Blacks Beat Whites – Film at 11

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I see idiots.
I see White Supremacists.
I see White Supremacist idiots (there is no other kind).
It’s fun to stroll over to American Renaissance once in a while. While there is a good understanding of race there and folks are not afraid to broach the subject, there is also a staggering amount of stupidity, mostly in the comments. What is hilarious about all this Dumbness is that this Dumbness is being scribbled by folks who are dedicated to the premise that they are members of the most intelligent race on the planet.
Ho ho ho!
I see this problem with nationalists, especially ethnic nationalists, and ethnic supremacists (of all varieties) all the time, although I confess that Chinese Supremacists are the least stupid of all, and sometimes I think there is no one dumber than an Afrocentrist. Gosh, is there something to the IQ thing after all?
The problem is that once you become an ethnic supremacist, you have to construct a particularly insane and insipid worldview whereby your group did all the great things in the whole history of the world, is superior to all the other groups, and the competing groups all did nothing and are inferiors.
Even if your group was not running around secretly doing all the great stuff, you need to put down all the achievements of the other groups (“The Aztecs and Maya were too stupid to invent wheels!”), while elevating the often meager achievements of your own group. Talk to a Nordicist sometime about the Germanic tribes running around with bearskins and spears and he will convince you that they were far beyond the Egyptians.
This leads to some rather breathtaking displays of brain rot. Only in White Supremacist fora will you still find intelligent humans debating whether or not humans came out of Africa. It’s just so insulting! That the White Man came from niggers! How dare you say that?
But really now, if you recognize that before that we came from frogs, it’s not so insulting.
Only on these fora do you find folks insisting that Whites were the original settlers of the Americas (!) and that Amerindians are interlopers who need to be sent back home (!). Only here do you find serious discussion of whether or not Africans still retain an “ape gene” (!) that all the rest of us have lost, at least when we are not drunk.
Only here do “White Historians” regale rapt listeners with tales of how stealth-Whites (probably disguised as other races) roamed around the world for 1000’s of years, secreting building all of the great civilizations on Earth (!) for only a consultant’s fee, and then slipping silently back to Europe or wherever while the Egyptians, Indians, Khmer, Maya, Inca, Chinese and all the rest of the inferiors got all the credit (!).
Yes, White Nationalism is a fountain of stupidity that never dries up.
Let us look at my latest finding from American Renaissance. It is from an article about fossils. The post has now been deleted by the editors (see here), probably because it makes White people look too stupid.
About the article – I think it had something to with Neandertal. One of these WN guys’ favorite obsessions is with Neandertal. Every sensible human on Earth knows that Neadandertal lived and died in Europe, going extinct 29,000 years. Everyone except…White nationalists!
These slobbering morons still insist, against all scientific evidence, that Neandertal gave rise to Homo Europeanansis Superioris. Now why anyone would want to claim ancestry to this big-browed hulk is beyond me, but WN’s just love it. I suspect it is because they get to claim that they are not descended from niggers!
Anyway, the comments section took off and all the usual WN droolers strolled in from their group homes waving their arms in weird ways and making animal noises. Soon the conversation degenerated as usual.
These guys’ contempt for Blacks knows no bottom floor. In the comments, they insisted, against all evidence, that Blacks had never accomplished anything in Africa before Whites showed up and taught them how to eat with forks and walk standing up.
First of all, let us note that African Blacks discovered iron (went through the Iron Age) before European Whites did. This fact is common knowledge in any anthropology department, but not one massive-brained WN European Supermen has either heard of it or will have anything of it.
I certainly am not arguing that Africa was some cultural pacesetter.
But the facts on the Iron Age are clear. Africa skipped over the Bronze Age (and the Copper Age for that matter) altogether and went straight to the Iron Age. That’s right, straight from Neolithic to Iron, how ’bout that? I dare WN’s can put a “Black ignoramus” spin on that one!
It is true that two groups did beat the Africans to the punch. Iron was developed in Anatolia in the year 2000 BC. It was then independently developed by the Ganges civilization in India in the year 1800 BC. In third place, in the year 1500 BC, are the quite-Black Africans of Nigeria. And Cleotis done it all without Massa’s help!
Iron Age Timeline:
1. Anatolia (Turks, WN’s insist that Turks are not even White) 2000 BC
2. India, Ganges Valley (Indian Caucasians, WN’s say they are not White) 1800 BC
3. Africa, Tok, Nigeria, and Termit, Niger 1500 BC (Dumb niggers!)
4. China 1300 BC
5. Middle East 1100 BC
6. Greeks (WN’s concede these folks are White?) 1100 BC
7, etc. Everyone else (Northern European “superiors”)
The Iron Age in Black Africa, straight from Wikipedia. From the text:

Inhabitants at Termit, in eastern Niger became the first iron smelting people in West Africa and among the first in the world around 1500 BC.

Other sources put the onset of the Iron Age in central Nigeria at the same time, in Tok, Nigeria. The Africans at Tok and Termit could not possibly have learned iron smelting from Arabs, as Arabs did not get it until 1100. No way did Hittites or South Indians teach it to them either. They just figured it out on their own, those big Black dummies.
The painful truth is that Blacks crushed Euro Whites in terms of beating them to the Iron Age. Whites were left pitifully in the dust by Africans. Oh God, how embarrassing.
Along with all Black innovations, WN geniuses insist that this Iron Age thingie must have come by way of Arabs. Now, WN’s always insist that Arabs are non-Whites, but in a race between niggers and A-rabs, the Arabs automagically turn White for a day, if only to beat the Blacks and claim the gold for Whitey.
Another common folly on almost all WN sites is so dumb it’s embarrassing.
Did you know that African Blacks had no agriculture until Whites showed up and taught them how to grow stuff? Neither did I! Neither does anyone in any anthropology department on Earth! But this crap is Gospel on WN sites, where it is common dogma that niggers are so dumb, they can’t even figure out how to grow food!
The truth is that agriculture in Africa goes all the way back to 5000 BC in the Sahel. That’s 7000 years ago, and it’s way before ag came to Europe. Once again, Euro Whites were completely creamed by African Blacks who beat them to agriculture. Agriculture occurred independently in West Africa, Egypt and the Sahel at around the same time. INDEPENDENTLY.
Anthropologists do not agree that West African agriculture was a diffusion from North Africa. It is considered to be an independent development.
Contrary to popular rumor, African Black folks (or niggers, as WN’s refer to these humans) are not too stupid to grow food. They were growing lots of food just fine before White folks even showed up.
Growing food is called agriculture. That’s the word grownups use when they discuss growing food, WN kiddies. Agriculture. Say it slowly and repeat it until you can say it well.
Sahelians today are racially the same as they were 7000 years ago when they independently developed agriculture. They have hardly changed one bit.
The civilizational attributes of the Sahelians came from their own culture. There is no evidence at all that all of their achievements came from some mystery Arabs cruising on through.
North Africa was all Black until 15-18,000 years ago, when some non-European looking Caucasians (minus that lovely White skin) moved down from Europe and pushed the Blacks south. No one knows what these proto-Europeans looked like, but they may have resembled Berbers. The resulting mix of mostly White, part Black in North Africa is the leftovers of this invasion.


UNESCO. 2002. Iron in Africa: Revisiting the History.
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23 thoughts on “Blacks Beat Whites – Film at 11”

  1. Good points but weren’t early Anatolians essentially Europeans? White/olive skinned Caucasoids, anyway.

    1. Why not put it the other way around and say Greeks were essentially Middle Eastern, light skinned Middle Easterners anyway.
      A lot of Greeks will go apeshit if you suggest any hint that Greeks are similar to Middle Easterners. WN forums are full of Greeks defending their whiteness!

      1. My point was that Anatolians of that period were “white” Caucasoids of the same basic type that colonised Europe during the Neolithic, bringing agriculture and mixing with the earlier hunter gatherer populations. Europeans and Middle Easterners are basically connected at the hip, genetically speaking.

        1. I don’t see how one can claim them as “White”. Caucasoids yes but not “White” as “White” = one of native European ancestry with the exception of the Sami.
          Most of Europe is Indo-European speaking in known history . Hittites , an Indo-European speaking group ruled part of Anatolia in ancient times but Hittite shows a non Indo-European substratum (Hattic).
          Several thousand years ago, the Caucasoids of Anatolia would not necessarily have looked like modern Europeans and it is unlikely they spoke languages from the same linguistic group.

      2. “A lot of Greeks will go apeshit if you suggest any hint that Greeks are similar to Middle Easterners. WN forums are full of Greeks defending their whiteness!”
        Greeks are nearly unmixed Caucasoid/West Eurasian, I think their “whiteness” is covered.

  2. You’re correct about how many stupids there are on WN sites. But IMO, this demonstrates the importance of free speech and exchange of information. Since we all know that mainstream media and academia skew the allowable discussion to pro-diversity news and viewpoints, of course the people on the other side of the non-debate have a shortage of facts at their disposal.
    I post regularly on Amren, but I never suggest anything along the lines of a race war or partitioned country. Only that these issues can’t really be debated until an open, respectful environment is created. Until that happens, of course WN will repeat ignorant semi-facts — they’re denied access to their good facts.

  3. There are some intellectuals on WN and Paleocon sites (primarily the authors) but they fall into the usual traps of adopting the victimhood mentality and homogenizing non whites and all too often they are not accurate and end up sounding like their readers. They also assume that an exclusively white state would be free of ethnic strife and secterian violence and that is the most dangerous assumption. Even WN has mutually opposing factions.

  4. There was actually another center of domestication on the forest region of West Africa, probably somewhere between Nigeria and Cameroon, pf the indigenous African Yam (Dioscorea rotundata, and Dioscorea cayenensis) and the oil palm, still important crops there, around the same time as sahel agriculture developed.
    Also, I don’t think most of the Sahel(at least the West African Sahel) has such a high level of Caucasian admixture. Although Berbers started settling North Africa arround 11,00 bc., they moved south slowly and gradually. The rock art of Tassili in South Algeria is mostly attributed to Subsaharan Negroid peoples from about 8 or 9-4,000 bc(the round head and early pastoral periods), with only the late pastoral attributed to Caucasoid ancestral Berbers from about 4,000 bc on. Mali generally has very little White admixture, except perhaps for parts of the the thinly populated desert northeast. The same is true of Senegal , Burkina faso, and most of South Niger. The major ethnic groups in those places test all to mostly Subsaharan autosomally, and have very low rates of non-Subsaharan mtdna and ydna markers. Some exceptions to this are the Berber speaking pastoral Tuareg, who range from mostly White to heavily Black-admixed and the Fulani who are about 8-20% Caucasian. Both are minorities in the above countries (The Tuareg live mostly in the North east of Mali and parts of Niger and Fulani range further south.) and traditionally do not farm.
    On Fulani genetics:
    Modern Mauritanians often have substantial Berber ancestry which can be high in the North and low in some southern groups like the Bafour or imraguen, who are mostly descendants of the indigenous people. Berbers are thought to have arrived about 800-700 bc. to the Southernmost part of the country.
    Archaeologists mostly attribute sahel crops to speakers of the Mande branch of Niger-Congo languages, now represented by ethnic groups like the Mandinka, Soninke, and Bambara, whose core territory is from southern Mauritania to the Gambia(longitudinally) as well as much of Mali and is thought to have reached a bit further north in the Neolithic.
    Some articles that discuss the early Mande:é_peoples#History

  5. Another myth along with iron and agriculture is that writing never came about independently in Sub-Saharan Africa. There was writing, in it’s earliest form it dated possibly back to 400 CE.
    Another myth is that blacks never had a high form of art. However there are bronze sculptures from the Yoruba of Nigeria that are show the same degree of realism as any Greco-Roman works.
    Btw, these sculptures were often made of bronze, so even though they did go right to the iron age, bronze was known to them as well. I think they just preferred to use it for art rather than tools or weaponry.
    Next myth: There were no architectural styles in black Africa.They all lived in grass huts. Not true, there was rather elaborate and beautiful architecture in Sub-Saharan African:

  6. I remember reading an excerpt of “March of the Titans” or maybe a reference to it on Stormfront. It was about the battle for North America between Whites and “Non-White” Mexicans. Some WN dude actually wrote that indigenous Mexicans were practically the same race as the dark-haired, dark-skinned Spanish invaders who subjugated them. After reading this, I seriously did not know whether to laugh or cry.

  7. Another bit of genius I see on WNist sites is the claim that pre-Columbian people weren’t aware of the wheel. To be fair this isn’t limited to WNist though WNist seem to relish in mentioning this.
    South Americas; the Inca empire did know about wheels as wheeled toys have been unearthed. People who cite this urban myth (Amerindians did not know of the wheel) don’t know this fact and also don’t seem to accept or understand that what one culture does isn’t necessarily true for another culture in a different place. Lack of certain draught animals like oxen, cows/bulls, horses, donkeys undermined the utilisation of the wheel. If a Llama or Alpaca can carry more weight on its back than hitching it to a cart, why use the wheel? Terrain would be another issue. Even people in the Old World, from some areas of North Africa, Middle East and Northern Indian SubContinent transport goods on camel trains, where no wheeled vehicles are used. The terrain just isn’t suitable for wheels.

  8. There is a trace of R1B among Sub-saharan blacks, that entered perhaps 5000 years ago and the R1B may have given skills in Agriculture and iron working to the blacks

  9. @Barani
    There is no evidence at all for this. Besides the obvious fact that the iron age began long after 5,000 bc.;
    Mande peoples do not carry R1b, nor do most Nilo Saharan speaking peoples, who are another group thought to have cultivated crops early. There is no evidence of R1b carriers in Central Nigeria either. They are thought to have come to the Subsaharan areas they inhabit as stone age herders, and they were not the first herders in the Western Sahel/South Sahara, which would more likely be the Nilo-Saharans. Certain Chadic speaking tribes in the Mandara mountains of North East Cameroon are one of the few groups with high R1b, which in Subsaharan Africa, is mostly restricted to a few small tribes. Mandara tribes are mostly Negroid and have likely been for a long time. They are not among the most advanced groups in that Area. The most advanced in Cameron are probably the Tikar (Bantu related) speaking peoples like the Bamum, Bafut, Laikom and Bamileke.
    Art and architecture of the Cameroonian Tikar:,r:5,s:0,i:90&tx=88&ty=37****

  10. Minor correction: The Bamileke, Bamoum , Laikom and Bafut are not Tikar, but they do belong to the Bantoid language family within the larger Niger-Congo family. Bantoid also includes Tikar and the Bantu languages

  11. I love reading White Nationalist stuff because it’s all so retarded I can’t help but laugh, it’s just that funny.

    1. it would be funny, if it were a joke, but it’s not.
      I consistently bash Jared Taylor and other alt-right leaders for stuff their commenters say. Of course they don’t actually believe that crazy sh!t, but they need to reign it in freedom of speech is a joke….

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