Evolutionary Reasons for Male Attraction to Teenage Girls

George writes:

It’s 20,000 BC. You’re living in a small foraging society and need to secure a wife that will give you as many offspring as possible and ensure your genes will pass down the generations. So what age of bride do you go for? It’s simple. The best bride material will be girls approaching their first pregnancy since they would have all of their breeding years ahead of them and the time you’d have to wait before she’d start giving you any offspring would be at a minimum. So what was the typical age of a girls first pregnancy in prehistoric times? Using modern day foraging societies as a guide, it was probably about 17. This means that girls in the 12 to 16 bracket would have generally made the best bride material. Now go take at look at what porn groups get the most traffic: Jailbait, schoolgirls, Lolitas… Girls between about 12 and 16, in other words…

I have checked out some of the Reddit groups like Jailbait and whatever and I also checked out the Jailbait site where you get to vote on how old they are and read the comments below. On both sites, the girls are clothed, so there’s no violation of “child porn” laws. On the Reddit site, I kept thinking, “Why would anyone want to look at this stuff anyway?” On the Jailbait site, it was interesting because you get to vote on their ages, but I also thought, “What’s the big fascination with this site anyway? Why are these girls so special? Who cares about them?” I didn’t always feel this way, so I guess I must be getting old. There are probably evolutionary reasons for this. Gary is right. On the other hand, as we age, most men grow out of our attraction to teenage girls, even though it is quite normal. At my age, a 12 year old girl just looks way too young. Is she attractive? Maybe a little bit. But also very underdeveloped and way, way, way too young. 13? Most 13 year old girls also look way too young, and most of them don’t even look that great – way too young and underdeveloped. It’s true that some look excellent, but even with those, you think, “Way too young.” 14 year old girls look a lot better, but even they are rather flat in their bodies, and they also look very young. These are the ones that you try pretty hard not to look at. I find myself looking at them sometimes and remembering back to when I was that age, and some of the 14 year old girls I used to hang around with, be friends with, and even date and sleep with. When I look at them, I am often just reminiscing about the old days. But you have to be very careful about looking at girls of that age, because at my age, people will see you doing that and get mad at you. Now 15 year old girls are excellent, it is true. In many primitive societies even today, a 15 year old girl can marry a man of any age. That’s right and proper of course, but a 15 year old girl is awfully immature. Nevertheless, they can be a lot of fun if you are young, and to a young man, they can seem pretty mature. There were some 15 year old girls around here who looked pretty great. By then, their bodies are getting pretty developed. On the other hand, their bodies are still not totally mature, and their minds often seem extremely silly, girly and immature. 16 year old girls are the cream of the crop, because at this age, their bodies are often fully mature. I don’t know any girls that age around here, so I am not sure what to think of them at my age. But one came to visit some relatives a while back, a friend of my niece, and she looked fantastic! She also had an interesting mind. Of course 16 year old girls can be a blast for young men because they look great and are often quite mature. I suspect at my age though, I might find them silly and immature. After all, at my age, I even find college girls silly and immature! All in all, what Gary said is true, but this sort of thing tends to weaken as one ages. It almost seems that with each passing year, the girls look younger and younger and less and less desirable in that way. In Western society, we men are not just prey to our genes but also to our societies. Our minds are molded by society, its rules and its laws. Teenage girl means “illegal.” In some way, that effects their desirability. You are at least less likely to look at them due to legal and societal factors. Even if they look good, you think, “way too young.” The idea that they are too young is probably an idea implanted in you by society, but nevertheless, society and laws shape your brain the same way your genes do. Humans are more than instinct-driven animals. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.

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81 thoughts on “Evolutionary Reasons for Male Attraction to Teenage Girls”

  1. Robert
    I didn’t know there were evolutionary reasons for desiring fresh punani. Think about it, would you like your fruits or vegetables fresh or stale? A 35 year old vagina is wrinkled and loose compared to a 19 year old one. Plus theres a lot more fat around the vaginal area in older women which is a huge turn off. So yeah go fresh!

    1. Robert, you are wrong. There isn’t such big difference like that when a woman is still only 35 years old. The contrary of men’s sperm, that is already undesirable for procreation; females are desirable until they can’t be pregnant anymore, hence the reason, in nature, they keep choosing young and strong males (the only valuable sperm) even after they are older.
      Females are the ones who choose in nature, so they are the ones who decide how fresh they go. And they always fo fresh, even the monogamous ones (“cheating” on their partners for the valuable sperm her male doesn’t got anymore). 😉

      1. Yes, sperm is very sensitive to aging.
        The phenomenon of young-girl-gawking merits more evaluation as our societies mature and cultures further invest. It certainly is an empowerment of maleness that is not as buttressed in natural society, and moreso, it’s a condemning act upon the youths.
        Solidarity in human women – for healthy measures, and not wishwashiness about aging or stack-ups and whatever else – lags more than anything else in the world. Across the world. Were it more trust worthy, were women better enabled as reflections of true relation, the politicizations would also be better for most women.
        2017! 🙂 Thanks for your great comment of insights, btw.

  2. I haven’t read this post yet. I just read the excerpt from George and want to comment on that. If 17 years was the age of first pregnancy, why go for a 12-16 year old? Why not find a 17 or 18 year old and get started straight away? Also, girls now are at the age of first pregnancy earlier. They are already there from 12-16. So by his logic, we should go for girls who are like 10-14 or maybe 8-12. Grown men generally prefer females older than that, more like 16-35 or 18-30.
    Show us some data to prove teen porn is most popular! Back up your claims. I have not focused on teen porn most of the time I have watched porn. And even if a lot of porn is teen porn, aren’t there a lot of teen boys watching it? Which demographic is watching what?
    Anyway, it is not necessarily the best bet to go for a girl who is very young or hasn’t had any babies yet. If you go for a female who is a little older, for one thing she has survived longer, which tells you she has good genes. She will also be more mature and maybe experienced and better able to raise children well. Picking a not too young woman could be a good strategy too.

    1. “If 17 years was the age of first pregnancy, why go for a 12-16 year old? Why not find a 17 or 18 year old and get started straight away?”
      To be confident of paternity. If you go for a 17 year old she could already be carrying another man’s baby since that was the typical age of first conception. It would be better to go for a girl under that age to be confident of her nulliparity, but not so young, like 5, that you’d have to wait years to start getting offspring.
      “Also, girls now are at the age of first pregnancy earlier. They are already there from 12-16. So by his logic, we should go for girls who are like 10-14 or maybe 8-12.”
      This may be true nowadays, but you have to bear in mind that our sexual preferences evolved thousands of years ago when girls would typically get pregnant at about 17.
      “Show us some data to prove teen porn is most popular!”
      On nearly all porn sites the most popular age category is the teens. On a certain porn site that allows users to create their own categories this is the top ten:
      1. Young
      2. Stickam
      3. Incest
      4. Jailbait
      5. Daughters
      6. Teen
      7. deutsche teens
      8. little puff nipples and hairless pussys
      9. School Girls
      10. Very Cute Only
      “And even if a lot of porn is teen porn, aren’t there a lot of teen boys watching it? Which demographic is watching what?”
      In my experience adolescent boys generally prefer older women with big mummy boobies not young pert breasted adolescent girls.
      “Anyway, it is not necessarily the best bet to go for a girl who is very young or hasn’t had any babies yet. If you go for a female who is a little older, for one thing she has survived longer, which tells you she has good genes.”
      This is a good point. In many species, the males prefer the females that already have offspring and proven their mothering ability. For males that commit themselves to females for the purpose of getting as many offspring from them as possible over the long term, things are a bit different.
      By committing himself to a young female that hasn’t started reproducing and proven her fertility, a male is taking a risk that she might have problems bearing children but this can be offset by the prospect of having all her future breeding years to himself.

      1. hi George,
        One question: if puberty comes earlier these days, won’t 10-12 year olds look the same as 14-16 year olds used to look when puberty came later? Isn’t physical appearance what triggers our attraction more than age, a number?
        Wouldn’t it follow your logic better if we were still doing what we evolved to do- being attracted to girls who haven’t reached child bearing age yet? Most of the teen girls in porn could probably already have babies and look like they could.
        Again, we need more rigorous data about the demographics and their preferences.

      2. Males in nature, even more for a non-monogamous species like ours, don;t care about “paternity”, as females care for the offspring alone, within the group.
        “By committing himself to a young female that hasn’t started reproducing and proven her fertility, a male is taking a risk that she might have problems bearing children but this can be offset by the prospect of having all her future breeding years to himself.”
        That doesn’t make sense. The last part is laughable. In no way committing to a young female secures you that she will have all her future breeding years to him. In fact, they don’t, it’s just female nature to go after the young, strong sperm from strong, beautiful and fresh male adults, even if she’s from a monogamous specie. Her partner is only there to help raise her offspring.
        The most important aspect is how young the MALE is, as only the healthy young adults are supposed to procreate, while all females should be procreating until they can’t anymore. Most males are really disposable in the mating process.

  3. @Steve
    Since women were rarely ever involved actually fighting predators in primitive social systems, their survival has more to do with the males around them than their own genes. Besides age and experience doesn’t quite work out if a 28 year old woman has never reared a child and a 19 year old is the mother of two; the 19 year old in this case is more *experienced* in raising children than the 31 year old.
    In mainland India or the Arab world for example, most men and women in their 20s and early 30s have the emotional maturity of teenagers, because their psycho-social development has been hampered by the culture. They are economically adults but socially still kids.
    I don’t agree 50 year olds going for 15 year olds, for purely humanistic and worldly reasons. In the present day world, we no longer live on subsistence and hence, it would be ethically wrong to have 15 year old have babies when they should have been educated so that they can hold themselves in the complex world that we live in. Also, the present day world doesn’t have the kind of tribal/social mechanism to protect the rights and interests of a 15 year old girl married to a much older man.
    However, I strongly disagree with demonising teenage sex, the way they do in Anglo societies. It is more of a post-Victorian prudery that has been made a law, rather than any nature’s desig or anything that is inherently better for a teenager’s well being.

    1. hi,
      then men might choose woman of whatever age who have already had children, rather than strictly by age. Same logic. But older woman are more likely to have had children, right?
      George addressed this point in his reply to me anyway. I’m not sure if he is right but he at least generously acknowledged the point.
      I myself have never had any hang ups about men being attracted to teenage girls. I make a very strong distinction in my mind between a pedophile who is attracted to pre-pubescent children and a man who is attracted to a 15 year old who has developed into a young woman with breasts and pubic hair and hips. I think as men, we see a young woman with the physical signs of child bearing age and we are bound to be somewhat interested, even if it is taboo where we live.
      I’ve got no big problem with relationships involving a young adult and an older adult either. However, the concern is always that a naive young girl will be manipulated by an older man who just wants to use her. She isn’t in the same league as him in terms of maturity and experience. That’s sort of the concern for me and maybe why young girls need to be protected from the advances of older men. Or do they?

      1. “I make a very strong distinction in my mind between a pedophile who is attracted to pre-pubescent children and a man who is attracted to a 15 year old who has developed into a young woman with breasts and pubic hair and hips.”
        A strong distinction? You mean in terms of approval/disapproval? To me, prepubescent girls are perfection, and I fall in love with them on a regular basis. I would never abuse them, though. That would be 180 degrees opposite to how I feel. Are you judging me?

  4. Well, family planning & obstetrics in 3rd world countries have been my primary area of expertise for most of my research career.
    The health consequences of pregnancy in mothers ages 12-15 yrs are quite severe-
    An underdeveloped pelvis leads to difficulties in childbirth resulting in obstetric fistula (basically the vagina is torn from urethra to rectum resulting in chronic infection, urinary & fecal incontinence), higher rate of preeclampsia (gestational hypertension- cerebral stroke & organ damage highly possible), higher rate of underweight infants, higher rate of premature birth& preterm labor, and higher rate of poor nutrition due to poor eating habits.
    All this results in an maternal death rate of 12-15 yr old mothers that is 30% higher than 20-24yr old mothers, and an infant mortality rate that is 40% higher than 20-24 yr old mothers. If the child of an 11-15 yr old mother survives past her first year she will still suffer a 40% higher death rate than children born to mother 20-24 yrs of age.
    So, as you can see impregnating females 11-15yrs old isn’t really a great strategy for producing healthy offspring. It is a good idea to keep the female population down by increased maternal deaths though.
    In 15/16-19 yr old mothers in DEVELOPED countries the negative consequences of pregnancy are primarily socioeconomic- as long as adequate prenatal care is provided.
    In 15/16-19 yr olds in India however teen mothers between the ages of 15-19 yrs were just as likely to suffer malnutrition (anemia predominantly), preterm labor, & low birth weight infants as their younger counterparts.

    1. “The health consequences of pregnancy in mothers ages 12-15 yrs are quite severe-”
      Ah, you’re missing the point. Having sex with girls of that age in prehistoric times wouldn’t have normally resulted in pregnancy. Sex with girls that young would have probably served some kind of bonding purpose rather than reproduction per se.
      Imagine a prehistoric man taking a little Lolita for a wife. They spend a few years being physically intimate, cementing their relationship and laying the ground for family life as she approaches her first pregnancy at about 17. This also allows him to be confident that this baby will be his as he has been regularly injecting her with his sperm for the few previous years. 🙂

      1. George-
        Ah, you’re missing several points.
        What, pray tell, is going to keep ‘little Lolita’ from becoming pregnant during the ‘few years’ while prehistoric man is ‘regularly inject her with his sperm’ thereby ‘cementing’ their relationship?
        Why is it every straight man thinks he’s a gynecologist?
        Average onset of menstruation in human females is 11-12 yrs.
        I’ve seen more than my share of pregnant 11 & 12 yr olds in India.

        1. “Average onset of menstruation in human females is 11-12 yrs.”
          That’s true for girls living in modern industrial societies. In primitive foraging societies that resemble our prehistoric past, girls don’t normally start ovulating until about 14. In the Kalahari and Hadza tribes it’s 16 and don’t conceive until about 19, though these are people living a harsh life in the desert and probably not very representative of our prehistoric ancestors.
          The best guess as to the typical age of menarche and first conception in our prehistoric ancestors would be about 14 and 17.

        2. George-
          As YOU so rightly stated- don’t think foraging tribes in harsh desert truly represent ‘our prehistoric past’- so WHY bring it up?
          Howard Kelly ,first professor of gynecology at Johns Hopkins, wrote the following in the 1928 edition (the last) of his text ‘Gynecology’
          “It is not rare among Eskimo women that they have their first child at at the age of twelve, and children born before the mothers were eleven have been recorded.”
          Probably much more indicative of ‘our prehistoric past’ than the Hadza of the Kalahari.
          History shows us another trend:
          Historical Data on Age at Menarche-
          Early data:
          Ancient Rome- 12-14yrs
          Medieval Europe- 12-14yrs
          Medieval Middle East 12-13yrs
          Nineteenth Century:
          Manchester 1840s-
          working class women 15.7yrs
          upper class women 14.6yrs
          London 1855 (hospital patients) 15.5yrs
          Germany 1869 15.7yrs
          Scotland 1870 15.6-16.6yrs
          London 1880 (middle class) 15yrs
          U.S.A. late 19th century 12-14
          Early 20th Century
          USA 1905 14-15.7yrs
          Sorry, I don’t see much evidence for your claim of only ‘girls’ living in modern societies having an onset of menstruation of 11-12yrs.

        3. “As YOU so rightly stated- don’t think foraging tribes in harsh desert truly represent ‘our prehistoric past’- so WHY bring it up?”
          The reason I mentioned the Kalahari and the Hadza was to show you that menarche at 12 probably wasn’t the norm in our evolutionary history. These tribes are not the best model for prehistoric societies but they show that this way of life raises the age of menarche.
          “It is not rare among Eskimo women that they have their first child at at the age of twelve, and children born before the mothers were eleven have been recorded.”
          The reason for the early age of pregnancy for these girls was probably the enormous amount of fat they had in their diet. They ate very little plant food and got nearly all their calories from fat rich seafood. This made them start ovulating earlier than is “natural”.
          “Sorry, I don’t see much evidence for your claim of only ‘girls’ living in modern societies having an onset of menstruation of 11-12yrs.”
          This doesn’t make sense. It was you that claimed girls start menstruating at 11-12. I pointed out that this was only a modern phenomenon and then you post up data showing that for girls in the past the age of menarche was higher. WTF?

        4. George-
          ‘I pointed out that this was only a modern phenomenon and then you post up data showing that for girls in the past the age of menarche was higher. WTF?’
          Read what I posted again-
          Ancient Rome- 12-14yrs
          Medieval Europe- 12-14yrs
          Medieval Middle East 12-13yrs
          WTF is your problem?
          Obviously there’s a bit more to menarche than diet, looking at these numbers. These young women were not living in ‘modern industrial societies’.

      2. Prehistoric people didn’t mate for life. If anything it just for a short period of time, until the female gives birth; hence the reason why our “passion” period still lasts for less than a year.
        Even if they did, female nature is all about cheating with stronger, more beautiful and fresher males, so matting wouldn’t mean a thing for a male to be “confident” the offspring will be his.

    2. I thought that the World Health Organization recently did a huge meta study that concluded that it was the age, or rather the undeveloped body of girls under 19 that was actually causing the issues seen for young mothers and their offspring, regardless of wealth, rather than socioeconomic factors.
      It was probably one of the largest studies I’ve ever seen. They determined that regardless of the country you live in, and while girls in first world nations tend to develop faster due to nutrition, health care and wealth, girls 19 and under are still not fully sexually mature, and have significantly lower productive outcomes than women in their sexual peak of 21-31.

  5. And to get back up on my soapbox again-
    Gentlemen, allow me (the aging feminist cunt) to point out the obvious-
    Sexual attraction in human males is NORMALLY based on the visual physical features of FEMALE SECONDARY SEX CHARACTERISTICS!
    That’s right boys, all these ‘characteristics’ are signaling estrogen dominant status-
    Enlargement of breasts and erection of nipples.
    Growth of body hair, most prominently underarm and pubic hair.
    Greater development of thigh muscles behind the femur, rather than in front of it.
    Widening of hips; lower waist to hip ratio than adult males.
    Smaller hands, feet & joints than men.
    Rounder face.
    Upper arms approximately 2 cm longer, on average, for a given height,
    Estrogenic fat ratio- Changed distribution in weight and fat; more subcutaneous fat and fat deposits mainly around the buttocks, thighs and hips.
    Ovarian function in human females both hormonally & reproductively peaks in human females in the mid to late 20’s. In human females suffering poor nutritional status this window often narrows to 20-24 yrs of age with early menopause (also called premature ovarian failure) occurring by 30 yrs of age. I see this a lot in Indian women- just for comparison menopause in western women of European descent usually occurs between 51-55 yrs of age.

    1. Widening of the hips starts at 19, fusion of the pelvis doesn’t start in males or females until around 11-15 years old. That’s why forensic anthropologists don’t bother trying to use pelvic markers to sex bodies of these ages. Simply speaking, the secondary sexual characteristics required for pregnancy and childbirth, in terms of physiological development are not present/viable at this stage, which explains the high risk categories for girls under 19, even in first world countries.

  6. Why is it in a Marital Relationship, Man is always older than a Women? Answer from medical perscpective is Women are stronger physiologically[ atleast in reproductive age], then Men, [Men are stronger than Women Physically], Older man equals a younger women Physiologically.
    If there is consistent blood contact through sex between say a Man in his 30s and a Woman in her 50s, he will develop Blood related diseases and problems.

    1. ‘If there is consistent blood contact through sex between say a Man in his 30s and a Woman in her 50s, he will develop Blood related diseases and problems’
      What the Hell?
      Is this another weird Hindu thing?
      What ‘blood diseases’ are you speaking of AlanJ?

      1. Not Hindu stuff; I read it in JAMA in Boston while waiting in an Dentists office, I am not able to find it on Google.
        Anyway here is a joke to lighten you up.
        A man wants to kill his wife, and asks his best friend to go about it in a way that he cannot be caught. Friend replies, that “he make sex to his wife 100 times a day, no women can stand that, In ten days she will be dead.”
        The Man’s friends visits him at his home on the ninth day only to find the man purple in color in a wheel chair. Just at that moment, the mans wife pops out of house to enjoy some tennis and says jubilantly ” Tennis anyone” and leaves.
        Man pointing his wife to his friend, exclaims that “She does not know, shes has got only one day left to live”

      2. BiBi you fucking ugly pisslamist bitch. First see how your pisslam treats your women you shit eating pig then turn around to open your rotten mouth about other religions….

    2. Regardless of nationality, or culture, the mean age difference, while has been leaning towards men being older than women, is only roughly 3 years difference. Most people tend to marry people within their own close age ranges, and this has also made up the majority of historical arranged marriages.

  7. Even though I am 36, my physical attraction mechanism froze in my mid-20s. I still desire women in their mid-20s and prefer being around them as much as I did then. I don’t like 35+ women. I rarely even turn my head to look at a woman over 30 unless she looks very good for her age. This is going to be a major problem for me in upcoming years and I’m trying to figure out what to do about it. Maybe in other countries where there is a lower obesity rate it’s not so much a problem. But in America, people start letting themselves go once they hit 30.

    1. Oh, and about 25-27 is the sweet spot. If you make a graph with two plots, one for looks and one for maturity, they intersect somewhere around 26. That’s what I’m shooting for. A 26 year old.
      If you’re a guy and you want to marry, half your age + 7 is a good guideline. If you can’t get that in America, then go to a country where young women have no issue with dating “older” guys, esp ones with money who are in good shape.
      At age 65, you want to be like this guy: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Cdbj59fd50M/Ta3-IMAP33I/AAAAAAAABBQ/ifLnSWHKFtQ/s1600/Dos-equis-the-most-interesting-man-in-the-world.jpg
      Not this guy:

      1. An alternate strategy is to get into good shape and go somewhere with high rates of obesity. Then, you’ve got yourself easy pickings! You don’t even have to be in good shape, just have the ability to climb a flight of stairs. Or be able to roll down a flight?

    2. I hate to sound drastic, Tulio, but I’d recommend becoming an expat, if you’re worried about this. God knows I’ve flirted with the idea of becoming an expat.
      The love/romance market here is the equivalent of shithole India when it comes to overall standard of living.

      1. Well, 36 these days is still young. Especially if you’re a man in decent shape that hits the gym and has an active lifestyle. If I’m not married by 40. I’ll consider looking to Colombia, Brazil or Europe for a pretty, fit and feminine women in her mid 20s.

    3. Women are in their peak fertility from ages 21-31. It only makes sense that you will be physically attracted to women in their peak fertility, though you may find that you don’t mesh up personality wise, or intellectually. Thinking about it, that’s actually the mean age for top grossing American actresses isn’t it?

  8. I agree with Gary’s logic. I must point out though that girls aged 20 or so are thr most attractive because it correlates with peak fertility. After age 22 or 23 each day most girls become slightly less attractive with each passing day, as part of the uglification process. The wall in middle age, with men and women becoming monsters in old age.

    1. Women’s fertility wains starting at 31 on average. I don’t know what you’re talking about in terms of “uglification” as collagen in women only really starts to deteriorate around age 30, which is when they start looking older, and things start to sag. Unless they’re doing something to accelerate that like eating lots of sugar, smoking, tanning ect.

  9. A common regret of men: not banging their peer females as a teen when it would have been legal, and now they forever can’t. Most young teen males lust after older teen girls or those in their early twenties

    1. That’s because the peak fertility for women is 21-31. Young men, older teen boys are attracted to that fertility. Widening of the hips only starts around age 19 in females, even in first world countries. I think that older men being sexually attracted to younger girls is more of a psychological thing to do with power, or longing to recreating or recapture first sexual experiences rather than evolutionary drives for reproduction. Statistically speaking, girls 19 and below are just plain shit at not dying from being pregnant, giving birth, or giving rise to healthy brats. They’re pretty much a shitty dice roll, 21-31 however will fire them out one after the other and be none worse for wear for it.
      I make a move that we dub the high fertility period of 21-31 in women the “baby cannon years”.

  10. Why do men feel entitled to a mate that is more attractive then they are? Women want attractive mates too. Trying to use science to justify liking teens is sick. They might look like adults but are really still kids. I’m not coming back to this site again because it seems to be occupied with the most selfish, unromantic, perverted men on the planet.

    1. No one on here is screwing any teenage girls, so settle down and take a Midol.
      At my age, they are nice to look at and reminisce about, but that’s about it.
      I do NOT agree that your average teenage girl aged 15-19 is a “kid.” Sorry, it is just not so.

      1. Well, scientifically speaking they are. The frontal cortex, the part of the brain at the front that allows for logical thought and higher reasoning, the part that allows people to understand cause and effect, as well as consequence only is only fully developed once you reach the mean age of 21. That’s for males and females. Physiologically/reproductively, a teenage girl 15-19 is not fully developed yet. Their bones are still fusing, they are just reaching max height around 15. Their bodies redirect energy to fusing the growth plates in their long bones, and only once that’s done in females do their hips start to widen to make the birth canal larger, and that only seems to happen around 19 apparently even in first world countries. So I’d say calling them kids, or I guess if we’re going with science “sub-adults” is accurate if we’re talking a logical standpoint based on peer reviewed evidence rather than bias.
        I think you have it right with the “longing to reminiscence” though, it seems to be the major trend. Especially when “teen porn” categorize tend to flood the pages with 20 something year olds and have them dress younger. It’s like, they’re fulfilling the want for fully sexually mature early 20’s girl, but fulfilling the fantasy of you reenacting your first sexual experience, or sexual coming of age in a way.

    2. gigi isn’t coming back. that’s to bad. who said anything about romance. there are many things from the wild left in all of us. hunting and fishing to name a few. why do many men enjoy going out in the cold and freezing their asses off for hours to get a shot at a big buck. women have never understood that either. ( he has a lot of energy to go walking in the woods in knee high snow but will he take me dancing or take the garbage out.) In our dna there are survival genes that wont be bread out easy. they will eventually be bread out. the one thing that will never be bread out is a mans interest in sex. and sex with younger mothers. now grow up and accept it as it will never change. good bye gigi.

  11. I see, there’s evolutionary reasons for everything, killing, raping, genocide, etc. Doesn’t make it any more tolerable.
    Seems like American men are always trying to justify their stupidity (and alikes) by evolution and biology.
    “Our ancestrals”… what about right now? What is gone is gone, species CHANGE with time, and we are also rational right now, big difference.
    That’s ok. I just hope you guys don’t abuse/commit incest with your young daughters, and accept their relationships with 50 years old+ when they want too, because you know, you wanted this as well.

    1. its interesting you bring up killing and raping( genocide is killing). There are many reasons homosapian has survived while the other 22 of our species has died. While it was necessary to rape and kill for survival reasons from time to time. Having sex with alpha and beta females no matter their age ( at the time 25 would have been old) would have been top priority under food. while its possible to have the killing gene and raping gene bread out the need to have sex with younger mothers cant be bread out. its the breading that is passed on. when you realize that those who weren’t interested in breading with young women didn’t pass on the’re genes. your view is a catch 22 and will never work. also is killing and raping really up there with nailing a 20 year old who wants to be nailed by a real man. come on have some perspective.

      1. Well, first, the idea that people only lived for such a short amount of time is rather a myth, or rather, a misunderstanding of how statistics work. Hunter-Gatherers statistically had a surprisingly long lifespan. The average age is just dragged down by the amount of infant mortality.
        It’s not in our genetics to have sex with teen girls I think because it doesn’t really make sense in an evolutionary kind of way, because they are statistically just so much more likely to die during pregnancy, childbirth ect. Even if they do survive it, their offspring are generally weaker, and if they were not done growing, their growth was already stunted by the pregnancy, and so because that they would never be able to reach their full sexual maturity in terms of bone growth, and alignment. Everything stops when females become pregnant, it’s why when you breed dogs too early they are smaller than litter mates that weren’t bred.
        Also, while women do tend to choose older mates, the difference statistically doesn’t really exceed 3 years, and when looking at the stats, you observe a steep drop. This especially makes sense evolutionary speaking because apparently even very early Hunter-Gatherers actually made arranged marriages, which are usually made when kids are very young. Even today, most arranged marriages are made when people are still kids. It’s hard to think of protohumans running around doing that, but apparently according to anthropologists, that’s how they think it went according to how they traced DNA through tribes or something. I don’t know, I didn’t read the whole paper.

  12. I think teenage girls in the west are growing up far too quickly. I know this one 14 year old girl in the US who claims to have had sex with four guys. Insane.
    When you’re that age you think your actions have no consequences, that’s partly why so many schoolchildren doss off and later wish they had done better at school.

  13. You may hav read about Teenagers in their Hormone surging years in Orgies, I guess we can condone that, What about Ninty year olds in Origies/Swingers etc. Sex in the West is like brushing Teeth.

  14. For starters I would strongly disagree with this statement.When it comes to the age of sex,I believe that it should be done at a time that is most appropriate and all of those ages(12-17) are not them.
    Picture you had a daughter. Would you, as an adult, in their right mind be satisfied to allow your 12 year old baby girl who has just discovered what a pad is to be penetrated by a man who is old enough to have been high-schooling at around the same time as you?
    Unless you are some gruesome, old and perverted criminal- which if you are then pardon me- then no that is not reasonable and, truth be said , absolute cruelty. These are still children, people. They have not even reached the age of legal marriage.
    Yes, it is true that this happened a while ago but that is why nit was then and not now. The world is corrupt as it is why exacerbate the global crisis.
    Think logically people…. Not through your own satisfaction, but for the worlds good.

  15. Hmmm, no, sorry. This still doesn’t make sense. Growth and pregnancy don’t go together. Pregnancy stunts the growth of any animal. Even animals with indeterminate growth (grow throughout their entire lives, like snakes and crocs) will enter a cycle that stops growth so that they can become pregnant.
    In human females, they start to mature faster than boys so that they can reach their max height faster, so that their body can work on widening the hips, and closing the growth plates. Even in modern day society, with girls having their first periods sooner, and growth happening faster, they’re still only seeing full sexual maturity at around or after 19 years of age, when the hips have splayed to open the birth canal.
    The pelvis in both males and females doesn’t even start until they’re around 11-15, so that would preclude the ability to effectively carry a pregnancy. This would explain why teen mothers tend to need to have more c-sections in emergency situations, though more older females choose to have them done ahead of time.
    Plus, according to the World Health Organization, women 19 and younger are apparently at greater risk of a wide number of adverse outcomes associated with pregnancy and delivery. The offspring they give rise to are also at a much higher risk for a number of adverse outcomes until they reach the age of two as well when compared to women 20+.
    Apparently, according to fertility clinics, women 21-31 are in their prime, being the most fertile out of any age demographic, and having the best rates of health for themselves as well as their offspring. If males are looking for the best mates, would it not makes sense to then court young 20 year olds, so that you could be with them for all of their most fertile years?
    Going with a younger female would mean standing the risk of stunting her development which would prevent her body from reaching full sexual maturity. It would increase her risk of dying in childbirth, increased risk of miscarriages, and the earlier the pregnancy, the worse the outcome for both the female mate, and the offspring. Logically, if we’re looking at this scientifically, and based on the statistics, if you chose a younger mate than what was physically optimal in terms of reproduction, you would stand as a male to produce fewer offspring with such a female, and the ones that you had would apparently be weaker, more prone to preterm delivery, and other ailments. Compared to the more robust offspring that young 20 something women would give you. She would be healthy, and capable of providing more offspring soon after as well as their libido is apparently higher as well.
    So I don’t think, that based on the evidence, especially with the thousands of articles spewing out of every journal of medicine every year about the dangers of adolescent pregnancy, that natural selection or evolution are the reasons for so many men’s fiction on young girls. If you think about it, it doesn’t explain why so many gay men prefer very young looking boys either. Maybe it’s something psychological. Or, if we’re going the evolutionary route for porn, maybe it’s the fact that most “teen”, “lolita”, “jailbait” pornstars, aren’t actually teens at all, but actually slim women in their 20’s, which is actually quite common.
    If not that, then maybe it has to do with a power fetish being that teens, male or female are often naive. Maybe some guys get off on the idea of being “first”, or more likely, the idea of not being compared to other sexual partners because there is an assumption of “innocence” and “virginity” with teens. There are a lot of guys out there with chips on their shoulders, so being “the biggest someone has ever seen” in their minds at least, may be a big confidence boost for them. Plus, socially, mentally, physically ect. they would stand to be more powerful than a teen, and maybe that’s a turn on. After all, some people get their kinks from tying people up and hitting them. Feeling in power during sex is a huge turn on for some people.
    Maybe on the other side of things, it could be that some dudes like to re-imagine their first sexual encounter, and this is their way of recapturing that. I don’t know, I’m not a psychologist, I’m just a scientist. But I definatly don’t think that attraction to girls that young has something to do with “evolutionary means” if they’re literally less efficient at popping out healthy brats without dying, hahaha.

  16. I don’t think pre-historic humans thought about their sexual attraction nearly as much as you (and honestly a lot of other people) seem to think they did. They probably just thought, “I like the way this girl looks and I want sex”. They didn’t stand there thinking “hmm, 15 years old, good good no chance of her having another boy’s baby yet, let’s see she seems pretty fertile, I bet I can make a lot of babies with this one”.
    For one thing, the link between babies and sex wasn’t even discovered until around 8,000 BCE which coincides with the year we discovered agriculture. Pre-historic humans didn’t really have marriages or brides or monogamous mating, tribe members would generally be pretty polygamous. When a girl made a baby in pre-historic tribes, the entire village would take care of the baby (there was no concept of paternity or ownership yet so your child wasn’t really considered your child but rather the tribe’s) rather than leaving the responsibility up to two people like in agricultural societies.
    Pre-historic humans were much more like a communist democracy than most people realize. Most jobs were shared, including raising children, and all food was shared among the tribe. Similarly, pre-historic humans would find it really weird if one member of the tribe believed they had exclusive sexual rights to another tribe member.
    I think the reason why men are attracted to teenage girls, is because the teenage years (and 20s) are when girls produce the most pheromones, are the healthiest, and are the horniest, therefore the most sexually available. I don’t think its anymore complex than that.

  17. The fact that you were sexually active at the age of 14 with 14 year old girls means you were already slightly swayed to thinking that’s an acceptable age to be thinking of 14 year olds sexually

      1. All kinds. I banged them, they jerked me off. I ate their pussies. They sucked my cock. And I fucked them of course. 14 year old girls are really good fucks. I had a lot of fun with them!

  18. Hi I’m a teen girl and just wanted to say all you creeps are disgusting. Here all you grown adult men are talking about us like we’re wenches. I’m 17, and almost my whole life, you bastards flirted with me or sent naked pics of yourselves online or catcalled me on the street. You should all be jailed like the damned to hell. Faggots you are!!!
    Why the heck would we want your wrinkled members when we can have someone our our age. Yes, due to history, we married young cause we didn’t live long due to disease and stuff, but we also married own age, since we grew up faster.

  19. The title of the thread refers to evolutionary reasons. The thread immediately deteriorates into moralistic wrangling. Nice one.
    While we are on the subject, how do evolutionary facts pertain to morality? And to the extent that they do, why would it be inappropriate for a pubescent girl to have sex? What other evolutionary reason would there be for a girl to be able to have babies?

  20. Doesn’t this assume males just have one partner over a life time?
    That seems unlikely in pre-historic times.
    And a teenage girl below 16-17 would’ve been less likely to survive childbirth.

    My real-life experience has been that the males that seek out teenage girls are losers.
    We’ve all known that 20 year old that had a 16 year old girlfriend.
    He is without exception always the same: an underachiever, hanging around teenagers long after people his own age have gone to university or left home, he is undesirable in his own age range etc. etc.

    1. SIR
      I have seen tatooed 20 year olds date Freshman in High School. I am not exactly sure what the trend with them is.
      Many time it is Teenage girls may feign interest in nerdy middle-age STEM teachers in order to pass their class. Occasionally they are actually attracted to them.
      The middle-age guys are obviously by no means “losers” but are extremely naïve.

  22. SIR
    The girls are typically not as mature as women his own age. There are exceptions as I’m sure Mr. Lindsay would note, but on the whole this is the case.
    This may be why the tattooed 20 year old does what he does.

    1. LOL preying on immature teenage girls. I suppose some men do this. I have heard of a few cases. But usually they do not have to because mostly the teenage girls pursue the men and not the other way around.
      That tatted up 20 year old with the 14 year old girlfriend is a stud I would imagine. He’s a player, a playboy, a womanizer. He cleans up with women. Women want the men that other women want and this is doubly true with teenage girls, who when it comes to men, are the ultimate status-fuckers.
      Read in the paper about these teachers screwing their teenage girl students at high school. Here in the local papers the men are usually totally macho hot studs, often pretty badass looking too. Around here they sort of still look like gangsters. Good-looking, tough, hard men. I look at them and I imagine those are the best looking men in the school. Of course the JB’s make a beeline right for them.
      You don’t have to chase them. If you are Alpha enough, they WILL pursue you. Whether you want to take them up on it or not is another matter.
      Why on Earth would any man PREFER an immature female? So called grown women are silly enough. Why do you want the real thing? I have had relationships with legal teenage girls in the last several years. It’s like being on an emotional rollercoaster that never ends. Why anyone would prefer this is beyond me.

    2. Weren’t “1950s Wives” almost maternal towards their husbands?
      I mean, an extremely insecure teenage girl cannot provide that.
      I suppose strong men (Alphas) might not need that, but 85% of men, including myself, are not that.
      Anyway that would not even mean that they have a preference for JBs anyhow.
      JBs are for one night stands, where legal. That’s all.

      1. Well I would say that a lot of those 1950’s wives WERE teenage girls, aged 18-19.
        Females want to take care of males. Women want to take care of men. I assume teenage girls want to take care of their boyfriends.
        Several years ago, I had an 18 year old girlfriend and she told me that she wanted to take care of me. Every night before she went to sleep she prayed to God to not let anything bad happen to me. She worried all the time that something bad was going to happen to me. I was pretty shocked that such a young woman would want to take care of me. I guess the maternal instinct in females starts awful young.
        Sure, Alphas are not looking for women to take care of them.
        You realize rock stars had JB gf’s back in the 1970’s? Steve Tyler had a 14 year old gf. He got her Mom’s permission to date her. She lived with him for a while. Jimmy Page had a 14-15 yr old gf. I think he got her Mom’s permission too. Bill Wyman married an 18 year old girl pretty late in life. Roman Polanski married Natasha Kinski when she was 15 years old.
        From age 18-20, I had a number of JB girlfriends aged 14-17. They were pretty good girlfriends. The JB’s that go after young men are quite mature. If they’re not mature, they don’t go after men in the first place. I would probably see them as immature right now, but at the time, I thought they were shockingly mature. The more mature JB’s go after young men because they want to be adult and mature. Since that is what they want, they try to act adult and mature as possible.

  23. Nowadays, I see women between 40-60 year old dying their hair pink/blue and wearing fish net stockings in efforst to keep up with teenage like youth. They desire deep within their souls to look as attractive as a 18 year old.

    1. Or maybe theyre living life the way they want to and not worrying about what a bag of dicks thinks about them.

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