Bigfoot News July 11, 2012

Dr. Melba Ketchum Bigfoot DNA paper passes peer review, now awaiting publication date. From sources inside the Ketchum camp, I strongly believe that Ketchum’s Bigfoot DNA paper has finally passed peer review with its endless requests for changes and revisions, major and minor.
When did it pass review? I am not sure. At least by yesterday, June 10, 2012 and maybe earlier. When will it publish? I do not know. It depends how long journals wait from when they approve a paper until when they publish it. I know that at the end of May, Ketchum said that all revisions had been completed, and that the journal was only asking for some photo and video evidence to complete the paper, and the team was working to round that up.
A recent post on Ketchum’s site stated:

Melba Ketchum: “Everyone keeps asking for posts. Just waiting with no control over timing so there is nothing to report! It is out of my hands at this time!!!!!”

Checking in with sources inside in the Ketchum camp, I was able to confirm from multiple persons that the paper is finished and has finally passed peer review. Now all Ketchum is waiting for is a publication date, and she has no idea when that is coming. This is great news!
Excellent new video out by Facebook Find Bigfoot. This video shows a Bigfoot watching boys playing with go-carts in Northern Pennsylvania. There was a camera attached to the go-cart and video was shot while they were riding. After they went home and viewed the video, they saw the Bigfoot, but it only appeared for a few seconds.
This video was sent in to Dr. Jeff Meldrum, and he thought it was interesting enough that he passed it along to FB/FB for analysis. They are correct. I believe that this is a Bigfoot.
Also shows some excellent footage of a Bigfoot shot in Del Norte County, California in 2009. I am quite certain that this is a Bigfoot. I don’t want to tell you why.
Hoaxers are extremely crafty and they are always trying to perfect their Bigfoot hoaxes, which are endless and continuous. The more information we give them about about what a real Bigfoot looks like, the more they will perfect their hoaxes and make them better and better.
They are already good enough so it’s often hard to tell the hoaxes from the real thing, and it’s getting to the point where even the best photo on Earth of a Bigfoot, such as the Hovey photo, will be denounced by a loud majority as a confirmed hoax when it’s nothing of the sort.
Video is here.
Very nice Kansas Bigfoot photo posted by Facebook Find Bigfoot.

Two Bigfoots along a river in Kansas.

Taken by Greg Wood on February 5, 2012 in Sedgewick County, Kansas in a remote area along the Ninnescaw River near Lake Cheney southwest of Wichita. The Kansas Auburn Bigfoot video that made the rounds earlier was also shot in this county. The BFRO database has three sighting reports along this same river.
The original photo is much further away, and the Bigfoots can barely be seen as tiny dots. What you see above is a dramatically blow up version of the same photo. These photos were originally discovered by the Crypto Crew, who found them on the photographer’s blog.
In foreground is what I think is a female Bigfoot who is retreating from the cameraman. The large male Bigfoot is watching from behind the tree and covering for her as she retreats. There may be a baby somewhere in the photo, but I can’t see it. Great photo, and I do think it is real.
The entire photo set is here.
Nothing more to report, sorry! They’ve (Ketchum and her gang) killed off most of my sources, and it will be hard to get some new ones. Every time we get a new one, Ketchum and her gang kills them off pretty quickly. It’s endless cat and mouse, like espionage and counterespionage. Very tiresome. All this secrecy is surely not necessary.

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0 thoughts on “Bigfoot News July 11, 2012”

  1. Hi there. I ran a blog article on the Kansas photos before and while I lay no claim to the photo and claim no knowledge about who took it, those yellow circles indicating the figures in it were made by me. Just thought you might like to know. Keep up the good work, Dale D.

  2. So they are saying in BFF as well, so looks like it may be imminent…..finally! Can imagine the reticence of any Journal, but with Dr. Skyes very public entrance, imagine that might be some impetus to get it in print before too long?
    The deep quiet that has gripped the “community’ for so long may burst open…it will be interesting and certainly worth the wait…
    Thanks amigo for the updates!

  3. Thanks Robert. Maybe, just maybe, the long wait will soon be over?
    Not over keen on conspiracy theories, but a recent comment on Shawn’s blog suggested the Sykes study would find nothing and, being connected to such a prestigious university, would be the final nail in the coffin for any serious further research into this mystery. Therefore, movement on the Ketchum front is most welcome.
    Cheers mate. Tim. U.K.

  4. We have all waited so long for this to come out. Now it looks like it is finally here. I wonder what the skeptics are going to say now? Thanks for the great job you do on reporting things like this, Robert.

  5. So I’m kinda new to this bigfoot thing (I came to this blog a few months ago for the HBD with a liberal slant, but stayed for the bigfoot news). I’m not a believer yet, but damn if it isn’t fascinating.
    How often are your hopes up this high? Over the few months that I’ve followed the scene, it’s been nothing but disappointment. Is that something I’m just going to have to get used to? Or is this one different?

  6. All the secrecy may not be necessary, but secrecy is the prerogative of them what holds the secrets. Let it come out with a bang, I say, rather than diminish the impact with leaks. Delaying one’s own gratification is a sign of maturity.

  7. The Sykes study is focusing for the time being on fresh hair samples. My little ad-hoc group has submitted three of these for pre-vetting. I have no idea how Sykes is carrying out the vetting, though (microscope?).
    More when I know more.

  8. I bow hunt from cheney dam south to highway 54. five years ago I found a 30ft diameter nest in a tree . 20 feet of the ground. This thing was spooky to look at, but impressive with the amount of tree branches interwoven to make this 3 ft. thick treehouse?? It would have taken a pretty good amount of time and energy to build. This year 2 miles south of the dam., I found a lean to teepe looking thing. Beside it was a young pig skin dried from head to tail on a tree branch. skin only. A small bottle of empty whisky and a old shirt. I notified the farmer that checked it out. I have hunted ks, all my life and I am the apex predator and dont fear anything in the dark in ks. These two findings made me a bit nervous and really dont want to run into whatever is using these shelters. One is on public land the other is on private.

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