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How many White Nationalists are not racists, at least against Black people? 5%? 10%? It can’t possibly be any more than that.
One thing that is weird about WN’s is that their real obsession is with Blacks. It’s Blacks that they hate more than anything else in the whole country. They don’t much care about Hispanics or Muslims all that much.
As commenters on Amren say, “Blacks are our enemy.” I told this to some smart Blacks and they said, “Oh, we know.” They knew it all along.
I guess I am some kind of an idiot. I am dubious, to say the least, about the Hispanicization of the US and I hate illegal immigration. I’d prefer not to live around lots of Hispanics. Here in California, we do not have to deal with Blacks all that much. You can always choose not to live around them.
As such, Blacks have not done a whole lot to me in my life and they just don’t effect me. Hence, arguments about Black evil and perfidy, Black crime and Black crime against Whites just leave me cold. It doesn’t effect me at all.
Further, Blacks are not going anywhere. They are not leaving and they have even more right to be here than most Whites. It’s understandable that they are a bit pissed off. This blog is even officially Black-friendly, just to encourage them to come around.
The Hispanics can take off, at least the illegal ones. Then we can put up some sensible barriers to try to make sure that Hispanic immigrants who come here are likely to be beneficial and not drains or detriments to society.
There is nothing to do with Blacks. They don’t immigrate here and can’t be sent packing. The future shows no significant increase in the Black percentage of the US. They are not a looming problem for the future.
The fact that the WN movement is basically just a Hate Movement against Black people is something that needs to be publicized in a rational, non-name-calling manner. These guys mostly hate Blacks and we can prove it. Let them try to justify their racist bullshit rather than hiding behind fake rationales and subterfuges. Just come out and admit it, White nationalists! You don’t like Blacks!

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  1. Robert…all the Hate drivel against so called White Nationalists on your site is gettiing a little old…turn on the local news in any town in any local paper..its NOT WHITES..that are KILLING RAPING or BEATING up blacks…but almost 100% the other way around…black people are as pejudiced if not more than white people.and FAR more VIOLENT..if you happen to doubt that..just take a leisurely stroll down ANY sidewalk in an all black part of town..anywhere in this country around 9pm…and let me know how that goes..or better yet get an attractive White female freind of yours do it….keep me posted on the outcome.

  2. How come this is so complicated to people?
    The USA belongs to everyone and can be fucked over by everyone because of it’s past history of genocide and slavery. It’s current role as capitalist fascist, militarist, nuclearized totalitarian state. It’s future role as
    world’s bitch that must pay its fair karmic price.
    It’s not hard PEOPLE. It’s basic math.
    Blacks get to fuck over whites TOO. It’s not a one way world we live in. It’s CIRCULAR. Basic Euclidean geometry.

  3. The reason he pick on WN is because many want all blacks dead or controlled/enslaved and they only want black crime to lower through White nationalism and only White nationalism if it lowered by it self or IQ’s raised, it would be there worst nightmare. they actively want more black crime so they can active there goal. black crime and hatred is mostly random. Racism like “give me more welfare” or “I’m being oppressed” is higher for blacks, the “sterilized all coloreds” or “apartheid was good for them it shouldn’t have ended” is much higher for whites. Black to white hate is bad and terrible but white to black hate is more cruel and horrific

  4. “The fact that the WN movement is basically just a Hate Movement against Black people is something that needs to be publicized in a rational, non-name-calling manner. ”
    This is most especially true of Amren. I’ve been visitin that site for a couple of years now , and as a South Asian it struck me that Amren really really hates Black people, and not just American Blacks but all Blacks everywhere. Amren should just quit claiming they are concerned about White future and issues affecting Whites and just admit their predominant rationale for exsistence is to demonise Blacks.

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