"Sexual Marxism" Has Always Been the Norm for Human Society

Bhabiji writes:

Bob, you are confusing feminism, which is a social construct, with nature. Sexual selection is natural. Arranged marriage system or sexual Marxism is a social construct that thwarts the natural developmental progress of humanity. Just look at all the cultures that practice arranged marriage today. Look at the type of children they are breeding and churning out, particularly the males.

Wrong. If you study primitive or tribal cultures and then you study more civilized societies of various types historically, which I have, at length, you realize that marriage was more or less mandated for all persons, often at an early age. The sexual selection was in favor of the more high status males, who women competed for probably.Or males competed with each other to get the best females. Only a few women got the high status males. The rest had to settled for mid status to low status males, and they did. There were no winners or losers because everyone got married. This is really the only way to run things. So human society has always been run on some sort of a Sexual Marxist basis. The alternative is some Hobbesian Sexual Nightmare state where you have all these millions of Incels running around. Doing what? I don’t know? Shooting up theaters?

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35 thoughts on “"Sexual Marxism" Has Always Been the Norm for Human Society”

  1. I’ve never heard of sexual Marxism but I am in favor of arranged marriages. I think everyone is happier that way and everything just runs smoother.

    1. I’m from an arranged marriage culture and I can tell you from personal experience it is not true that “everyone is happier that way and everything just runs smoother”.

      1. Dear Bhabiji,
        Problem is not about Arranged marriage System ,Europe followed this Before Victorian Times, and absolutely they had no problem in Evolutionary pattern
        Problem with Indian Sub continent people is that they are evolved as Parasites in Human form
        I have done a great Biological Genetic Research to understand Behaviourism among indians–Today no body really studies Behaviourism in Psychology Classes
        But if you examine–I strongly Feel that Biologically Most Indians are By product of Mixed heritage –Basically They are amalgamation of all Many Genetic Traits
        Every colonial Power Raped Indians–Perhaps thats why Kissinger termed Indians as “Bastardized Race”
        This is exactly true–Whole India is a Bastardized Ethnic Group which evolved Differently From rest of Human beings
        Due to this worse Mixture of many Genetic Traits –Indian Today adopted his life to Parasitism
        In short –Indian or Subcontinental Man today is product of Thousands of years of Bastardization and Dirty Gene pool.
        This Created modern Indian–The most Filthiest Form of human Alive–Perhaps the most Degenerate In Entire Human Species
        Every Evolutionary Biologist who Delves Deep into these issues will understand what i am speaking about.
        So all the problems in regard with Arranged marriage , Sexual abstinence prior to marriage or Cheating,Impotence and Small penis, Erectile dysfunction–All of these Issues are most common among Subcontinent men especially modern Indian men
        As most of them are Biological Parasites with Bastardized Gene pool.
        India today is an Example for every Society which promotes Multiculturalism ,India shows to every nations which practises Inter cultural Breedhing.
        When a Race of Humans were Fucked by British,French,Persians,Mongols,Greeks,Turks and Arabs–The by product is Bastardized Subcontinental Indian man
        Now you would have recognized why India is an Abyss..it’s not just hell on earth
        It a place where entire Human progress gets stifled ,Humanity ceases to exist–Simply Entire Human Evolution (Both Spiritual and Physical )Stops.
        There is no Hope out there, I pray that nature Will take care of Disease Called an Indian which is spreading like Cancer into every society today

        1. “Problem is not about Arranged marriage System ,Europe followed this Before Victorian Times, and absolutely they had no problem in Evolutionary pattern”
          They rejected it, that’s why. Indian men cling to it, as well as joint family structure and fail to individuate from their parents as adults.

        2. Mohit, an open sexual market does not have to produce bastard children. There’s a thing called safe sex now.

        3. IndianMan-Brahmin, “But if you examine–I strongly Feel that Biologically Most Indians are By product of Mixed heritage –Basically They are amalgamation of all Many Genetic Traits”
          If what you write is true, this would make Indians stronger and more fit, not less so. Genetic variety and cross breeding results in a tougher organism.

    2. Not everyone is happier but not everyone is suffering. And interestingly nothing of both is because of arrange marriages. Its about male mentality. So many couple out of arranged marriages are suffering and so many couple in the arrange marriages are happier.
      Its all about how your males are.

        1. Well, superficially speaking, a lot of them have no idea about male grooming, simple rules of dressing and grooming to get the best out of one’s appearance, and no ghost of an idea how to talk to women, as potential sex partners or otherwise. Something that is more or less taken for granted by most Western women in any normal, average man. And the rougher, more aggressive among them have a sense of entitlement and they act out on this on the street. Though their stupid machoness never gets them laid, except through an arranged marriage.

  2. The alternative is some Hobbesian Sexual Nightmare state where you have all these millions of Incels running around. Doing what? I don’t know?
    Shooting up theaters?

    I would be interested to know what James Holmes’s relationship/sex history was.
    From what I’ve gathered, he was a geeky introvert who often kept to himself. That alone would be an indication that he was an incel.

    1. “The alternative is some Hobbesian Sexual Nightmare state where you have all these millions of Incels running around. Doing what? I don’t know?”
      Those men can’t get women because there’s likely something wrong with them to begin with. Not the other way around.

  3. Bobby, this comment is for you, off topic (only slightly), but in regards to your perception that Desi Hindus “hate” the West, the White man, Christianity and Islam.
    Let me ask you this: does it make sense to be “tolerant” of non-tolerant ideologies. If a tolerant society tolerates intolerance, what will be the result.
    The default position of the Hindu towards other religions is a natural tolerance and respect. We respect the natural right of anyone to worship as they see fit. Its a non-issue for us and always has been.
    But rarely, when in conversation with muslims or christians does it go like this:
    M/C: Hi.
    H: Hi.
    M/C: I’m a m/c.
    H: That’s cool. I respect all religions and recognize them as valid.
    M/C: Yeah me too. What religion are you?
    H: Hindu.
    M/C: I respect Hinduism and recognize it as valid, though I naturally prefer my religion to your’s, simply because it works for me.
    Rather here’s what Hindu’s have experienced time and again.
    M/C: I’m an m/c.
    Hindu: Cool. I respect all religions and view each as valid in its own way.
    M/C: Well, if that’s the case you should convert to Islam/Christianity because I don’t respect your religion or see it as valid but you respect mine therefore you should convert to it because it is more valid than your’s.
    Tolerance and respect only work when its a two way street.

  4. Robert
    I agree in general about sexual marxism. It is a system that has worked well in India for example. Even leaving aside all of Indians’ flaws, this is a positive. Whether it is the rich or poor, each man (well excluding those communities that indulge in female foeticide) is guaranteed a bride within his caste/community who will stay with him forever. Indian women are remarkably loyal and resourceful and if the men are ok with having only one woman (albeit dedicated to him only), it is great.
    As has been mentioned in this blog before, in the open market, women would rather be celibate for a while and ride the alpha cock train rather than go out with an available beta guy who may not match their standards (whatever the hell they may be looking for). This would only lead to frustration. Also, men need reasonable sex to be productive. I’m sure that being incel is fucking up the productivity of men even more. Instead of putting more effort in work, time is spent trying to get dates and keep a bitch happy. The older they get, the more difficult it becomes and so the productivity of more experienced, managerial level candidates is being affected. THAT would lead to even more shoddy work all the way down.
    Bottomline, sex is just too trivial for women to be cheating, playing games or acting plain repulsed. Men have better things to do. Like research, build infrastructure etc. Men made America and not women. Men DESERVE sex. Bitches better comply.

    1. ” I’m sure that being incel is fucking up the productivity of men even more. ”
      Not necessarily, I haven’t had sex in about 5 months now but I’m fairly productive. But then I do meditate on OM every morning. It would be interesting to see a study that examines this relationship. Other than that, everything else you said up there is Gold star.

      1. I am sure it does to a certain extent. It may not personally affect you but I am sure men do get depressed if they are not getting it after a while. There was a study conducted on the relationship between marital distress and productivity. Here is an example:
        Ok now “marital distress” translates to court decisions, splitting (nay giving up) possessions etc but it also translates to “No Pussy” to a certain extent. This is a very loose correlation at best but in my heart I believe that if all the men were guaranteed sex say once a week, productivity would increase manifold. Sex is just a basic need like food and water. Especially for men. I can’t dig up a paper related to that and it definitely would be a good study.
        “But then I do meditate on OM every morning”
        You surprise me. It helps much? You have a guru or someone you follow?

        1. Your argument is a bit of a stretch, but you might be right, its worth looking into nonetheless.
          Meditation certainly helps if you do it regularly, and I admit I have been pretty lax about it from time to time. I generally start meditating on OM for a few minutes to still my mind and relax the body. Then I practice mindful meditation (Buddhist style) for the remainder of my session. I don’t really follow any Guru although my mother has been trying to get me into swami Ramdev, whom she frankly adores. Meditation increases your attention and enables you to control troublesome thoughts more effectively. I might not like Hindu ethics or idol worship, but there are certain aspects of Hindu philosophy I try live by. There are also certain aspects of Hindu philosophy that are very problematic, but lets not go there right now.

        2. Aakash, odd that you bring up incel but fail to recognize it in Indian culture. Because India lacks an open sexual market and dating culture the unmarried men there are highly sexually frustrated until their marriages are arranged, these days later and later, sometimes not even until late 20s. Their culture and society expects them to remain dateless, girlfriendless and celibate until that time. This is why eve teasing is rampant.
          After marriage it is scarcely better, with the joint family household offering little if any privacy at all for the new couple to explore a satisfying and uninhibited sex life together.
          In an open sexual market and dating culture however, men and women who cannot get dates because of being “unattractive” can upgrade themselves through self improvement thus increasing their chances for love, sex, or both.
          If even this doesn’t work well then there’s something called “settling”. No matter how unattractive you are, there’s always someone out even less attractive than you who might be willing to date you.
          Sexual marxism is the very last refuge of the lowest of sexual losers.

        3. Bhabiji
          “This is why eve teasing is rampant.”
          Uhm no. Desi Muslims and Christians live in pretty much the same culture as well, but do not breed hordes of ‘eve teasers’.

        4. Good for you. I have never meditated. Too disturbed a soul. Tried yoga but failed miserably. I live off by my hyper activity and loads of coffee.
          While I am no expert on hindu philosophy, it is obvious that my people have issues and are deeply flawed. In fact, it is the great meditating and musical traditions that keep some people civilized (at least those who indulge in these). Otherwise, a common Hindu on the street needs a lot of civilizing help. Lets make that a common Indian on the street and leave it there. As David white at UCSB states here,
          Yoga, music etc are the elite traditions of the Indians and it is a misconception that these are universally practiced. The religion as practiced on the ground has nothing in common with these “Elite” traditions. Agree with him on that. It is the caste system that has prevented these traditions from reaching the common man. If anything, we need to dig through Shudras and I’m sure there are talented performers among them too. We could learn a lot from them also to even further Indian music and its variety and beauty.
          I’m a huge fan of Veena and while I grew up listening to Sitar music (hindustani) a little bit, I’ve taken to the sound of Veena even more since I heard Punya Srinivas perform. The carnatic percussion is peppy and the instrumentation is off the charts. Love that. Again, “elite” traditions that should really be pervasive. Hindus are missing opportunities every day by being exclusivist.

        5. For the record, I have seen men who have girlfriends or live in ‘nuclear’ households with their wives lech, ogle and pass comments on women as well. So your explanation that ‘sexual frustration forces men to harass women’ doesn’t quite fly.

        6. Actually I meditate all the time myself. Not sure how good I am at it. It does help me. I also do Kundalini Yoga practice. I have done Zen stuff for a long time. And I still have OCD. They do all help though. I also take psych meds (Lexapro). That probably helps more than anything. I also do special therapies, something like behavior therapy and exposure and response prevention (ERP)

  5. @ Aakash
    You have a good point regarding incel, but wouldn’t celibacy make you more aggressive, mean and motivated to do things (and improve your prospects in the process)? I used to lay off sex (or any type of sexual activity) for months before a sporting event. Made me a lot less ‘diplomatic’ in the playing field and had actual (visible) improvements in my performance and motivation. Perhaps it is just a person-to-person thing.
    @ Dota
    Interesting. So, how does medidation help – by increasing your will power or by slaking your drive?

    1. The maximum I’ve been incel has been 8 months. This was when I first enrolled at grad school (and my first time in the US) back in 2005. I was tremendously frustrated and it dissipated my motivation. Now, I not only had school to worry about but also getting sex. My performance was not that great in the first semester. Eventually, I lucked out and landed a desi chick from abu dhabi and was so glad god made Malayali chicks. We were at it for a while before she moved on to another university for a PhD. After that, I started reading game books (David De Angelo etc) and started getting more dates. However, those eight months were desperate for me. I get my share now (3-4 a year on an average) which is not great but just about sufficient and keeps me sane.
      My point is that while you become edgy while you are not getting any, that soon turns into desperation if you fear that you MAY NOT get any for some time. I’ve been through that and it was horrible. In your case, maybe you never felt any desperation? You were always confident that you would get some? Not me. At least in India, I had a couple of Indian chicks. In the US, the Indian origin girls born here suck ass and will not even talk to me.

    2. Aakash and AI
      Meditation doesn’t exactly slake your drive, but it makes you more aware of your subconscious. Desire and sexual urges work on the subconscious level and what meditation effectively does is it takes your mind of auto pilot. So when you feel a craving, your conscious mind is acutely aware of it, is able to focus on it, until the craving goes away. I forgot to mention that meditation should be performed in conjunction with another activity that releases creative energy. I paint; and while I’m a lousy painter (I’m more of a penciler) the activity does provide me with a creative outlet. Reproduction is about creation, the goal is to channel this energy towards another creative outlet. This method helps people avoid sexually deviant behavior. The ancient Brahmins were able to channel their sexual energy towards constructive intellectual pursuits and that was the secret of their success. Unfortunately in typical lousy Hindu fashion they elevated themselves at the expense of everybody else via caste.
      I highly recommend this fellow’s videos. I like Swami Ramdev too, but his shudh Hindi is annoying to follow at times.

    3. @ Aakash
      Interesting. I had my own period of extended celibacy, during my early college years. I was pretty much kicked out of home, so I lived a very spartan lifestyle, working in a pub to make ends meet. I wasn’t ‘desperate’ as such, since I knew I was fairly attractive (I got laid in the past, when I was living back home). The women who showed interest at the pub were 30+ sagging aunties though, so I decided I wouldn’t lower my standards and would rather stay celibate than be someone’s boy toy. So maybe the knowledge that I could get laid if and when I wanted, helped.
      I don’t know much about US, but in Canada, I noticed that the desi girls there are mostly average looking but have the attitude of princesses. I don’t know if it is a result of the excessive pampering by their parents or perhaps their (advertised) rejection of Indian guys is an attempt to get acceptance into the white mainstream (since women are far more status/class conscious then men and make far more efforts/sacrifices for ‘status upgrades’). It might be a brown thing as well, since I have seen both Indians and Arabs denigrade brown people of other ethnic groups when they are among whites.
      @ Dota
      Interesting. Perhaps it is the divinity attached to ‘channeling sexualk energy in other pursuits’ is what created most of the taboos against sexuality and romance in the Hindu culture? After all, the fear of unrestricted sexuality leading to deviance is perhaps what might have caused the mainlanders to denigrate sex altogether.

  6. I don’t agree that human society was sexually marxist. Most societies in the past were polygamous where the men with the most resources and potential got the most women. It was the norm even in ‘arranged marriage’ feudal societies. The modern day monogamy where a man is supposedly mated for life with one woman is a rather recent percept, one that came out of post-Reformation morality and one which promotes apathy and proclivity in the long term.
    Human sexual marketplace has been traditionally guided by Darwinian principles. Even among homosexuals today, it is the most attractive and resourceful who get the most mates.

    1. Atheist Indian, I’m a huge fan of what you call “elite” indian culture like classical music and dance but even a bigger fan of localized Indian folk culture which permeates every village and household. You are wrong and completely out of touch with the “real India”(the vast majority of it) if you think music and other art forms are not present there. In our rituals, traditions, every day things we have this. Our yoga is not surya namaskar for a tighter ass but puja, prarthana, kirtan and thakur seva. We may not have fancy saris and expensive instruments to play like the lady in the video above (which I appreciated) but we have our art, culture and spirituality too, which is very strong in us.
      “Uhm no. Desi Muslims and Christians live in pretty much the same culture as well, but do not breed hordes of ‘eve teasers’.”
      Are you fucking kidding me? You’re not a woman so you wouldn’t know. That shit crosses all boundaries in India. The only common thread in being an eve teaser is being male.

      1. “yoga” is “elite” in India? Yeah all those millions of sadhus at the Kumba Mela are our “elite”. LOL. If that’s the case we are in big trouble. Or maybe not. They would make more tolerable elites than the ones we have now.
        PS: India is a culture of incels. Do you really think hormonally charged 20 something young men and women want to wait til they have an arranged marriage to do it? We are forced into chastity.

  7. @ Bhabiji
    “You are wrong and completely out of touch with the “real India”(the vast majority of it) if you think music and other art forms are not present there. ”
    What are you blabbering about? Read my comments again. What is it with desis and their unwillingness to listen to others, before they start pushing their own words into others’ mouths?
    India might be a culture of incels, but thats not what is responsible for the eve teasing epidemic in the country. It is the low status of women accorded in Hindu culture, as well as the shaming of normal (male and female) expressions of sexuality thats the culprit.

    1. “India might be a culture of incels, but thats not what is responsible for the eve teasing epidemic in the country. It is the low status of women accorded in Hindu culture, as well as the shaming of normal (male and female) expressions of sexuality thats the culprit.”
      SMH, the shaming of sexuality and incel go hand in hand. Because normal and healthy expressions adult male and female sexuality are shamed, they are forced to be incel until marriage which sometimes isn’t even until late 20s. Then comes the shaming of married sexuality within the joint family structure, which creates another type of incel, the married incel.

        1. All you have to do is go on the Desi blogs and forums where hundreds, nay thousands, probably millions of Desis are venting their sexual frustrations wrt living in a joint family household where they go no privacy.
          Married incel is talked about on the MRM blogs as well. They claim women, under the hypnotic influence of Feminism, are withholding sex from their beta husbands as a sort of punishment while they bang a hot alpha stud on the sly, eventually making a cuckhold out of Hubbie when a baby arrives and the poor guy thinks its his.
          Women are evil.
          The MRAsphere, despite generally tending right and calling anyone with even the slightest socialist idea a “commie” and labeling feminists and women in general as “cultural Marxists” are actually Sexual Marxists because they believe a woman should be “assigned” to them and a hot one at that! They are unable or unwilling to upgrade themselves and compete in an open sexual market. Just who is supposed to be the one to assign them a hot wife or girlfriend is never said. Maybe Obama?
          Anyway, those bastards are far more “leftist” than they realize.
          Read this

  8. @ Robert Lindsay
    Mainland Indian cultures aren’t heavy on discussing and sorting out their social problems, so you’d see a lot less blogs/forums discussing the issue than there should be. It is considered more ‘decent’ to push a problem under the rug and pretend everything is fine.
    Bhabiji is right that married incel is big in India. However, I am not too sure the blame is on joint family or arranged marriages. Even among urban households where it is just the couple living together and they married for love, married incel is rather common, perhaps because the finality of marriage in the Hindu culture means both the husband and wife take each other for granted and lose their attraction for each other. Or perhaps, these blokes were too conservative to experiment and assess their sexual compatibility in a culture where sex before marriage is the biggest social taboo (rape = ok, sex before marriage = not ok).
    In case of stale marriages in mainland India, divorce is not an option, since the Hindu society is vehemently against it. Besides, divorce is played out as a civil case in India, which means it would take years to get a divorce under the Hindu Marriage Act even if both partners are completely for it.

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