What's Up With National Bolshevism?

Repost from the old site. National Bolshevism? I sort of don’t like the looks of it automatically, but what is it really all about? Anyone? Is it racist? I’m looking at it and getting worried. A Commie friend of mine from Germany said they were ok, but I am not sure yet. Not sure if I like the flag either. Their supporters are on fascist fora looking for looking for more support. I can’t really figure this out. I’m not sure if it’s ok or not. Anyone wants to look into it, be my guest.

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7 thoughts on “What's Up With National Bolshevism?”

  1. I just read the first few paragraphs and I’m suspicious it is rebranded national socialism, possibly with Russian imperialist ambitions (is ‘Eurasia’ a bigger U.S.S.R.?)

  2. They’re attention seekers without a real ideology. The whole shtick is to take Nazi symbolism (the flag, the marches, the slogans etc), put a Soviet spin on it and then run around telling everyone that they’re really not Nazis.
    When you do hear politics from those guys, it’s just Russian ultranationalism with the usual enemies (Jews, Americans, the West, the ex-USSR states, Albanians etc) and the usual friends (Serbs and, ummmm, well, Serbs). They don’t care much for the labor theory of value or Aryan racialism.
    I doubt you’d like these guys if you met some. It attracts the kind of people who would hang out at Stormfront but they can’t because Stormfront won’t let them bash Poland.

  3. “We will need children from the new people. Many children will be needed for the nation to grow fast. This is why we should allow many kinds of families: those that lead to an unusual multiplication. Permit polygamy, free associations. Women should get pregnant continuously and to bear fruits. As for the children they will be provided for and raised by the community. They will live and be raised among adults. And already from the age of, say, ten years old. Today children are rotted in boring schools and their brains and memory are forcibly supplied with dust that nobody gives a shit about. Education will become short and will be different. Boys and girls will be taught to shoot from grenade throwers, to jump from helicopters, to besiege villages and cities, to skin sheep and pigs, to cook good hot food and to write poetry. There will be sportive competitions, fighting, a free combat without rules, running, jumping. They will read Nikolai Gumilev’s poetry and Lev Gumilev’s books, entire generations will be, according to the precepts of Constantine Leontiev, taught to love the East. To understand the beauty of the blue steppe and the red mountains. And all the vileness of concrete barracks in snow, the vileness of Moscow suburbs.”
    Eduard Limonov, National Bolshevik

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