on pain pills, and this developed into an addiction as he may have an addictive personality. Whether he beat this problem or not, no one knows. He’s been a wake and bake pothead for quite some time. This was confirmed via discussions with people who have gone on trips with him and observed this. Matt also continues to have a good relationship with Wally Hersom, which would be dubious if Matt actually had ripped Wally off for a salary for all of those years. Source and quantity of Wally Hersom’s fortune revealed. See that AC/DC adapter, well, wherever you’ve got one laying about? Hersom invented that and patented it. That’s the source of his fortune, and he is reportedly a billionaire. All of this from Bobo’s interview with Rogan. I have asked many times about the size and genesis of Wally’s money but was told it was a tightly guarded secret. I guess not anymore. Ontario Bigfoot video. Via trackersthename shooting in northern Ontario in what looks like deep wilderness. I published a still of this earlier. There is a young adolescent Bigfoot observing the cameraman who was not discovered until reviewing the video later. The Bigfoot pops its head up over some rocks and watches the cameraman as he describes a Bigfoot blind he has found. It would be nice to see another shot of this area to see if the Bigfoot is still ion the picture. If it is, it’s not a Bigfoot but some natural formation. The Bigfoot can be seen for a few seconds and it does not move, which may or may not be odd. [youtube=] Ontario roadside pics. I published the video of these pics a while back with the proviso that the photo was of a hunter in a ghillie suit by the side of the road. Shot by a Go-Pro video camera attached to a bumper on the way out to a camping spot. A source told me, “I have never seen trapezius muscles that big on any human.” The source has done extensive work in various museums and knows models and physiques very well.
Possible Bigfoot by an Ontario roadside. The shoulders look too wide for a human.
Look at how wide the shoulders are. Notice what appears to be a coned head.
Coned head in Bigfoots and other primates related to size not gender. When the Smithsonian Institution was shown the Patterson film, they said it had to be a fake since female primates do not have saggital crests. However, a good theory about gorillas is that saggital crests are related to size and not gender. When a skull gets a certain size, a saggital crest may develop due to adaptive anatomy. Female gorillas may lack such crests simply due to smaller size. Since Patty is very large, once a female Bigfoot reaches a certain size, she may develop a saggital crest also. I am not on Bigfoot Forums. Yes, I read there. I have not joined, and there are no posters there who are me in disguise. I would not join that forum if you paid me. Obviously, I do not have a positive relationship with them.

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38 thoughts on “Bigfoot News July 24, 2012”

  1. Melbas Comment on FB:
    “The manuscript is NOT at the Nature Group! How many times do I have to say this? There is no pub date yet! Those pics are not real either, it looks like the hair is mounted on something fake (or tanned) and it really looks more like tanned coyote hide. The morphology is wrong for BF hair. Talk about grasping at straws. I wish people would stop bombarding me with emails every time all this fiction gets posted but that is all it is, fiction. Geez…. Ok, now that I have responded this time, this is the last post I am going to comment on the subject of this blog….and I am not going to waste my time answering any emails on it either. Just know, whatever that blog says as it pertains to ANYTHING we are doing or know, it is NOT true and I will not address this again. There are no leaks from our group and NOBODY, even the submitters, know anything at this time as the dynamics of the study have radically changed. I have way too much to do to than to answer a lot of emails. I don’t want to be rude and not answer so I am posting this as an answer to all. Please do not expect anything further until the paper is released. Thanks everyone and I appreciate the support.”

  2. BTW, the hair on those photos of tissue samples looks way too dense and fine for BF hair, from descriptions and based on the Hovey photo. They do look rather like coyote.

  3. Boy, I sure do want to see this paper before August !, and it doesn’t sound like I will.
    Bet, thanks for the response from Dr. Ketchum here as well.
    On Bigfoot hair: I recently asked a question in the BFF thread on Dr. Sykes on what kind pre-screen should I use if I obtain a sample of hair.
    No one answered after a day and so I find on Google a past discussion from BFF on hair and post that link in the room.
    Still no answer. I killed the thread I think.
    It could be they just got bored with the Skyes thread, but it felt weird…(as posting in BFF often does anyway)….so.? .
    I read ages ago that they have no medulla in the shaft.(as at least a microscope pre-screen) and wonder if that is the “standard” for a pre-screen?
    A few of us did manage to keep a “Habituating Bigfoot” thread alive for a couple of days w/o being run over and share some of our expereinces to some positive responses.
    Seems perhaps a tipping point of “ape beast” v “homo something” in our popular perceptions is arriving…let’s get the data to back it up!
    Gracias Roberto!.

  4. I still suspect Homo Erectus is involved. An amalgam of Sapiens, Neanderthal, Heidelbergenis and Denisova is not enough to explain or account for Bigfoot’s primitivity. There is also evidence to suggest that before Habilis died out that they contributed significantly to a regional population of Erectus more than Neanderthal did to us Sapiens, perhaps as much as 1/3rd. This could explain the puzzlement scientists have over where Homo Floresiensis fits in the evolutionary chart. Homo Floresiensis ancestors could just have easily migrated west/northwest too, and bred with Peking Man, if Peking Man alone wasn’t Sasquatch’s direct ancestor. What I’m proposing is that Bigfoot’s base is more towards the earlier hominids, not the later ones. Look, Homo Erectus were the most successful hominids in history in terms of longevity, and until us, had by far the widest distribution than the other species, encompassing most of the old world. If it’s theoretical implausible that they would’ve given up fire and spears, etc to become Sasquatches, then it’s more so that their descendants who were even more advanced would have. Besides which, Heidelbergensis and Neanderthal were European hominids and what we know of Denisova comes from just 40,000 years ago, and they weren’t big. Does anybody believe that Heidelbergensis combined with us could possibly have developed long enough arms to not just run, but GALLOP on all fours, as I’ve been able to show with this version of PEI? From the stride it looks more awkward for them when they slow down, but the more graceful it is the faster they can go. I now believe they can chase down deer this way. In this other video, Bigfoot springs out from behind a tree in total cat form, fast as hell and all outstretched. But somehow their ancestors were morphologically like us and carrying spears, bows and arrows? What about Bigfoot’s skull? They don’t have a forehead, hence the sloped back for the coned look, not indicative of us, or our most immediate relatives as much as Erectus. This is why I’m incredulous at this Sapiens/Heidelbergensis/Neanderthal hybrid = Bigfoot, in spite of what Robert reports. I believe he is close to the truth, yet Ketchum denies so much of it. Something is just not adding up here – mark my words.
    Bigfoot had to have retained enough recessive genes to bear an obvious, closer relationship (than we have) to the early hominids.

    1. And Robert, How can your source “feel” some skeletons he/she has seen maybe Bigfoot?
      With average heights between 8 to 12 feet tall, seldom much less… and sometimes notably more thwn 12 feet, it seems like there should be not the slightest doubt, as if a ton of bricks hit you in the face. Anyhow the remains of giants (red hair or therwise) plus or minus 10 feet tall strongly resembling Homo Sapiens sapiens have been unearthered in NA. No connection whatsoever to Bigfoot.
      Of course a few mito DNA results is worthless, all known apes want to sexually assaault Homo Sapiens sapiens females. It takes millions of dollars & years to sequence the full genome (Nuclear DNA) of any type of creature… No lab on Earth will do it for you (even Iran or North Korea assuming they had capability) without contacting FEDS, shadow government, Smithsonian, Alphabet Agencies, CIA, Embassy whatnot because “they know the score” or even for bribery. So if they still don’t want it revealed to the public, there is no gaurantee the data you paid for is not “spun” or mis-represented innaccurately & turned into a red herring.
      Somehat innacurate & pointless to begin with as the Bigfoot phenomena Worldwide has different & variable degrees of interbreeding precentages.
      Oh the UK zoological sites are claiming female gorrila have a small crest. Heveulmans stated the giant 12 foot+ mountain climbing Yeti have SNL conehead type heads, so of course females would have some saggital crest too.
      Claiming anything about Denisovan or Neanderthal for Bigfoot is just trying to prop up classical Darwin BS with a recent “missing link” theory, just like certain Sovet/Russian researchers (& a Frenchman) were fond of doing for 50 years.

      1. It’s pretty simple Andrew. The more we learn and the more we can filter through the false rumors, the closer we get to a truth that all along might as well been under our noses. A year ago a majority of the Bigfoot community still believed that the Sasquatches were what Giganthopicitis turned into. Now practically all of the Bigfoot followers are on board with Sasquatch as a hominid, a species within our genus. That’s a significant thing and clarifies our way of thinking.

        1. As they say, No Good Feeling About This.
          Contrary to morpholgy it’ll be spun as Paranthropus/Zinjanthropus (as a number of the cover-up Indonesian Bigfoots resemble, but 10′ tall instead of under 6′ tall)… or worse yet “Homo Erectus” as the Smithsonian told Fred Bear Archery generations ago that the MOST human-like of the MANY different Classes & Genus was approaching such a primitive archaic type of Erectus… and their order to shut down the Peking Man exhibit due to the Chinese inadvertently supplying Yeren material in the mix (which also can interbreed with modern humans producing the Homo Erectus/”Peking Man” appearance.
          Those California sketches represent a much more human-like than average bigfoot (like some Negro post Dust Bowl California migrant raped) thus throwing that as a TYPICAL worthwhile specimen way off the curve.
          Giganto (but crudely ham-fisted in due to no mostly full skeletons available to the public )(grin) is likely the more pigeon-holed attempt at a little accurracy.

  5. For all of us ”average” bigfoot folks who have read a couple of thousand reports, gone to conferences, etc., etc. I sure hope we find something out as soon as it is possible. I hope the folks with all the information don’t play games and not tell us what we’ve waited for years to hear otherwise it’ll be the same old crap of being secretive for no real reason other than to be on apower trip. The bigfoot world is full of people full of crap and it’s time to crap or get off the pot. I want to thank Robert for all of his work keeping folks up on things the best he can.

  6. The photos sure look like fur, as opposed to hair. More specifically, fox fur. The color matches fox as well. Do your own due diligence as to the difference because I am not an expert. Hair is much thinner than fur, however. Look in a mirror to verify.
    Regarding the Smithsonian, I witnessed their display of the Patterson Gimlin film in the summer of 1968. An employee there, mentioned at the time as I was gazing into the glass display, that the FBI wanted them to take it down. Locally, the FBI will admit that the big guys are paranormal, but you have to get past the “ditsy blond” who answers the phones, and talk to their Bigfoot expert. He will also admit that there are more paranormal people out there than just Bigfoot. I concur. The FBI’s policy is to not scare the public, but once the public has already figured it out, then the FBI can’t be accused of scaring them. As he explained it, the FBI does not go out of there way to tell people about them because as far as they know, they are not a threat to humans.
    That is of course assuming that you are not a young female running around the woods in the middle of the night, while completely naked. Which would be a pretty good way of permanently disappearing from this dimension, in my opinion. I prefer to just stay close to my vehicle at night, stay on the roadway, and remain fully clothed.

      1. I concur. Regardless of what some folks may think of David, those 2 books should be in the library of anyone even remotely interested in either bigfoot or missing persons in general. And he doesn’t even blame it on BF. He just presents the stories as taken from police reports, newspaper articles, eyewitness reports, etc.
        Trust me. You’ll never look at the woods the same again, and you’ll never think of BF as the “peaceful keeper of the forest” again, either. They can be just as violent and malevolent as we can.

        1. There are large bipedal and unfriendly, paranormal people in the woods at night. I ran into one of them once. I sensed that this individual was evil and made a continuous raspy snake like noise for about 5 minutes, without stopping to catch it’s breath. It worked it’s way closer and closer to me and only retreated when I recalled that I had a 357 in my pocket and just might have to use it. So they are telepathic too. It got as close as about 50 feet, and was not visible with gen 3 night vision with IR assist. It was not likely a bigfoot so you cannot arbitrarily blame Paulides missing persons list on bigfoot. Bigfoot normally stand off at least 50 yards unless they trust you. Then they may come closer. The BFRO has an identical description of what I heard, on their website. But they did not see what it was, as well. They appear to be very very rare, however.

  7. Robert, what is Sharonlee doing running her mouth on you. Who is she? I’ve heardher name in bigfoot circles but what is her contribution to research if anything? What little I know of her is that she has a potty mouth. She doesn’t seem to know sqat about you but runs her pie hole just the same. Nor does she seem to know about justin Smelya but runs on him also.

    1. All I know about her what I’ve come across in passing. She’s with some Bigfoot org in the southwest, and contributes every so often to a Bigfoot thing on some blogs. Whoopde doo.
      She took umbrage with Robert over some post of his for some forgettable reason, and Robert banned her after her first post here. She even requested to get banned. From what she wrote I could tell that she has a high level of self importance and is highly emotional.
      Rock on, Sharon.

  8. Dood, yur killing me. I’ve been considering training @ the joo-jitsoo school where Joe trains at. I have a friend who teaches classes there. Now I’m going to look like a complete stalker when he shows up. He knows something I’m dying to know. Maybe I should wait until he’s showering and compliment him on his penis , then ease into it.
    Whaddaya think ?

  9. So it appears to have Neanderthal, Human and Desinova genes?
    That actually makes sense, not in that it’s a cross between those species but more in that those genes may have been the ancestral form that the others lost in various ways.
    As an example of this sort of thing part of the human genome is more Orangutan like then the comparable sections in a Chimp or other great apes, some are more gorilla-like then those found in other non-gorilla apes and so on.
    Another species derived from the same ancestor as Modern Man, Neanderthal and Desinovans could be expected to carry some genes associated with each of its close relatives that the others no longer shared with one another.

  10. Robert, I honestly cannot remember where i saw her running on you I was just googling stuff awhile back and saw it. I think or atleast hear she has a site or blog. you’re way too good and above the fray to let this crap bother you. Keep up the good work on the bigfoot Ketchump debalcle. All these bigfoot peeps playing 007 secret agent crap is crazy. of all the crypto, ufo, ghost stuff on the web the bigfoot peeps are head and shoulders above the others in weird and outright stupid and crazy behavior.

  11. What you think of the recent MK Davies clips Robert. Any truth to the rumors that they were all confimed fake priviously??

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