India Is Hell: A Dust Over India

Here. Excellent article by a good writer who is peripherally part of the manosphere. This guy has traveled all over the world, and he says India is by far the worst place on Earth he has ever been to. I don’t even know where to begin. First of all, it’s filthy. It’s the filthiest country he’s ever been to. Worse, no one seems to care about the filth – no one gives a damn. It’s also horrifically polluted, and no one cares about this either. The poverty is simply insane. It has to be seen to be believed. It’s the worst poverty he’s ever seen in any land he’s ever been to. And there’s nothing you can do about it. Boys covered in shit try to pry open a closed store to grab hot dog scraps. Kids covered in shit play in massive garbage heaps as big as houses. A beggar lies on the sidewalk, half his leg eaten off, maggots visibly gnawing on the rest. Emaciated old people with sunken, hopeless eyes sit on the sidewalk and beg for food. People frantically dig through garbage to try to get food to eat. There are people everywhere, everywhere, everywhere. It’s worse than New York, Mexico City or Hong Kong. You take off outside the city and the masses of humans don’t lessen, nor does the incessant filth. He goes to eat in a Pizza Hut and the Indian middle class is in there, fat and happy. Outside kids covered in shit wallow on the sidewalk and the bourgeois don’t give two flying fucks. Everywhere he goes, Indians try to steal from him. Even his own taxi driver tries to rip him off, and threatens to call the police when he doesn’t go along with the attempted theft. Cons and scams are everywhere. He falls for an elaborate scam to buy a fancy rug and have it shipped to his mother in the US. There are fake shops, fake businesses, fake travel agencies, fake everything, everywhere, all run by scammers, all set up to rip you off. One man on his tour is ripped off for $2,000 by a fake travel agency. As you walk along the sidewalk, Indians swarm alongside you, begging for this or that, trying to sell you this or that, or trying to scam you in some way. After a while, you resolve to speak to as few Indians as possible. He meets Western hippies at tourist hangouts, some to indulge in the solipsism of Hinduism and Buddhism, but they don’t see that these solipsistic religions may have created the very Hell of the India they are visiting. Charity seems hopeless. Where would you even begin. The beggars are ingrates. You give them food, and they don’t even care. And if Indians see you giving to a beggar, they swarm all over you begging for themselves. Better to give to no one. He tries to come up with a meaning for India, but can come up with none. India is meaningless; nothing has any meaning or value there. It’s an entropic panorama of Chaos Theory in action. The comments are interesting. I read them all. Mostly the usual Indian nationalist and Hindutva fanboys ranting on and on about shining India, and “just give us time.” And others attacking the “racist” article.

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0 thoughts on “India Is Hell: A Dust Over India”

  1. Leave Buddhism out of it. Less than 3.25% of Indians are Buddhist. Ambedkar became a Buddhist to rebel against caste and untouchability.
    There’s way more Buddhism in Japan, South Korean, Taiwan, Bhutan, Thailand.
    1% of Germans are Buddhist too, interestingly, most of them probably native white Germans.

    1. Also Buddhism holds that there are infinite sentient beings, who all have the same essential nature, the Buddha nature or the enlightened mind. There are the many as well as the One. The whole purpose of the Mahayana is to gain liberation for the benefit of others. There is conventional truth as well as ultimate truth, wisdom AND compassion. Just saying.

    2. My Uncle and Aunt are Hindus having converted from Judaism long ago. It’s a fine religion, just not the modern culture it goes along with. My Uncle is a renowned spiritual teacher. He equally sees the beauty in Buddhism, Christianity, Islam. He and my aunt choose to pray to Hanuman, who is not God, but the servant of God, the idea of serving mankind being the ultimate in human, spiritual experience. There are Holy men and women from every religion – Hazrat Inayat Khan, the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Neem Karoli Baba. The problem for mankind is when people are only religious. They are religious in identity, but they do not follow the spiritual path it entails.

      1. Who the fuck cares about all that shit? Your country is a shithole with nothing good ever coming out of it, so fix it.

        1. Well, you ought to care enough to know what you’re talking about, and to see to it that others know what you’re talking about. I can’t decide whether you think I live in India or the US. Either way, it has nothing to do with my comment.

        2. So you are a white jew? convert to Zoroastrianism, makes much more sense and doesn’t have a history of defiling things.

        3. Yes I am indian. I fuck this poor country which has eaten up my 30 years
          I fuck it but only good thing about this county is spirituality.. its a spiritual land nothing else

  2. Mark is correct in his article that there nothing inherently spiritual in India-India just pushes you to your limits.
    I hope Mark appreciates that Delhi is MARKEDLY IMPROVED from when I first visited in 1999. Since the improvements for the Commonwealth games in 2010, Delhi almost looks like a different city. The Indira Gandhi International airport used to be a ramshackle collection of corrugated tin shacks & quonset huts- now it’s all new, modern & even tasteful with some rather stunning works of art on display I especially like the ‘Gestures of Enlightenment piece over immigration). Paved roads bordered by trees & landscaping now connect IGIA to Delhi- It used to be out on a desolate, potholed dirt track through weeds & shanty towns.
    The ‘gentle haze’ covering Delhi that Mark describes is more like acrid smoke, the sun seen through this ‘haze’ is always this surreal crimson color- adding to Delhi’s ‘post-apocalyptic disaster’ ambience. The stench is something you really can’t put into writing.
    Anyhow, the only thing I disagree with Mark’s pice is where he states-
    ‘As a foreigner, you never have to worry about being robbed, or having a knife pulled on you, or getting beaten up by a gang of thugs and having your kidney carved out of you.’
    Ummmm… no Mark, that is not true.
    There was a 23 yr old French man that was beaten, robbed & thrown from a train in Haryana in May, he died after several days in a coma.
    An Indian tour guide at the Red Fort was recently arrested for drugging foreign tourists, robbing them & dumping them on the outskirts of Delhi.
    A young Belgian woman was found decapitated on the Jomsom trail here in Nepal last month.
    It really isn’t ‘safe’ to travel anywhere alone, nor is it a good idea to ‘let your guard down’ at any time.

    1. I strongly feel that USA and rest of the world must take some initiative and Destroy This Artificial Fabric of INDIA
      Yes India is an Artificial Fabric united along the lines of Hypernationalism and Victim hood mentality , this is the most common theme which is pervasive across Indian society
      India is also a Feminine Society–Every Feminine society adopts itself differently from Masculine Society.
      The reason why i say India is a faminine society is because the social Class and ethic in India is based on Female.
      Society Regards Female as most ethical and characterises ,female as hall mark of morality
      Hinduism is the only religion which has over 33 million Gods and over 50 million God men
      All this shows the suffering that this Cult of hinduism has caused to humanity
      Its decadent to extreme, its never progressive religion,
      Hinduism has greatest advantage–It’s the only religion which has successfully developed a mechanism to destroy the every potential for human liberty and morality
      Millions of people were destroyed and their life has become a living hell due to Hindu ideology
      Sad thing is that most indians have no history, 84 percent of indians today are dalits and most of these dalits never belonged to hinduism
      Only after independence they were accepted to Hinduism, and the reason for acceptance are for ” Unity among different people who speak various languages”
      In 1947 india has around 250 Princely states and over 42 Languages, its hard to integrate all these Dalits under one umbrella.
      Now, these dalits without any history and accomplishment have destroyed indian society
      Their whole life pattern surrounds around making money and breeding kids
      Dalit fertility rate is around 3.4 in 2011.
      I am complete dissemination of Dalits from Hinduism
      They must be allowed to follow any other religion as per their wish and regain their tribal mode of life rather than inspired to become a Brahmin or Aping WHITE man
      There will be no progress in India, you cant feed the stomach of Billion Dalits
      albeit their quota system is flourishing they are not satisfied
      Even whole resources on this planet cannot fill Dalits belly.
      We brahmins have recognised these people 600 years ago.
      There is even a mention in texts, that they are born with tamas guna .

      1. i dont know what to say really are you really jealous that these beggars are actually taking away your jobs or that they are really on verge of ending their misery after all these years don’t forget that these very people were invaded,robbed etc, WTF if this shit would have really happenned to us?I am not an INDIAN nor I hold any special affinity for them but I do seek precious points that I can take out from their history rather crib about their shortcomings .DO NOT BE A BULLY,Regards.

      2. You are a dumb Brahmin. The facts and statistics provided by you are totally incorrect. For example, 84% of Indians today are dalits! In contrast, a majority of Hindus belong to the upper caste (Brahmins, priests; Kshatriya, those with governing functions) or the intermediate one (Vaishya, that is, agriculturalists, cattle rearers, and traders).The remaining Hindus are just victims and have been traditionally labelled as lower-caste Hindus (Dalits or Shudras).

    2. Phatimabibi shut up ismalkc cunt !!! Its you ismalaists whoi are doing the robbings in delhi slut and you have the nerve to talk about in dia u sadistic bitchy slut. also aurangzeb please fuck off islam cunt !!!robert lindsay fucker get a life idiot! instead of posting hate articles all over the time why dont you go and masturbate and light up your lonely miserable fucked up life

  3. That was a really insightful, searingly honest and colorful piece of travel writing. I rather enjoyed reading it and it stoked a certain morbid fascination of a place I doubt I’d ever visit even if you paid me. Like reading the account of someone’s near-death experience where they went to hell and back.

  4. This is what Indian impotent Dalit clowns do robert, They are so insecure without any history or any civilization.
    They hide around Western names, and speak nonsense
    Indian economy is going down , truth is that these overhyped Chaprasis who have no idea about computer prior 1990, started storming into other nations in search of IT jobs.
    These parasites have completely destroyed a computer sciences field
    Indians are basically corrupt a morally,ethically degenerate people, problem is Politicians are scape goats , Ind dians blame every on on earth for their misery
    They cant solve any human problem and few of them would come close to realizing tohat India is a gigantic Lavotary

    1. Can you at least answer my question? Why didn’t you “Brahmins” genocide and destroy the existing tribes in that sub-continent, when your ancestors migrated from the Urals and Kazakhstan? You could have saved so much pain and suffering, you could have also prevented “India” from becoming the “gigantic Lavotary” it is today.

      1. So kill the men, woman and children (who cherished their lived) of all the tribes of the subcontinent- genocide an entire subcontinent- to prevent future suffering. Interesting moral argument.
        So you are effectively saying that the suffering of most Indians is so intolerable that it would be better if they were never born, for their sake, of course. How about letting them decide if their lives are worth living?
        Presumably you would happily give up your own life and the life of your children today if you found out your descendants would be malnourished and not have toilets. Oh you wouldn’t? Interesting.

        1. The “invaders” or so called “Aryan invaders” from Southern Russia, “killed” people. They killed a lot of people in Northern India to even people in the Middle East and Central Asia, so killing wasn’t a unique moral act or thing. It was apparently normal in the middle ages to “kill” and destroy people wherever you went. You think that it would have been “unique”, if the Indo-Aryans genocided the sub-cons? Do you know how many Chinese, Turks, Koreans, Assyrians, Persians, Tajiks, Azerbaijanis, the Mongols massacred and the Asiatic tribes they genocided when they were going around “conquering” the world and establishing the first “globalized” empire? They massacred so many Assyrian-inesque people, that their is not a “certain” but a “medium number” people of this Middle Eastern group left; take note that these are people who certainly and definitely would not have ended up without toilets and not having the ability to live normally. How about when they decided to burn the library of Baghdad, one of the biggest sources of human knowledge that would have advanced the human race to unknown heights if it was here today? Mongoloid tribes and their descendents were the biggest bandits and criminals in human history. Yet we praise, (especially Asians) the Mongols for leaving a “mark” on civilization and human history and no one ever shames anyone for admiring them. Hell the above mentioned people were already killing and massacring each other in record numbers, so no one can imagine the Khans in a bad light or have a real movie like picture of their bloody massacres. People do consider what they did at the time as “normal” and circumstantial within how things were in that time period.
          Instead humanity regressed to a more primitive state of mind. If the “Indo-Aryans”, had permanently erased the presence of the sub-cons, it CERTAINLY would not have been “immoral” and “unique”, because they were already killing each other as well as other groups throughout the Middle East and Eurasia. Take note that as soon as Kingdoms formed, Aryan and non-Aryan kings were already fighting each other bitterly and brutally. If they did massacre these people, it would not have been “abnormal”. At the exact time, human groups were exiting and disappearing; given how these people are socially ostracized in every single place they go on Earth and don’t have the genetics to compete with other groups when it comes to aesthetics to sports to other social spheres of life and activity, with or without having a real home they still have an eternal and on-going difficult life living. Don’t you think it would have been better if it wasn’t the case or none of the above applied?

  5. Robert,
    Are these your opinion about India too or its exclusive to the the author of the article for which you gave the link ? Not that it would make any difference but just for information.
    Anyway all things which the author described may/may not be true true while you are in India. Because it depends on the circumstances. Its easy to criticize India and Indians because we have really not been able to achieve what we were capable of. And that reflects in our current state of affairs.
    However, there are many people who , in spite of all problems of India, can see some positivism in India. And I am one of them.

      1. Its OK. There is nothing to be sorry about. I don’t think you guys have any hidden agenda against India or anything else. Its just what you felt under those circumstances.
        I was also very sad to see that in Italy, some beggars only in underwear, were begging on the streets and red lights in the winter of February.
        For American people/European people, its most shocking because they are hardly informed about the outside world that how much poverty, filth, is there. So when they confront the extreme poverty their reaction is strongest.
        Have you ever been to India, btw ?

        1. I have never been there. It’s not so much the poverty. It’s that the vast majority of Indians that we meet quite honestly do not seem to give a flying fuck about the horrors under which so many of their citizens must live. They don’t care about all this poverty, filth, disease, degradation, horror. They could care less. There is something horrifically wrong with a people like that. Yes, I mean there is something terribly wrong with Indian people. They don’t care anything about their fellow man. What kind of people are they anyway?

        2. Yes, there are issues.
          There is not one India. But there are actually three India.
          Upper Class – Doesn’t care
          Middle Class- Can’t care
          Lower Class- Is not aware
          It won’t be fair to say that no Indian care about poverty, filth and diseases. Because they are so many people working in India for the less privileged. There are thousands of NGOs working for different socio-economic problems of India. Its just that India has too big a population that it has become impossible to handle.
          We had a great opportunity in 1947 to build a country which has 300 million people. Though we did not really have much resources, but we had the new-found freedom, passion and positive patriotism that could have worked well for us. But we let it go. I know you are leftist. But sorry to say that leftist/socialist economic policies proved to be worse for India. Though socialist policies are meant for the welfare of people but in India exactly opposite happened. Instead of a welfare state, India became a case of ‘ welfare of state’ where already wealthy and powerful people were in the control. Lack of resources ensured that it could either me masses or classes. Classes were lost because they were still to see the power of democracy. They believed in their political leaders who have provided them freedom.
          You had to take permission from government for what you would produce, how would you produce and how much would you produce. Such a strict regime was not conducive to growth and wealth creation. It was only in 1990s that India liberalized its economy. After 20 years, we are seeing the positive results.
          Population control was not done efficiently. Education was not given priority.These all factors contributed in India’s poverty, filth, etc..
          Hope it improves !!!

        3. That Indian socialism was not any kind of real or good socialism at all. A Chinese style system, if implemented in India, could have arrested population growth and eliminated much of horrific poverty you see in India. It worked in China, so it should work quite well in India too. The neoliberal order in recent years has not done one thing to help the poor, as that is not a priority of the state. The state for all intents and purposes does not exist. The US state, though severely weakened, has maybe 20 civil servants per capita per 1 in India. And in India, civil servants are almost all horribly corrupt and they just do not care at all about the people.
          I really am with the Indian Maoists. I think only they can solve India’s poverty problem.
          There is no sense of the common good in India. This is obvious. India is probably the most selfish and classist society on Earth. As a socialist, I cannot support such a society at all. And I must say that all of this uncaring attitude and selfishness is absolutely the fault of the Hindu religion.

        4. “I really am with the Indian Maoists. I think only they can solve India’s poverty problem.”
          I am aware about your great love for India but here you are going too far in showering your love. 😉
          Its like saying Al-Qaida or Taliban can solve all the problems in Muslims world.

  6. Robert
    It seems that any negative article about India is your aphrodisiac LOL. To be fair to my people, India is one of those places that should have left alone by the white man. The Indian way of getting revenge is to multiply infinitely and fuck up the white man’s senses he he.

    1. No, Indians really can’t fuck with anyone, they are just inferior physically. The whites will simply kill you and just send you back on your boats or marginalize you in ghettos. It hasn’t happened YET, but I see something grave happening in the future. Whether it be the White man, the Gulf Arabs, or the Chinese, one of them is not going to like something like this happening. Of course if more Indians are there, that means more cheap labor and slaves for the Gulf Arabs to exploit, so it’s a 50/50 deal for the Arabs at least. I have to say though, the British are rich as fuark as well the Queen of England cuz of how they robbed you guys. They also got plastic surgery, refined rockets, yoga, slave soldiers, diamonds, gold, jewels and lots of other shit, All it took was a couple of British guys, not even an entire legion, just to own you guys. So really I don’t think the White man can be harmed by thousands of Indians LOL!!
      BTW Robert did you read about how a couple of Indian businessmen tried to go to China and rip off them Indian style? The Indians tried their usual con artistry and apathetic way of ripping people off, unfortunately the Chinese simply took the businessmen and had them eat Chinese feces and drink their urine. I am not joking, it was on this Chinese news website, can’t remember but:

      1. There is nothing but simply misinformed disliking for Indians in whatever you wrote.
        Anyway, Keep Dreaming. It doesn’t cost you a buck.
        FYI, Indians were not physically weak but structurally weak, and that is why British could fuck them in past. I don’t see it happening today. Because world has changed now.
        Talk about the white might, well it took around 11 years and trillions of Dollars to kill Osama. And that’s not an impressive performance.

      2. Jake
        You are a rabid stray dog let loose barking at me for no reason just like…well…rabid stray dogs. Now get back in your cage little doggy. 110 V coming your way.

      3. Jake,
        Not that some people don’t have intelligence but they just misdirect it. That’s what you are doing here.
        Indians were not physically weak but structurally weak and that is why foreign invaders could rule them. If Indians were weak British woudn’t have them in their army to fight in world wars. But that was past. Make no mistake. World has changed and if you still want to live in past glory of whites, that is not good. I give same advice to Indians too. Forget about past glories and work for future.
        Whether white will kill Indians is a hypothetical question. But for all the WHITE might Americans have, it took 11 years and trillion dollars to kill one man Osama. So I doubt if whites are essentially stronger or invincible in wars.
        Regarding the China incidence you are just showing the insensitive side of yourself which full of extreme disliking for Indians. You don’t want to go in to the merit of the case. Their just being Indian is enough for you to proclaim that they cheated, etc, etc. In business, nonpayment or delay in payment is not unusual. In trade disputes, the proceedings are done in courts and not by traders themselves. And if you anyhow justifying the horror what traders had to go through, then sorry mate, you don’t have any right to talk about morality here.

  7. Why growing up in India makes you a nasty, cruel, desensitized faux-nationalistic gold-digger
    1. School
    While people remark on shortage of functional schools in India, I say the kids who don’t go to school have it good. The national curriculum is odious and objectionable, seeing it is designed for kids who bow down before all authority and empty suits, regardless of whether they make any sense at all. You cannot contest your teacher. At all. Never. Such behavior is simply unacceptable. Put another way, the system is a hundred percent authoritarian.
    School kills all your creativity. Creativity, especially of the extrovert kind, is not encouraged. There are tried and tested methods to break the will of those who are too free. The system is based on rote-memorization. You must bend your mind a certain way to do that: it means all the rules are already laid out and decided for you. You do not need to think. Your brain must function in a certain way. Any challenge to the established order will make you a pariah.
    Kids learn how to secretly and openly hate each other over the grades they are given for breaking their own will and doing pointless mind-numbing work that will be of no use to them at any point in their later life. The focus is on merit. On who is better at following rules. No wonder India has not produced a single India-based world-class scientist/technician/engineer. Science, technology and engineering, after all, are fields where your ability to think is highly valuable.
    Barack Obama does not need to worry about Indian kids out-smarting American kids. If they do, it will be by doing hours of grinding and roting, and when they do, the rest of the world need to start worrying. This system is evil!
    2. Parents, Teachers, Peers
    All these people are the product of evil Indian schools and other cramming establishments, and will force you to succeed in a way that they deem appropriate. You must resist this, but you can’t. They are everywhere. Your peers will pressure you to bow down, to submit and ‘teach you the value of money’…. In other words, how to be a vicious gold-digger. Money is nice, but being a nasty, evil little scummy gold-digger is a downgradation of your soul that even scat-munchers do not attain.
    Indian people are therefore nasty and selfish to the extreme. It is of no surprise, seeing their upbringing and their environment.
    3. The environment
    Your average Indian city/town/village is a primitive clusterfuck without running water or proper sewage disposal. Casteism is rampant; stupid people need little motivation to be proud of what is after all, a genetic accident. They think their bloodline is ‘pure’ and grind down in the dirt the ‘lower’ caste people. Respect for human life and dignity in India has to be the lowest in human civilization.
    The streets are narrow and dirty, usually overflowing with broken sewage lines and water lines (which frequently mix) and the garbage the average Indian household does not feel ashamed of in throwing out on the streets. Any kind of social grace is completely absent, people shove and push each other, vehicles honk incessantly and without reason, and the local temple’s loudspeakers blare out shitty religious hymns.
    Living here and growing up here, you will learn, little by little, to let go of your humanity. You will get desensitized to the beggars and lepers in the street, emancipated, poor and trodden down. You will see old men and women driven out of their homes by their sons, their eyes pleading for mercy and trying to make sense of the plethora of people around them, who ignore their plight and pass right by.
    Your average Indian will not even notice the squalor on the street, or the helpless human beings on the street. He will simply accept these things as a part of life, which is why things never improve. This man is the selfish product of a callous, heartless and evil system. He will never change, and western democracies should not allow such people into their homelands. Not even for a ‘visit’.
    4. The Media
    Catering to a large middle class that pretends to be educated, some people have taken the initiative to bring them latest news of the world. These people are funded by rich business interests with their own agenda, as well as Hindu nationalists. They make the salutary noises about bad governance and bloated bureaucracy, something that is so odious it even permeates the thick bourgeois skull. This is why the middle class types buy newspapers and watch news—they can relate to it.
    But the most vicious thing that the Media does is to fill the average Indian with a sense of pride and nationalism, something that certainly goes against all basic logic and sanity. What people would be proud of a country like this? Only brain-washed, selfish and tuned jerks that the education system produces and the Media maintains.
    The average Indian is full to the brim with national pride that he has no logical reason to feel. His ideas on casteism and the workings of the society are reinforced by editors of the national dailies and the news channels. His stance on Kashmir, a truly beautiful place inhabited by beautiful people, has been drilled into him incessantly. The parable of Pakistan exporting its terrorists (not that it doesn’t– turns out the Americans knew about it all along) to India and that the Kashmiris love India (Duh) has been in print for thirty years now. Of course, India is a poor, helpless victim.
    Most people in India never even graduate from their high schools, let alone college. And I say good for em. Because the System feels the need to grind out all kind of potential competition it may get from any future thinkers.
    If school doesn’t manage to turn you into a humanoid selfish fuck, your college certainly will. India’s unemployment problem is so vast and the colleges that ‘guarantee’ any jobs (professional degree mills like IITs/NITs/AIIMS etc…. it is interesting to note that only Indians think these places are good, an independent peer review ranked the ‘best’ IIT at around 350 at world level) are too few and middle-class scramble for securing a seat there so intense, it simply has to be seen to be believed.
    Millions (you heard that right, millions) of middle-class Indians right now are roting and grinding and chewing equations, formulas and facts for entrance exams that maybe a hundred of them really understand. These people aspire to be ‘engineers’ and ‘doctors’. The workload is so immense that you can’t find time in your 16’s and 17’s to ogle girls (or boys), to party, to learn how to drink beer without making a face and to hang out with your friends. Hell, what am I saying? Most Indian people don’t find time to do that all their lives.
    College itself is a turdfest with professors harboring massive egos, anal-retentive and callous administration and awkward social interaction between the sexes. Girls hanging out with boys are labeled ‘hookers’ and ‘sluts’. Massive sexual repression is the hallmark of this point in your life, and given the pressure to rote more equations and to secure a job, you’d be lucky escaping the place without a drug habit or a drinking problem.
    Is there anything good about India at all? With fertile planes to the north, large iron ore deposits to the south, biggest aluminum stores in the world and 30% of the world’s Thorium, I think the white man would have made the country really work. The only thing wrong with India is Indians.

    1. “The only thing wrong with India is Indians”
      Truly the worst kind of people. As generalized and presumptuous it may seem, it would not be incorrect to make a statement as bold and blunt as that. Let’s hope there are more who agree with your tone, as I wholeheartedly do. Thank you.

    2. Awesome comment. I have been to India and it is nothing but an overpopulated slum. People are arrogant, without any manners. Bombay was so filthy and crowded that it was overwhelming. Indian are genetic rejects. Just look at their skin color. Their skin color is the color of dirt. So no wonder they create dirty cities, homes and roads.

  8. My oh my.
    These are strange comments written by absolute idiots.
    the author of this blog is also quite frankly an idiot and not worth the time to respond to some of the nonsense

      1. More and more Hindus are coming to US shores
        Over 100000 Hindus are coming each year
        All carrying their corrupt culture and caste ideologies
        In 2 decades Hindu population will quadruple ,This will create great problems in USA
        Riots are guaranteed , corruption,unhygienic surroundings, littering, spreading nepotism, caste politics will dominate USA
        Seems there are more hindus coming illegally from 4000 miles away than latinos
        Enjoy your Decline Americans, your nation will become a caste based hell hole –INDIA 2.0
        In 4 generations from now many parts of USA will resemble garbage dumps

        1. What is extraordinarily peculiar about your diatribes is that you are also an Indian living overseas. Presumably the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree, and you aren’t much different, carrying this dystopian world within to the far shores you grace. Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

        2. Albeit i am an indian,I understand how pernicious hindu indians are.
          India is a dead civilization, whatever the glory it had (or supposedly had ?),is a thing of past,The indians who created olden civilization(did they really?) are long dead , the modern indians are third rate charlatans who are attention seeking parasites
          these low lives had no intellectual ability ,let alone civilization, most of these people not part of Sanathana dharma’s Vedic Aryan legacy.
          These are mostly inbreds or false charlatans using the name of some unknown dead people ,to further their parasitic degenerate cause
          Anyone who has met,or befriended modern hindu indians will say the same about these people,they have neither humanity or any capacity to create a civilization,these idiots did not even master plumbing and toilet building skills, and they pose as “Architects of Bronze age Indus civilization which has running sewage system 3500 years ago”.
          I am aint doing any false propaganda here,I am just showing the true identity of these indian low life’s
          If these idiots are allowed into any proper functioning society they will wreck that nation with their crooked ,sly and degenerate culture
          These idiots must be kept in that Toilet, after a while they will rot and stink,complain ,curse the white man /muslims for their problems and die.
          If you give these idiots some breeding ground, they will reproduce and will destroy your society.

        3. Wow Wow, Hindus are the worst of the worst in some things, but they have their good points. lets compare the BRIC countries in some issues.
          1- Hindus are less homophobic than China and Russia. more Hindus would accept a gay friens than the Chinese and Russians.
          2- Hindus murder less than Christian Brazilians and Russians, murder rate of Brazil is a shocking 21.8 and Russia is a 10.2
          3- Hindus are less corrupt than Russians according to internationl corruption index.

  9. “they pose as “Architects of Bronze age Indus civilization which has running sewage system 3500 years ago”
    Perhaps the upper class in India may make that claim being descended from the Aryas but their mythology, adopted mythology, tells a wholly different story.

    1. Aryans were barbarians when Indus was at its height. Aryans were just semi nomadic pastoralists who had no writing and no civilization.

      1. Thers’s a unexplained feature of hindu civiilsation: The hindus didn’t attempt to write history record until the muslims conquered them. I’m not sure if brown aryan barbarism or lack of written language were the cause. Apparently they were more interesting in mythical oral epics like ramayana and mahabarata than real history. Could it explain the hindu delusion, superstition and the ease they attempt to push ‘Out of india theory’ ? From the link below:
        “….So to write about ancient India today you have to consult Herodotus and the Greek writers who accompanied Alexander the Great’s campaign to India; Megasthenes, the Greek historian who in c. 300 BC was ambassador to the court of Chandragupta Maurya and collected material there for his work Indica; Ptolemy’s Geographia; and the Chinese travellers Faxian and Xuanzang.
        The first history of India was written in the eleventh century by Alberuni, a Muslim scholar who accompanied Mahmud of Ghazni’s invasion of northwest India. The Muslim presence in India encouraged the recording of history….”

  10. I agree with you. India is truly a shithole. It will split up into various parts in the next 20-30 years. Most of the states are fighting for sovereignty. I can honestly see it going the way of the USSR. In 2009, two regions of India (Himachel Pradesh and Tamil Nadu) participated in global Pisa testing, and out of 75 regions (all non-African) these two came in the last three in maths, science and reading. India has since pulled out from these tests, presumably to avoid embarrassment. East Asians came top, followed by Europeans. Israel came below European regions.
    This following link is based on last year’s tests (results published a few days ago) in which India decided not to participate.

  11. The Hindus are destroying the UK as we speak. They make regions where they predominate into ghettos. They are not as bad as the ghettos created by the blacks, but not much better. I think the Muslim invaders of India should have wiped them out when they had the chance.

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