This Is So Not Right

Here. I realize that this kid is severe bad news all the way around, but no way in Hell can I see giving a kid an 85 year prison term for a crime he committed when he 13 years old. No way, no way, no way, no way. Put him in the youth authority until he is 25 years old. If he’s too dangerous to be in youth authority, put him in adult prison in some special wing. No way on Earth can you give someone life for a crime they committed when they were a 13 year old boy. Forget it. By the way, I also do not believe in preventive detention, which is possibly what’s going on here. You can’t lock someone up just for being dangerous. It’s not illegal to be dangerous or even to be dangerous as Hell. That’s the price you pay for living in a free society. You have to live with dangerous people and take your chances with them.

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32 thoughts on “This Is So Not Right”

  1. 45 years. No parole. “Retirement” is when he comes out.
    ” You have to live with dangerous people and take your chances with them.”
    Sorry disagree Robert. If a guy is a known multiple murderer/attempted murderer in this case, I’ll take zero chances with him.
    The chance I’d take is that there is a good probability of dangerous people in the vicinity and until someone is proven to be guilty, he/she is innocent. Thats free society for me.

      1. “Conspiracy theorists” is a perjorative. It’s “conspiracy researchers” for those who are serious about the evidence. It’s proven for anyone who cares to look into it. To this day the CIA has media assets who spread misinformation and propaganda and lies, for good reason, to keep at bay the truth, but they’ve been discredited anyway.
        I’ll be working on a mini-doc this year to pitch in my small contribution, to be finished and uploaded next year.

        1. Hoping to read that. I’ve seen videos asking questions about the incident but so far, haven’t looked at a paper or article that had consolidated evidence. I have my share of skepticism on certain events too: the main one being the alacrity at which everyone started drinking the HIV = AIDS kool aid and dissenting meant that your career was over.

      2. Old man Kennedy had Jack, Bobby, and Joe knocked off so he could create a family legacy.

        1. I don’t understand the obsession with the Kennedy assassination among Alex Jones types. As you are the direct descendants of the wingnuts who spread deranged anti Kennedy propaganda and rants around Dallas in the days before the event, shouldn’t you regard it as Mission Accomplished, or at least a good thing?
          It just shows how incoherent American right wing politics has become, not that it was ever rigorously logical.

        2. GSG … I don’t know how to say this without insulting you. It would be an understatement to say your belief (if you are indeed serious) is irrational. In short, it takes a leap of insanity to get there. It’s also impossible, unless you think that Joe Sr. had planned Jack and Bobby’s death before his 1961 stroke, which left him incapacitated. This is just the beginning of how your supposed belief fails the reality test.
          Matt, it’s hard to follow your logic. I mean, look in the mirror man. The burden is on the “lone nut theorists” to not look silly. Anyone who has taken more than a casual look at the case is gullible to believe the Warren Commission. We’re talking a different ball game than the 9-11 Commission. 3/4’s of Americans, most of who have never heard of Alex Jones, are not on par with “the truthers”.
          Aakash – Luckily, the books have only gotten better with time. If I were to recommend one book on the subject, it would be “JFK and the Unspeakable”, by James Douglass. Like most books it’s a few hundred pages long, but it’s an easy read for the most part, and it’s unlike any other book I’ve read relating to the assassination. It’s from ’07 but can still be found in bookstores sometimes.

        3. Ah yes. He had Eunice and Rose lobotomized as well and preprogrammed them to act on his orders. Sort of like the imperius curse in Harry Potter.

        4. That last comment was stupid I know. I was not downplaying the tragedy, only poking fun of the fact that wild conspiracy theorists thake themselves so seriously.

        5. In that last case I was alluding to the fact that many far right conspiracy theorists who are all too concerned with Just Fuckin Kidding’s assasination would openly shit on his brother. I did see many of those lobotomy references when he died of brain cancer. Most came from mainstream right wing pundits, but enough from alt right and libs as well.

        6. It’s the nature of things that paranoid, unserious, and publicity seeking theorists out there would give legitimate or professional researchers a bad name. The “lone nutters” use this sensational stuff to discredit the whole conspiracy thing altogether.

        7. “The “lone nutters” use this sensational stuff to discredit the whole conspiracy thing altogether.”
          That’s what I’ve been saying all along. So now anyone who expresses discontent with the status quo are on par with the UFObats.

        8. I wish we could take him off the pedestal and judge him objectively, he didn’t do anything to gain him the star status.

      3. Who, Kennedy? Well, that depends. There was no such thing as Camelot, so if JFK has star status for that, then you’re right. He would’ve certainly hated that myth. But most Americans don’t know much about anything, so who are they to judge him at all?

  2. If this kid can commit such a horrible crime at 13 imagine what he can do as an adult, this individual is just plain evil, maybe his very long prison sentence is not such a bad thing after all.

    1. That’s preventive detention. I don’t agree with that. You can’t lock people up on “dangerousness.” One of the prices you pay for living in a free society is you have to live with lots of dangerous people. That’s just the way it goes. Put him in the Youth Authority until he turns 25 and then let him out.

      1. I agree with you 100% on this Robert. You cannot put people’s intentions on trial since intent is in the eye of the beholder. This can potentially lead us down the path to tyranny. Intention is key in a moral context but is a lot trickier in a legal one.

  3. As to the original topic: Robert, I don’t know. I see what you’re saying, and I’d generally agree with you, but… This seems like a true exception. Maybe the intervention should be therapeutic and not strictly punitive, but I’m thinking Hannibal Lector therapeutic.

  4. Almost agree with you Mr. Lindsay. If he was set free at 25 or so I would hope his next victim is packing an equalizer and save tax paying citizens the price of letting his worthless ass breathe.
    I’m sort of an eye for an eye kind of guy. Kid took one life and attempted to take another. IMHO that kind of bad wiring isn’t going to get rehabbed. It will be a matter of time b4 he attempted a similar act. It would be dangerous to let this type of person free. Some people are born …. not right .. and seems that no amount of therapy or drugs will alter their behavior. Not many of them , but this guy seems like it. Why chance another innocent life ?
    He ended and altered other lives, his life should have the same consequences.

      1. I do agree that there should be some leniency due to youth , but……
        what kind of positive , society conscious adult is going to be produced via our prison system ? If there is some kind of program in place to to succesfully re-hab him ? My perspective of the prison system is that it lacks that sort of device. What’s the recidivism rate on youths that commit murder ? Is there any data on that ?
        I want to agree with you, but I kind of feel that the crimes were too brutal in nature and very indicative of the young mans future behavior.
        Happy 4th !

  5. That’s no kid. It’s a feral nigger. If they let him out at 25, he’ll re-offend before he’s 26.

  6. He should be put in prison for a very long time, he murder a female authority figure and at age 15 he deserves no mercy, its not like he accidentally killed his friend in a teen fist fight. Weirdly i’m with Dúnedain, lock up that Feral nigger!!

  7. In Ancient Rome a male became a full adult at 14 & Israel it was 13 (or younger with parental emancipation).
    In Africa untold thousands of 12 year old boy soldiers armed with AK47 machineguns burn villages, rape & sexually enslave women & girls & cut off women’s breasts with machetes.
    In WW2 the Third Reich had many 14 year old boy battalions of Hitler Youth as regular troops..
    If a person of any age can be tried as an Adult or recieve Adult punishment, it follows (against braindead femnazi lies) then that person can consent to sex with anyone or consent to make porn as the person is being held accountable as an Adult.
    And remember females develop physically & mentally & psychologically 2 years before males… no where does that lead us?

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