Casteism in India – A Disaster

[youtube=] This video shows that contrary to the continuous lies of Hindutvas and Indian nationalists that casteism does not exist anymore in India and that caste itself is almost completely disappearing, India is still shot through and through with the very worst casteism, from the top of society to the very bottom, from the wealthiest universities and cities to the poorest villages. It spans across all religions in equal virulence – Christian, Muslim and Sikh communities all practice caste despite the continuous lies that they don’t (for instance, in my town, most Sikhs here lie and say that there is no caste whatsoever in Sikkhism – but look at the video and see what a sick lie that is). If you are a Dalit, there is little hope. One wonders why Dalits even bother to convert out of Hinduism and into Islam or Christianity if they are going to be subject to the very same casteism in the new religions. One wonders if there is any way out for the Dalit at all. One Dalit says he considers Buddhism – would that have given him an out? Even in Communist ruled Kerala with its progressive society, caste still rules the day. In fact, the ruling Communist party cadres themselves practice the worst upper caste violence against Dalits who try to seek power in local affairs. So even Marxism doesn’t seem to lead a way out of caste. There doesn’t seem to be any hope at all. Particularly poignant were the segments showing how virtually any caste, even Dalits, has some caste below them to shit on. In this way, almost everyone gets to rule someone else and shit on someone below them, so nearly everyone is a bit of a tyrant with slaves to abuse below him. The casteism is obviously worse in the rural areas, but it’s very bad in the urban areas. Even if you get an MD or a PhD, Dalits still have to deal with it. No matter how high you climb up the educational or occupational ladder, there’s no way out. The government has made casteism illegal, but prosecutions are rare. In particular, at the local level, the state and its police enforce casteism as the local cops are the armed face of the upper castes. Sikkhism, which was specifically created to be anti-caste 500 years ago, is now rife with the sickest casteism. Christianity, the very tenets of which would obviously seem to obviate any caste system, is full of casteism in India. The brotherhood of the ummah, decreed by Mohammad himself, is amended in India in favor of casteism. In a sick show of cynicism, Indian mullahs have written books and issues various fatwas claiming that somehow caste in Indian Islam is Quranic, but it can’t possibly be so. Over and over, the movie quotes Hindu scriptures and interviews lying, slimy Brahmin priests. The priests are clear as they reiterate numbingly that caste is an integral part of Hinduism. Much is made of the Laws of Manu, which are quoted liberally in the video (lying Hindutvas on this site claim that no Hindu follows the Manusmriti anymore.) But watching the video, the opposite seems clear – that the Laws of Manu, strictly enforced, are the living and beating heart of casteism across the land. The Manusmriti are as alive now as when they were penned 2100 years ago. The near-naked Brahmin priest of the Indian holy city on the Ganges who is interviewed repeatedly throughout the movie is a particularly sick joke of a man. All of the Hindu holy men in the movie seem like idiotic caricatures. Yes, they have perfected the art of staring at one’s navel, slowing down one’s heartbeat and meditating for hours at a time. But at the same time they rule over of a barbaric cultural-religious system that is not only utterly devoid of morality but that promotes the most grotesque and pitiful blatant immorality. But that’s fine because all that is important is navel gazing, music and perfecting one’s yogic discipline. The solipsism of this religion seems directly tied to its amorality. One ends the video with little hope for India. On the caste front, all seems hopeless. Indians are ferociously religious, and divorcing caste from Hinduism seems virtually impossible without neutering the religion to such an extent that it can barely exist anymore. One walks away from this viewing convinced that Indian society is sick at its very essence, terminally ill with no hope of cure in our lifetimes.

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39 thoughts on “Casteism in India – A Disaster”

  1. “his video shows that contrary to the continuous lies of Christians and American nationalists that racism does not exist anymore in America and that race itself is almost completely disappearing, America is still shot through and through with the very worst racism, from the top of society to the very bottom, from the wealthiest universities and cities to the poorest villages.”

  2. If anyone has the right to shit on, are the “True Brahmins” including the White people. White people are called “Mlechhas” meaning “Dirty”; meaniing Spirtiually dirty[even perhaps physically dirty] for killing and eating Animals.

  3. There is a Problem here……………..
    If you see that Documentary most of those guys are Complaining about basic Thing that happens in Nature..
    Nature itself is racist Robert..It promotes Strong and Destroys Weak
    This is where Socialism fails–Socialism is a Collective Suffering
    Just because Few people are Weak and DownTrodden Socialists want Entire Human Race to Suffer
    Thats not How Evolution Progresses .
    These People if they were given Natural Order , they would disappear
    And more over these Guys are complaining about how majority of Muslims and Christians are Dalits and How minority of High caste is Crushing them under their Feet
    Its Completely Laughable..No body asked a Dalit to Breed in large numbers
    My question to these people–If they know that there is a great discrimination, why do they choose to Breed ?, that too in very high proportion .
    Majority of brahmins have 1 or 2 Kids –2 kids is maximum a brahmin can afford amidst of all Discrimination that Brahmins go through
    These people Breed because they know how system works,They breed to garner sympathy,Majority in vote bank politics and using democracy and sympathy as front ends to extend their parasitic living
    Their contribution is trivial even after over 60 percent reservation
    All they have done and can do is complain–They are like gypsies , first you feel sympathetic but once you understand them closely you will hate them most

  4. To Indians commenting:
    So are White people (British) in India treated as a lower caste? I don’t get it. I thought they were respected due to the Aryan migration propaganda.
    And how are other races viewed in India and how do they fall into the caste system? Please tell me how the following people fit in:
    Please give an independent statement for each of these peoples.

    1. Ishmael, all of the listed would be outside of the South Asian caste system, though they may have their own caste systems in there countries. They, along with Brits, are videsis, foreigners and would not be considered high or low in the South Asian caste system but completely outside of it. They may be respected to disrespected depending on their individual behaviour while they are touring or living in South Asia.

      1. “They may be respected to disrespected depending on their individual behaviour while they are touring or living in South Asia.”
        …and depending on the color of their skin, texture of their hair and overall structure of their face.
        These are Indians we are talking about, right?

      2. “They may be respected to disrespected depending on their individual behaviour while they are touring or living in South Asia.”
        Spoken like a clueless desi. It isn’t individual behaviour that gets white women targeted as sex objects or North Eastern people in general targeted for ethnic discrimination.

        1. @ Steve
          “but do they have a rank in the caste system or was she right they are outside of it?”
          They are outside of it all right, but most mainland Hindu Indians have a strong dislike for ‘Indian’ people they couldn’t fit into their Hindu casteist hierarchy. I couldn’t bring up a sociological study on the issue by Prof. Madhu Chandra but I am on vacation at the moment.

        2. White women are targetted by eve teasers to no higher degree than local desi women. It all comes down to sexual repression. But those same white women who are targetted by eve teasers are also treated very well by the Indians who host them “athithi devo bhava”, just like the desi women who are targetted by eve teasers are (hopefully) treated well by their family and friends.
          Ishmael, if you go to India you will be treated with respect by the people who host you and who you make friends with. That doesn’t mean they’d want you marrying their kid, but they will respect you as a human being and Indian families are well known for hospitality. At the same time you have to be careful of being being swindled by people who may think you’re rich simply because you are from outside of India. If you are female you have to be aware of eve teasers. Most Indian women suffer from them. Quite frankly even if you’re a guy, and especially a good looking one, you have to be careful from eve teasers.
          And if you’re gay – India is a paradise because it is a homosocial culture with lots of bromance and homo-eroticism. However, that doesn’t mean “gay” as such. In India its difficult to tell the hetero men from the homo because bromance is so common in the general hetero population.

    2. All of them are Mlecha or foreign barbarian, less than an untouchable
      African would be lowest
      Muslim would be one level up from African
      Indian Christian is one level up from Muslim
      White Christian is one level up from Indian christian, due to lighter skin being a marker of upper caste
      A buddhist Chinese may be acceptable, if he is not a dog-eater
      because, lots of Oriental race Hindus and Buddhists in North east India, many in upper caste. It would help a Chinese to claim to be Nepalese or Assamese
      What is considered ideal skin color is Kashmiri or Persian color, not Nordic
      During british rule, the Maharajas would not shake hands with the white viceroy, because it would pollute them. Some Maharajas would shake hands with the white viceroy, by wearing gloves and preventing direct contact with a Mlecha

    3. According to the documentary – Syed, Shiekhs, Mirzas, Pathans were all higher caste Muslim groups. Does the Muslim community place more emphasis on caste based on relation to Arab/descendants from Mohammad? Because all those upper caste groups are arab,persian or afghan.
      This caste stuff is disgusting, but very fascinating. I think many commenters are offended by the ‘official’ policies against them, but please – whites treat heavily mestizo hispanics and blacks the same way.
      Hello! ‘Black Churches’/’White Churches’, ‘ghettos’, etc.

  5. Don’t you think that certain of the Dalits strongly physically resemble monkeys?
    I’m not even an Indian, but I’m struck by this powerful and obvious resemblance.
    There is probably a lot of primitive erectus non-sapien blood in the Dalits. Advanced stocks came from west Asia, saw the obvious primitiveness in the Dalits (separated in the dark forests of India from sapient blood for millenia), and were horrified.
    Anyway, saying all that ‘high-caste’ Indian men have no problem wahtsoever fucking polluted, monkeyish Dalit women and impregnating with their seed – which is raised as Dalits! – A small example of horrible Indian exploitation, duplicity and treachery.

    1. Dalits are not an ethno-genetic group, they are a social class.
      In order to dismantle the caste system we need to get rid of the sexual marxist arranged marriage and joint family construct which is centered on caste, and open the floodgates of a competitive sexual market wherein men and women across castes and sub-cultures compete for one another.

      1. Who are you talking about? Dalits? I’m telling you dalits are not an ethno-genetic group but a social class. You, like many non-Desis, are under the impression that they are all clustered in a certain area of India and look similar. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The are a social class found throughout India with a wide variety of skin tones, features and hair types.

        1. Bhabhi ji is right.
          Western people even after the 2000 years of study of Indian history are completely unaware of some basic facts which are always twisted in the western text available on net. Such laughable misconceptions are-
          1. Brahmins are White/Fair- False
          2. Shudras are black.- False Again
          So if the caste-system was the construct of White Aryans why would they place other black natives over them in caste-system??

        2. Again no one knows if the original Aryans were white or Arab colored or whatever, there are no real documents that date back to such a long period in time. There are White people and white ethnic groups that don’t speak Indo-Aryan languages, such as Finns and Hungarians. This could mean that separate white groups existed during the time of the Indo-Aryans.

    2. Many Dalits are Y-Haplogroup = F,
      F is the closest Y-Haplogroup to Australian Aborigines and Negritos and Black Africans
      And how about millions of whites fucking Blacks and Australian aborigines and raising the kids as black mullatoes

  6. In Urban areas, Dalits who get rich due to quota get themselves an upper-caste or brahmin trophy wife
    Udit Raj, a dalit millionaire, and politician openly boasts that his upper caste wife is as white skin as an English woman
    Ram Vilas Paswan, a dalit billionaire and polygamist, dumped his ugly dalit wife and bigamously married a gold-digger trophy fair brahmin wife
    Has a picture of Dalit billionaire Ram Vilas Paswan
    On his left is his fair brahmin trophy 2nd wife and her kids
    On his right are his kids from his first dalit wife
    Almost every dalit millionaire and politician gets himself a fair brahmin trophy wife or mistress

    1. Exactly Bharani is right, Dalits constitute 85 percent of India and if you include Muslims almost 93 Percent of India today is Dalit Paradise
      Now have you ever wondered why country has become so filthy
      Because Dalits are allowed to breed and Corrupt, These people are degenerate since their birth itself is a sin .
      People who cannot fathom this , will quibble over senseless things-
      India can be reformed but for that Dalits must be exterminated, now its impossible to completely exterminate over a Billion parasitic Welfare humans who sole purpose is to Over breed and corrupt the society
      So we must seek for alternative ways to tackle the “Dalit Question”
      Dalits are Involved in Almost every major indian corrupt scandal from A.Raja to Majawathi
      Dalits are not just plague to India but these charlatans were allowed into temples and now these crooks have become new generation Hindutva vadi’s
      These Dalits have no history ,More over these crooks dont understand simple thing
      Its actually a Rich Dalit which exploits Poor Dalit not brahmin.
      Brahmin has given a Place for Dalit, We have alloted them their position in society and it will not change no matter if they get some Trophy left wing Brahmin women or Upper caste money hungry Sluts
      Their living mechanism and their life is Full of degeneracy even though they get some Harvard to Degree to fool around .
      A dalit is corrupt from his early life,No one is born Corrupt but when a Human is born in Dalit family he becomes a parasite automatically.
      Dalits are societal parasites .
      Most indian degeneracy and absolute lack of Environmental sense can be attributed to Dalits
      They have destroyed Ecology and Economy of nation and still their Belly’s aren’t filled their mind hasn’t reformed , their deeds are left unpunished
      100 years ago, we would have starved these Dogs , but sadly Left wing Socialist charlatans have over taken India
      And we have move to Europe to contribute to European nations
      What Subcontinent needs is Complete Brahmin Nation, away from filth of Dalit
      We would be living a happy self satisfied life with very good social,Scientific and economic progress

      1. To think that I am being mistaken for another guy that used to be on this blog whom I had no relation with and being told I am a troll because of racism yeesh!! We have this guy above me and another newcomer saying dalit’s look like monkeys and have non-sapien blood. Worst of all people are actually listening to these people and aren’t calling them on anything.

      2. Indian Man-Brahmin, you are a hopeless bigot and your facts are all wrong. From where are you pulling your claim that Dalits make up 85% of India. You have absolutely no sense of history. To get a good India of the recent history of caste, you should read Castes of Mind (Dirks) or The Caste Question (Rao). Only on the internet would you have the gall to speak with such hateful, uninformed idiocy.

  7. In Uttar Pradesh, the Dalit Chief Minister , Mayawati got half the votes of brahmins
    Thats because , the brahmin has no power to oppress, and the real oppressor is the middle-caste kulak landlord, who oppresses both the dalits and the upper castes

  8. Caste rules among even the Maoist Naxalites
    In different areas, the Naxalites are made of certain local castes and they will kill
    cops of other castes, but spare cops of their own caste

  9. Udit Raj, millionaire dalit politician talking about his fair upper caste wife – I am very dark, almost black, but my wife is as fair as an English woman and I must say that although ours was a love marriage in which her intrinsic qualities mattered more than looks, I found her fair skin very attractive,” says Udit Raj.

    1. Some Dalit website was claiming Aiswarya Rai as a “dalit sister oppressed by her upper caste husband and in laws” LOL!

  10. Killing and eating Animals is a sin. Animals are no different from Humans, Infact it has been scientifically proven even Plants have some concisousness, and feeling. It is the stupid who dont see Unity behind Diversity. True Brahmins remain aloof becoz we cannot change the lower castes.
    Lower caste politicans get elected by bribing vast majority of illirate Indians with Illicit Liqor. Worst thing to happen to India was Democracy. Brahmins no longer can be blamed for the mess.
    In India Crimanls are afraid of other Criminals and seek Police protection, this ethos will invaded even Indian Politics.

  11. The real reason behind the whole mess in India is caste system. It has created two classes over the years: the oppressors and the oppressed. The only way one can change India is by changing the caste mindset.
    The most effective model we can follow is the Chinese communist-capitalist model where the government is run by powerful technocrats. In a country like India where majority are illiterate, democracy is not practical.

  12. The comments above is a pretty good example why India continues to lag generations behind the World. Backward by decades, probably more like a century. I fully agree with the article, and its sad that Indians do not realize that discrimination within their own society to such a degrading degree it like cutting the branch you are sitting on.

  13. India is the only country where we hate our fellow country people. Everyday the newspapers are full of the news of Dalits being harassed or even killed by the upper caste communities, simply because they are Dalits. Is this our “rich culture” which we brag about all over the world? I think this country is a hell for its own nationals. So where should they (Dalits)go? Should they be expatriated? Or demand a separate nation for themselves to live peacefully? People from India please comment. (especially from upper castes)
    The Government of India has done absolutely nothing about it, because the majority of people in power belongs to upper caste communities and every body is reluctant to any action against the culprits.
    I appeal to the world community to intervene and raise their voice against atrocities upon low caste people in India.

    1. Japanese-born Surai Sasai emerged as an important Buddhist leader in India. Sasai came to India in 1966 and met Nichidatsu Fuji, whom he helped with the Peace Pagoda at Rajgir. He fell out with Fuji, however, and started home, but, by his own account, was stopped by a dream in which a figure resembling Nagarjuna appeared and said, “Go to Nagpur”. In Nagpur, he met Wamanrao Godbole, the person who had organised the conversion ceremony for Dr. Ambedkar in 1956. Sasai claims that when he saw a photograph of Dr. Ambedkar at Godbole’s home, he realised that it was Ambedkar who had appeared in his dream. At first, Nagpur folk considered Surai Sasai very strange. Then he began to greet them with “Jai Bhim” (victory to Ambedkar) and to build viharas. In 1987 a court case to deport him on the grounds that he had overstayed his visa was dismissed, and he was granted Indian citizenship. Sasai is one of the main leaders of the campaign to free the Mahabodhi Temple at Bodh Gaya from Hindu control

      1. Fascinating, didn’t realized there were Japanese folk trying to help Dalits in India. This is good news though, those poor oppressed castes in India need all the help they can get.

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