Lousy Life or Happy Death? Which to Choose?

Jake writes:

Now about the Dravidians and my Nazi like comments, I know it sounds extreme to say they should be dead. I was arguing with Steve about this but given that through centuries of social and biological engineering through this “Indian” culture, some of these people are socially excluded from a lot of spheres in life and don’t have the ability to compete with other groups when in terms of creating and having a “happy life”.
They face exclusion from every society they go to and the only way they can leverage society towards them is to breed in massive numbers or resort to aggregate behavior where the host society is affected to be focused towards them. So really their entire life is a battle and involves eternal misery/suffering.
Don’t you really think it would have been wise if they didn’t exist and instead went to history along with every other group that was absorbed/destroyed through wars, migrations and conquests?

I will always take existence over nonexistence and life over death. Even a very miserable life is preferable to death, but then I am not suicidal.
I have experienced quite a bit of what others would call total misery, and I even learned to like it or at least live with it. OCD in a way is Hell on Earth, and we just learn to live with it. There are some people who have looked at my life and said, “How can he not be depressed? Look at his life?” But at the time I was not depressed at all. In fact I was quite happy.
Even a crappy life has some value to me. I am not one who expects life to be wonderful and an endless bowl of cherries. To exist at all in at least a halfway decent life is good enough and trumps death and nullification of all in every sense.

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0 thoughts on “Lousy Life or Happy Death? Which to Choose?”

  1. “They face exclusion from every society they go to ”
    South Indians face exclusion from every society they go to?
    SMH. You’ve really got some idiots on here, Bobby.

    1. Actually it’s not just South Indians but Indians in general that happen to be one of the most socially excluded groups in America and the Western world. They are one of those groups that just have a hard time joining or being part of any larger or mainstream social group there is. They are sort of like what blacks were in the old days. Of course this depends on kind of Indian you are dealing with.

      1. Jake, I covered this, its especially true for desi guys like Dota who cling to their families in adulthood. They two this for two reason, culture, and rejection from non-Indian females.
        Ironice isn’t it how Dota extols the virtues to of Western Civilization but spews out vitriol against western women?
        That is because western women are not attracted to him. His mother had to find him a wife.

  2. Robert, Do you believe in Biological Parasitism–Human Parasitism?
    Have you ever thought about parasitic Race or Ethnic Group?
    Gypsies for example are same everywhere–They have no adopted that mode of living but they are Like that, they evolved as parasites
    Just like in Plants, animals –There are few parasitic beings, even among Human Race there exists parasitic Ethnic Groups
    And if you observe with Open mind you can Rank
    In chronological order of Parasitic Ethnic Groups
    Point is –Its not about Religion,Religion is just a mere adaptation mechanism to substitute you social Life
    Every religion has evolved in a way which has suited the belief sets of People living in a region
    If you carefully examine you will understand the reality of Hinduism and -Indians,Mostly Subcontinent People of all nations including srilanka,Bangladesh,Pakistan and to an extent Afghanistan and 100 percent In India
    All these people are Biological Parasites whose contribution is negligible but they exist for sole purpose of Feeding and Breeding and where ever they go , they create a “Filthy Hygienic Conditions ” Around them.
    It’s because of their parasitic Biological Nature–If you observe Animal parasites and Insect parasites , they mostly reside in Faecal matter and urinal matter
    Thats why indians love Urine,Its Biological Parasitism Robert, Indians are not violent, So are parasites,They are subversive and treacherous and Operate as groups .
    Indians Create their natural Habitat everywhere they go, I have seen most indians complaining how much they ,miss the smell of Dust,Urinal Smell and Faecal Smell
    Indian religious temples even portray Sodomy and Anal Fixation.
    To be Candid ,Indians love Faecal matter and the smell and everything about it, its just natural for them because they are parasites–Biological parasites in Human form
    And just like every species (Plant,Animal,Insect have parasite Groups among them) Indians are parasites among human Species
    They purpose is to search for one host after another and Feed on them, They will not react in violent manner as Host will reject them if they behave violently ,Instead They behave subversively and Feed on Resources Created by Hosts
    Thats their mode of living –Living off on others creation, their Bone structures and body is not suitable for hard work, its simply not adapted to do manual labor–So most Indians choose Work in Tele calling and some less manual operations
    And Feed on others, and like every parasite they will become Angry once the host realizes the damage caused by parasites
    I think you need ponder about this Stream of thinking
    And sooner or later you will come to realization that “Indians are parasitic beings in Human form” .
    Well gypsies even Originate from India,That goes to show that Parasitism in Human beings Evolved in People from subcontinent.
    The first parasite in human form must be an indian

  3. Bobby, how does OCD negatively affect your life? Do you also suffer from depression? All the ocd people I know are highly organized and ocd has worked in their favor to make their lives more efficient so I’m curious how it has negatively impacted your’s.

    1. You can’t call me Bobby.
      OCD is a devastating illness. I would say mostly because it makes you seem weird or odd so people don’t really respect you all that much or treat you like there is something wrong with you. Also there is a lot of fear that prevents you from doing a lot of stuff. I find it hard to leave the apartment many times.
      That’s not real OCD you are talking about there. That’s something. The real illness is one nasty bugger. Some of them can function pretty well, but others cannot. Depends on how bad it is.

    2. I would say that everyone with OCD is depressed in one way or another. It’s a depressing illness. But most people who know me don’t think I am depressed. I can do stuff, go out and about, etc.

      1. Why can’t I call you Bobby? Before when I asked you said people in real life call you Bob, so I call you Bobby because its like Bob and is the same as my name here Bhabi. You never had a problem with it before now.
        Anyway, could you describe some ways in which your ocd manifests? I want to compare it to the people I know who say they have ocd.

        1. Ok you can call me Bobby. I thought you were doing it to be snide.
          I have pure O OCD. You can read up about it. Mostly, we think about stuff we don’t want to think about, think we are things we are not, and worry about doing things that we are never going to do. Stuff like that. Much of my time is spent trying to control unwanted thoughts or stop them or things of that nature. Anyway, when I am doing that, people tend to think there is something wrong with me, and that doesn’t work so well for social integration.
          It wasn’t always like this. At one time I was a social actor, the life of the party and the playboy of the Western World. But that was long ago.

        2. “I have pure O OCD. You can read up about it. Mostly, we think about stuff we don’t want to think about, think we are things we are not, and worry about doing things that we are never going to do. Stuff like that. Much of my time is spent trying to control unwanted thoughts or stop them or things of that nature. Anyway, when I am doing that, people tend to think there is something wrong with me, and that doesn’t work so well for social integration.”
          So you “live in your mind” so to speak. The person who lives in his mind is primed for success in meditation. I bet if you got into a rigid, daily meditation practice that you could go far.
          Part of the genius of the Yoga system is that it combines the physical with the mental so that we don’t become imbalanced in either.
          I advice you to connect with a yoga and meditation center in your area and start a discipline as soon as possible. You are in Cali so you have many to choose from. Align yourself with serious practicioners, not people who are into it to look hot. You want the mental and physical to be balanced.
          And how does your OCD affect your career?

  4. Yes but it seems Robert missed the whole point of what I am saying. Robert’s existence isn’t that measurable to that of an Indian, he lives in a completely different world with a completely different set of expectations and standards of living. So while Robert, life might be miserable for you, your entire definition and perspective of existence is not a universal one that applies to every single person on this world. So it’s better said that the physical realm of this world are just too painful and inaccessible for some individuals, something that you don’t have to be occupied or burdened with. The argument for mere existence as a result of human will and right to exist on moral grounds are really not on suitable foundations/proper moral grounds.

  5. I have never been much for eugenics or the idea that certain section of people ‘deserve’ to die compared to others. Jake’s remark on lower caste Indians sounds uncannily like something Xera would have come up with. I lean more towards the ‘right to live’ than ‘right to die’. Human beings are highly adaptable, they’d probably be able to live relatively happily even in supposedly dystopic situations.

    1. Yes I am sure the conditions of an overpopulated war torn underdeveloped African country has a lot of happy citizens and people. Despite having happy people during certain time periods and then leading to a careless and overpopulated hell hole war torn country on the grounds that the people in X country were happy with how they were doing their things. Especially these african child gang soldiers whom seem to actually enjoy their existence shooting people and actually taking the existence of others. I am sure Haiti is definitely a great argument for the universal existence of everyone from the perspective of someone with OCD from a developed country.
      The fact of the matter is that, life needs death and so does this planet. If everyone had the right to exist on singular moral grounds, then everyone would not under the same circumstances leave short lives or hell they wouldn’t have been killed through past wars and conquests throughout history. I guess what I mean is this group should have disappeared just like the chaldeans/sumerians disappeared and evolved into different groups through wars and conquests.

    2. “The fact of the matter is that, The fact of the matter is that, life needs death and so does this planet.”
      Argumentum ad absurdum. The evolutionary concept of ‘life needs death’ does not extend to eugenics. Humans are mortal beings, death is inevitable for every human being on earth and hence, its evolutionary purpose will be fulfilled without the necessity of eugenics.
      No human being in whatever position he/she is in, should decide whether another human being as the right to live (or otherwise). Happiness is not a pre-condition for one’s right to life. And someone who is accustomed to a conflict ridden existence can also adapt himself/herself to find happiness in the world that he/she lives in.
      As someone who has no experience living a miserable existence in an African or Central American hellhole, you are in no position to decide their right to life. And morally, you don’t have the ethical framework for such arguments, since you are of the same ethnic group as the blokes who massacred over 3000 innocent civilians in the WTC attacks because they were pissed off at America.
      And by the way, if you want to (successfully) fool anyone here that you are not Xera, try changing your writing style to something that sounds less like the emotive rambles of a teenage girl.

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