New Radio Interview with Me Is Up

Here. I was a guest on Chuck Prahl’s Bigfoot Tonight radio show on Sunday night. The show lasted 1 1/2 hours. The subject was of course Bigfoot. While I have received some comments from people who do not like Chuck’s interview style, I like him a lot. His guest host Stacy Hostetler also does excellent work. We mostly talked about the Ketchum and Erickson Projects and where they stand at the moment. Some said that my sound was too low, and I was hard to hear sometimes. Can’t they turn up the sound on my audio to make me louder?

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0 thoughts on “New Radio Interview with Me Is Up”

  1. Robert, I realize you are friendly with that fellow, but from my point of view you displayed the patience of Job.

  2. I spent a fair amount of time wishing he would shut the fuck up so I could listen to what you were trying to say.

  3. Sound problems aside, really enjoyed the interview.
    You mention that you think you could publish stills or perhaps the entire pancake video? IS that still possible?

  4. The sound was low but audible and I managed to listen to the entire program with interest. I don’t listen to many podcasts, but think I probably should. Thanks for the updates Robert. Awfully quiet out there in BFland…

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