Muslim Polygamy = Woman Shortage?

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A rightwing lie about Muslims. Polygamy is not even common in most of the Muslim World anymore, and it’s mostly found in either the Gulf or places like Afghanistan. Even there, I think it is not that common. In the rest of the Muslim World, it is rare to absent. A number of secular Muslim countries have even banned the practice with progressive laws.
This nonsense is part of theory designed to explain why so many young Muslims are blowing themselves up. It’s because of all the polygamy, which means there is a woman shortage, so they can’t get married or laid. The resulting frustration turns them into auto-exploding human devices.
Show me the evidence that there is any woman shortage at all in the Muslim World, much less one due to polygamy.
The only places in the world that have woman shortages are in India and China, and in both places, it is due to abortion of females. No one is blowing themselves up because they can’t get a wife in those places.
Riddle me that.

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0 thoughts on “Muslim Polygamy = Woman Shortage?”

  1. I’ve been wondering for a long time just how much polygamy there is, but I can’t figure out where to find statistics. And, there may be a grain of truth in the theory that young men blow themselves up because getting women isn’t an option, but of course the vast majority who can’t _don’t_ blow themselves up, and there are plenty of other reasons both ways. Most anthropological phenomena have multiple causes.

  2. The interesting thing is Islamic extremists use the opposite argument to justify support for polygamy. They said there are too few males on this planet, therefore polygamy ensure that everyone gets to have sex. They typically point to Russia as an example of a population that has more females than males. I suspect most Arabs just love to have sex with Russian girls 🙂
    For an example of this type of thinking among muslims, go here:

  3. Young Recruits are blowing up, for not non-availability of women, but becoz of a promise of availability of 72 Virgins granted by Allah in Muslim Heaven for blowing themselves up.

  4. Polygamy isn’t a big problem outside the Gulf, but there is another huge element that the blogger HBDchick writes a lot about: Consanguineous marriage.
    Something like 30%-40% of marriages in places like Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq, etc. are between women and their cousins, typically father’s brother’s son. They are obviously not allowed to have sex outside marriage. Honor killings and the big hymen repair industry in Muslim countries are both symptoms of this.
    So what you have is about 40% of young eligible women taken out of the female pool. It also doesn’t help that Arab women in general are very tight, wear chadors, and quite a lot of them are pudgy to boot because of the carbo-high diet and their lack of exercise in those countries.
    All in all, even “normal” Muslim Arab countries sound like a horrible place to be a male with a libido. The Gulf states where polygamy actually is allowed should better go unmentioned.

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