Can't Make It Without Immigrant Scabs? Just Go!

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We hear over and over again about all these businesses that supposedly are going to go out business if they can’t hire immigrant scabs. And that’s what every single illegal alien is in this country – a scab. Let’s make that loud and clear here.
And H-1B “non-immigrant guest workers” that have totally destroyed the computer industry for US engineers and programmers are nothing but scabs too. Indian nationalists tell me that without H-1B’s, all US computer corporations will have to go out of business. Well, first of all, that is complete nonsense. It’s not going to happen.
This is all based on the premise that there is such horrible competition from those great computer corporations in INDIA that are, you know, going to put Microsoft and Intel out of business.
I’ve also heard it from a fish processing plant in New England that now hires all illegal aliens. Back in the 1980’s, this was a union shop paying high wages. Bottom line is they broke the union. Now they pay crap wages and the only people dumb or desperate enough to work there are illegals. I suppose they are treated just wonderfully too.
So they need to hire illegals. As always, Americans will do the horrible, smelly and dirty work, but you need to pay them a good wage. This is what happened to our meat packing plants too, exactly. This is also what happened to the US construction industry. One by one, they broke the constructions unions.
In the 1970’s and 1980’s, my friends were working union construction. It paid good money, enough to buy a home and raise a family. That’s all pretty much gone now. The jobs that once paid the equivalent of $30-45/hour in today’s wages are mostly history. There are still union jobs around, but not that many, and they have to wage continuous war against illegals.
There’s also a serious problem with legal immigrants from Mesoamerica who we have insanely allowed to flood in here. The result has been a complete glut in unskilled labor, such that many legal Mesoamericans are happy to work construction for $10/hr.
These jobs used to pay $30-45/hr. One would think that with a 30-75% decline in the cost of labor, even including inflation, that the cost of a house would have gone down. Forget it. Instead, we have seen insane increases in inequality and lopsided returns for those at the top of the heap.
I blame the Left in part for all of this. For the destruction of the US middle class and working class, for the crime and gang wave among young Americans in our cities (all the unskilled work goes to illegals, so young men turn to crime, gangs and dope).
For the mad increases in inequality, for the decline in wages for US workers, for workers have to work two and three jobs to get by, for the entire rightwing and Republican revolution (created in part by the empowerment of a 20% upper to upper middle class that benefited tremendously by massive wealth redistribution), for the ruination of US unions.
There were many factors at play in the development of these sorry reactionary and backwards trends over 35 years, but the US Idiot Left cheering on mass legal and illegal immigration into the US, especially in the past 20 years, has played its own sorry and significant role.
The American worker doesn’t really have any friends anymore. Both parties are supporting his total and absolute replacement by a never-ending tidal wave of immigrant scabs.
There have been some posts lately about a particularly gratuitous, outrageous and in your face abuse of immigration law in a town called Postville, Iowa in a plant that was managed by Orthodox Jews.
They came into Postville, took over the plant, got rid of all the Americans, and hired all illegal aliens. They are now polluting the water supply. I doubt they have paid much taxes either. Apparently they were also allowing the plant to be used to manufacture methamphetamine! How low can you go?
This incident has been written up a lot, including a book by a Jewish author that was quite critical of these Orthodox Jews – Steven Bloom – Postville – A Clash of Cultures in the Heartland. They came into the town, would not talk to or be friendly with anyone not Jewish, filled the town with illegal Mesoamericans, and basically created a lot of havoc.
This particular Jewish family – the Rubashkins – have been crooks for a very long time. They’ve been not only ripping off the Gentiles in the traditional Orthodox manner, but they have also specialized in ripping off their own people. That’s actually a violation of Jewish dual morality, and it may explain why they got some fellow Jews after them.
The Jewish press, as usual, wrote glowing articles about this wonderful situation in this small Iowa town, and Jewish Hollywood made a stupid documentary narrated by Glen Close and sponsored by Hallmark that lied and said how wonderful everything was in Postville, Iowa.
Here is Steve Sailer’s excellent article on this situation. The comments are also enlightening. There is a Jewish commenter (apparently) on there defending the Lubavitchers running the slaughterhouse (the Lubavitchers are the very worst of all ultra-Orthodox Jews). His line is that if they shut down the plant, it will be an economic disaster for Postville.
I get to the point of my post.
So shut it down already! Seriously, just shut down the fucking plant. They aren’t hiring any Americans anyway. Just move it to Mexico and take the 800 Mexican scabs with you.
That’s basically my response to all these idiots who say we need to bring in Indian H-1B job thief scabs and illegals to do all this work that supposedly Americans just won’t do. Supposedly it’s going to harm US business too much to get rid of all the immigrant scabs, legal and illegal.
Look man, if you can’t make it paying American workers the wages that they want (not too high, actually) just take the fuck off. Go overseas. Offshore. Move your damn business to a foreign country. What good is a business in the US that isn’t even hiring Americans anyway?
Who’s making money off that, besides the criminal owner? A bunch of immigrant scabs, that’s who. And they are worthless. They add nothing to this country, they and their jobs can go in a NY minute without a tear to be shed. These businesses are nothing but parasites in our country. If all a business can do in our country is just be a parasite, then just move your damn operation offshore and get the Hell out of the country.

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0 thoughts on “Can't Make It Without Immigrant Scabs? Just Go!”

  1. You’re probably the rare leftist that would make such an argument.
    The rest worship immigrants.

  2. Robert, are you familiar with the stat that was published in The Economist magazine about a year ago that 70% of male African-American high school dropouts age 24-54 are not working full time? This isn’t the same thing as the unemployment rate, because it includes those not seeking work, such as those incarcerated or disabled. But historical norms for all 25-54 males during a recession is aobut 10%. If they’re not earning a living during those ages, they never will.
    Whenever someone accuses me of opposing illegal immigration because of “racism,” I cite this stat, and point that since our nation is constantly losing low-skill jobs, our home-grown population has to have the priority for them.

  3. Indians immigrating from India during 60s,70s,80s, and early 90s are a OK lot, well educated from Cultured Families. Then you have Patel-Motels, Gas-Station Sikhs etc, who are also OK.
    Things took a wrong turn after late 1990s, the lot are not very gifted, and dont have a culture. I think stereotyping Indians might affect earlier cultured Indian immigrants who can be considered Model Citizens.
    I keep reading US will become another Brazil Socio-Economically. Some bloody revolution is going to happen. But, US is in this “Big-Game” that it is part creator/inheritor of.
    I admire the Germans except for “Jews” problem, they keep to themselves and dont go about spreading “Democracy”
    Any IDEA should stand the test of Time in thousands of Years before it can be accepted as a fact.

  4. Yeah, man, I hear you on this one. Damn, this is a good blog. I’m actually a member of the IBEW(International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) in Philly. And while over here in the Northeast – especially in Philly – we still have a pretty good stranglehold on the construction industry, within the city limits, anyway, almost all the non-union residential contractors in the surrounding areas hire illegals and younger kids that they can pay shit wages until they smarten up and quit. But I gotta say, one of our problems is: unless you’re a minority (we have to let a certain amount in when we open the books) if you’re not related to somebody in a union, or really close to someone who is, you ain’t getting in. I’m fortunate enough that my father is a chief engineer for a very large construction firm, and I could pretty much have my pick of any trade union I wanted. But guys feel like they have to run it like this out of self-preservation, because they’ve been pushing us to the brink of extinction. So you got these working class guys who’s grandfathers founded these unions – now they run it in this nepotistic way because it’s the only thing they got to pass down to their kids. So nothing is based on merit. Some of the best electricians I know are scabs making $15.00 an hour, and what choice do they have? The fucking problem is nobody values jobs like these anymore. \
    No, we worship fucking cocksuckers like Steve Jobs for scornfully busting other people’s balls if they weren’t obsessively working for him. For fucking over corporate rivals, and Steve Wozniak. Gotta give him credit, he had an amazing ability for stealing other people’s ideas and then successfully calculating the bare minimum you could pay some faceless Shanghai serf to build fucking ten thousand of his marked-up pieces of garbage per day until they threaten to jump off a building.
    Yeah, so anyway, Obama’s turned out to be another slick, ball-less politician, coming out with this immigration reform shit right before the election, like his pandering isn’t blatantly fucking obvious. We got a 10% unemployment rate, and he’s worried about people who shouldn’t even be here in the first place.

  5. You make a really good point. This really bothers me too. I think citizens to be taken care of before anyone else. It is okay to say sorry we just can’t help you we have to help our own first.

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