Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare

This breaking news is just in. The Supreme Court by and large upheld Obamacare! Yay! Justice John Roberts, a far rightwinger, incredibly enough sided with the four more progressive members of the court. They upheld in particular the individual mandate, a very problematic aspect of Obamacare which nevertheless is necessary for the whole thing to work. Take out the individual mandate and the whole thing falls apart as there’s no way to fund it. So the individual mandate is a necessary evil. They did throw out some parts of it, so it’s confusing. I didn’t expect this result at all; I expected the court to throw out the whole thing or at least the individual mandate. Now all those turd Republican governments who passed legislation saying they were opting out of Obamacare will have to eat crow. Hah! Unfortunately, polls of Ameritards show that a slight majority of Moronicans oppose Obamacare, probably almost all for reactionary reasons. The death of reactionary America will be a long, slow and painful process.

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38 thoughts on “Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare”

  1. I’d like somebody to explain Obamacare to me. I’m British and anything more complicated than you walk into the hospital and get treated for free perplexes me.

  2. So how long will it be before they start arresting the uninsured? Probably sometime after the election, one would think.

  3. “Unfortunately, polls of Ameritards show that a slight majority of Moronicans oppose Obamacare, probably almost all for reactionary reasons.”
    I think there was some support for this because some polls also showed a decent decrease in opposition when asked about individual provisions of the ACA, possibly without linking them to the actual bill that was passed.

    1. Ok, so when they take it apart and ask you if you support the individual parts of the bill, people say they do, but when you call it Obamacare, they’re against it. We went through this same shit with Hillarycare.

  4. No offense Robert but before you celebrate too much, Roberts clearly the most cerebral of the other more provincial justices has just handed the election to the Repubs….First he acted conservatively by paying due dilligence to an elected congress that developed the law…Second he limited the power of the feds, congress and executive branches by ruling under the commerce provision for the mandate that it was unconsititutional….
    So in essence he REWROTE the law and made it a tax so as to ALLOW the law to stand…..and stand it does but not for celebration…for the doom of Mr. Obama who can now be portrayed as a Liar and deceiver by going out in public MANY times stating this was not a tax….
    Imagine the upcoming commercials…..Bama quoating as he did during his state of the union…Read my lips…if you make under 250k under my administration you will never ever seey on DIME of new taxes…followed by the quote from the supreme court with John Roberts picture essentially calling Bama a liar…..that this is indeed a tax and therefore the government can apply it and thats they only way they can apply it. The watch the commercials that show this NEW tax will affect the middle class and the POOR from the mean and nasty IRS…and oh my my.
    Add to all this that Roberts just completely reenergized the far right base and the tea party and some indepents who threw out all the democrats in 2010, and you have the PERFECT judicial activism, politically shrewd Bush Appointed Roberts swinging this upcomig election inevitably to the right.
    Just my opinion!

        1. So…3 jews, 5 catholics & a nigger decided to let President Monkey (Curious George) spike the football. Will the “nigger dance” follow? Stay tuned… Hopefully, most of these commie bums will be dead before MonkeyCare goes into effect… …beezlenut, beezlenut, ra ra rah…
          beezlenut, beezlenut, sis boom bah!

        2. I agree that the reactions among the white right to Obamacare are absurd.
          On another note, though, I’ll just say that anyone who still believes in the absurd notion of WASP supremacy need only look at the Supreme Court.
          I can’t think of another country where the formerly dominant, founding stock of a country wouldn’t have a single seat on its highest court.

        3. BAG- The Supremes were all deliberately chosen for demographic reasons. So the OLD WHITE GUYS can’t be blamed for anything. The punted the football back to the ballot box. A “political” question?

        4. “I can’t think of another country where the formerly dominant, founding stock of a country wouldn’t have a single seat on its highest court.”
          Hee Haw.
          Yeah, makes you wonder if whites are more giving than non-whites. Nah.
          But if, the SCOTUS were real meritocracy. It would break- 1-2 Jews, 2 Protestants, 1 S. Asian (selective immigration), 3 Confucians,. Couple of giveaways to Cherokee, Handicapped, and Nigger (of, course) seat.
          NO CATHOLICS or MUSLIMS allowed, you aboriginal fucks!

          1. Actually, Halucienda, it would be 4 Protestants, 3 Fairy-in-a-Skirt worshippers, 1 Hebe, and maybe a Nigger.
            Or an “Indian”.
            Not one of the “smart ones” (Spot-Heads /7-11 Indians), or one of those Haji-Raji Rag-Heads / Elephant Jockeys, one of the “WOO-WOO” Indians!

        5. “I’ve never heard you shit on Catholics before.”
          My boy- The United States was created to shit on Catholics. So I don’t have to.
          I just like to send happy talk Protestants to remind them who they are. Catholicism Killers.
          And fer the Jews! I still have a date with you, sweetie, after the fall of the American Empire, Right?

        6. “Actually, Halucienda, it would be 4 Protestants, 3 Fairy-in-a-Skirt worshippers, 1 Hebe, and maybe a Nigger.”
          Leave SCOTUS to the niggers and the kikes. And jackasses like SCALIA.
          I just want me and my Confucian friends to pull Mars into a nice orbit closer to the Sun and live there. Protestants are welcome as long as they they don’t wear the funky crucifix and admit Christianity was a bad nightmare. Something the kikes, muslims, catholics made them do.

          1. Fuck your Confusioinus! PATRIARCHAL, PRYMIDICAL, Shite! your Farther was the biggest aasshole… mother doesn’t know shit! ROBOTS…insecticide, anyone?

        7. “Fuck your Confusioinus! PATRIARCHAL, PRYMIDICAL, Shite! your Farther was the biggest aasshole… mother doesn’t know shit! ROBOTS…insecticide, anyone?”
          Burn your CSU degree upon completion dipshit. CSU had to lower its standards to accept a nutcase like you. At least the tacos there are SANE and not early onset dementia.

  5. Robert
    Lack of universal healthcare is also a result of excessive capitalism. Once people are introduced to high end gadgets that capitalism has successfully created, they are intoxicated by that. So instead of utilizing surplus income to give other, less privileged humans, a chance of living (or living better), they want those drugs. Thats why people are opposing Obamacare. They don’t want to pay higher taxes because they want the nice goods and they want MORE. So what do want? A new Apple iPhone (even if you bought the older version last year)? Or you want to give a portion of it away as tax to help Obamacare? The choice for a lot of Americans would be the former. Everybody who opposes Obamacare is well to do. Its like I’m driving a new Accord but my neighbor is driving an Audi, I’d want that Audi. So no Obamacare. No taxes. Also those who justify abolishing the personal income tax say that sales taxes are sufficient to raise government revenue. But this means that there have to be goods available to buy (and lots of them) and therein comes all the cheap crap from China.

  6. Okay, I’ve gotten this from a lot of liberals.
    I’d like to know just what the f*** is so wonderful about Obamacare that you are all so excited about it.
    Really, what is the super-duper wonderfulness that is creates?

    1. It’s a good first step on the roa to universal health care, which is what we all want.
      Parents can cover their kids until they are 26 years old.
      No discrimination on preexisting conditions.
      All children get covered.
      Greatly expands Medicaid coverage to cover 32 million currently uninsured.
      Preventive health services like mammograms, birth control, and well women visits will be covered without a co-pay or deductible.
      Women will no longer be denied health coverage for having survived domestic violence or rape, or having had a Caesarean section.
      Subsidies to help tens of millions of Americans buy health insurance.
      Requiring insurers to cover contraception and other preventive health care without co-pays/
      Prohibiting sex-based discrimination in pricing insurance premiums.
      No loss of coverage when a family member gets sick.
      Maternity care will be included in all health care plans.

      1. nice point list….I must admit I havem’t bothered to follow this..the increase in y insurance already in effect for a few years.. $850/month…yeah..killing me…but the including kids to 26 I did and a using….doubt they will ever pay me back..LOL, better make sure I am a flexible old person and not too smelly, maybe they will let me stay in their basements when I can no longer afford shelter…

      2. My mother had this to say about the AfdbCA: This is what Obamacare has done for me. 50 BILLION dollars was taken out of Medicare to help fund this health reform. Because of this, Medicare is now reducing benefits to seniors across the board. Now Medicare has decided they will not pay for me to ever go to the chiropractor, a service I need to basically be able to walk. Before Obamacare, this was paid for. I am sure this is just the beginning of incredible cuts in health services for seniors who have paid into Medicare their whole lives.

        1. WAAHH! Fucking crybaby! Let me get you a towel…So…YOU can’t see you freindly neighborhood back-cracker…shoulda gone to TJ instead!

        2. What the fuck you talkin’ bout bully? You know, you type like a coward sometimes, and quite childishly too. If you want to deny that my mother is making some legitimate points, fine, but we’ll just have to start referring to you as subhuman. Mott, I think your problem is that I can picture you too clearly: Overweight in a way which relentlessly cannot be concealed, spending too much time indoors, going lax on a more nutritional diet, alienated from meaningful friendships, a couple of light years short from getting laid, and you stumble through the fog of an arrested, mid-life crisis pushing through your fifties, having gone grey and thinning, and wearing the same clothes for the last 15 years. You know 69, lashing out at others doesn’t make your issues go away, it just amplifies them for all to see.

        3. Nice try. Wrong on all accounts. Your poor mother will be better off under MonkeyCare.
          BTW: Mr. Bully: (look in the mirror) RepublicaWublican talking points are NOT ALLOWED AROUND HERE. C-YA! moo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-HA-HA-HAHhhhhh!

          1. not atroll… just tund 49…i dress to kill…skinny little white guy…OUTSIDE DOG – on the macrobiotic diet… I can count my friends on ONE FINGER…I just fucked your girlfriend…I ‘ve got longer hair than you mother….and I change my clothes three times a day!
            I’ve also got Malcolm McDowell’s eyelashes!
            HAVE NICE DAY!

        4. first, I don’t believe you .. and I question if anyone else would. 2nd, you forgot the part where you’re indifferent towards the suffering of others. Are you ready to drop another nuke on Japan or somewhere else? Would that make you feel better? Don’t have gf btw.

          1. I just sent a big check Sally Struthers for her lap -band gastric bypass operation- and you accuse me of being “indifferent to the suffering of others”?

        5. Yes, I am. I don’t know what the fuck your problem is but you’re obviously extremely selective over who you choose to have compassion for.

  7. On its face it seemed it would be struck down, but then Roberts has decent resaoning for the apparent “rewrite, from a “penalty” to “taxes” to put it within the normal powers of the Feds….it seems a bit of a fiction…or is it? His apparent deeper reason is that the citizens pass legislation and the Judiciary should refrain from changing that will if possible, and allow us to realize our choices. This is a very conservative “anti-judicial activisim” stance. Really the ultimate in conservatism for a Justice.
    It works actually, and softens my opinion. I think many were surprised at the vote, and few have read the entire opinion, I haven’t…probably won’t. The 65 page dissent…lol won’t read that either, but have no problem seeing those four Justices left out.
    IMHO Bush v Gore rewrote standing case law….and was a serious case of Judical activism, a very depressing use of power. What does the SCt breach when it rules? Nothing right? law of the Land. Maybe time to rethink just 9 people responsible for 350million….same with the Congress…. we have grown so as a nation since the late 1700’s and representation needs to reflect that…? SCt packing plan? Like 13 or 15 Justices? Maybe double the numebr of senators? LOL…rather than gridlock it might at least force these Corps to spend more to buy their legislation….oh! I am feeling a little cynacil this am. MY health insurance tripled just with the news of this bill three years ago…a repeal wouldn’t bring that down…

  8. strange robert but for some reason I can write about a paragraph and then the “post comment” box overlays and I cant see/read the rest of my comment as I old puter I am sure…sorry for typos!

  9. p.s. I love that Roberts dumped the stupid gold bars Reinquist had sewn on his robe to distinguish himself, copied from the English…what a jerk really. Roberts has the right style anyway for a Chief Justice….sparkly eyes too, maybe the reflect a clear conscience…hope so.

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