Tang Dynasty, "The Internationale"

The Internationale, one of the greatest songs of the last century, is of course the anthem of socialists, anarchists and Communists the world over.
It is the official song of many Communist parties and is the official anthem of the Socialist International.
This is the best hard rock version of the Internationale ever done, off the Tang Dynasty’s 1992 album A Dream Return. This band is extremely popular with young Chinese, and this song has also become very popular with the same group. Tang Dynasty is best described as Chinese nationalists, but they also love Mao and CCP.
The Internationale is the international anthem of the working class the world over, sung and recorded in most major languages. Even if hate Commies, you have to admit it’s one kickass song.
There’s some great Mao-era footage in this video, with lots of photos of the Great Helmsman and young Chinese waving Little Red Books. Even with the major changes in China, Mao remains very popular. And its national yearly Congress, the CCP still plays an instrumental version of the Internationale.

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0 thoughts on “Tang Dynasty, "The Internationale"”

  1. Its not specifically related to this but I wanted to post this link somewhere. A Christian social conservative British journalist, my other favourite blogger, writes about his time in Moscow. Its a little part of what formed my negative view of the U.S.S.R.
    btw this guy has argued along the lines that free market capitalism destroys traditional values and has admonished people for putting their faith in markets. So he’s more of a social conservative than an economic right wing type of guy. Incidentally, he was a Bolshevik in his student days, although he changed his mind about that long ago.

    1. One thing is false. He says that the USSR was one of the most unequal on Earth. Not true. The elite lived better, but not dramatically better, than the rest. The elite under capitalism lives vastly better than the nomenkulatura of the former USSR.

      1. Isn’t this true?
        “While most citizens struggled to survive… a secret elite enjoyed great privileges: special living spaces, special hospitals, special schools, special lanes along which the Politburo’s limousines roared at 90mph.”

        1. The rich in England have most of those things too of course.
          Many politicians are against selective education and the old grammar school system and for egalitarian education, yet they slyly send their own kids to private schools. Meanwhile the brightest poor kids don’t have a chance at a really good education in a positive, orderly environment.

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