White Nationalist Lies About Portugal and the Dangers of Mulattoization

Here is a typical lie that the White nationalist scum tell about Portugal and the dangers of Whites interbreeding with Blacks:

Portugal – Once a 16th century world power with colonies around the world – moor/negro slave interbreeding after 400 years has left it with a 4

Well, guess what? It’s just not true. The Portuguese are not a mongrelized or mulatto people by any stretch of the imagination. Overall, the Portuguese are about 3. Look, there is no way on Earth that 3.5- Another one of their lies talks about the greatness of “White Egypt.” Except there never was any White Egypt, scumbags. There was an Arab Egypt. You know, Arabs, those inferiors? And even the great Arab Egypt had ~12-1 You know how these scumbags like to talk about the glories of great White South Africa? Guess what, fucktards? Those great White South Africans you love so much are 1 Let us look at the Arab World. The Arab World has gotten a lot Blacker over time with the introduction of Black slaves via Islam, but there was no corresponding degeneration of society. In fact, at the moment, the Blackest parts of the Arab World are the wealthiest of all. Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait have quite a bit of Black genes in their populations. Percentages generally range from ~13-1 So moral and economic degeneration of your population via low levels of mulattoization (~1 In fact, in recent times, we have few to no cases of mass mulattoization of any population anywhere on Earth. Show me one great, prosperous White society anywhere on Earth that degenerated into a moral and economic basket case in modern times due to mulattoization. Show me one, one, one, one. Show me one in the Caribbean. One in South America. One in Central America. One in the Arab World. One in Africa. One anywhere. Not that I think that mass introgression of Black genes into a White society is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Instead I think it is nothing much to worry about, since it doesn’t seem to be happening anywhere on Earth, which is probably a good idea.

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23 thoughts on “White Nationalist Lies About Portugal and the Dangers of Mulattoization”

  1. Robert Christiano Ronaldo has black ancestry and look where that got him… banging one super model after another
    anyways to have blacks genetics and black ancestry COMBINED with white outward appearance or white aesthetics is the best thing you can have in the world. You have black masculinity, aggression, testosterone and drive, combined with euro features, and all the chicks will be coming after you line by line. Black and white race mixing is a win win situation, there should be more of this race-mixing to at least 87% of white populations.

    1. I always thought Chrisy didn’t look completely White, assumed it might be Roma , New World admixture or North African.
      Where did you find out that he has Black in him?

    2. ‘anyways to have blacks genetics and black ancestry COMBINED with white outward appearance or white aesthetics is the best thing you can have in the world.’
      He is probably mostly white, genetically, though, right? His European ancestry can take credit for his sporting ability too. Is Messi part black too? No, but he’s the only forward in the world who is better than Ronaldo (and probably the next two or three or four lower down are white too). And I’m a Ronaldo fan. I’d like to see him score more goals than Messi next season. And yeah black guys are probably over represented in the premier league. But I feel like you exaggerate the physical advantages of black genetics. Like when you said:
      ‘You have black masculinity, aggression, testosterone and drive, combined with euro features, and all the chicks will be coming after you line by line.’
      There are plenty of very masculine white guys. And there are plenty of white guys with white outward appearance and white genetics who have chicks lining up to have sex with them. Russell Brand is an example of the latter. Three times shagger of the year.
      Okay, the heavyweight division is considered pretty poor at the moment, but look at the ring magazines top ten heavyweights. Nine of them are white and one is mixed race. http://ringtv.craveonline.com/ratings/heavyweight
      Where are the big manly black guys who can kick their arses? There are none right now. They keep getting their arses kicked by Russians.

    1. You can tell there is something a bit different about her features. I have a cousin whose dad is a quarter white, a quarter black and half Maori. My cousin is very white skinned but his nose is kind of flat and you can just about tell there’s something non-white about his face. He’d pass for white though. It just reminded me of her a bit.

  2. French Men have the least African genes among those Mediterannean Euros exposed to African Colonialism… Yet Frenchmen have the largest average penis size – larger than the average African-American.
    Yet Euro, Hispanic, Indian & Negro genes when they combine as in Greater Brazil/SA (or as often in the pages of Smooth Girl, SHOW & Black Mens SSX Swimsuit Special magazines) go haywire to produce nice shaped BIG booties in the women.
    Could someone comment on Sicily?

    1. Sicilians have some “Muslim” (that is Arabic and Berber) ancestry in them, although I have no idea how much of it.
      Sicily was controlled by the Muslims between the 9th and 11th century. Mainland southern Italy, on the other hand, never was. This generated a noticeable difference between the two populations on either side of the strait of Messina.
      Recently I had a conversation with a dentist about the teeth of the Sicilians and others. Turns out that Sicilians tend to have protruding teeth, Arabs a lot more than Sicilians, and mainland southern Italians don’t (or not that much – my information is imprecise).
      Are Sicilians “worse” than the other Italians? The PISA and GDP scores for Sicily, while among the worst in Italy, are no worse than those in some other southern Italian regions. Also, everybody in Italy agrees that Naples is far more chaotic, crime ridden and generally messed up than any place in Sicily, or anywhere else in the South for that matter, even if the Neapolitans seem to lack any Arabic admixture, and aren’t even noticeably any darker than central Italians.

        1. Really? I’m very surprised. How do you know that? Are you sure it’s Black admixture and not North African? If they’re 5% black, then how big is the merely north african admixture?

        2. There is an article on here that lays it all out. It is called A Little Black In All of Us. it’s 5% Black. The Arab or whatever mixture is very high. Could be as high as ~20%. Central Italians like you are ~1.7% Black. All Europeans have some black in them I think.

        3. They all have some Neanderthal in them as well. I think it’s up to 4% right in European populations? So I guess whites are are much Neanderthal as black. I got in a debate with a WN once and he said “racemixing” is unnatural. I told him if it’s unnatural, why did your ancestors freely mix with Neanderthals who aren’t even humans, yet alone a different race? No good answer for that.

    2. how did penis size get in here and how would anyone know the size of the average african americans penis did they go around checking every african americans penis it sounds kind of crazy but funny

  3. In the case of Nmachi, there are three possible explanations of why she looks so very different from her older brother and sister, who are both black: dormant white genes which entered both of her parents’ families long ago, a genetic mutation unique to her, or albinism.

  4. Like all discussions about race, I see here a typical mixture of pervasive, non-selective truths and untruths. The only real item about this issue which I disagree with Robert Lindsay on is the lack of recognition of the native pre-Arab populations of the Maghrib and the near and Middle East. For example, to call an Ahmaninejad (an Afghani type) “white” hurts our argument regarding the real white Persians who are smart, productive, and not prone to radical Islam. That’s just one regional example.

    1. Where do you get the idea that darker Persians are not smart and productive? I’ve met many such in the United States.

    2. The darker Persians would have been the builders of civilization and the fairer Indo-Iranian ones the invaders who took over and co-opted the culture of the Darker Iranians.
      Before the Avestan speaking Iranic tribes (siblings to the Aryans) entered the Iranian plateau around 2000 bc from the North East, Iran already had advanced civilizations: the Elamites in the South/South West and BMAC in the North/North West .
      Persian civilization was centered around what was the Elamite heartland, not the North East / East of Iran where the Aryans and Avestan speaking Iranic settled and entered what is today Iran. The Indo-Iranian did not embark on genocide of the Elamites as the Elamite language continued for centuries after the conquest of the region by Indo-Iranians. R1a1a the Aryan and Indo-Iranian male marker is mosrtly found in Eastern and North Eastern Iran while J2 clades are dominant male marker of what was the Persian civilization and the Elamite heartland.
      Just like India, it was the dark skinned pre-Aryan and pre-Indo-Iranian peoples who built the civilizations of the region.
      Look at the Ancient Egyptians, according to their own paintings they were brown skinned ; darker than the Berbers and Semites but not as dark as Nubians. Look at the portrayal of Persian archers at the palace in Susa , they are dark skinned. This was an Elamite capital that was destroyed by Assyrians and then rebuilt by Darius.

  5. not true, it is important in that even as couple % of black blood make you much less likely to be a genius.(IQ above150 ) geniuses are impoirtant for inventions and stuff

  6. Most Whites I know including myself are at least 5% black and almost all of us are decent people, no need to fear Whites with a small degree of black ancestry.

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