Nancy Pelosi, Leader of the 1%

Weeks ago, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi openly expressed her support for a plan similar to that produced by the Simpson-Bowles deficit commission — a plan that would ultimately cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits while protecting the wealthy from taxes. It’s gotten worse. Pelosi now says she also favors keeping the Bush-Obama tax cuts in place for those with incomes up to $1 million. (President Obama has said he supports keeping the tax cuts only for those below $250,000.) The Pelosi proposal would lose billions in revenue and would likely mean additional massive cuts to human needs. Big budgetary decisions are likely to be pushed off until the lame-duck session after November’s election, or the following Congress. But it’s now — as we move into election season — that Democratic leaders need to hear that millions of voters oppose this appeasing of the The federal budget is in a hole because of bloated military spending, wars, tax cuts for the rich, corporate welfare, Wall Street speculation and the consequent economic downturn. None of these problems will be fixed by savaging our retirement and healthcare safety net or other important programs. Nancy Pelosi, leader of the The Democratic Party, the party of the The Republican Party, the party of the Two parties of the No parties of the 9

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The Rent Is Too Damn High Party- party of the 99%.

  • Funny innit that so many people still cling to that quaint tenet that the Democrats are the party of the people . . . quite the deception for a bunch of closet Republicans. Neither does it prove anything when the classic American liberal trots out the stray progressive Democrat serving in Congress in a feeble attempt to buttress this pathetic fallacy. Exceptions, alas, only prove the rule. I find it breathtakingly incomprehensible that liberals and progressives insist that Bush-lite, sorry, Obama, still believes, that he is just hamstrung by those rascals in Congress. A minimal amount of research in 2008 would have revealed unto even the mildly curious that Obama’s political life has been defined by his servitude to the whims and wishes of his Corporate leash-holders. Americans have been dumbed down past, perhaps, even the point of hope, kept in perpetual fear of their livelihood, opiated with professional sports, celebrity worship, and — in light of what’s at stake — an hysterical obsession with personal appearance. So. This persistent refusal to face reality, to cling with idiotic sincerity to dreams long since become delusion, to wit: the Democrats are the party of the people, will continue to have horrific consequences for us as a whole. It is indeed a long way down . . . Cheers(I think)!

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