How I Came To Be an "India-Hater"

Seriously? writes:

If you’re looking for an Indian to go out of his way to proclaim love for Christians and Muslims, you’re not going to find one. My Brahmin Hindu mother has four best friends, whom she spends all hours of the day talking to: two Pakistani Muslims, a Sikh, and a white Christian. No Hindus. She has no need to go around showing this off to prove her tolerance. What you’re asking for is unreasonable. Indians don’t run onto the streets, trumpeting their respect for other groups of people. No one does. It’s true some Indian American communities are insulated, but much less than Muslim and East Asian ones. You guys kind of remind me of newly converted high school atheists, who, upon hearing not everything they’ve been told about Christianity has been accurate, go out of their way to make Christians (in this case Indians) much worse than than they really are. It’s all really just an angry reaction to what you perceive as a lie. I’m sure you’ve heard of the lost tribes of Israel, the Parsis, etc. who found refuge in India. I’m sure you can also imagine few other places, much less Europe, would have absorbed these diverse groups and accepted them so fully. There’s no denying that, while not all Indian Hindus are tolerant, India has been much more tolerant than other civilizations have been. India may very well have been the first truly multicultural society on Earth. Think about it, India has all the major religions (along with many minor ones), perhaps a hundred different ethnic groups, all coexisting. It’s been that way for thousands of years and still is now. Now think about Pakistan which was once the same way, where all the other major religious groups have since been all but wiped out. But I guess when you found out that India wasn’t entirely the land of peace, and there have been a few attacks against Muslims, you suddenly brandished this next to meaningless piece of information. You wanted to make Hinduism and India look as bad as Christianity and Islam do. It’s understandable, but both wrong and an exercise in futility.

Not at all. I have known about attacks on Indian Muslims for years. I was always suspicious of Hindus and Indians, but I let it pass because I am a liberal and we are supposed to love everyone. My close friendships with a couple of Indian Hindu Brahmins were very eye opening. Very nice guys, good people, but Hindutvadis and Indian nationalists. They hate the British, Pakistan, Muslims, Christianity, the White man, Europeans, European civilization, on and on. There was a rage there that was very hard to describe. And they believed the most profoundly anti-scientific non-theory, like rejection of IE and the Aryan Migration Theory. They tossed about all sorts of antiscientific tripe. They both supported the caste system to the hilt, while saying it didn’t exist anymore, while railing against reservations. Before that, I knew a few others. I had a good relationship with a couple of Hindu guys from Delhi who worked for me, except the programmer grossly oversold his abilities to me in a typical Indian fashion. His brother was so profoundly classist that I had to school him on how that was not cool in the USA to act so classist like that. He arrogantly dismissed my concerns. I knew a Hindu woman from Pune who hated the US and Pakistan. She was kind of a trip though. Always bugging me to send her dirty pics. I kept sending her dirty pics, but she said they weren’t good enough. She wanted pics of me fucking various women, but to tell the truth, I didn’t have any! She was pretty kooky and emotional. Every Hindu I ever met was stark raving nuts on the subject of Kashmir. They all insisted that all Kashmiris loved India and that the whole problem was Pakistan stirring up shit among content and happy Kashmiri Muslims. I told them that Kashmiris themselves wanted to go free and be independent and not join either country, and they all acted like I was speaking Greek. They were brainwashed worse than a North Korean, and this was in the world’s biggest democracy. Then I met a lot of Hindutvadis on the Net and that was a real eyeopener. Then I read a lot about US programmers losing their jobs to Indians and the hatred these Hindus had for the White West, and that was really eye-opening too. The rage, really the impotent rage, of Indian nationalists and Hindutvadis is very frightening and reminds of other ultranationalists the world over and throughout history. Honestly, Hindutvadis remind of me Nazis in the 1930’s. They done us wrong! We are getting back at them! I’ve met only a few Hindus here in the US. Mostly I have met Sikhs, who I am starting to think are just Hindus are disguise! Mind you, I made some Sikh friends here of a sort (one was one of my physicians, a Sikh nationalist), and some of them were ok. The best and most progressive Sikhs are the Sikh nationalists – the rest of them are just typical backwards and reactionary Indian nationalist types, little different from Hindus. The more I dug into the Sikhs, the more I figured out they are just as backwards and barbaric as the Hindus. Really disappointing. The few Hindus I met here were odd. A couple were doctors. They could be very, very friendly until you asked them something about their country. Then they got very bizarre and suspicious, shut up immediately and often left the room. One guy was a physician. Between visits, I looked up his name and it turned out he was some mid caste from Andra Pradesh. Next time I saw him towards the end of the visit, I asked him if he was from Andra Pradesh, and he flipped out, said yes and left the room. Then he turned cold and hostile when we had to have some dealings afterwards. He acted like I was an enemy spy. The few regular Hindus I have met around town are Gujaratis (Patel) and Punjabis, and they are profoundly arrogant. I do not know why. They get incredibly weird if you ask them anything about India, and even weirder with me because it’s obvious that I understand the place more than 9 Not that I let Islam off the hook. I already think that Islam is backwards, barbaric and reactionary. But many Muslim societies are quite stable and even prosperous. There is little crime or social disorder. Things work, in an odd way. It’s really up for grabs which religion is worse – Islam or Hinduism. Both are reactionary, backwards, sexist and barbaric. Hinduism tosses in feudal to make it a full monte. Islam is expansionist and treats minorities very poorly, but Hinduism doesn’t treat minorities well either. Prejudice against Muslims in India is profound. There are routine pogroms and mass murders committed against Indian Christians. Sikhs were treated to a near genocide a couple of decades ago. Hindu tolerance leaves much to be desired. Further, as Hinduism hardly accepts converts, it doesn’t even absorb minorities via conversion, which is at least one nice thing about Islam. Secular Muslim societies, now under attack all over the Middle East, worked very well and were very tolerant towards minorities. Much more tolerant than Hinduism. Of all religions, Hinduism cares about human beings the very least of all. It’s quite possibly the most backwards and barbaric remaining ancient religion. We can theorize this as all ancient religions seemed to resemble Hinduism in their polytheism, nature worship and caste system. Monotheistic Judaism was advance upon Hinduism, but as a tribal religion that hardly accepts converts and preaches hatred for those outside the tribe, it’s still an ancient tribal religion in some ways similar to Hinduism. It’s a typical tribal anti-universal religion. Monotheistic Islam which held out the branch of conversion to all of humanity was an advance upon amoral and casteist Hinduism. There is also a socialist feature to Islam, and at its root, it is a law and order religion par excellance. No Muslim was above any other Muslim; all were part of the ummah. Monotheistic Christianity represented a further advance upon Islam, holding out the branch of conversion to all of humanity. Heathen were to be loved and saved, not declared war on or converted by force. Modern Christianity preaches pacifism and no longer converts by force, which was never common anyway. Christian pacifism was an advance upon militaristic Islam, and Christian socialism went beyond the rudimentary socialism of the Koran. At the end of the day, I just feel that there is something terribly wrong with Indian people in general and with their whole society. It’s fucked up something bad. And as long as that’s going on, I am going to continue writing about it.

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136 thoughts on “How I Came To Be an "India-Hater"”

  1. So Indians get suspicious of outsiders probing into their cultures because the Indians in the West are ashamed of their own country? Makes sense

    1. Excellent observation I noticed this too. They feel Inferior in the West so when probed get reactionary and defensive.
      I have had so many Latin Americans (1 Generation) and Africans (1 Gen) tell me their cultures/society needs Englightenment and some of their US Born kids see their parent culture as regressive/backwards. However this does not happen for South Asians/Indians. However I gather US Born and Assimilated South Asians are much better.

  2. “Indians are HIGHLY emotional, way beyond any reason, it gets ridiculous really fast.”
    Funny how MRAs are always on about “women being more emotional and less logical than men” and I’m always like, “you don’t know any Indian people do you?” And the ones in “logical fields” like math and science do not extend those logical thinking skills to any other area of life – at all.
    I can say this and its not racist because I’m Indian, speaking from inside the nut house known as “Save Indian Family”.

    1. Brahman and Parsee will keep their emotions in check because there is not the same deep-seated insecurity at the core of their personality.

      1. If there is no insecurity why are Brahmins trying to steal the Indus Valley Civ. and claim it as Aryan.
        Parsis are mostly Y-Dna J2 clades . J2 is not Aryan. Its concentration in Iran is in area that was the Elamite stronghold. Elamites were not wiped out, they gradually gave up their mother tongue and adopted Iranic languages. Persian empire centered around this former Elamite region.

  3. “At the end of the day, I just feel that there is something terribly wrong with Indian people in general and with their whole society. ”
    Bobby, the reason for this is South Asian society’s traditional family structure. Marriages are arranged, men live with their parents their entire lives while young brides go to live with their in-laws. The son never individuates from the mother. The mother and daughter-in-law compete for the attention of the son/husband.
    Very Freudian. Its implications spread far and wide.

    1. Well that make sense for south Asians living in the Indian subcontinent. how about those who live outside the subcontinent such as in Malaysia or Singapore or Fiji or south Africa or Mauritius. rarely do they practice arranged marriage and yet they are still one of shittiest people on earth.

      1. Maybe it is in their Genes? Culture and Society IS A REPRESENTATION OF ITS PEOPLE! (not the other way around).

    2. That is not true of Dravidian culture . In Dravidian culture the groom+bride go live with the bride’s family.

  4. We can theorize this as all ancient religions seemed to resemble Hinduism in their polytheism, nature worship and caste system.
    You’re onto something here Robert and I had addressed this very point last year
    Popular Hinduism resembles the Greek religion during Hesiod and Homer’s time, but the Greeks embraced rational arguments and eventually completely divorced reason from religion. By the time of Thales and the Milesian school, the Greeks also realized that the gods were capricious, fickle, and amoral. This amorality is abundantly expressed by the Hindu deities in the Indian epics as well. Ram was no more moral than Zues. But while the Greeks were able to critically examine their religion from a rational point of view, reason in Indian thought never separated itself from its peculiar religious notions of salvation.
    So why weren’t the Hindus able to accomplish this? My guess is that the Brahmins had a vested interest in keeping this faith alive since it was the source of their privilege. This is something worth looking into.

    1. If the Brahmins had managed to conquer such large segments of land and population in Northern India, why would they need to keep brainwashing and keep this faith alive if they were already superior enough to keep the indigenous population down? I mean we know for sure they came from the Urals and Southern Russia and then proceeded to conquer various territories along the way.

      1. It’s all conjecture at this point, but perhaps caste domination was more cost effective than constructing a barracks in every town.

      2. Yeah these same Aryans managed to take over other kingdoms along the way such as Iran and parts of the Middle East to North Africa.

    2. Didn’t this same group conquer Iran and the Elamite civilization there? The bible seems to mention these Indo-Aryans in their passages.

      1. I’m not an expert on Iran’s history, so I’m unsure about the dynamics of the Aryan/Elamite interactions. To the best of my knowledge, the only reference to the Persians in the Bible is in the book of Isaiah where Cyrus was referred to as the messiah. He had defeated Babylon and allowed the Jewish priestly elite who were exiled there to return to Palestine and rebuild their temple. I’m unfamiliar with any other references.

    3. Are you fucking kidding me? Ram “amoral”? Hindus not able to examine their religion from a rational view? Again showing your ass and complete lack of knowledge about ANY school of Hinduism. There are commentaries after commentaries written by at least 4 of the 6 schools on Ramayana and several other Puranas, deconstructing and critiqueing the stories which themselves are myths and allegories to explain the abstract philosophies of the schools themselves, all of which are described in the Upanshads and Vedanta Sutra, of which again, commentaries upon commentaries are written. If you had any sampradayic knowledge at all you would know this.
      You do not find this amount of extensive of commentary and counter-commentary in any other philosophical tradition of the world, not even Buddhism, which is extensive in itself.
      Give it up sequestered desi muslim, you don’t know jack shit and you were counting on only goras being at this blog so you could appear like you do.
      Now go back to your comfortable little desi muslim family and social circle, and pretend that because you associate with goras in 2 places; work and the internet, that you are somehow “worldly” and “global”, all the while never even being able to date a single woman in Canada.
      The fiance that was arranged by your mother in India is waiting for you.

      1. “Are you fucking kidding me? Ram “amoral”?”
        Not just Ram, but some of the other deities and characters too. Their actions fulfilled the conditions of Dharma, but from the standpoint of western morality, they are not moral. As Aakar Patel says:
        “Is Shri Ram’s murder of Vali and his treatment of Sita moral? Is Shri Krishna’s advice to Arjun on Karna moral? Is his action on Jayadrath moral? Is Acharya Drona’s behaviour with Eklavya moral?
        Our texts say: “Yes.” They are right according to dharma (if the question is asked in an Indian language). But they are wrong morally.
        Dharma is opportunistic, while morals are not.””

        As I said, the Greeks drifted away from their religion because they shifted their perspective and began to see their epics as literary works of art/artistic expression, and not a moral guide. The Ramayan and Mahabharat should also be seen this way, but I suspect the Brahmins had a vested interest in keeping this religion alive. Zues and Ram, Poseidon and Shiva, no real difference from a moral POV.

        1. Yup the acts you mentioned above were immoral but again they were moral for ram he has to help sugrive who was thrown outside of Kingdom because of misunderstanding and that was the first time he did something immoral in his life then when he shot Bali he went near him asked for forgiveness and in his next life karma he did as ram return back to him and krishna died by hands of balls reincarnation.
          And about sita again he had to choose between his praja and wife he choosed praja as a king but at last he he asked for forgiveness to sita for his deed.
          And the most beautiful thing is that writer didn’t tried to hide this things this immoral things because it’s said humans do mistakes even if God come inform of a man or a woman at present he is man and a man learns from his mistakes.

  5. Christian pacifism for conversion is a very recent phenomenon
    Until the west became modern, 200 years ago, in the Enlightenment, Christianity was more ruthless than islam. Islam at least offered, monotheist non-believers, the option of paying Jaziya and retaining their religion.
    Christianity has spread by force most of the time
    The conversion of the Philipines was forcibly done by the Spanish
    The conversion of the Native Americans in Latin america was forcibly done by the Spanish
    The conversion of the Germans was forcibly done by Charlemagne, when he beheaded 10000 Saxons for refusing to convert to Christianity
    The conversion of the Roman empire was forcibly done by Theodosius,
    At the time of Constantine, the percentage of Christians was no more than 5%
    You should watch the movie ‘Agora’
    For centuries the christian Teutonic knights waged a campaign of slavery and genocide against the pagan Lithuanians in an effort to convert them.
    White Lithuanian slaves were sold to muslims in the slave market in Constantinople.
    Typically the christian missionaries, converted a king, and he forced his subjects to convert, Thats how Patrick converted Ireland
    Christianity and Islam are like the borg, eradicating every culture
    You whites dont know much of your own history, since the church eradicated the pre-christian history and culture
    For all its faults Hinduism does not preach hatred of the infidel, and allows open atheists and agnostics. It is not a religion of belief but of actions
    Interestingly the Zorastrians of Iran fled the muslims in Iran and came to India, where they have never faced violence by Hindus. Despite the fact, on a religious basis, Zorastrianism was formed in opposition to the Daeva ( Hindu Deva ) gods.
    No Hindu cares about their religous beliefs and they are rich in India and wiped out in Iran.
    There have been Jews in India for 2000 years, and there has been no anti-semitism by Hindus. But Indian Jews have been attacked by muslims in Kerala and burnt at the stake at Goa, by the Portuguese Inquisition
    Eastern Rite Christians have been a wealthy non-molested minority in Kerala for 1500 years, There has never been an attack on them, because they have never tried to convert Hindus. But their bishops got burnt at the stake at Goa, by the Portuguese inquisition
    Hinduism had serfdom, but never chattel slavery like Islam and Christianity
    Indian Gypsies were kept as slaves in Romania for centuries by white christians. The Russians had serfdom until 1860 and the French had serfdom until 1790

    1. “For all its faults Hinduism does not preach hatred of the infidel,”
      Possibly because it enslaves people before they are born.
      “” It is not a religion of belief but of actions””
      Actions void of moral quality, intent, and choice.

    2. “Christianity and Islam are like the borg, eradicating every culture
      You whites dont know much of your own history, since the church eradicated the pre-christian history and culture”
      This has a left a huge vacuum in the psyche of European descended people, and many of them are trying to return to their pre-christian religious and mystical traditions but much has been unfortunately been lost. Nevertheless, something is better than nothing.

    3. Actually if you read the chronicles of Greek, Chinese and other travellers (available at most major state universities) to ancient South Asia many of them note with interest the ABSENCE of slavery.

    4. Barani, don’t forget the Bahais. While Iranian Shia clerics give some lip service to respecting Zorastrianism (but not Zorastrians themselves) because it was a pre-Islamic religion, the government of Iran has stripped Bahais of education, jobs and literally forced them out of their country because their faith developed after Islam and is therefore seen as an innovation. This why Bahais are scattered all over the world. I can’t tell you how many Iranian Bahais have literally cried tears when telling me the struggles they, their parents and grandparents underwent in Iran.
      And now here’s what the Egyptian Muslims are doing to them
      Why Islam, either Sunni or Shiite does not understand the concept of “freedom of religion” is beyond me.
      How many more “innovations” will be squashed? (when lets face it, innovation and shirk are the only hope for the people unfortunately wrapped up in this ideology to chill out and calm the hell down)
      How many more idols smashed?
      How many more religions and people disrespected? How many more rights of religious FREEDOM trampled upon?
      Who the fuck does Islam think it is?

      1. Islam does not really believe in freedom of religion too much. That concept is written right into their very scriptures. So there is the short answer for you.
        Your Hinduism is easily just as evil as Islam, if not even worse. I actually think Islam is a more moral religion than Hinduism by far, despite Islam’s deplorable treatment of religious minorities, heretics and splits.

        1. “Islam does not really believe in freedom of religion too much. ”
          Islam Islam does not really believe in freedom of religion AT ALL.
          “Your Hinduism is easily just as evil as Islam, if not even worse.”
          Not even close. HInduism is comprised of many different sects. Mine teaches in complete freedom for everyone and has a highly developed ethical system which emphasizes empathy and compassion for all beings.
          Islam is not religion or path to enlightenment. It is a political ideology for global domination.
          Dota, “if you want to know something about western civilization read the bible”
          LOL. Let me ask you this. After living and working in Canada how many western people did you date? Live with? Share the same house with? Or, like most desi muslims is the only association you have with westerners at work and on the internet?
          “fantasy hare krishna hinduism”
          I’m not a Hare Krishna you fool.
          Its funny how you talk about western civilization but refuse to assimilate to it or integrate with it. What distinguishes Western Civ from your civilzation Dota is “rugged individualism” something your subservient and domesticated desi mind cannot fathom as you fly to India to meet the woman your mother arranged for you to marry.
          Out of all the desi men I’ve been forced to deal with you take the cake as the most hypocritical and hysterical (funny).
          You wouldn’t know western civ if it bit you on your left nipple.
          Fixed it for ya.

        2. Bhabi
          All of my roommates in Toronto were whites. Bested them both in Street fighter and Dota as I recall.

        3. “Your Hinduism is easily just as evil as Islam, if not even worse. I actually think Islam is a more moral religion than Hinduism by far, despite Islam’s deplorable treatment of religious minorities, heretics and splits.”
          Similarly Christianity is more evil than both Islam and Hinduism.
          Religions are all opinions and everybody think that his stink less than others. 😉 😉
          All religions suck equally … !!!!!!

    5. Well you forget to add about Devadasi. try Googling it on the net. its a kind of prostitution

  6. Dota “Hindu Philosophy 101”
    You’re the one that needs that, not me. I was born into an orthodox sampradaya and learnt Hinduism organically through living it. Later on when I individuated from my family as an adult (something you’ve yet to do) I joined another sampradaya. I can run circles around your “Hindu Philosophy 101”
    its a shame that an INDIAN knows so little about his own ancestral culture. and it must make you feel like shit that while you hate on hindus and hinduism, they are not the ones with the world wide terrorist label.
    it must burn you that while desi muslims in Europe and the UK are considered the scum of the earth tax payer teet sucking leeches, Desi Hindus and Sikhs are considered “model minorities” and actual contributors to society.
    oh the injustice of it all! Hinduism is bad, so unethical, and Islam so pristine, why is the world oppressing muslims by not recognizing our glory?
    Dota, “while I want whites to respect Islam”
    Not gonna happen, sucker.
    The typical Desi Muslim has a bigger identity crises than a European Jew in Israel.

    1. ” I was born into an orthodox sampradaya and learnt Hinduism organically through living it. ”
      Really? Because you sound like you learned your religion from the Beetles and it was pretty funny the last time you were here. I’m glad you took the 6 months of to study your tradition a bit better.

      1. Convenient way of not answering my questions. Didn’t count on a real practicing Hindu who knows her stuff to show up here did you?
        You can answer neither the specific questions I asked about HInduism nor address my valid questions regarding South Asian societies family structure.
        As long as Bobby or anyone else here is bashing Hinduism you’re in like flynn. Once it crosses over into real issues with Indian society (family) I see you disappear. All because you yourself are immersed in that crap system and perpetuate it.
        Having all male roommates and playing video games does not constitute assimilating and integrating into Western Civilization. You were unable to do because western women rejected you, like they do most desi guys who yearn for them. This is why you spew vitriol against western women but kiss ass to western men online.
        This is nothing new. Its very typical for an awkward desi guy.

        1. Oh one more thing. I do not think you should call me “Bobby.” I suspect you are doing for less than pristine motives.
          Please do not refer to me as “Bobby” anymore.

        2. “Having all male roommates and playing video games does not constitute assimilating and integrating into Western Civilization.”
          You’re the one that brought up living with whites as a criterion. As always, you are dead wrong. As for integration, I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. My view of integrating here is empathizing with whites and their interests, becoming acquainted with their worldviews, philosophies, and scriptures. Your idea of integration is integrating a white cock into your dusky cunt. Best of luck to the both of us.

        3. Your idea of western civilization is a few verses from the bible, of which you said to me, “if you want to understand western civ, read the bible”.
          The fact that you are not following western civ norms in your personal and family life shows that you actually have no regard for it and have not assimilated or integrated into it at all but are simply using the good will of kind Canadians to further your economic interests.

        4. Why don’t Western women (that said even East Asia and Hispanic Women) like India/South Asian Men.
          Whats the reason? Any ideas? Is it looks/culture (thou 2nd Gen are more Western than Indian)??

      2. “Because you sound like you learned your religion from the Beetles ”
        And yet you can’t even answer my simple question!

        1. ““Because you sound like you learned your religion from the Beetles ”
          And yet you can’t even answer my simple question!”
          I never liked the Beetles

        2. Dota, stop playing and address Steve’s latest comment directed towards you regarding your view of western women vs “traditional” Indian wives.”

    2. have you admitted you are Asian Philosopher yet or is it so obvious to everyone that it doesn’t need to be said?


  7. Yes, its why Indian men like Dota are always rejected by western women and Indian women are forced to marry them through the age old arranged marriage system, sexual communism.
    Dota, video games? OK I see you really never did get laid.

  8. Yes, its why Indian men like Dota are always rejected by western women, can’t get laid worth shit, and Indian women are forced to marry them through the age old arranged marriage system, sexual communism.

    1. Is that why Indian men are so genetically bad, because there is no natural selection due to arranged marriages which ensures bad genes get past on?

      1. Yes, I believe so. There is no incentive for them to work on themselves and improve. Amongst the diaspora, 2nd generation and on, things are getting better. There is absolutely no reason for an NRI like Dota to get an arranged marriage other than he is unable to compete in an open market.

      2. As a Leftist, I support sexual Communism 100%. It used to be that way here in the US. Everyone just got married, from the hottest properties all the way down to the least desired. It’s the best system for a harmonious society.

        1. Absolutely agreed with you 100%… However Feminism f*cked that up.
          I think things will go full circle or at least part circle where there is no longer any friction or less friction between men and women.

      3. Sexual marxism is the refuge of sexual losers who can’t compete in an open sexual market. That is what arranged marriage is all about. If Indian men like Dota had to compete and attract women on their own merit, they would never get married.

      4. Every normal society has practiced sexual Marxism. Males are generally required to be married by a certain age. There’s a woman for every man in such a society. High status men get the best women. Low status men get less desirable women. This is the only proper and humanistic way for a society to regulate marriage.
        Anyway, this is a socialist blog. We don’t believe in winners and losers and all that capitalist shit.

        1. Only one person gets the pot if Capitalism is a poker game.
          That does not make a society look very lovely at all.
          Since the 90’s the streets of the U.S. have become much more dangerous. Three-strikes is a way to put poor people in jail and keep them there which keeps the crime rates down but middle-class Americans have to live behind walls, police are now militarized, race-riots are more common.
          Intelligent groups whose members live on either coast have moved ahead-Irish-Catholics, Jews, East Asians, Indians-but the flyover states are way behind.

      5. Bhabiji,
        maybe Dota would not be able to attract a woman on his own merits. Possibly he would. Either way, it is a deep shame for the men (and woman) who suffer because they are lonely and have unfulfilled biological urges just because they are not the most attractive through no fault of their own. Can you at least see some merit in a society that makes sure almost everybody gets married and has somebody and it is kind of partly sorted for you?

      6. “Every normal society has practiced sexual Marxism”
        There are probably a lot of things that all those ‘normal societies’ (traditional societies?) practiced that we do not consider desirable. What does every normal society even mean?
        “Males are generally required to be married by a certain age. There’s a woman for every man in such a society. High status men get the best women. Low status men get less desirable women. This is the only proper and humanistic way for a society to regulate marriage.”
        You can only argue that is proper and humanistic and congruent with the principles of Marxism in a society which is a meritocracy, a real, actual meritocracy. Otherwise, its not fair that men are born into a certain low class or caste and don’t get the ‘best woman’ (whatever that means).
        What does that mean? The sexiest?
        People should be able to choose their own spouses or at least have a substantial amount of input in the process. Other people shouldn’t have the power to choose who you spend your life with. Not very humanistic imo

      7. Steve, “maybe Dota would not be able to attract a woman on his own merits. Possibly he would. Either way, it is a deep shame for the men (and woman) who suffer because they are lonely and have unfulfilled biological urges just because they are not the most attractive through no fault of their own. Can you at least see some merit in a society that makes sure almost everybody gets married and has somebody and it is kind of partly sorted for you?”
        First of all, many otherwise unattractive people can make themselves attractive through self-improvement. This is the beauty of an open sexual market, it propels progress, individual and collective, while arranged marriage sexual marxism allows people to stagnate generation after generation.
        Water seeks its own level and we see this everyday in the real world. People tend to mate within their own attraction levels, give or take a point or two. Thus, for the “ugly” people there are other ugly people out there to date, and they are hooking up, just take a stroll through any public space and you see this.
        Its not realistic for a 3 man to gun for an 8 female. He won’t get it, never, ever, ever.
        However it is realistic for the 3 man to upgrade himself through self-improvement to the 4 or 5 level and then gun for a 5 or 6 woman.
        That’s the open sexual market for you and its a win/win situation in which people can always improve and do better for themselves.

      8. Bhabiji,
        I have made a similar argument myself, that lots of people from all levels of attractiveness have boyfriends and girlfriends in Britain, so anybody can get one, and I don’t really buy the argument that only the top 15% of alpha males monopolize all the woman etc. But I’d like to know what percentage of guys and girls in their 20’s and 30’s and 40’s are single and ‘long terms single’, however you would define that. Then we could talk.
        I knew a guy in his late teens/early twenties who was pretty depressed and unhappy because he couldn’t get a girl and he did try. I also knew a guy in his late 30’s/early 40’s who had had lots of girlfriends but never got married and wanted more than anything to settle down and have kids. This was a big source of suffering in his life too. From their point of view, a society which sorts it out for you looks like it might be a good idea. Sometimes its not easy to meet somebody, even if you are good looking, kind and intelligent. I’ve been there (lol I just totally complimented myself).
        Of course, in this modern society, arranged marriages and a situation where everybody is married would not catch on! Most people want the freedom to date and also to marry who they want, when they want. There would have to be some kind of moral/religious revolution for everybody to agree that’s how things should be run.
        btw how would you rate yourself?

      9. “I knew a guy in his late teens/early twenties who was pretty depressed and unhappy because he couldn’t get a girl and he did try. I also knew a guy in his late 30′s/early 40′s who had had lots of girlfriends but never got married and wanted more than anything to settle down and have kids. This was a big source of suffering in his life too. From their point of view, a society which sorts it out for you looks like it might be a good idea. Sometimes its not easy to meet somebody, even if you are good looking, kind and intelligent. I’ve been there (lol I just totally complimented myself). ”
        I read the rationale for sexual marxism on the manosphere blogs and I get the appeal for guys like you just described. However there are plenty of online dating sites today and meeting people even on the other side of the world is easier than ever. Because of technology the pool of potential mates has been expanded. What excuse do those guys have?
        Yes I know its not easy to meet someone we’re 100% compatible with and who we feel is our “soul mate” but all of that is a fantasy that has been sold to us and the result is that ordinary guys have unrealistic standards now.
        Another factor is that many people prefer to be alone than to be with someone they feel they are “settling” for. And lets face it, arranged marriage is indeed a form of “settling”
        So either way, these guys are going to have to settle or be alone. If they are alone, its out of choice.

      10. Bhabiji has a point–Iniologdians are Parasitic race , she is right , infact 60 percent right
        Arranged marriage perpetuates bad genetic pool to be passed onto offspring and the result you get is parasitic indians
        But i strongly believe that If you understand parasitism in Biological Context .
        Without any Doubt you will conclude that Indian men are most degenerate form of Human being ever created on this earth
        Infact indians ,Both Women and Men as most Women who are undesirable,Ugly Get married to Average Beta Indian males through dowry
        I believe that Dowry System is perpetuated by Both male and Indian Females
        Feminists in India got it Wrong, Both Male and Female are Equally involved in this Dowry malice.
        and more over Bhabiji forgets one thing–Its not just Indian males that are mostly ugly but even Indian females
        If you have Lived in India for 2 years, you will realize how ugly Indian Women are
        Most of them Turn Up fat cows by 35, they are hideously Ugliest women on earth
        Well Dont Believe all hype with Miss universe and Miss world Winners from india.
        It seems they were promoted by cosmetic Industry for Exploiting indian Ugly Traits
        If you closely Examine ,Indians started winning Miss world or Universe competition in beginning of 90’s when Free market Reforms passed in India and India became open market for western consumer Goods
        Hideously i believe that Corporates have mixed interests promoting Ugly Indian women like Lara Dutta, or sushmita sen to win Miss universe Crown
        If you look at how they have aged , and see other miss universe winners
        You will find Indian ones are more uglier
        India is full of ugly women , and their by product is Ugly indian men, Thanks to sex selection that these Ugly indian women Practice
        Most Indian women are degenerate to core, they instil same values onto their sons and Daughters.
        Sadly Indian male who is most ugliest creature in entire creation has no choice other than to Enter into this closed Marriage system which promotes Bad gene pool to pass through off springs
        I strongly Agree with Bhabiji that Indians must become open and Must be promiscuous and Have More rigorous Sex Exploration.
        Perhaps Competition will produce better offspring, for those who were caught in perpetual cycle of arranged marriage their life is done for good
        The only point i disagree is bhabiji just explores ugly Indian men, while she forgets equally ugly indian women
        It seems that 90 percent of Indians are worst Genetic pool on earth
        And darwins natural selection is not practised in India and the result is parasitic race
        Seems bhabiji has a point –This No Competition in Breeding might have perpetuated parasitism in Indians

  9. Some major aspects of Hinduism justify its place in your schema. But there are other parts of Hinduism- the metaphysics and philosophy and some techniques and methods- which are more advanced, profound and sophisticated than anything in the Abrahamic religions or their scriptures. In those ways, it is only less advanced than the Buddhist, especially the Mahayana, scriptures.
    I will say it plainly. I like that the Indians believe in karma and reincarnation and enlightenment for the simple reason that I think those beliefs are true.
    (And as I’ve argued, correctly and convincingly if I say so myself, the doctrine of karma doesn’t necessarily entail indifference or justify a caste system or lack of social mobility).

    1. “the doctrine of karma doesn’t necessarily entail indifference”
      On the contrary. Its personal empowerment. Karma is not a doctrine by the way, it simply means action. Fate, which is a popular concept in Abrahamic religions, puts power in some unseen force outside of oneself which results in resignation because “we can’t change anything, its all God’s will, Inshallah this will happen, etc, etc, etc”
      Nope. I carve my own destiny. I can do anything I put my mind to.
      Its the difference between a pessimistic and optimistic view of life.
      Defeatism and I-can-do-ism.
      I choose the latter.

      1. Doctrine:
        1. a particular principle, position, or policy taught or advocated, as of a religion or government: Catholic doctrines; the Monroe Doctrine.
        2. something that is taught; teachings collectively: religious doctrine.
        3. a body or system of teachings relating to a particular subject: the doctrine of the Catholic Church.
        You decide.

  10. Regarding hate – The mainstream version of Islam and pre-Enlightenment Christianity are identical in their hate towards pagans, polytheists, idolators and non-abrahamic religions – that these people are to be killed or converted
    Islam says this explicitly and Christianity says this implicitly – thats why there are no pre-Christian pagans left anywhere in Europe
    Given this hate towards Hindus, it would be suicidal for any Hindu, not to reciprocally hate those who hate Hindus

  11. Robert,
    What I want to tell you at this point is that-
    You hate towards India and Hinduism is misdirected and misinformed.
    I could have write pages of defenses in each and every point of yours but that wouldn’t have initiated any change of heart and only aggravated the situation.
    What I am relying on is that somewhere, sometime you get rid of this grossly biased and partial information about India and Hinduism and deal with real India and Hinduism with all of its perfection. But in honest way.

      1. Mohit i strongly believe that you were hurt by Robert’s Criticism, I strongly believe either you were rajput or some Dalit –Generally you find these Dalits and Kshatriyas highly emotional and less rational
        Robert is dealing india squarely, Infact , if you look at india , it’s a gigantic Septic tank, Ofcourse only dalit with all his malice and Degeneracy will embrace the smell of Faecal matter and crave for it, sadly normal humans dont.
        And there is no Quota system on Internet to write about Degenerate Dalits and their origin(No Anthropologist ever done research how these Dalits evolved, this is a mystery of human evolution)
        Hinduism is a pagan Cult, It was not meant for Lower Varnas before British arrived In India and Dalits embraced Hinduism as they have nothing worthwhile Ideology.
        Frankly if you read Hindu texts( I presume that you are a Hindu and probably a Dalit , Living on Quota)–There is no mention of Detail descriptions that a Dalit must perform.
        Dalits are completely excluded from Hindu Philosophy and sadly most dalits are not even aware of this simple thing
        Only Vyshya,Kshytriya and Brahmin were part of Hinduism , since its origins and Every Hindu Text Describes the Duty of these three noble Castes
        So , You are reacting a bit emotionally here and more over , there is no such country named India prior to 1947, British India –Is a geographical land which comprises Pakistan,Bangladesh,Modern Day India and some Parts of Afghanistan
        Even Dutch have their own version of India ,Similarly Danish have their Version of India
        Every Colonial Power Which ruled Subcontinent have their own versions of India and its Geographical Borders .
        Its Only After 1947 , a mythical Land Of Hindustan has transformed itself with fake Glory and Fake history into India.
        there is a lot that is hidden from average indians, their ancestry and their genetic Traits and mostly about their Tribal Origins
        No anthropologist has done Exclusive Research on these Topics, its not even encouraged in India
        The identity of Most Indians is Unknown Today , and Brahmins have done a Damn good Job in Using Propaganda and promoting False History and Identity
        It remains to be seen how long they can manufacture this false identity and keep India running amidst of all degeneracy ,Divisions among north India and south,Caste Conflicts,Ethnic Conflicts ,Tribal Land conflicts
        Indian elite felt that Reservation would solve all these Inherent differences, but sooner or later these Differences will pop up,Infact these differences are well inside the psyche of Every indian
        And this is the root cause of all Corruption and slow policy Making
        India can never be progressive with the current framework
        For it to become progressive , and inorder to make the lives of people more meaningful–India must be divided into atleast 30 Smaller countries
        The idea itself sounds Wrong to your mind and you will accuse me of being a pakistani which is typical indian thinking –But sooner or later India will Open Its eyes to more sad awakening
        And most indians realize that the current framework of india is more corrupt and Degenerate but they are searching for wrong answers–They feel that unity will solve their problems but truth is seperation is only way to solve your problems
        But you will never think in those lines and you will become more and more corrupt as time passes no matter who rules or how honest the person is.
        You can only project your lies for small time, Next 10 Years India will Go through a Great Demographic change and it will be for worse not better.

        1. OMG !
          From where do you get so much energy to waste on something you don’t like, i.e., India. Let India be what it is.
          And how does it matter if I am Dalit or Rajput. ?
          If you think that I am hurt by Robert’s ‘criticism(?)’ of India and Hinduism then unfortunately you are right. But not because its because India and Hinduism and I happens to be Hindu. I can give him good company on what is wrong in India and Hinduism and I am facing it on an everyday basis. But when I see people being 10,000 km away having partial and half-balked knowledge of a land where they have never set their foor or have any real life experience then it really hurts that why all of technological advance and information technology could benefit some people.
          All people in America know of “Caste-System”, “Yoga” and at most “arranged marriages”.. Its like an Indian saying that America is all about ‘Slavery”, KKK, and racial segregation and lynchings.. we can see how both of them are so wrong..!!
          If you don’t have answers for my question, don’t bring any damn caste-ism and colonialism in the discussion. OK.
          You have serious issues man.
          I would with all my Indian ethics and moral hopes for you to GET WELL SOON.

        2. @IndianMan-Brahmin – Thanks a truly honest guy you are. However you mentioned “Next 10 Years India will Go through a Great Demographic change and it will be for worse not better.” –
          What do you mean, what change will this be. Will it be a larger Islamic Population?

  12. Is there one single redeeming quality here?!? Please help me as I can’t find one. Maybe something from your experiences here Robert?

      1. It’s OK to not be nice with them sir. Just admit that their food taste like filth. There are many indian haters out here ready to cut their throat. We support you.

    1. Indian girls are a lot more brainy and virtuous, even though they are quite lacking in passion and sass.
      Indians are probably the most moderate race on earth. An Indian can be good or bad, but in moderation.
      Indians can ignore all kinds of nonsense, and, concentrate like anything.
      Indians, in general, have excellent memories. They are masters of the art of learning by rote.
      Indians quite respect the institution of marriage, and, prefer to save themselves for marriage, sexually.
      Indians are quite fond of their immediate families.

  13. Whatever you say Robert, we Indians were and will always be proud of our country. Yes, there may be backwardness and poverty in India. Yes, there are large slums in India. The caste system may have plagued the people. But India is still a golden bird. India is one of the few countries with such a diverse group of people living in harmony. The epics Ramayana and Mahabharata are taken to be the truth by many people, but they forget that these are just great works of literature and nothing more. I agree, there is a lot of corruption and the rich get rich get richer and the poorer. But this time, when India gets set for elections, change will be in the minds of many people. And if India, according to you is a shithole, in another 25 years or so, it will be a superpower. We don’t really care what you post in your articles because we know better. And before just saying “All right Hindu, you are banned.”, keep in mind that you can silence me but you can never silence the truth.
    From a proud 14 year old Indian.
    (If you have the guts, reply and lets see how much you can say without using abuses)

    1. Interestingly, in his about page he also describes himself as “out of this world genius (narcissism)” and as a daydreamer, both qualities of a suspiciously found in a paranoid and further validating this view. Id suggest strongly he sees a psychiatrist.

    2. What the fuck is there to be proud of HUH? China is heading out to become a fucking world power in 2020 and we were fucking swatting flies all these 67 years! its hard to believe but 60 years or so ago china was actually comparable to India! let that thought sink into your mind for a second.
      We’re still so poor,miserable and overpopulated yeah superpower MY ASS! get out of your delusions kid.. you still live in a poor shit country.

    3. Abhijit Hinduism is right that Brahmin are more intelligent than other Indians because they have ancient Gora/Persian blood in their veins and try not to have it polluted by Dravidian or Bangladeshi blood by lower-caste nationalists like you probably are (Or maybe middle-caste).
      I’m a Gora who lived in India and only a lower or middle-caste Indian has nothing but their culture or national pride while Baniyas, Jains and Khatris have all the money and connections and do not have to bother with national pride because they know who has the influence and the power.
      Parsee are not proud of India although they have lived there for 1,000 years and still keep their bloodlines pure of Hindu blood.

      1. Brahmins stole Dravidian culture. Their Aryan ancestors were barbarians , uncivilized and prone to rape. It is the native influence that kinda civilized them.

        1. Wrong!
          It was the influence of Buddhism and Jainism which made the Brahmins and the others including the Dravidians a lot more gentle and moderate.

        2. Ans yes Tamil Nadu is much more Brahminical in most of it’s ways than any other Indian state including the ones in North India.
          Tamils are more nerdy, more ascetic and more dry than the other Indians. Simple living and high thinking, that’s much of the Tamil culture.Clearly a Brahminical trait.

        3. Tamil Nadu has the least Brahmin influence of all mainland Indian states. It has the least Aryan influence. This is why Tamil has the least Sanskritic influence.
          Vegetarisnism and not eating beef are Dravidian traits. Brahmins used to eat beef , they only became self proclaimed vegetarians due to influence from Dravidian culture.

  14. Are people forced to follow caste or is this coming from free will? Some friends of mine are Indian Christians and have said they faced troubles back home. I’m assuming they converted to Christianity to escape Hindu madness.

    1. Surprisingly there is no dogma or rules in Hinduism… Hinduism technically is some of the most open religions as hindus are free to live the way they like and believe in whatever they want to.
      Its just that Indians themselves are very communal&tribal they value society&family more than they value individualism.. so what happens is that if one person tries to denounce a particular caste they are convicted by their own family&community for doing so… unless they form a community of their own they cannot challenge peer-pressure and social forces.
      So by joining dogmatic&strict religions like christinaity&islam they’re only further dwelling into insanity because they’re still very communal and still have the same communal mindset.
      Its also the reason for all the “honor killings” in India as the family is more concerned about their “Social status” than their own family members.

  15. This article is so dumb Indians are suspicious people can you blame them after all the s hit that’s happened with Muslims and the British and that Indians are peculiar oh so there are no peculiar people who are Christian this is a and by the way Hindu religion was around way before Christianity Muslim or Jew the three religions who create war and death at least Hinduism promotes peace the person who wrote this is weird

    1. shut up aryan shit, you don’t even know how to use full stops. fuck your stupid gods that aren’t even real but just a manifestation of your fetish! you have the rape capital of the world. just fucking die you smelly fuckers.

  16. Its kinda ironic because hindus seem to pride themselves of belonging to an ancient religion/culture and yet that is what holding their progress back… Indians seriously lack the ability to introspect and actually bridge the gap between ancient indian and modern human civilizations instead of just yearning for the “good old ancient civilization”.
    Indians are like a bunch of haughty poor kids who just don’t want to grow the fuck up and change you kinda pity them for being poor and feeble but then you realize how willfully ignorant and arrogant they are to anyone who tries to help them.
    There is no dogma or strict rules in hindusim and yet hindus are some of the most ignorant,myopic,arrogant fucks!

  17. விஷ்ணு கார்த்திக் – So what is your suggestion for Indias I’lls. If you
    had a 10 POINT ACTION Plan to improve/solve India’s ills/problems. Also I assume from the Text you are South Indian (Tamil Speaking), why do the Backward North Indian States and Fed Government PUSH Hindi on the Southern Indian States (and all of India)….. Apparently HIndi is only spoken by 25% – 30% of India (that is also including, the various major dialects, some class as different languages)…. This rightly pisses of some of my South-Indian Colleagues, all South-Indian HDI and other Socio-Economic Indicators are far superior to North India!

  18. I had a good relationship with a couple of Hindu guys from Delhi who worked for me, except the programmer grossly oversold his abilities to me in a typical Indian fashion. His brother was so profoundly classist that I had to school him on how that was not cool in the USA to act so classist like that. He arrogantly dismissed my concerns.
    Damn, Robert, you were spot on with this one. I’m dealing with an identical situation here, a bunch of “Indiot” freelancers I picked at I had thought it would be a real bargain since I only had to pay $5 per task. But, quality isn’t something to expect when you’re dealing with Bharatis.
    All they had to do was design a simple logo, insert subtitles in a video and create an excel sheet with customized fields. Despite one of them claiming “TONS OF EXPERIENCE” in Microsoft Excel (I had to laugh at that one), the quality I received is so poor that I’ll have to rework this entire thing on Saturday. A lot of data is placed incorrectly, I mean they can’t even use simple copy-paste functions. It’s a logical “If, else” query, his lack of attention means all my results have now gone haywire.
    We all know how easy it is to create superb subtitles with the FREE Windows Movie maker. This dot tells me he had to buy a new software for me, WOW.
    I sent a polite email to each one of them that I can’t pay for such shoddy work. And I don’t want to waste their time again so I’ll do it myself. Immediately, all three of them called me up, begging me to reconsider.
    The one who is supposed to be an expert in video subtitles, tells me he his mother has been hospitalized and he has to quickly make some money to pay those bills. Cry me a fucking river 🙂
    This girl who was supposed to send me the logo, started crying on the phone after I told her she should find an alternative career as designing is not her biggest strength. I’m not going to give in to emotional blackmail.
    Last but not the least, the Olympic champion in Microsoft Excel, this guy is just being rude, aggressive and mildly threatening. He doesn’t even want to admit his fault and is passing the blame on me for not sending him correct data.
    I know it’s just $5 each and it wouldn’t hurt me much but really, it’s wrong to pay for shitty jobs. I feel so frustrated.
    I’m also DONE with these cheap freelancer sites for good. If I can’t afford to hire a proper professional in future, I’ll do it myself. I’m not going to give in to emotional blackmail.


  19. I hate indians too! They are dark, flthy and smelly, and dirty! They are not even humans, they are animals. They just flood other people’s countries stealing other people’s jobs. Why don’t they stay in their own fucking shithole. The UN should form a new team of army specialize on killing and bombing Indian grounds! Indians are a disgrace to the human race! They should be eliminated from this planet! They eat filth and rape foreigners because their women are so ugly and their men are also ugly like apes. They look the same and ugly! They are contaminating our gene pool with their filthy appearance and ape-like behaviour! News of indians dying makes me happy, especially the news about the heat wave recently killing 1000+ indians! I was hoping it was more but for now 1000 is enough. As long as it happens constantly, there is a hope that they might get eliminated from the face of the earth. We humans are too beautiful to be contaminated by this filthy race that eat feces and rape women. They like cocks and drink their own filth! They must be terminated! I hate them too! So much! Smelly as shit! It’s like their natural characteristics. I won’t even feed their dead body to pigs because they don’t deserve that! Even pigs are more honorable than to eat their remains! There should be a movement to kill and eliminate them! Destroy their shithole and hunt the remaining indians all over earth and kill them in public! Indians are a disgrace to the human race! Such a shame!

    1. I wish all Indians would die a horrible death! Yeah you’re right! They’re nothing but filth! And stupidity and lust! This person is soo fuckingly stupid: Jyothi Jadhav — i wanna slap her damn ugly face when I see her. I wanna flush her brain out of her dirty head. Even zombies wont accept their ugly faces and filthy stinky bodies. Ahhhh. I really hate them all!!! Thank you Indian haters! Together, we must let them know where they belong!

      1. Thank you Indian haters!
        You are welcome my friend. We are doing everything we can. If you can think of anything more we could do, please speak let us know, ok?
        Your comrade in arms,
        Robert Lindsay

  20. According to you “Sikhs were treated to a near genocide a couple of decades ago”. This line shows how misinformed you are. U r talking about 1984 riots. About 2800 people died in those riots. .Also, it was more of a revenge by leaders of a political party (Congress) after Prime Minister Indira Gandhi got killed. It was more of a “Congress vs Sikh” riot. Also, lot of Hindus were also killed by Sikh militants before and after 1984. Also, look at “Air India Bombings”. U have made your opinion after meeting few Indians. Things are quite complex. Even Hinduism is quite complex. U need to learn more and meet more people.

  21. Adding to my previous comment, Hinduism is not even a religion. “Hindu” was a name given to Indians by foreigners. It means people living to east of “Sindhu(Indus)”. Sindhu was called Hindhu by Perisans. Indians practised different sects, philosophies, gods etc. There is no supreme book even now.

  22. I think Beatrix above nailed it.
    It might just be the result from shame & embarrassment of their own culture. The usual exaggerated overcompensation of this type is characterized by a superiority goal. Indians are HIGHLY emotional, way beyond any reason, it gets ridiculous really fast.
    We grow up hearing how great we are, how civilized we are, how smart we are, how this that and the other thing originated in India.
    Then out in the real world we see how little respect we get, and we also observe with our own eyes that India can be quite the shithole (both in material terms as well as ethical) and the dissonance drives us crazy.
    Then there is also the extreme emotionalism, and lack of self-awareness. Put all these factors together and you end up with a pretty psychologically screwed-up race.

  23. imo intellectual advaita hinduism is the best religion of them all & i went to a protestant seminary for a yr. the religious resources are great but the will to learn them is weak. also to know your own religion you should learn abt the others too for god is no respecter of only certain traditions…look how the brains working on the manhattan project quoted from hindu literature…even the atheist communist

  24. No offence to the British , but its them who ‘promoted’ social division and all kinds of shit centuries ago ,

  25. How come Brahmin and Jains and Parsee never complain about Brits. That’s a lower middle caste thing from people whose grandparents were tea boys.
    Brahmin love Brits and white people and Parsees love India.
    Only poorer, lower-caste Indians still feel the need to compare themselves to pale-skinned people because they feel insecure about their position in life. This is due to a lack of intelligence or cunning that allowed Brahmin to prosper in Western countries.

    1. TRASH
      Arguing that Brahmins loved Brits, presupposes that Brahmins have any sort of agency to start of with. What other option do you assume they had? They had already lost the Vedic technology of genetic engineering and atomic bombs by the times the Brits came.

  26. S26 Brahmin don’t give two rat’s asses about Goras, we simply find them more refined in their habits and behavior than Muslim Indians or lower-caste Hindus.
    “Atomic bombs” no I think they were eugenically bred for intelligence in addition to emerging from some gene pool with a foreign admixture that does produce a slightly more sophisticated grade of Indian.

    1. TRASH, Brahmins give 200 cow’s asses about their ancient technology. The Vedic eugenic experiment, I’ve been told by a Guj Brahmin friend, resulted in the development of military capable war planes. He of course didn’t bother to tell me that the fall of Calcutta to Mr. Clive was due to the choice of normal water over Gangajal and beef eating in Bengali lower castes.

      1. Brahmins do things on the sly.
        By the way, if the Dravidians were so noble why did they give in to the Aryans, so meekly

  27. S26 Indians could not even invent an outhouse so grown Desi women were not shitting in public with their hairy female anuses exposed on a beach.
    Apart from certain aspects of math-and Mayans, Arabs and Africans are all claiming to have invented zero and algebra as well-they invented nothing but an illustrated guide to sexual positions.
    Most are slimy and unpleasant-though I believe Indian women are willing to please eagerly in the sack because I have paid them for sex on some occasions-and wife-abusers in the bargain.
    So what’s your point? As a society one group is more tolerable than others and less inclined to pathology. That is about it.

  28. I’ve paid Indian women for sex and I will give them some credit for being adept as well as more eager to satisfy men than most other women are. Beyond that, I see no aspect of their culture that is in anyway admirable and I have actually lived in India.

    1. They are human garbage. Only thing they are good at is stealing white people’s jobs and money. Goddamn parasites.

      1. Pure White trash from West Europe and the Mediterranean did far more terrible and dishonourable things when they colonized the America s and Australia.
        Of course, the Indians are basically Hindus, and, to their biggest disadvantage, they, including the Brahmin goats, do not have a charming White personality.

  29. Madraasi
    You are both ridiculously ignorant and stubborn.
    The choicest South Indian literature including all the religious texts are in chaste Sanskrit even though with the Dravidian scripts.
    Both meat including beef and liquor are quite popular in the South, except among the Indo-Aryan Brahmins.
    Tamil Nadu is quite Spartan er Germanic in most of it’s ways. Simple living but high thinking is definitely Aryan in character. Even the L.T.T.E. is so un-dravidian in character. Lol.

  30. Bhabiji: This is going to be a lengthy post.
    I have noticed that you have conveniently ignored a lot of Robert’s points in his post. Allow me to address them with facts and evidence. I will mention some of Mr. Lindsay’s points and address them vis-a-vis your convoluted rants defending Hinduism:
    #1: Robert’s point on the sheer hypocrisy and hideousness of upper caste Hindus, especially the Brahmins.
    He clearly mentioned their disdain for people whom they consider lower castes or “dalits,” while both defending the caste system, and when cornered with logic and facts, even denying the existence of Casteist- based discrimination and atrocities against lower castes by Brahmin & other upper caste thugs in India.
    You seem to have ignored that and instead deviated to defending the evils of Puranic Hinduism and the idiotic mythical Ramayana rubbish.
    #2: Robert’s point on the Brahmins’ hatred for Western culture and Christianity while glorifying a mythical idealistic ancient Hindu Vedic civilization extolling the superiority of Hindus vs the others (Christians, Muslims etc).
    The Brahman-dominated Hindutvadi losers do all these while ironically doing everything they can to dump their failed Hindurashtra and then leave for Judeo-Christian-based secular nations such as the United States, Australia, UK, Canada and even some EU nations. That is a strange dichotomy. Almost a walking contradiction!
    #3: Robert’s point on Hindu savagery and backwardness.
    Despite what Brahmin supremacists love to claim online under anonymity or in some pathetic RSS/BJP/ Ultra rightwing Hindu club eulogizing the greatness of Vedic civilization and the genius of the upper caste Hindu mind, all evidence points to quite the opposite.
    Show me ONE place, just one place on Earth where Hindus (upper castes or otherwise), despite being easily able to congregate together (Heck they have a whole freaking nation for themselves, i.e. Modi’s Brahman-dominated upper caste-run India – a failed shithole!) have been able to build a decent or successful society which is both fully functional and advanced. Pretty sure there is NOT one.
    The Evidence:
    What do White Christians create in terms of advancement & beauty?
    The holiest sites for Hindu Brahmans – Varanasi & River Ganges created, maintained, and run by Hindu Brahmins, is the utopia we create and then delude ourselves of our supposed superiority.
    Brahman-supported Hindu Supremacist leader Modi’s beloved Gujarat – we do believe in Rupee for Poopee!
    Hindu dominated India’s staggeringly low IQ:
    Hindu-dominated India has a very low IQ of just 82, far lower than ANY Western nation (North & South Americas, Europe, Russia, Australia & New Zealand). This point explains Indian incompetence in the medical and technical fields, which is why we the western world have to pretty much share all our science, technology & civilization with these arrogant ingrates.
    Hindu incompetence in the engineering and tech fields:
    Hindu incompetence in the medical field:
    From Great Britain – incompetent Hindu doctors wrecking havoc there:
    Not only are they highly incompetent in their technical work, they have this brash, arrogant attitude mixed with a rude demeanor which makes them very unwelcome here. Not just the IT sector filled with unintelligent Hindu zombies, but even the medical industry has suffered the plague of Hindu incompetence. A few years back the Australian government suffered the outcome of inviting one such upper caste Hindu, Dr. Jayant Patel, who would turn out to break the world record for the highest number of cases of death and medical negligence owing to his sheer medical incompetence. He was labelled “Dr. Death” by the media which made his horrible work into international headlines.
    Even in India, take a cursory look at the number of so called medical doctors who have been banned or jailed for medical incompetence and negligence by the Medical Council of India – all happen to be upper caste Hindu doctors. Just look at the list below – excepting one random Muslim name, it pretty much reads from a telephone directory of some Hindu Brahmin or Baniya matrimonial column from New Delhi. It is interesting to note that NOT one Indian-Christian doctor made it in that shitlist of shame.
    Now ask yourselves this question: Why does America, UK or Australia need more incompetent upper caste Hindu doctors or technocrats when it is plainly evident that these losers can’t hack it in terms of quality?
    Just so that you know, the minority of Indian Christians still stuck in India are easy targets for persecution by the upper caste-dominated Hindu fascists of the ruling BJP government. The Indian Christian community is a highly intelligent, educated and industrious lot who have actually helped advance India into the 21st century. The Hindu fascists are the same folks who burnt alive and killed an Australian Christian man and his two young sons for helping poor & maligned leprosy patients in Orissa, India.
    The Indian Christian community is actually a breath of fresh air here in the West. They are nothing like their Hindu countrymen. Generally highly competent, intelligent and very well-assimilated into Western culture, they are welcome here anytime. Can’t say the same for the Hindus, Sikhs, and especially the savage Muslims though.
    Studies and statistics like those listed above should be shared and shown to official authorities and friends, colleagues, and families – just so we can all be secure in the knowledge of making an astute decision as to the current immigration trends.
    Indians, especially the Hindus, are highly parasitical. If and when some among them thrive or are successful, at best they migrate to somebody else’s land, neighborhood or club built, designed and created by someone else. Thus for all the spikes and bile they upper caste Hindu losers spew against Christendom, they are the first bunch of parasitical hypocrites who crawl on their rancid bellies and beg, borrow, or steal to dump Hindu India (Bharatvarsh) & instead migrate to Christian lands in the West.
    And once there, these ingrates will do everything they can to undermine the host culture and people vis-a-vis their concomitant attacks against Christianity, our institutions, our jobs and especially against our women and culture. Unlike the Muslims, the Hindus are a lot more sly and do these acts in a covert manner. Except that people are waking up to their BS.
    These Brahman hypocrites will steadily vote for the Left in Western countries while steadfastly supporting ultra rightwing policies and governments back in their homeland of India. Another walking contradiction.
    So, if Hinduism is so great, “Bhabiji”, tell me when you book the next one-way ticket to “the enlightened land of Bharatvarsha” (India) and live, thrive and work in Hindustan without returning back to us inferior Jews & Christians of the West?

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