Forward With Obama or Backwards with Romney?

[youtube=!] Your choice to make. As progressives, we believe that history moves in a forward direction, not backwards. Clocks, time and history move forward, to the future, not backwards, to the stale, reactionary, barbaric and ultimately dead past. Obamacare, whatever its faults, is a move forwards. It is history in action. We on the Left do not believe in the End of History, as written by Fukuyama, who said History ended in 1989. But that’s a pipe dream of the elite. As if the collapse of a wall could render the class war  neutered forever. Class war never ends, humans being humans. There was class war before Marx was born, and there is class war after 1989. Some things will never change. Class war and ultimately history is part of the human condition. Trying to stop history is like trying to stop clocks. Reactionaries want to stop all the clocks on Earth or make them run backwards. But no matter how hard they try, people will always come around and fix them so they run right again, and then history marches on as usual. Forwards, the only way history can go. To the future. To progress.

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  1. I have two great concerns now that SCOTUS has determined the individual mandate is within the legitimate scope of government to enact a tax. (Which I think is correct; the most philosophical libertarian can’t escape the jurisdiction of the Fire Department, because society won’t stand idle while your house burns down. Since we won’t let you bleed to death on street, we can tax you for the services provided to prevent it.)
    One is that Joe Wilson was right and Obama was completely lying about benefits for illegals. If making illegals pay their share works, then I’m all for that. But I think it will eventually come out from Holder’s Justice (*cough*, *cough*) Department, that illegals have to get full benefits; but it would represent Unconstitutional self-incrimination to enforce requirements that they pay. Illegals are not currently a huge burden on health care because they skew young; but if they age in place, they could overwhelm the system.
    The other is that women will vote themselves Cadillac care at the expense of men. There was that controversy about birth control. Also when UHC was first being debated, a commission recommended that mammograms were only needed in alternate years unless specific risk factors were present; so a group of women Senators got an amendment passed guaranteeing annual mammograms. Given the extent to which feminist organizations claim their lower income is due to society and not themselves, it isn’t going to take long before benefit structures are mandated to be covered at much more generous levels for women-specific items, while requiring gender-neutral premiums,

  2. I always get a chuckle out of listening to wealthy people and wealthy to me is anybody making over 100K a year telling me that rich people are elitist and bad for our country.
    You know to each his own. You earn it or inherit then it’s yours and all the power to you. I make under 70K a year and support two children on my own (widower).
    I don’t expect the government to take care of me or help me make my life easier. I enjoy earning my own way and having self respect. I guess I am a dying breed.
    Are people in Socialists country really happier. I rarely see or hear of regular citizens telling everybody how happy they are living in a socialist or communist country. Why is that? Everybody should be flocking to those countries if it is such a great political system to live under.

    1. What you aren’t acknowledging is that you and your kids make use of socialist programs. From using public roads to financial aid to benefitting from government spending on R&D , everyone makes use of and benefits from socialism.
      There is no such thing as a self made person, no such thing as an American who has made it on his/her own without greatly benefitting from government assistance.
      We are using technology (internet) that was born of the Defense Department’s DarpaNet.

  3. First off, this blog is insanely huge and diverse, you write all this shit yourself? I mean, you don’t have ghost writers dropping in once in awhile? Pretty impressive.
    Anyway, I think universal healthcare is great, and the right thing to do. BUT, is there anybody who believes programs like Social Security and Medicare and universal healthcare will still exist in our financially post-apocalyptic future? We all know we are headed toward a Randian thunderdome where our old age will be spent guarding a 55 gallon drum of drinking water with a shotgun and removing our own tumors with steak knives, right? The day of reckoning has to come sooner or later, right? I mean, when you turn on the TV and they’re discussing the national debt, you feel like you just tuned in to a discovery channel documentary on the amount of stars and fucking planets in the universe. I don’t know, my gut feeling is that this shit ain’t gonna be sustainable in the long run.

    1. There are some guest writers here, yes. And I do write almost all of this stuff myself.
      As a socialist, I don’t believe there will ever be a world where socialism is not possible. The future will be some kind of socialism.

  4. Obama was so awful in this debate.
    Issues aside – I think most of us agree with the lesser of two evils. I’m not going to talk about that. However, Obama came off as pussywhipped “Michelle allowed me to get married to her.” to submissive, by having a very weak body posture and looking down. It just screamed beta male and most people can smell that right away.
    Romney continued spouting BS. Ignored the moderator, pretty much pushing the little man aside, and staring down at Obama with his devilish eyes. He exuded powerful body language, and seemed more ‘alpha’.
    Obama better man up QUICK if he wants to win. It’s slipping. This is bad.

    1. Romney won for sure. Obama looked rusty and tired, over-professorial and repetitive. Romney looked energetic and confident, Obama did not. I think there were many opportunities for Obama to call out Romney on Bain Capitol, on his 47% comment, his off-shore accounts, his refusal to raise any taxes on the wealthy. Obama couldn’t hammered him, but he didn’t. Romney was able to successfully make the gridlock stick to Obama. I think Obama more than any president I’ve seen is pragmatic and willing to reach across the aisle. Yet by the end of the debate Romney left the audience with the impression that it is Obama that is the stymieing partisan, even though it was congressional Republicans all along that caused this gridlock. Obama basically let Romney slap him around on that issue and I wanted to yell at the screen. There was no discussion of the revived auto industry.
      I wouldn’t get too worried over this. History shows that the debates don’t change the numbers much. John Kerry won the debates against GWB but lost the election anyway. The election is only a month away. Most people have already made their mind up about who to vote for. The electoral map still looks pretty grim for Romney.

      1. You pretty much summed up the consensus on most of the news networks, but what about Obama’s personality and his nice guy nature? It was god awful to watch Romney compare Obama to his “five boys” and to see Obama on a regular basis getting henpecked by his wife. I miss the ballsy, forceful Obama that caused me to vote for him in 08.

        1. My guess is that either Obama is truly fatigued from months on the campaign trail and a very difficult presidential cycle, or his subdued debate tonight was intentional. If the latter, maybe he felt that he was coming into this debate strong and Romney would hang himself by his own rope since he comes across as the type of prick that is happy firing people. I don’t think Obama anticipated that he would be outmaneuvered the way he was.

  5. I’m terrified of Romney, but it is satisfying to see Obama humiliated just this once even though he will serve two terms.

  6. Damn Obama’s been looking like a burnt out dmv worker for awhile. I think he needs to start smoking again. I’d suggest an e cigarrette as well.

  7. The debate was the ultimate Etch-a-sketch movement. Romney was moving to the middle, but he is terrified of losing his base during this slide to the left. This may be his ultimate undoing.
    If there is any truth to the notion of the “undecided voter”, there may be a surprise or two left in this election. Romney is the ultimate salesman and says whatever he must to win. He is devastatingly effective. He governed as a centrist, ran during the primary as a elitist right wing ideologue, and returns as centrist during the debates. He has no real beliefs. Lower the tax rate on the rich, eliminate the deductions, and make it revenue neutral, Lower the tax rate on the middle class, eliminate fewer deductions, make that revenue neutral. Expand the military, bring in more money by counting the increase in revenue due to the growing economy that will occur due to the election of a business friendly President.
    Bartender, a drink for all my friends! Separate straws!

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