Bigfoot News June 23, 2012

Justin Smeja told people he had more than 2 pounds of Bigfoot steak. There is much controversy about how much Bigfoot steak was recovered at the scene of the Sierra Kills in the Sierra Nevada in October 2010.
As Justin is a friend of mine, this post is hard to write. I have interviewed him at length, and I do believe that he is telling the truth for most of the story. However, I was always uncertain about the body recovery aspects.
I originally felt that Smeja and the driver recovered 16 pounds of Bigfoot. This is because the original proportions of the steak sent to Dr. Melba Ketchum were 7″ X 4″ X 2.5″ – 7 inches long by 4 inches wide by 2.5 inches deep. Richard Stubstad and I calculated that weight out at almost 2 pounds. Smeja himself said that the piece he sent to Ketchum was only 1/8 of the total recovered. Therefore, we estimated the total at ~16 pounds.
Derek Randles, on a radio show, agreed that the steak was the proportions that Ketchum described in a phone call to a colleague (we spoke to the person she made this call to).
Later, when Smeja was confronted with evidence that he may have ~16 pounds of steak, he said the piece sent to Ketchum was small, only 1″ by 1″ by 1″. This would line up better with his claim, which he has always maintained, that he only recovered 2 pounds of Bigfoot steak from the scene. However, the new proportions are completely contradicted by Ketchum’s report of the size of the steak and Randles’ corroboration of those proportions (probably from conversations with Ketchum).
We can now report that Smeja told at least one person and possibly more that he and the driver have much more than 2 pounds of steak stashed away between them in various freezers in a 25-40 mile radius of their homes.
A friend of Smeja’s contacted me and reported that Smeja had told him that Smeja and the driver had anywhere from 8-16 pounds of steak stashed away, much more than reported. In addition, “Jodie,” formerly of  Bigfoot Forums, reported that there were 8 pounds of steak. Since it’s well known that she had many private conversations with Smeja, she may have gotten that information from him too.
So it looks like Smeja is being less than forthright about how much steak was recovered. At the very least, he seems to be saying different things to different people. And the statements abut the original proportions of the steak sent in to Ketchum’s lab do not line up with Smeja’s statements at all.
I would like to say that I don’t care if Smeja is telling the truth about this or not. Considering what he did, I might be lying my butt off about all sorts of things if I were him. And I love a mystery. Nevertheless, it might be nice if the truth about this could come out some day.
Further, I am not obsessive about honesty. There’s no reason for him to be forthright about this matter. I agree with the Japanese who say, “A man who never lies is a fool.” There are different categories of lies, including lies to protect yourself, and if Smeja is stretching the truth here, it falls into the benign category.
Melissa Hovey photo is part of a series. Apparently a lot of folks are unaware that the famous Melissa Hovey Bigfoot photo is part of a series. The series is of 4 of 5 photos in sequence. The photo released is the first one in the series. The others show it walking away in a sequence.
In the last photo, it has its head turned around, and you can see one half of its face. A source informed me that someone in the upper echelons of Bigfootery, a Californian, has seen the entire sequence. The Californian feels that the photos are of a real creature.
I feel the Hovey pic is either a statue as in the sort a taxidermist or Bill Munns type would make, or it is a real Bigfoot because I am certain it is not a costume. If the sequence exists, then it must be of a real Bigfoot, since statues can’t get up and walk away.
Hovey only released the first photo. After she did that, the source contacted her and approved of her release and gave some new information but asked that no new photos be released. Apparently Hovey is in possession of this series of 4-5 photos but is not releasing them as per instructions form her source. But they seem to be making the rounds anyway, as the Californian at the very least has seen them.
I didn’t think this was worthy of a story since I thought everyone knew about this, but some major Bigfooters told me that had never heard of this sequence, so we are running the story since apparently a lot of folks didn’t hear the first time I reported it.
Release of Kentucky Pancake Video stills. We are going to release some stills from the Kentucky Pancake Video shot by the owners of the Crittenden, Kentucky property that Adrian Erickson bought as part of his Erickson Project. The video, which is very poor quality, was shot at night.
There was a lawsuit preventing its release on the Internet, so copies were pulled from the Net. However, I found it on the Net repeatedly over the past year or so. It was not easy to find at all. On my most recent search though, I could not find it.
The stills have already been released on the Crypto Crew’s Facebook page, so I figure there’s low risk of my releasing this stuff.
The movie is shot at night in thermal vision. The owner of the house, the wife, is standing on a table with her back to the pancakes on the edge of the table. The baby Bigfoot rapidly approaches, grabs the pancakes and leaves in a hurry.
Quality is very poor, but one thing you can notice is that it has a huge head. Reports indicate that baby Bigfoots have gigantic heads, way out of proportion to their bodies.
When Ken Walker spoke to Smeja when Justin first reported the shooting on, Smeja told Walker that the baby Bigfoot had a gigantic head, as big as a 5-10 gallon bucket. Walker said that that was when he knew that Smeja was telling the truth because almost no one knows that the babies have huge heads, and Smeja knew nothing at all about Bigfoots before the Sierra Kills.
The huge head was widely cited as a reason why the video must be a fake. Skeptics said it looked like a turban.

First still from the Kentucky Pancake Video.

Second still from the Kentucky Pancake Video.

Third still from Kentucky Pancake Video. Note huge head.

Very nice still from the Kentucky Pancake Video shows the wife of the owner of the house standing with her back to the Bigfoot. You can also see the stack of pancakes very well.

Origin of the phrase “Sierra Kills.” After I broke the Sierra Kills story and it was posted to Bigfoot Forums amidst gigantic controversy, one of the more creative posters there called the incident “The Sierra Kills.” When I read that, I felt a rush of exhilaration, a twinge of humor and a chill run down my spine. Further, there was a sensationalistic aspect to it that could not be denied. It’s amazing that the phrase stuck. Whoever invented it did a good job.
Update on the Ketchum DNA paper. No new news to report as everything is completely silent on that end. Even people inside the Ketchum camp are getting sick and tired of of the waiting and say they don’t blame people for being frustrated.
Debate in the Ketchum camp over the dangerousness of Bigfoots. There are some in the camp who are strongly pushing the line that these things are dangerous and people need to be warned away from them, and there are others who are saying that they are not dangerous. This is a big acrimonious debate going on over there about this.
Ontario Bigfoot bumpercam video. Man on a camping trip to Algonquin Park in Ontario, Canada shot video of his one hour drive to the park by attaching a cam to his truck bumper. He caught this image of what may be a Bigfoot standing by the side of the road as he drove by.
I do not believe this is a Bigfoot. I think it is a hunter in a ghillie suit standing up as the truck goes by, thinking it may have been his ride.
Facebook Find Bigfoot breakdown here. They don’t seem to be taking a position on it.
Screen capture from the Ontario video from Steven Streufert’s site. I don’t think this is a fake. I think it is a misidentification.

Multiple screen captures from the Ontario video. I don’t believe it’s a fake, but it’s not a Bigfoot either.

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25 thoughts on “Bigfoot News June 23, 2012”

  1. How do you justify Smeja as a friend of yours? Sorry, but this just comes off as strange to me due to time lines and posted info? Maybe you have more contact with him than I am aware of and that in itself doesn’t mean piss? As to say I’m not that aware of all this cloak and dagger stuff? Just a thought.

    1. I like Justin. I think he’s a great guy. Not sure if we are still friends, but I have talked to him a few times, and we got along very well. Whether he’s mad at me or not about recent stuff, I have no idea.

      1. Well all I would say is keep him close.I for one think he’s genuine and I like Derek Randles and the Olympic Project.Any information these guys give up is a breath of fresh air in this stale mess.We like you too Robert!
        I believe when it all comes down it’s going to be from this arena! mv

  2. Thanks Robert for the info. You continue to be our only good source of BF latest info and we appreciate that. We get nothing from Ketchum and her group any more, which is really unfortunate and frustrating. I guess There were some dopes on the facebook site and other sites causing mischief, but that is to be expected on a subject such as this. More importantly I witnessed a growing swarm of sincere individuals offering help and support toward the cause. That seems to have come to halt with their lack of further communication or discussion. Very disheartening!
    Thanks for sharing your info.

    1. It was very encouraging, so many coming together with an eye toward protection, and disheartening, as you say, to see that effort apparently evaporate. There does seem to be a shift from anticipation to resignation. at least in ters of public pulse..
      If one can place any weight on the odd asseblage of the DNA Diagnostics pages, with only Dr. Ketchum on the staff page, and poor pointing links of those pages pulled down, it doesn’t look good. If this were not a Bigfoot senario my reaction would be..uh oh, looks like a failing busines, everyone fired, including the the web admin, and this is what the proprietor could do alone to “fix” the pages until banckruptcy or new cash flow to hire a webmaster….but it IS the BF world and Dr. Ketchu has not behaved as one would expect…so, I give up….and have resigned myself to waiting to see Dr. Sykes data…
      I also think the EP project shall have a difficult time with their pancake vid if no DNA data accompanies and apparently that all went to Dr. Ketchum, with new submissions of hair to Dr. Sykes from another site…
      It has been a long year waiting on the follow up of these claims, and sounds like it shall run into two years since the story broke.
      Do you know if Justin admits to being the poster in BFF under the name “General?”

      1. looks like the “m” key is skipping…aong others. You know Robert, there is a blogger who fixes my typos… did that once, remeber? lol. Seems like a lifetime ago…thanks for the update and I hope Tom Crypto is wrong…but it is feeling like he might be spot on…..

  3. mmmm. pancakes. steak.
    that should be a combo plate @ IHOP.
    I’m prolly out in the conspiracy zone here, I feel mebbe Justin took the juvenile and has that stashed. Again with the japanese lying quote , I wouldn’t blame him for the way he has this spun…

  4. robert, there re so many weirdos in the bigfoot world who knows what’s real or hoaxed. bigfoot people are so secretive about the most stupid and silly things.

  5. Yes, I am really hoping the obvious things apply to this and Ketchums’ project, just red tape and things we are not privy to. I really feel that the people who are so negative and expecting a hoax are just negative,bitter people in real life who ould like nothing better than for everything to be revealed as B.S.
    However, I do think it would be kind for Ketchum to throw us a bone, since she has dosapeared on-line, but maybe she is over all of the internet ghouls…

    1. Regardless of the “Intrenet Ghouls”, Ketchum needs to address the Sincere BF Community that has supported her.

  6. Seeing those pancake stills, one thing comes to mind — Dover Demon. Could the Dover Demon have been a juvenile BF?

  7. My recollection is that Smeja’s introduction to the BFF was in a thread he started called “The Sierra Kills”. Later his posts were merged with another thread, losing the original title in the process. Too bad.

  8. Hey everyone. I’m new to this site (and not well-versed on the subject). I was wondering if anyone knows of any credible Bigfoot/Yeti-type sightings in Southeastern Europe — specifically, in the Balkan Mountains or the Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria (or anywhere in Bulgaria). I have heard the term, “Alma” or “Almastys,” but I’m not sure if this is even considered to be the same species …? (And the only geographic areas I’ve heard of are Croatia — and then way east, in the Ural Mountains). Thank you, Robert, for sharing all of this information — and to everyone else for participating and contributing.

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