Evil Jews Bleed Gentile to Death for Matzos

Repost from the old site. Take a look at this sordid spectacle here. A pack of vicious, feral, Asiatic Zionist Jews surround a poor Gentile, Lance Thruster, (actually a stand-in for Jesus) in the woods somewhere in the Pale of Russia, torture him to death by crucifixion, and are in the process of draining all of the blood out of his body with thousands of pricks with tiny knives. The blood is being collected as I write this, and Lance is still alive and typing somehow despite being nailed to the holy cross like our Savior. The blood will be collected and used to prepare matzo balls. The Blood Libel is no libel – it’s actual truth, and you can see it right here on the Internets. Seriously folks, I happen to know Lance, and I don’t really think he is an anti-Semite at all. I think he’s a college student at USC, my alma mater. He just hates Israel, that’s all. These Zionist Jews are torturing him and roasting him over their fire, calling him racist, fascist, anti-Semite, Nazi, KKK, Jew-hater, bigot, skinhead, on and on. They are also accusing him of being paranoid. Whenever you shine the light on any aspect of Jewish Power, you get accused by entire football fields of snarling Jews of suffering from a paranoid psychosis. Yeah, a paranoid psychosis called reality. Jewlicious, I believe, is a liberal to progressive Jewish site who take a relatively soft line, as Jews go, on Zionism. Mostly young, hip, leftwing funny Jewish guys on there with a few of their female counterparts. This just goes to show you that as far as Zionism goes, US Jewish society is just flat-out morally bankrupt these days. It’s also an object lesson in how to create anti-Semites. If poor Lance makes it through this session with hating Jews too much, he deserves a medal. Lots of folks are just plain human and don’t have such powers, so anti-Semitism grows while Israel cheers and urges the Diaspora to high-tail to Eretz Israel pronto. It’s not quite conspiracy, but it’s pretty squalid.

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