The Argument for Armed Struggle in India

From the comments section. This is the argument put forward by Maoist types that the only way forward in India for the Left is via armed struggle. I am not sure how much I believe in it, but India’s problems are so horrific that I figure it’s worth it to take up arms to try to change things. And the Maoists are probably the only people in India who can really change the country in a progressive and start to tackle some of its horrible problems.

India is not a democratic country like a European one. In Europe, you have a democratic space because the democratic institutions developed from the struggles of the people, even though they were and are in the hands of the bourgeoisie. In India the parliamentary institutions were imposed by the colonial masters to enhance their colonial rule. They were not created through people’s struggles. In India there is little democratic space. The bourgeois class in India is a deformed reactionary force since its inception. This class hadn’t emerged naturally, but was propped up by the British colonial masters. Therefore, the initial progressive role that was present in the European bourgeoisie was not present in the Indian bourgeois class. It allied itself with the feudal classes from the beginning. Therefore, we must use armed struggle as the democratic space is not intrinsic to our society after the colonial intervention. The illusion of democratic space is there in the form of parliamentary institutions and formal democratic rights but not in reality. The moment one forwards the people’s demands one will face repression from the state. How do you forward and defend the movement of the people without arms?

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106 thoughts on “The Argument for Armed Struggle in India”

  1. An Indian acquaintance once told me that in India, “Everybody has servants.” I think that illustrates a lot of India’s problems.

    1. @ M Smith,
      Actually, that might have been the case earlier. Its not so much now.
      I was reading in a Bangalore newspaper that getting domestic help/servants is
      infact becoming difficult! And this in a nation of 1 billion people.
      People nowadays won’t do such work like being servants.
      Its becoming rare.

  2. Robert
    Armed struggle is not possible in India without external help (which will never come). Sooner or later, Maoists will be crushed and lets face it: Maoism is crap.
    More than anything, Indians need to get rid of caste driven paranoia and apathy through introspection. It is sad that for a bunch of people who believe in reincarnation and rebirth, some Hindus can be immensely greedy. That needs to change. How can you be greedy if you believe that ultimately you will come back to earth? If at all, you’d want to make it a better place to live when you come back. Why the greed as if you only live once which for example, contributes a lot to western greed and a winner takes all attitude so prevalent here in the states. However, it also ensures that people develop compassion for other human beings as opposed to India where the haves just assume that the time for the have nots will come in the next birth. That may well be. But the bigger picture is that even then, India will be a similar craphole. What good will that do to anyone?

    1. This thing that you laid out here – Indians changing from within – is simply never going to happen. It hasn’t happened yet, so who says it ever will. But Maoism is capable of doing some pretty amazing things, and I think we would not be looking at 50% of Indians starving and 60% of Indians shitting outside if the Maoists were in charge. Maoism did many great things in China. The evidence is abundant.

      1. I’m good with your opinion but I disagree. More exposure to TV and especially the internet should help in changing from within. Lets hope for the best.
        Also consider that the Indian psyche is more reactionary than progressive or constructive. As soon as the Maoists resort to arms and start fighting, they become the villains and no matter how rich or poor city or village dwelling Indians are, they’ll be united against these Maoists. They will be crushed easily and also, the multinational corporations will see to that. So what good will it do to try imposing Maoism on people who will never unite on that principle and is bound to be a failure? It may have done great things in China but Indians are not built to espouse an ideology like Maoism. At least not in this age. Maybe during independence but then the elites of Congress would not let India progress truly then.
        Indians are consumed by paranoia and mistrust: especially while dealing with members of other castes and in many cases, even within the same castes. Maoism is not going to change that.

        1. They’ve already taken up arms, but mostly in the East. Check out the Maoist belt that runs through the East of India. They have a lot of support over there, but I believe it is almost all about Devidasis or tribals in the forests. Outside of that, I do not think they have much support among Hindus, even among low castes and Dalits. They have almost no support in urban areas among workers, students and intellectuals, but they do have some. Anyway, they are not carrying out any activities in urban areas. They really need to expand their support base beyond forest tribals. They are not going to win India with a base of forest tribals.
          If Indians will never support Maoism, how did it win over the tribals?

      2. Mr.Robert, I feel that its very important Disintegrate India into 10-15 Smaller nations on basis of linguistic and Ethnic Divisions
        No matter what Hindutva Idiots Sprout every day,India is a never an united Nation , its always governed by Princely States
        And about corruption, let me tell you one thing this is not a New phenomenon
        Since 1000’s of years South Asian’s have practised for that matter institutionalized Corruption
        Its in DNA of Nation–I dont feel that There is some Corrupt Race, Scientifically its a stupid argument, but Indian culture as a whole is Degenerate and we can do nothing about it
        Me being a brahmin, i can confess you the truth
        Corruption, Degeneracy and Lack of human values and evolutionary traits is part of Indian identity.
        Its not a Progressive society or Constructive society , its a reactionary society and if you look closely Indians are not evolved to do hard labor
        Society as a whole exists to feed on each other
        I call it ” Human Parasitism”–This is untouched aspect in many Books
        Just like Parasitism is a phenomenon in Plant and Animal species even amongst Humans Parasitism Exists and The Evolution ,Bone Structure and Genetic Order Of an organism is the proof for Parasitism
        Not many Indians have won olympics , even if they have won, they win in Shooting and sometimes,Hockey, only few have managed to win silver and bronze in Weightlifting (Which is very hard task for most indians),Tennis(Another Game which involves lot of muscle movement)
        Indians are evolved different from rest of Humans, they have no Endurance to Build things, but they are good at managing Taxes and accountancy , sitting and Testing software Etc
        If it comes to Creative fields and Developing Tools for Daily human usage its impossible for most of indians, We cant think, we can do some menial , non labor intensive and comfortable Jobs
        The other Trait you observe among all Insect Parasite Species is they are Great Breeders.
        Even we indians are Very Good at Breeding skills, no matter which environment you take our breeding and reproductive ability has not diminished
        Even After Bhopal Gas Accident–you would expect that people who inhaled poisonous gas will have some genetic effects, but this is not the case in Indians, Even today Birth count in Bhopal Gas leakage Area is around 3,8,” you cant say same with Chernobyl” and people who lived through that Accident .
        My point is Most of the problems you see in India are due to 2 Aspects
        1) Our Genetic Order and the way we have evolved, We are never Invaders or conquerors, Its not because we are peaceful, its just we are simply incapable of Enduring or Facing a physically challenging Battle.
        2) We have devised our Cultural Order as per our Evolution .
        In India Corruption is our Culture and Our Religion and Mythical Stories are Framed to embrace this ideology we invented lot of Substitutes and alibi’s to prove ourselves,Often to confuse ourselves.
        For example–” Lord Krishna has cheated Dhuryodhana, and Even Many Kauravas”–But he preaches one thing–” It only matters Whether you have achieved your means or not”
        Lord Rama ” Backstabbed “Vali” and Pimped “Vali”‘s Wife to Sugriv in return for his army”
        But most hindus glorify RAM, even they Glorify Sita ,who herselves got seduced by RAVAN( Evil)- She committed Emotional Adultery, but she emphasizes the Identity of Every Indian women

        In Hindu Mythology Lord Krishna is reincarnation of Lord Rama, During his earlier life, Lord Rama practised monogamy ,but he got Frustrated and in his next life as Lord Krishna he deflowered 13 Million Gopika’s.
        There are even fairy tales which most hindus like me rejoice where in Krishna from his age of Thirteen use to engage in Sexual Relations with Married Gopika’s
        –According to Hindutva Ideology–Rama Emphasizes the Outward posture of Every Hindu and Krishan must be Inward Posture
        Which means you must look and act as strict monogamist and Deflower and do all nonsense behind the closed Door.
        Same goes with Indian women-When it comes to showing off, they must act as SITA, but can engage is any Relations behind the Door.
        —As i mentioned in my Previous Post–We practise Duplicity , Infact our Values are so confusing that You can’t understand the relation.
        Truth is those Rituals and Values are Just meant to confuse you.Infact we have no such thing as moral Code of Conduct
        Our morality exists only in boasting,The whole Purpose of our Society is to enrich themselves even at the cost of others and if something happens..Search for Escapist theories in Religious texts( Our religion is full of Escapism)
        This shows one thing, We have Created a Religion which justifies our means of living which is in general Exploiting ,Backstabbing,Corrupting every Fabric to Enrich ourselves..
        This is how we have evolved…
        Maoist or no Maoist–They are Part of Subcontinent–
        It’s not just India —Look at Bangladesh,Pakistan,Nepal,Even Myanmar,Srilanka…
        All these countries rank low in HDI index, Human Life is disposable in these Nations..
        There is a reason for all this–It’s evolutionary Process(If you believe in Creation like most Hindutva Idiots i cant Argue )
        We have evolved by Feeding on Each other and when some other nation gave us a chance to enter into their Land–We started our Evolutionary process all over again-
        Even most Educated Indians and socially successful behave in same manner –Just look at Rajat Gupta,Anil Kumar and Raj raja ratnam
        They have everything,money, fame and cozy life–All of them are nearing retirement–But you see , It’s our evolutionary way of living
        My point is we have always lived in same way, since many centuries
        –In India you wont get a great revolution…
        And moreover–Not much armed protest will happen in India
        ruling Elite know this Truth..
        If you look at Indian history
        Indian moral ambiguity towards corruption is visible in its history.
        Indian history tells of the capture of cities and kingdoms after guards
        were paid off to open the gates, and commanders paid off to surrender.
        This is unique to India.
        Indians’ corrupt nature has meant limited warfare on the subcontinent.
        It is striking how little Indians have actually fought compared to
        ancient Greece and modern Europe.
        The Turks’ battles with Nadir Shah were vicious and fought to the finish.
        In India fighting wasn’t needed, bribing was enough to see off armies.
        Any invader willing to spend cash could brush aside India’s kings,
        no matter how many tens of thousands soldiers were in their infantry.
        Little resistance was given by the Indians at the “Battle” of Plassey.
        Clive paid off Mir Jaffar and all of Bengal folded to an army of 3,000.
        There was always a financial exchange to taking Indian forts.
        Golconda was captured in 1687 after the secret back door was left open.
        Mughals vanquished Marathas and Rajputs with nothing but bribes.
        The Raja of Srinagar gave up Dara Shikoh’s son Sulaiman to
        Aurangzeb after receiving a bribe.
        These Incidents are not New
        Even today they happen regularly, you dont need Employ largest Army to Overthrow India–
        India is not IRAQ,Or Syria—India has Nuclear arsenal but You can Buy anyone —
        “Indians are not programmed for Revolution”.
        We Brahmins know this truth long back, its quite Strange that You americans still can’t Figure this simple Reality
        Indians are not Programmed for Revolution or Cultural Change or any Nonsense
        Indians are programmed just for One thing, to Feed on More prosperous Nations
        And if More prosperous Nations invest in India and Build Infrastructure and Lay Roads ,Build Bridges–We are happy, We will take all the credit for your Engineering abilities,thats how we can have something to boast about
        You want to know why Indian Elite dont give a Damn, Well they know the workings of Indian society as a whole
        We are simply Programmed to Feed On Each other, and If some one gives a chance to Immigrate to other Countries
        We will Feed on other’s Productivity with no Appreciation
        How many times have you Heard Indian appreciating Engineering skills of WHITE MAN–We will take credit of your work and will stab you once you finish your job
        Moreover Great monuments like Taj mahal and Red Fort ;Qutub minar …all these Architectural marvels were not built By Indians
        They were built by Muslim Mughal Invaders,they have Persian Ancestry ..—
        Even most Dams and For Gods sake our Penal Code ,Constitution were copied from Other nations Doctrines

        You still seem to not understand one fundamental thing..
        Indians have evolved not build things or Rule themselves..We can’t create things–We can ofcourse mimic them
        Sooner or Later India as a nation will Disintegrate or will Fall Rapidly into Darkness again..
        Just look at hyderabad–In early 90’s The City hosted First Indian IT Technology park
        Y2K have given a chance for most Indians to move abroad and Establish themselves.
        Now Look at Hyderabad–Drowned in Debt,Ethnic clashes, Separatist Riots–
        All this has nothing to do with –Ethnic Problems or Separatist Cause
        —It have one fundamental nuance–From EArly 90’s to 2008 –18 years Prosperity has caused Divisions in society
        Now as prosperity has been Created –It’s time to Feed on each other

        this Behaviouristic Trait in Plant and Animal Species is Called Parasitism
        I hope you understood how Indian psyche operates–
        We brahmins now this truth long back

        1. @Indian Man-“Brahmin”,
          Your verbal diarrhoea was quite funny to those of us Indians who are informed
          about our motherland. Your ignorance is quite appaling too, besides being funny.
          I know many Brahmins personally and they don’t talk or think like you!
          Not only is everything you wrote above false and untrue, but you seem to have some
          agenda up your sleeve.
          You are not a real Brahmin or Indian at all. I can make out that you are just another
          Pakistani Muslim Troll writing rubbish about Hindus/Hinduism/India.
          I’ve dealt with many of these shitbags, both online and offline.
          You are just pretending to be something your not, since its the internet you
          can fool people here but you don’t fool me at all!
          Before you write anything, at least go and try to get your facts straight!!
          I can easily rebut everything you’ve written above. Pure Nonsense.

        2. At least them Indians don’t keep repating the Quron shit like a stuck Pig again and again.
          So thats good.
          I read that the Taj Mahal were built by those Hindu temple building masons…. and their hands were cut off after they built them…but the evilest of the evil mother fuking pig fucking Muslims.

      3. If Maoism had continued in its pure form as it was in China before the reforms, there would have been no industrial revolution and China would still be weak and poor. And if there was a great leap forward in India, perhaps Indians would learn what starvation really means.

    2. Akash said: “Sooner or later, Maoists will be crushed and lets face it: Maoism is crap.”
      Quite true. Marxism/Maoism is indeed utter crap. If Marxism/Maoism
      was the guaranteed formula for success, then how come Communist bastions like
      Soviet Russia, North Korea, Cuba, East Germany, Vietnam ect all happen to be
      economic failures?? Why couldn’t those countries get transformed for the better
      even after decades of Communist rule? All that they produced were a number of
      bodybags with their proposed utopia nowhere in sight!

      1. Those countries are not economic failures. That’s your answer.
        Cuba has some of the best health, education, nutrition, housing and human development figures in Latin America. That’s what India needs right now. India doesn’t need “economic development.” India needs things like toilets, doctors, medicine, homes and food. Socialism is great at providing things like that. Capitalism is NOT.

        1. @Mr. Robert Lindsay,
          Soviet Russia collapsed economically towards the end of Communist rule starting
          between 1980-1991 AD. If the Communist method was good, then why did Russia
          get bankrupted by the end of it? Why did its economy collapse to the point
          that it needed Western “capitalist” loans to keep it afloat?? Even during the
          Communist period, it was borrowing money from Western banks to keep its economy
          going! If it wasn’t for that, communism would have collapsed even before 1991 AD!
          North Korea is literally starving, Mr. Lindsay. North Korea depends on American
          Food assistance and handouts which is why it is using its nuclear programme as a
          type of blackmail for continued American food assistance!! Where is the fabled
          communist progress here, in terms of food?? Poverty in North Korea is quite bad.
          Again, where is the communist improvement? The people there are being oppressed
          by their own Communist government!
          As far as Cuba goes, many Cubans are trying to escape Cuba.
          Quite frequently, boatloads of Cubans try to illegally migrate to Florida/Miami,
          right? What’s the reason?

        2. The North Koreans are doing everything they can to feed their people, but it’s a bad situation. Most of the problems are being caused by Western sanctions similar to those that devastated Iraq under Saddam Hussein. Up until 1980, North Korea was ahead of South Korea, and until 1990, it was doing just fine. The USSR collapsed, and their price of oil went up 10X, and that nuked their economy. At the very worst of the starvation in 1995, the starvation reached the levels that we see in India every single year before and since. So what happened in North Korea is that they reduced to a level as low as India! Right now, there is much more food in North Korea than in India (much more hunger, starvation and malnutrition in India) but the capitalist media harps on North Korea as part of a propaganda exercise.
          But most of us have problems with that regime.
          The Cubans all want to go to the US, just to make more money. That’s all it is. They could easily go to the rest of Latin America, to those capitalist paradises there, but they refuse to go to those Latin capitalist paradises. They are economic refugees. There is a higher standard of living here, and they just come for the stuff. That’s all there is to it. Plus, every single Cuban who sets foot on US soil gets to come into the country. Keep in mind that 1/3 of the world’s population wants to come to the US. Almost all of those are in capitalist countries. Does this mean the failure of 3rd world capitalism or what. 80% of Mexicans want to come to the US. Does this mean the failure of Mexican capitalism?
          The USSR had economic problems, but the transition to capitalism has not been any good. The death rate skyrocketed, and 15 million people died. Most of the countries of the USSR are still far below the economic level that they were at under the USSR, so so far, the transition has been a failure.
          Anyway, the former USSR is still a pretty socialist place.

      2. To the above list of nations, I forgot to add Cambodia under Pol Pot’s Communist regime.
        Pol Pot’s regime shows the real face of Maoism/Marxism in action:
        Pol Pot was the leader of the Khmer Rouge, the Communist Party that ruled Cambodia from 1976-1979. “Khmer Rouge” (or Khmer Reds) was the French rendering of the organization’s official name: the “Communist Party of Cambodia.” Inspired by what he had witnessed during a trip to Mao Zedong’s China, Pol Pot envisioned an agrarian Communist utopia where the very lifeblood of his nation could be poured entirely into agricultural projects of the grandest scale; this vision would prove to be the inspiration for the notorious “killing fields,” where many hundreds of thousands of slave laborers perished under the most oppressive conditions imaginable. To learn the full story of this brutal dictator, click here.

        1. The Indian Maoists do not look to the Khmer Rogue as any kind of inspiration for anything. The leaders running China today still call themselves Maoists. If you want to know what a Maoist government looks like in the 21st Century, look at China or at the Nepalese Maoists. We have come a long way.

        2. Robert Lindsay said: “The North Koreans are doing everything they can to feed their people, but it’s a bad situation. Most of the problems are being caused by Western sanctions similar to those that devastated Iraq under Saddam Hussein. Up until 1980, North Korea was ahead of South Korea, and until 1990, it was doing just fine. The USSR collapsed, and their price of oil went up 10X, and that nuked their economy. ” (Quote)
          @Robert Lindsay,
          Even if there are Western Sanctions, North Korea can get enough food from its
          neighbor and friend, China! They could even get food from South Korea, if
          necessary. After all, they are the same people! That is no excuse.
          So, what made South Korea race ahead of North korea after 1990 AD?
          Could be because the South Koreans developed their own unique brand of
          Capitalism with Korean characteristics that was calibrated to suit and serve local
          conditions and interests, rather than falling a victim to crony capitalism intended
          to serve foreign interests?
          As far as oil price of USSR shooting up 10 x, so what? India was also a major
          trade partner with USSR and was sourcing its oil from there also! It was buying
          oil from the Gulf countries as well! Due to the Gulf war, both suppliers had
          jacked up the price! However, India was able to weather it and initiated
          economic reforms which enabled it to grow much faster than it was before 1992 AD!
          If India could weather that crisis, then why not North Korea?? India is no longer
          affected by those events at the present times, so why should North Korea be affected?
          The mistake North Korea made was they didn’t initiate economic reforms after that event
          which is why they are suffering for that mistake! North Korea’s experience also
          shows that Communism can’t help improve a country in crisis. If North Korea is still
          suffering from events 20 years back, then its more of a structural problem with their policies
          and governance than Western sanctions, itself!

        3. They can’t get food from China or South Korea. They have to buy it, and they don’t have enough money to do that. China and South Korea would have to give them the food, and I think that they should do that, but they won’t.
          North Korea was getting heavily discounted oil from the USSR at 10 cents on the dollar. The price rocketed up 10X after the fall of the USSR, and that killed the economy. Imagine if the price of gas went from $4/gallon to $40/gallon overnight here in the US. Where would our economy be? This is what happened to them, and they are still suffering from this. India wasn’t getting discounted oil from the USSR. They were paying full price.
          After 1980, it is true that South Korea has done better than North Korea. This is true.
          The real issue here is the abject failure of Indian capitalism. A socialism with Indian characteristics along Chinese lines could surely help India. It could get 200 million Indians off the streets, feed 500 million starving Indians and give toilets to 600 million Indians without them. These are the things that India needs, and Communism and socialism are great at providing things like that.
          Actually the sanctions have only kicked in the last 5-10 years. They are the very same dual use sanctions that utterly destroyed Iraq’s economy and infrastructure during Saddam’s rule. For one thing, sanctions have ruined the medical care system.
          The Stalinist system has completely broken down in North Korea and there are little markets and whatnot everywhere, so there are already reforms going on.

        4. Robert Lindsay said: “North Korea was getting heavily discounted oil from the USSR at 10 cents on the dollar. The price rocketed up 10X after the fall of the USSR, and that killed the economy. Imagine if the price of gas went from $4/gallon to $40/gallon overnight here in the US. Where would our economy be? This is what happened to them, and they are still suffering from this. India wasn’t getting discounted oil from the USSR. They were paying full price.” (Quote)
          @Robert Lindsay,
          This proves that North Korea was far worse than India in economic performance
          which is why they could not afford to pay the full price for their oil whereas India
          could! That means India had better financial resources than North Korea which
          is a sign of economic performance! In other words, inspite of economic inefficiencies
          in Indian economy, it could at least generate enough resources to pay for its oil
          when North Korea could not! This is before the economic reforms of 1991!
          And yet you say India was doing worse than North Korea!
          Also, India managed to overcome food assistance back in the 50ties and 60ties
          of the last century. Since the late sixties, India has been managing to produce enough
          food for its population, unlike North Korea! The reason there is hunger in India
          is not because of a lack of food but due to low purchasing power of the poor people
          and also poor distributive networks, due to Governmental corruption! Thats all.
          Anyways, India was doing better than North Korea even before economic reforms
          and it is still doing better even today!
          And yet you say India was/is less than North Korea! The logic is indeed incomprehensible.

        5. Robert Lindsay said: “The real issue here is the abject failure of Indian capitalism” (Quote)
          @Robert Lindsay,
          You are mistaken. From 1948 AD-1992 AD, India was practising socialism only, not
          capitalism. The mistake the Indians made at that time was practising socialism/communism
          in the traditional sense, namely big government running Public Sector Units and suppressing
          private initiative and enterprise. Seriously, read about the “License Raj”.
          The ease of starting and a running a business in those days was utterly difficult to
          impossible. There was no capitalism at that time nor was it encouraged.
          This led to economic inefficiencies with a gradual drying up of domestic capital
          that could be used for investments in the social sphere like education, health, ect.
          Economic inefficiencies bred scarcity and a culture of corruption!
          Nobody in India today relishes that period or wants it back.
          The economic situation improved for the first time only after the
          reforms of 1991 AD!

        6. Who cares about India’s economic performance? Who cares? It’s not important. What’s important is 14 million starve to death in South Asia every year. At its worst, starvation in North Korea was as bad as it is every year in India. So starvation is far worse in India than it is at the moment in North Korea. So North Korea is doing a better job of feeding its people than India is. It doesn’t matter why India can’t feed its people. If it’s because the food is too expensive or because of corruption, none of it matters. It doesn’t matter if India grows enough food to feed itself. If that’s the case, and 50% of its people are starving, then India has failed.

        7. Most of us on the Left do not approve of India’s fake socialist period. It was characterized by mass starvation and hunger, no housing for 200 million people, no water treatment, no sewage systems, 600 million+ shitting outdoors, poor to no medical care or schools for most Indians. That’s not any kind of socialism that I can recognize.

      3. Kerala state which was Communist led for decades has the highest literacy rate in India (compares favourobly with 1st world nations), best population wide health care and low fertility rate.
        The obstacle to India advancing is Indians holding onto caste and Vedic Hinduism. For India to compete favourbaly with China, India needs to abandon the aforementioned 2 barbaric foreign institutions.

      4. @Jaipal
        China could have India for lunch and they are officially Communist, but realistically a mix of Communist 1 party rule and capitalism.

        1. It’s really a strange mixture they have going on there of capitalism and socialism. Some are calling it market socialism or something like that. I am not completely opposed to what the Chinese are doing over there. It isn’t radical free market neoliberalism or anything like that.

        2. @Pepperoncini,
          You just proved what I have been contending all along!
          If China is only “officially” Communist but practising Capitalism and that is the
          reason for its success, then you have basically admitted that Communism/Socialism
          is a huge failure from an economic standpoint! If a “Communist” country can
          only succeed by using capitalist tactics and not classical/traditional Marxist approaches
          to economic organization, then for practical purposes Communism is indeed a real
          failure. To pretend otherwise would be sheer intellectual dishonesty!
          Moral of the story: Capitalism>Communism.

        3. Frankly Speaking,India was far better when we treated DALITS like Dogs.
          India is corrupt today because of DALITS hijacking our Religion .
          Just look at Andhra pradesh–Dalit lowecaste Reddy’s convert to christianity for money, ..but still they are same
          I mean, take any Dalit from A.Raja,Mayawathi, or Mamta banarjee these Dalits dont have ability to rule themselves
          They have very low rational Thinking capability.
          I am serious, these Dalits like Socialism and They have only understood one thing –Breeding in vast numbers
          Apart from that they have nothing..Its actually the lower Caste Dalits who are real criminals.
          Rarely you find a Brahmin involved in crime, it takes a Brahmin Prime minister like –P.V narasimha rao to Open up Indian economy
          If not a Brahmin, India would have become like greece with Savings and Loan crisis in 1991.
          There are lot of DALITS who opposed P.V Narasimha rao, but the same DALITS enjoy the Fruits of his visionary Policies in early 1990.
          A brahmin Is best thing that India has, In Chess, politics ,Finance and Science we are Top..
          No matter what Others think –We have Contributed a lot to that Filthy Nation India.
          If we were in USA, we would be like JEWS–In every Top most position you could imagine–
          Well , heck we are already in those positions
          Our breeding rate is much lower than other Castes
          Its around 1.5 or something–Brahmins are minority in India which no one realizes
          We are minorities in every state but when it comes to Top most positions which require intellectual thinking we are majority…

        4. @Indian Brahmin man,
          Dalits are Hindus only. They are basically the ex-communicated
          elements from the other castes only. Brahmins, Kshatriyas,
          Vaishyas, Shudras who didn’t follow their respective Caste duties
          were considered “fallen” in the Hindu scriptures. Those “fallen”
          people became the Dalits! Thats all there is to it!

        5. China is a mixed economy with a lot of socialist and capitalist forms. It’s not a neoliberal state at all. It’s true that traditional Communism may not work all that well. No one is really pushing that any more anyway. There are a lot of forms of socialism, including social democracy. It’s wrong to call China a capitalist country. It’s a mixed economy, and in many ways, it’s still a socialist country.

  3. “If Indians will never support Maoism, how did it win over the tribals?”
    Because most of them are tribal themselves or sympathizers with the tribals who are fighting against land exploitation. This is but a tiny fraction of India’s population and they have support from other maoists. They have espoused Maoism because it is the only thing that can help them fight against corporations and the state and the only ideology that (at the least) has sympathizers outside in Nepal and China. This sentiment can never be universal as you yourself mentioned. Middle class, upper class and even a Dalit Hindus will never support it because identity is everything for Indians. Dalits won’t lost theirs to espouse Maoism. Maoism requires you to lose all your identity. Same for Brahmins, Vaishyas, Kshatriyas, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians etc.

  4. Bring it on! At this point, I would endorse any solution to reform that literal shithole. It couldn’t really get any worse.

    1. @Bay Area Guy,
      Armed revolutions are not successful in reality. The real change has to be from the
      people’s mindset, from within. Change imposed externally can never be long lasting.
      It has to come from within. Also , there is no guarantee that the Maoists/Marxists
      are themselves above the very faults that they see in others! When they come to power,
      they would behave no differently. Absolute power corrupts absolutely!

  5. If India continued to be what it was 2000 years ago, untouched by the outside world not just Europeans but even the Muslims and the Greeks, even with Caste it would have done great.
    Simply becoz Caste was talent based; if you did not have the requisite skills, hard-working nature etc. you got down-graded to a lower profession.
    But then India is not just one Race, not one characteristics that you can place the Han Chinese as. There is a whole spectrum of IQ, Cultural, Economic disparities.
    Above luck, IQ, Health, Money. I would put Culture at the Zenith of this; It is what you pass on to your kids as cultural values like empathy; forbearance, hard-work, Fear of God, and Nature etc that will be determine the existence of a civilization.
    I have noticed since India’s liberalization in 1990s, people have grown distant, greed, brutish nature, rage, rape, etc all have increased.
    “Ignorance is truly Bliss.”

    1. “Simply becoz Caste was talent based; if you did not have the requisite skills, hard-working nature etc. you got down-graded to a lower profession”
      “But then India is not just one Race, not one characteristics that you can place the Han Chinese as. There is a whole spectrum of IQ, Cultural, Economic disparities.”
      Where is it talent based? It has been hereditary for as long as we remember. Also, just because people belong to different castes does not mean that those in need are not to be helped. The Brahmins have traditionally been high IQ and the onus is on them to start helping others. You don’t want to marry into other castes? Fine. But that does not stop you from helping them out. The same goes for Vaishyas and Kshatriyas and even, affluent Dalits who’ve taken advantage of reservation quotas. There is nothing that says that they cannot have a minimum standard of living.

    2. India has never been merit based, quite the opposite. The upper castes got to their parasitic poisition by sheer brutality and cunning. Now if you consider cunning and psychopathic mindset as talents, then you could say the most talented got to the top, but we are only talking about specific talents here.

      1. “Now if you consider cunning and psychopathic mindset as talents…”
        You’d be surprised. The sociopathic and cunning that is prevalent in Indian mainlanders is actually exhalted as a positive quality – of being ‘tez’ (intelligent) while people who are ethical are looked down upon as simpletons.
        And for the record, I don’t think Maoism would have the results as some people here like to believe in. Indian Maoists come from the same stock of people that the rest come from – self-centered, greedy and emotionally reactive.

        1. You’d be surprised. The sociopathic and cunning that is prevalent in Indian mainlanders is actually exhalted as a positive quality – of being ‘tez’ (intelligent) while people who are ethical are looked down upon as simpletons.

          True. My cousin embezzled money from his employer and used it to start his own real estate firm. He’s now worth over $10 million. He’s arguably the most unethical person I have ever known but is still well respected because he treats his family well. Duty > morality = Dharma. Yes Dharma applies to us all since we are all Hindus, every last one of us. This includes the Pakis.

        2. @Dota,
          What your cousin did has nothing “Hindu” about it.
          He did it because he was under the influence of Islam.
          Islam teaches to indulge in theft and taking booty.
          Don’t believe me? There is a chapter in the Quran called “Booty Surah”.
          Islam teaches that it is perfectly allright to cheat and steal from Non-Muslims/Kafirs!
          Your cousin was doing only what his religion prescribed him to do!
          As far as Dharma is concerned, your understanding is utterly wrong.
          Dharma is based on both Duty and Morality, both! If Dharma is not based on morality,
          Dota, then what is the meaning of the word “Adharma”, O Wise One??
          Adharma is the opposite of Dharma, so what is its meaning?? Speak up will you ?

  6. Maoism won’t work Robert, it’s not realistic to think otherwise. India’s culture is Hindu and every Indian regardless of religion is culturally a Hindu. I agree with the Hindutvadis on this. Hinduism needs to be reformed from within. It requires some sort of centralized religious body akin to the catholic church to override the authority of local Brahmin cliques. As bad a religion as Hinduism is, without it, India would lose its soul.

    1. Its not true–Hinduism Never Existed 200 Years ago–In India there are no Hindus
      You will only Get Caste’s
      Previously only Brahmins,Vaishya’s and to an Extent Kshatriyas were Welcomed into Hindu Temples and Hindu rituals
      Other Castes are irrelevant.
      Hinduism is an mythical Ideology–Its like Goebbels PR campaign,Lie after a lie , its a Myth and No one Can reform a Myth
      India is already a Racist Nation, there is no such thing as Unity among indians
      Most indians are united against external threat..
      No If Hinduism becomes Like Catholic Papal Authority,there will be more problems
      Also these Religious Hindus will invent External threats to Enforce their authority
      The only way to atleast create a amicable solution and an atmosphere for future generations in South asia is to “Open India”
      Yes India must Disintegrate into Different Regions on basis of Language and Demographics
      South ,East,Northeast,West–Every one must part
      This will eventually happen,and we are seeing the seeds of destruction already sown deep inside Indian soil.
      We cant do much ,but wait–Because these seeds will germinate, and become Larger Trees
      It takes time and its actually Good–Separatism and Inter state conflicts are growing
      Eventually one state will fight with another, and who knows 20 years from now World order may change
      USA will no longer be a dominant power, while China backs Northeast Regions–Indian elite will find themselves between Rock and Hard landing
      India in coming decades will recede to Regional politics,Caste conflicts and land riots and mostly Socialism and Capitalism combined
      I am sure crony capitalism will Spread across all echelons given Indians only know how to corrupt .
      So , i expect, most indians will fight among themselves, caste, ethnic, religious conflicts will spread
      As if some economy Opens its doors to Indians,Slave Labor will be ready for service and once again a new dominant ,exploitative class will rise and will exploit indians to become billionaires
      This story has been repeated for so long …History is full of such examples
      A decade of 7-8 Percent GDP growth is nothing–Now world economy is slowing down, Austerity is hitting EU hard, and Probably USA will recede in Another Recession very soon
      –When Host is suffering from Disease, Parasites have nothing to feed
      India will be the same for another 1000 years, well if there is some scientific progress accomplished by Chinese or other people, indians will mimic that–Self praise themselves and feel happy about it.
      I dont understand why people feel its so hard to decipher India
      There is a reason for Brahmin success..
      We know how India operates and how a Society works–The thinking and Attention span of Average Indian
      and most importantly his abilities
      Most people criticize about Elite being unemotional about 350 million children malnourished in india with stunted growth
      If you ask any Elite–They will say, if they are intelligent then who will work for me?
      I have expressed it before–we as a society have adopted parasitism and it will not go away,not any time soon
      India is birth place for all decadency and I still cant fathom how one can find spirituality…there is no spirituality in India and there is nothing spiritual about it.
      Indians are good at bullshitting, its the art learned through centuries of rigorous practise and creating confusing ideologies
      Most Ashrams Partake In Drug abuse and sexual exploitation
      I can assure you one thing–
      India will continue to produce most Decadent and degenerate People for another 1000 years , like it had produced before
      And Hindu idiots will continue to Boast of false glory of Vedas,Aryabhatta(No one knows his religion, but hindus know that he belong to hinduism), Charaka, Pingala—There are many Mis perceptions about India
      About Warrior Ashoka who Never existed and its a Fabrication of Indian Historians and never colonial British masters who re wrote Indian history to create sectarian Divisions,Princep and Jones have concocted Early Indian history
      Most of Indians dont even know about their own history in early 1800’s, most of them are illiterate and Rest of the guys believed in Brahmin illusions
      India has no History other than Pornographic temples..
      Thats why India is desperate to create a history for itself, you will Internet forums written by Hindutva idiots (Many of them are call center Clowns.–Not historians)
      Most indians recede to their favourite past time of basking on illusionary Glory.
      They have been doing this since 1000’s years
      No one knows those mythical Gods existed–but they are part of folk-lore
      Moreover We brahmins,Parsis were bed partners with British
      Nothing will ever Change, They will rot and will pray to another Billion Gods…Nothing will come out of that Land
      Degeneracy is part of evolutionary process
      Only Indians who made some progress are the ones who moved out that Filth
      That Society itself is manifestation of Sodom and gomorrah
      Me being a brahmin , i am often amazed to see how society has become
      The writing is on Wall–” pack your bags and move out “–Even a toilet cleaner Profession in other nations is more honourable than working for Indians
      There is no honour in working for Indians..Nothing, you will regret your service rest of your life if you contribute to India

      1. @Indian Man-”Brahmin”,
        Your verbal diarrhoea was quite funny to those of us Indians who are informed
        about our motherland. Your ignorance is quite appaling too, besides being funny.
        I know many Brahmins personally and they don’t talk or think like you!
        Not only is everything you wrote above false and untrue, but you seem to have some
        agenda up your sleeve.
        You are not a real Brahmin or Indian at all. I can make out that you are just another
        Pakistani Muslim Troll writing rubbish about Hindus/Hinduism/India.
        I’ve dealt with many of these shitbags, both online and offline.
        You are just pretending to be something your not, since its the internet you
        can fool people here but you don’t fool me at all!
        Before you write anything, at least go and try to get your facts straight!!
        I can easily rebut everything you’ve written above. Pure Nonsense.

    2. India lost its soul when Brahminism became the major power.
      India need not lose all of Hinduism; it can retain the bit that is not Vedic in nature.

      1. There is no Vedic Civilization its all a mythical Bullshit, there is nothing
        Vedas preach that Earth is flat, even Vedas say that Creation is done by Brahma who created Saraswathi from a Pot of Sperm which he secreted from his Rib and He has practised Incest on his own Created Being Saraswathi
        Vedas ,Upanishads are just a means in olden days to maintain hierarchy in society
        Even today indian glen towards hierarchy in education and Living standards
        If you are from IIT then you have every right to become a CEO or something but if you are from average college you have no chances
        Indians always followed the same evolutionary process
        I would rather argue that Death of Hinduism is essential for revival of Lives of millions of Tribal people
        Hinduism as a religion must Die for the betterment of society, if people convert to Christianity of any religion i have no problem.
        But its right time for People to Liberate India from the Iron fist of Hindu Ideology which has socially and economically stunted millions of people and made them perennial beggars

        1. @Indian “Brahmin” Man,
          You have given away your real face. You have no credibility.
          Vedic Civilization is a myth? Then how do you explain the fact that the Vedas
          are the product of a King-Sage Dynasty known as the Bharatha Dynasty, mentioned
          in Ancient Indian records?? This fact is accepted even by Michael Witzel of Harvard
          University! Go and consult if you have any doubts!
          You are just a freak that doesn’t know anything about what your talking about.
          Its very funny to see your outpouring of rage rooted in ignorance.

        2. @Indian “Brahmin” Man,
          Did some American Christian Fundamentalist group brainwash you and put all that
          propaganda filth into your brain about Hinduism?? You seem like a proverbial
          uneducated peasant whose head makes hollow sounds when you play “knock knock”
          on it.
          You seem quite pathetic and appear to be a loser with an inferiority complex.

        3. No moron,
          Its people like you i despise, anything that is against your fundamental thinking ideology you regard it as a giant conspiracy
          I can understand why your brain thinks like that—you are a programmed moron lived in India for most part of your life, never learnt other cultures neither appreciated them.
          Guess what, i strongly fee that you are a DALIT moron who got his way through Reservations and somehow learnt few basics about Veda’s and you continuously sprout your nonsense in Internet forum
          People think that Its Brahmins that were Wrong–No we Brahmins have an eye for Talent , we spot it and Acclaim the people with gifted talent
          We appreciate Intellectual Discussions
          Most Jai Hind, Hindu supremacists are not Brahmins, they are DALIT idiots
          They were welcomed Into Hindu faith for all wrong reasons
          You can think what ever you wish,
          Even today we Brahmins despise these DALITS, they are not Hindus, we just accepted them and gave them few Fairy tales.
          Most of these Idiots Have no idea about Vedas or Upanishads , they are Resource of knowledge , they dont belong to Hinduism or Christianity or any religion
          They were texts written by People without religion in their mind
          None of those Texts mention about Hindu religion and ISLAM or Christianity.
          They teach basic Tenants of LIfe and Attaining True purpose of Human life–which is knowing yourselves
          “Gyna Vichakshana, Dhama Vichakshna, Karma Vichakshana” are Basic Tenants of Upanishads–Which means Pursue Knowledge,Pursue Justice and Pursue your Work–No where religion is mentioned
          Problem today is that we have Pseudo DALIT intellectuals like Jaipal whose grandparents have never dreamt of even entering the temple in their Entire life have Hijacked Hinduism
          This is sole reason why Brahmins Distanced DALITS from Hinduism
          They are spiritually and Intellectually Disconnected from Brahminical Order
          They use half backed Lies and sprout Nonsense before those people who have never known anything about Vedas

          I hereby declare, that Vedas ,Upanishads are not Hindu texts –None of those texts associated themselves with any particular Religion
          Authors of those Books were unknown even today.
          Rest of the stuff you listen today is either Some DALIT pseudo Intellectuals sprouting their Nonsense and showing their insecurity which widely known among brahmin community
          or Opportunist Brahmins Using religion to Advance themselves in society
          People like Jaipal and Rest of Sudra caste morons are real danger to Hinduism .
          Hinduism during early stages just composed of Brahmins,Shaivas,Vyshnavas, and to an extent Kshtriyas.
          DALITS were never part of us, only after independence we need to include DALIT lower caste and give them a religion
          All this is done by Ambedkar a DALIT idiot who have destroyed the nation with his reservation policy
          Since early ages , even during the times of Kautilya ,Brahmin community always thought of exterminating Dalits from its Empire
          India is ruled by several princely states and no Dalit ever had an opportunity to Govern his Brethren
          they are getting some chance now–and you can see their filth with open eyes where ever you go in India
          From DALIT Raja,Karunanidhi,K.r.Narayan and Dalit bootlicker Abdul kalam whose pokran tests were failure but self glorified himself.
          Dalit Queen Mayawathi who is so insecure that she built Statues of her in every Public places .
          Hinduism is destroyed by these DALITS and we should have never welcomed these people in our faith but we gave these Austroloid Afros a religion to boast about.
          Now Jaipal, dont let me tell you about you DALIT History.
          Hinduism can be reformed in only one manner, we need get Rid of DALITS, they are free to follow ISLAM, or any religion–but we have welcomed them into our faith and they may have some reservation but they are stunted in their intellectual abilities from birth
          They may have degrees but they are still same–

      2. To Robert lindsey ,
        JaiPal, i have met many morons like you, and you can sit and scribble your Hindu nonsense from your filthy call center
        And about Ashoka and you vedic Heritage , moron i have studied Rig veda and Yajur veda, i have gone to Veda patashala in Tamil nadu and i am Iyengar , so stop your BS
        moreover–Hindu filth was reformed by Shankaracharya, before that Hindu Filth is far more degenerate than burning women and Practising Sodomy with Devdasi’s(Lower Caste women who are born to serve as sexual prostitutes and live in Temple backyard and clean everything because they are inferior by birth–According to Manusmithi)
        Moreover, Indian History is concocted , There is not even a Single World “Haindava”(Or Hindu ) in Veda’s
        Vedas were just a resource for Living with Basic tenants about the Nature and its elemental composition as understood by people living near shores of Indus
        Hindu religion regards Ganges as its Birth place, not Indus
        Hindu religion in its existence is extremely Racist Cult with lot of superstitions and Copied works from Greeko.-Parthians and Buddhist kingdoms existed during those times.
        Brahman is a Myth Maker, Creator of this “Jagath samsara”-which according to chadopadthya Upanishad is nothing other than MAYA
        So this samsara is maya and Brahman is creator of this maya–which basically means a lie-
        So your BS doesn’t work with me, i can speak sanskrit and Quote exact phrases better than you call center clowns like you.
        So Fool other idiots who have never read a single upanishad or Veda,
        To All Americans and Non Indians over here–
        The world has been supinely lulled into falsely believing Indians as whole to be normal people , repositories of the greatest civilization with psittacine repetitions of largest democracy yadayada.
        They talk & stupefy the rest about Upanishads , Ramayana etc etc. That is all.
        Rotten to the core. Have been successfully carrying their negativities everywhere they go. At least thanks to plucky no nonsense Americans who do care about what is happening around the world they stand split wide open.
        In fact , I feel it is America & certain other countries that DO uphold Ethics , Probity & Integrity to an appreciable extent. And extremely vital Americans KNOW what is right & wrong. And all the nuances entailed.
        That fundamental ability is long gone among Indians.

        1. So how much do you believe that the Dalits should have been exterminated to save their misery and because they are never accepted in any other society indicated by their dog like treatment in every major country they have immigrated to and Indian boy Brahmin here’s claim that Brahmins are the most enlightened beings on Earth, supposedly transcending urges that seem to encumber you?

  7. White man is of adequate IQ enough to rule for past few centuries. It is apparent that he is observant at least superficially about life, Like for example Charles Darwin ” Animals adapt to environment”. With this basis. White man has tried to emulate “Brahmins”, You have people who call themselves “White Brahmins”, “Boston Brahmins” [Rich], Princeton Brahmins etc. They did find something special in Brahmins that they wanted to emulate. Nobody wants to call themselves “Boston Asshole” or ” Princeton Asshole”

    1. exactly right–Hinduism is basically a brahminical Doctrine..
      Hinduism have nothing to do with Vedic Civilization or anything–Brahmins took most useful things from Vedic period.
      Basically our occupation since early ages is to Teach.
      Just like Jews(Sephardim) we believe that we are descendants of Brahma (Jews believe in Abraham)—
      We are selective about our breeding for prime reason of not Polluting our gene pool with other decadent people around us –Usually Dalits
      Worse thing that has happened to Hinduism is inclusion of All Dalits into our Faith and False PR about some mythical Aryan Vedic Religion and Supremacy
      We have always maintained ourselves differently from rest of the society
      Materialism is not a Brahmin trait–Its a Trait of DALIT .
      Most Fraudsters you see are Dalits..
      Ofcourse World started painting Brahmins with same Brush as it painted Jews..
      But frankly speaking, you may dislike us , but World needs our intellectual Works
      Without Brahmins –India would become an african Zoo.

      1. Ass kissing Jews, how very typical of a Brahmin .Cause Jews are influential now and they have sympathy due to the Holocaust so Brahmins are trying to curry favour with them. Truth is that Brahminical ideology played a big part in Nazi ideology, as the former just burrowed Aryan supremacist ideals that Brahmins nurtured. And lets not forget how Hindu supremacist org like RSS espouse much of the same fascist ideology of the Nazis .

        1. I am comparing the relation between Sephardim and Brahmins–But we think differently
          more over, Many Influential brahmins like Persians more than Degenerate Jews.
          I accept it, Nazi philosophy and Brahminical Doctrine is some what same.
          Nietzsche even mentioned that ” ‘We need to close bible and Start reading Manusmiriti”.
          Today Race has become a taboo, and Sympathy has become Universal religion.
          We brahmins believe that Sympathy ,Especially Christian Sympathy will destroy the Man kind.
          I support ISLAM not for its Violence but for its resilience, In similar way i support Judaism for its intellectual outputs.
          Same with Brahminism for its contribution and with Germanic ,Nordic Volk for their ability to engineer .
          We must stop looking into religion and Understand more about our specific racial compositions–then you will understand not all Europeans are same.
          Not all Arabs can be equated to persians( who are far more intellectual and Beautiful than any one on earth)
          Same with Indians—Brahmins are different, we have always maintained a separation with other Outcasts.
          I dont feel any thing wrong with that..
          Equality is a myth ,-No one can Achieve it and those who strive for it will fail.
          And its better if we allow, the most productive and intellectual race to multiply and prolong our gene pool.
          If you look India–Our brahmin population is around 3.8 percent..
          Just 38 million–Thanks to reservation , India has produced and more mongrels and no wonder corruption and degeneracy is at roof top
          You just need to look at Statistical Evidence-
          95 percent of Brahmins are literate
          84 percent have Graduate degree in some field
          Well equipped sanitation is available in all homes
          Mal Nutrition levels are low
          –So goes on, all the social evils you attribute are coming from lower caste
          Corruption,Insecurity , self praising ,Hoarding wealth like there is no tomorrow
          More over –Most lower castes are trying to emulate us, although they hate us.
          Recently i have studied an article by INDIAN Sperm Donor Chamber which regulates Sperm Donors across India
          there is a higher Demand for Brahmin sperm–Particularly among Lower castes

          Leftists my never like to listen truth, but i espouse Adolf’s ideology ..
          Purpose of Human life is to evolve and know thyselves and only highly evolved being will be one with himselves and understand fundamental principles of life.

          Rest of the morons will fight for money,sex, and Love from a women,Fame.Glory..

      2. What we call Hinduism is Vedic Aryan culture + non Aryan culture. This so called concotion called Hinduism has never existed, because Brahminical elties have gradually co-opted and absorbed indegenous traditions. A cunning tactic to enslave, destroy and subjugate the natives.
        The major ‘Hindu’ gods are pre Aryan. Siva, Lingam, Amman (mother goddess), Murugan are all non Aryan; not sure on Vishnu. Aryan gods are Mithra, Varuna, Nastaya, Indra . These Aryan gods take a backseat to non Aryan gods in popular Hinduism. Yoga has its roots in the Indus Valley and modern Yoga has a strong impact from Scandinavian calisthenics

        1. exactly–I never mentioned that Hinduism is pure aryan–
          Hinduism evolved around river Ganges not Indus..We Brahmins might have mixed Both Aryan Religions which were basically from Persia (Especially Zorastrianism) and some Non Aryan Pagan Cultures existing in Subcontinent around that time and came up with Hinduism
          Hinduism is a cult and it has become degenerate because of Lower casts adopting the original Hinduism which is just oriented towards Brahmins,Vaishnavas,Shaivas
          We believe that we are cross breed or may Intermixed people from Old Aryan Tribe.
          We are just one Branch of that Racial Tribe, Even Iranians,Germanic Volk has same thing in common.
          We indians (Most brahmins+Upper castes) share same Y-DNA with Iranians and Germanic Volk but we are lower end of that DNA Pool and they are more evolved
          Dravidian Austroloids are Afros, they dont have full grown skull and far low IQ levels

        2. @Indian Man Brahmin,
          You are an idiot. Brahmins were the priests of Hindu society!!
          Have you forgotten that fact?? All Hindus, regardless of
          caste, respected Brahmins historically.
          The Vedas were not composed on the Indus but near the Ganges,
          so you are wrong my dear. You have never really studied
          the Vedas properly in a critical manner, hence your confusion!
          The Vedic tradition originated in what is present day Uttar Pradesh!
          Uttar Pradesh was also called “Aryavarta”, land of the Aryas!
          Seriously, go get some knowledge before you post here!

      3. Without Brahmins, the SubCon would be infinitenly better off. Brahmins perpetuated and perpertrated rape , abuse, exploitation,misogynistic attitudes and genocide. All of which has crippled the SubCon.
        Brahmins are master charlatans, theives of the highest order , deceivers, architects of genocide and most of all rapists. Hindu temples practiced pedophilia , where the victims were most often low caste women. Hindu temples practiced prostitution where the victims were low caste women. Dirty old Brahmin men sexually abused and exploited lower caste women. Brahmins priests invented umpteen rituals to fleece the people and keep them enslaved to religion. Much wealth is wasted on rituals and temples, when it should be given to charity. Brahmins got rich by scamming the people.
        The reason Brahmins were/are able to unleach such horror on the masses is no doubt a neurological issue, because no normal human could practice such wickedness , their humanity would prevent them from doing so. Now serial killers and successfull captains of industry have been show to lack empathy; their brains differ. But while the former is sociopathic, the latter is psychopathic. Brahmins as evidenced by their behaviour are psychopathic. If their brains could feel empathy and they had a conscience, they would not be soo wicked. It must be a mix of nature and nurture that brings out such psychopathy.

        1. Why not the society progress inspite of lesser brahminical intervention in today’s political, bureaucracy, educational scenario. the brahmin influence you mentioned have been gone long. they are probably are a miniscule of the current population, if the current population fails to raise and find elixir in mediocrity then they have entire themselves to blame even after 60 years of independence. The truth is India’s cultural repair goes beyond brahminical disorders and evils, deluded fools and nutty crackpots like you put the blame on brahmins to hide your personal failures you hateful moron

    2. Many years ago Hinduism Today newspaper had an article where Charles Dickens was quoted as calling Indians the “Brown Aryans”; the newspaper aimed to show Hindus how the British sneered at Indians. The Brits kept Indians at an arm’s distance and looked down on all Indians. You are deluding yourself if you think Whites tried to emulate Brahmins.

      1. Actually, the Nazis thought highly of the Brahmins and considered
        them as real Aryans. Hitler even wanted German women to get
        impregenated by Brahmin, thinking that better Aryan genes would be
        absorbed into the German population!

        1. The Nazis only considered Nordics as true pure Aryans. Even the Slavs were considered inferior, ironic because Slavs would be closest to the ancestors of the Indo-Iranians.
          Some European intellectuals went through a period of romanticising ancient Indian literature but Europeans never considered themselves 2nd to anyone and looked down upon all Indians. Before the US and Australia abandoned the Whites only immigration policy, Indians were not allowed into the US or Australia. Apartheid South Africa did not give preferential treatment to Brahmins or other upper caste Indians, all were considered coloured. Remember Gandhi was thrown off a train for being a coloured in a White man’s section.
          You Indians are deluding yourself and have an inflated ego if you think Europeans , especially Brits, considered Indians as anything but coloured and inferior to Europeans.

      2. @Pepperoncini,
        The Brits were jealous of the fact that Indians were inheritors
        of the purest and only surviving Aryan tradition in the world!
        There is nothing like “Brown Aryan” and “White Aryan”.
        Aryan is not a racial term but a cultural/religious term!
        In other words, Arya=Hindu. Only the Hindus called themselves
        The English were never Aryans by religion/culture so they
        simply decided that Aryan was a race with two components,
        White and Brown!! But this is false. The only true Aryas were the
        Hindus, not the English and the English knew that. So they felt
        resentful of that fact.
        In fact Hindus considered Whites in general as “untouchables”
        and avoided any contact with them, so it was mutual.

  8. @Brahmin
    No, Hinduism didn’t really evolve in any one place as it a syncretic tradition that has absorbed native tradtions from all over the SubContinent, from the IVC to the South.
    The IVC certainly did contribute its traditons to Hinduism; we can see this in the fact that Lingam have been excavated in the IVC and the Vedic Aryans speak derisively of Lingam worship. The IVC Parsupathic seal shows proto-Siva in a yogic position. The Priest King of Mohinjodaro has his hair tied in a bun at the back of his head near the neck; we see this even today amongst some Hindus. The single exposed shoulder cloak the Priest King wears is the same that Buddhists wear, bar the geometric pattern . This style of cloak is also found in Sumer but as Buddhism emanated from Northern India, it is not unreasonalbe to assume that IVC tradtions lived on , even while Aryans started to impose themselves on the natives.

    1. @pepperoncini,
      Hinduism did certainly evolve in one place, namely in India!
      The origins of Vedic composition was near the Ganges river
      and NOT the Indus.
      As I mentioned previously, there is no evidence whatsoever that
      any group of “Aryans” ever migrated to India. The evidence
      shows the very opposite! Aryans are the natives of India
      who composed the Vedas and incorporated other Indian
      traditions into a pan-Indian culture/religion!

      1. @Jaipal
        Sigh Jaipal, you keep repeating the lie that Aryans are native. Repeating it won’t make it true.
        The evidence conclusively shows that the Indo-Aryans are NOT native and intruded upon the SubCon some time around the 1st half of the 2nd millenium BC. The Rig Veda does not know of urban living, of irrigation of seafaring and mercantilism; all quintesential aspects of the IVC. The Aryans of the Rig Veda are a semi nomadic pastoral culture. Lord Siva and Lingam are foreign to these Aryans.
        There is no Western scholar who will support your (Hindutva) lie of Aryans being indegenous.

  9. “Indian Man-Brahmin” and Jaipal why don’t you get a room and settle your differences “amicably”? Lol.

    1. Akash,
      Indian Brahmin Man is simply upset at the reservation policies
      that was implemented 50 years ago. I don’t blame him.
      Reservation is wrong and should be revoked. The politicians
      were doing it for vote-bank politics. Simple as that!

      1. You simple man Jaipal. Indian Brahmin man is not a real brahmin because he did not suck Alan J’s cock. He is the progeny of a labia deficient muslim vagina disguised as a brahmin man. Its as simple as that. How can you not get it?

  10. @Jaipal
    You are mistakenly thinking that I support Communism; I don’t support Soviet style Communism. I support free enterprise coupled with Socialist programs.
    Whats in a name…..?
    A country or state can be ruled by a Communist party but also engage in Capitalism; see Kerala. All communism isn’t the same i.e. like Soviet Communism. Just as there is an ocean of difference between the governance systems in the UAE and America despite both being Capitalist.

  11. Indian Brahmin man said: “We indians (Most brahmins+Upper castes) share same Y-DNA with Iranians and Germanic Volk but we are lower end of that DNA Pool and they are more evolved” (Quote)
    @Indian Brahmin Man,
    No that is false. Recent genetic studies show that Most Indians
    including Brahmins descend from pre-historic ancestors
    going back to 40 000 to 60 000 years ago.
    Indians have nothing in common with populations to their West
    like Iranians or Europeans.
    The Iranians are a degraded people and racial degenerates.
    They were raped by Greeks, Arabs, Turks and Mongols ect ect.
    They are not evolved, In fact the very opposite!!

    1. Yet Indian slumdogs shit out in the open every single day, they can’t enough build toilets, they invade countries as job beggars and destroy them like leeches, they are ugly, smelly, stupid etc etc the list goes on and on (can’t say the same about Iranians with it’s modern developed economy). Jeez when will this madness end? Indians have always been ruled by others, they couldn’t raped properly because are too damn ugly and disgusting to get raped.

      1. Jake,
        Indians successfully resisted most of their enemies
        and defeated them in the final rounds!! Something Iranians could never do!! Look at the Kurds, still ruled by outsiders in this time and age. Even Africans are better than you Iranian losers.
        They have countries and are independent. Iranian Kurds
        don’t even have a country of their own and never did have one.
        Pretty bad, don’t you think??

      2. Jake said: “Indians have always been ruled by others” (Quote)
        No No dear. Indians always had their own kingdoms and dynasties
        throughout their long history. The country was invaded but the point
        is Indians waged a War of resistance from their own kingdoms and
        defeated the invaders in the initial round or even in the final round!
        iranians could never lift a finger against anyone successfully except
        against weaker shit races like Egyptians and Lebanese!!
        300 Greeks handed Iranians’ their ass! So, don’t talk!!,

    2. The Indian Hindus are far superior to these Middle-Eastern races
      like Iranians because unlike them, we Indian Hindus successfully
      defeated the Arab Muslims 30 times, a fact admitted by their own
      historians like Al-Biladhuri ect ect.
      We also put up a good fight against the Mongols and defeated them
      in dozens of battles between 1292 AD-1329 AD!!
      Iranians could never succeed against Arabs or Mongols.
      Therefore, Indian Hindus are far better than these Middle-eastern
      degenerate Iranians!!

  12. @Jaipal
    “The Brits were jealous of the fact that Indians were inheritors
    of the purest and only surviving Aryan tradition in the world!”
    ” In other words, Arya=Hindu. Only the Hindus called themselves
    You realise that if only Hindus are Aryans then there can be only 1 Aryan tradition , thus it makes no sense to say ” only surviving Aryan tradition “, with the implication being that others also had Aryan traditions . I mean who else but Hindus would have an Aryan tradition.

    Darius’s claim of being an Aryan is the first attested written account of a entity claiming Aryan as their identity. Now the Indo-Aryans who settled in the Punjab did call themselves Aryans but their account was not written down until about 300BC or later. So Darius’ written account precedes the Vedic written account by around 200+ years.

    1. Dota-
      I know what you mean.
      Same old Indian BS- bluster, denial & deflection.
      No wonder nothing ever gets done in India, IndianMan-Brahmin (or whatever his name is) is right on this one- a thousand years from now India will still be the same.

      1. Sadly most of the Indian population can be divided into categories personified by some of the commenters here
        1) AlanJ: The stereotypical elitist Brahmin. Lacking in empathy, baseless arrogance, delusions of grandeur, a truly worthless human being.
        2) Indian Man Brahmin: The Hindu who is disillusioned by his faith, but still clings to the old elitism. Sort of like the Atheist Jew who can not let go of his tribalism/ethno-chauvinism.
        3) Aakash: The educated, well spoken Indian who despite his education is still petty, bigoted and tribal. His liberalism extends to hedonistic pursuits but not ideology. Superficially western but ideologically tribal and reactionary. Very much an Indian on the inside despite the veneer of modernity.
        4) Jaipal: The lower class/caste useful idiot who champions the ideology that has ground his people into dust. The type who is willing to turn on his fellow Indians for a few scraps thrown at him from his Brahmin overlords. He undermines any resistance to the status quo by attacking those on the same socio/political rung as himself.
        5) Atheist Indian/CurryniggaCrew/Atheistseparatist: Lone voices of sanity, this group is sadly numerically and politically insignificant to further any change. This group is sincere and willing to embrace western ideologies more whole heatedly than the Aakash group.
        Pretty much every Indian you encounter will fall into one of the 5 categories listed above. Feel free to use this list as a guide/Key when interacting with Desis anywhere in the world.

        1. Hello,
          I Agree with your description about me-Frankly speaking i feel that i dont belong to india, even most brahmin community feels same.
          We dont belong to India, just like parsis who Dont allow other people into their community we even do the same.
          We want to maintain our identity-Imagine you were thrown into a “Culture of DOGS” and you feel yourselves alienated, you feel you never belonged to this culture
          I felt as if i was in home when i visit Tehran, Most iranians follow Islam but strangely i feel as if i am in womb of my mother, so secured and so comfortable , its like home
          In my life time i have visited 12 countries , many EU countries, Western Nations
          Only countries that i loved are Germany,Austria,Norway,Iran–I have been to UK but never felt as if its home
          Iran is close to my heart , so is germany–which is strange.
          When i was in Austria(Vienna), people ask me whether I am Spanish, because i look different from Indians, in facial appearance and many other things.
          I am really disillusioned, I never felt that I am in my home nation when i was in India, its alien nation to me.
          The culture, filth and societal relations are so filthy which i can’t describe
          Jaipal is not a brahmin, Sadly many Idiots like Jaipal are the reason why India is Filthy
          These idiots have never read manusmrithi nor any upanishad.
          These DALIT idiots are so insecure that they are using Brahmins as front man to progress as they know that their religion and Tribal filth is degenerate
          People like Jaipal are never accepted into our family gathering,these idiots pretend and Dream to become Brahmins but they are inferior.
          All the emotional Jingoism that you see today is from these DALIT morons who have no Cultural lineage and their identity ,culture is nothing but a Dog Bone thrown by Brahmins.
          DALITS are destroying India.
          Which i feel is good, Brahmins like me must be given Residence Permit of Atleast work Permit to any Foreign nation, Preferably Iran , Or EU
          You can take our IQ and Educational tests before giving Work permits
          We will work for Progress of your nation–
          Seems Brahmins are Cross breed , we are thrown into this eternal Shithole India and we are suffering ever since.
          Our ancestors dont belong to this land….
          Please help us, most of the brahmins are not Supremacists like DALITS (Jaipal).
          Most of us will work hard and pay taxes.
          Take us out of the Shit hole India.

        2. Dota-
          Thanks for the ‘Complete Guide to Desi Psychology”.
          I might make one teeny tiny change- perhaps instead of ‘western ideologies’ category 5 might be more precisely described as being willing to embrace ‘modern ideologies’?
          You know the only Brahmins I’ve somewhat befriended have been Kashmiri Pandits. For the most part they seem to be a brilliant & educated people & sincerely wish to embrace ‘modern ideologies’.
          However, ‘SEEM’ is the operative word here. They will typically ‘bluster’ & pontificate about how the average Indian is foolish, backwards, steeped in casteism & communalism, and on & on…..
          BUT what absolutely floors me is they feel no obligation to pass on their education & intelligence in any meaningful way to their lesser brethren. And these are Kashmiri Pandits in extremely powerful positions- in the Indian Supreme Court, on the Press Council of India, the National Rural Health Mission, and the Indian Health Policy Project.
          I suppose this is the ethnochauvinism & elitism you are speaking of- but come on people are dying here!

        3. Well I guess I’ve to do the honors for the last category.
          6) Dota: The anti-logical, virgin, product of a circumcised vagina that gets his release from blaming Jews (or Hindus if it comes to South Asia) for anything and everything under the sun. He also sucks white dick for oral pleasure as evidenced by his numerous posts in this blog.
          Some brilliant examples of dota’s reasoning prowess include
          a) Jews dominate porn: Obviously got bitch slapped by giving examples of top porn companies and their head honchos who were mostly anything but Jew.
          b) European porn does not count in my argument for white man’s contribution to porn because, I, Aakash, live in the States..
          He also parrots the Gujarat riots at every given opportunity as evidence that “Hinduism” is as violent an ideology if not more than Islam. This is in line with other seemingly educated Muslims in India who have no other thread to hang with. Frequently invokes the cow piss argument but recently has been silenced after learning that his own “Prophet” recommended camel piss.
          To summarize, a taqiyya pitching, seemingly western Muslim immigrant whose true motives should be scrutinized until the very end.

        4. Lol @ Aakash
          I’m always amused at how you keep assuming I’m a virgin just because I don’t compulsively drag my sex life into threads that have nothing to do with it. Like most desis your pathetic attempts at self validation are quite amusing 🙂 You’re like that high school kid who was the last to get laid and then goes about preaching the Gospel of pussy like you just had an epiphany.
          And congrats on that conquest at Targets. You found a southern woman with standards low enough to sleep with a brownie. For most desis that’s like discovering Kryptonite 🙂

        5. brilliant comment by aakash almost slapped the living sh* out of that bigoted 768 lover Dota…I was blown at your description of this delusional clown he thinks just because he happens to be around foreigners he;s a yard above every one. he never misses an opprtunity to bash indians, he keeps forgetting the fact that he happened to study here and father made truck loads of money in here. What a douche???He finds a scapegoat everywhere and pathetic he considers himself a intellect what a illogical imbecile this turd is.. Thanks for exposing this clown

  13. @Jake
    “So do Uncle Toms exist within this demographic?”
    Oh absofrigginloutely! I’d say that the SubCon leads in Uncle Tom mentality.
    For an Indian American Uncle Tom, look at Dinesh D’ Souza.

  14. @ Dota
    I do appreciate putting me in a positive light but I am not sure if I’d like to be classified as someone who embraces ‘western ideologies’. The western world, as I see it, is ad continuoum and not an cultural monolith. There are some ‘western ideologies’ that I agree with, because they go hand-in-hand with my egalitarian, anti-authoritarian and leftist value systems while I have a strong disdain for right wing corporatism, pop culture anti-intellectualism and economic feudalism that is prevalent in United States (and its subsidiaries).
    I like Robert Lindsay’s blog because it is the only American blog I have seen that neither espouses right wing Americanism nor the kind of disdainful self-flagellating behaviour that a lot of American neo-liberals engage in.

    1. I like Robert Lindsay’s blog because it is the only American blog I have seen that neither espouses right wing Americanism nor the kind of disdainful self-flagellating behaviour that a lot of American neo-liberals engage in.
      My thoughts exactly. He’s one of the rare white people out there who can adopt a generally progressive outlook without engaging in the kind of white self-hatred so prevalent among leftists.

  15. It is apparent that Mr. Pepperocini is misinformed and prejudiced against Brahmins, I would extend this fact to a few other commentators including Dota.
    My extrapolation, is you are those evangelicals who cannot come to terms that India is still a Hindu nation, with Brahmins being respected in spite of all the dirty-tricks that Europeans and Islamist have used to destroy, or suppress religions and culture.
    “You dont have to murder someone to acquire sins; just a thought is good enough”

  16. Do they have a realistic shot of taking power? India is a huge country with many different regions and it has a big army and police force and it would have the support of the capitalist powers. What is more likely is that people would be killed, maybe lots, needlessly and with no positive result, while the economic development that will probably eventually lift hundreds of millions out of poverty would be retarded by conflict. If the struggle gets big enough, there would be civil war, which would do nobody any good. There’s nothing worse than utopians with guns. When will people learn to just stop fucking killing each other?
    And what do they think they will achieve if they get power? They’ll nationalise Indian companies and suddenly there wont be hundreds of millions of poor people with no toilets? They’ll put an end to corruption? A communist government will put an end to corruption? hahahahahaha In India? hahahahaha India would still be fucked up, dirt poor and corrupt, except it would also be an outright dictatorship, probably a highly repressive one like practically every communist government in history, and communism itself would probably actually retard economic development. And good luck outlawing caste.
    Communism and the fight for communism would just bring more miseries to India. That’s what I think of armed struggle in India. Some people just refuse to learn from history.
    ‘if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you aint gonna make it with anyone anyhow’ – John Lennon.

    1. Well maybe Robert hopes for a true benevolent dictatorship to emerge in Maoist India just like Mao Zedong appeared in China and built the groundwork upon which Deng Xiaoping built the economy. There must a be a groundwork before any broad-based economic development can happen.
      Regarding benevolent dictators, some examples are Park Chung Hee and Chun Doo Hwan from South Korea. Both ruled from 1961 until 1988 with only short gap between them. During their rule South Korean GDP per capita (inflation adjusted) rose about 6 times. Without inflation adjustment it actually rose about 49 times. South Korea was never a communist state. So it is possible to have benevolent dictatorship without relying on communism.
      Finally look at this chart!ctype=l&strail=false&bcs=d&nselm=h&met_y=ny_gdp_pcap_cd&scale_y=lin&ind_y=false&rdim=region&idim=country:KOR:IND&ifdim=region&hl=en_US&dl=en_US&ind=false
      This chart compares India vs South Korea GDP per capita (not inflation adjusted). Recall that from 1961 to 1988 South Korea was a military but capitalist dictatorship while India has always been a democracy.
      This chart makes me begin thinking like Bay Area Guy: culture > ideology. Maybe benevolent dictatorship is beneficial only in East Asian culture, especially in early development?

    1. ‘India would still be fucked up, dirt poor and corrupt, except it would also be an outright dictatorship, probably a highly repressive one like practically every communist government in history’
      You say that like it is a bad thing, Mr Steve?
      So would you ‘Britishers’ (as they say in India) care to return & reimpose some sense into these coolies?
      Anyhow, I’m probably the only one on this blog whom has actually lived through a Maoist revolution & is currently living in a ‘Maoist’ country- the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal or as the locals say ‘Sanghiya Loktāntrik Ganatantra Nepāl’.
      Nepal is also the only other predominantly Hindu country in the world.
      An interesting aside-
      More than 15,000 people were killed (6,000 by Maoists and 9,000 by the government. I personally have only seen about 15 bodies reportedly killed by the Maoists. And quite truthfully I’ve only heard gunfire 3 times in the entire 7 years I’ve lived in Nepal. When I was growing up in the Fresno area of the central valley of California I heard gunfire damned near every day.
      Has anything changed for the better since the Maoists took over?
      Well, truthfully not much has changed.
      The old King Birendra was very nice but he never really did anything. The Maoists aren’t very nice but they really haven’t done anything either. We have a new congress every 6 months or so which never agrees on anything except to ‘dissolve’ itself & form another congress. Quite honestly most of the disagreements are caste/tribal/ethnic disputes over power. Even Nepalis don’t have much of a solid identity – but prefer to remain in their caste/tribal/ethnic divisions.
      Just recently (Jan 2012) the Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao visited Nepal for a half day & signed BIPPA- the Treaty for the protection and promotion of bilateral investments. Under the agreement, Beijing will invest over 6 billion dollars in development projects in Nepal.
      Things are starting to happen a little bit now. Roads are being paved!!! Yes, the East-West Highway (that connects most of Nepal) so lovingly carved out by the great Buddhists the Japanese in 2005 (but never maintained by the old King nor the Maoists) is nearly 90% PAVED!!!
      Yes, there are signs everywhere stating ‘a gift from the Chinese people to the Nepali people everywhere’ and yes you definitely know when some chinese bigwig is in town because all the start dogs & Tibetan activists are rounded up & jailed- but damn….it is SOMETHING!!!!!

      1. Oops, that last statement should read-
        Yes, there are signs everywhere stating ‘a gift from the Chinese people to the Nepali people’ and yes you definitely know when some Chinese bigwig is in town because all the stray dogs & Tibetan activists are rounded up & jailed- but damn….it is SOMETHING!!!!!
        Sorry, the absurdly tiny keyboard on my MacBook Air doesn’t allow me to type quickly & accurately at the same time. 😉

        1. Making friends with China might not be a terrible idea at this point. Everybody would like a bit of Chinese investment and they seem to be quite competent. Just be aware of what they want in return or what they hope to gain (since they don’t usually build roads in other countries purely out of the goodness of their hearts) and make sure to retain totally independent government.

        2. one concern I have is whether increased Chinese influence could lead to any bad effects for the Tibetan Buddhists there…like the Chinese government encouraging the Nepalese Maoists to target or suppress them or whatever, particularly those that follow the Dalai Lama. any thoughts on this? Is this an issue?

  17. @ Bibi & AI
    I used the term ‘western’ instead of ‘modern’ because I was giving credit where it’s due. I understand where both of you are comming from though.

  18. “Lol @ Aakash
    I’m always amused at how you keep assuming I’m a virgin just because I don’t compulsively drag my sex life into threads that have nothing to do with it. ”
    Dota, you are right. I know for a fact that you are not a virgin. Not an anal virgin at least considering what I’ve done to your ass on any reason dependent argument. Need some more KY Jelly? :D. If I spend some serious time on this blog exposing more of your bullshit logic, you’d be wishing you were rather with Jerry Sandusky kiddo.
    “And congrats on that conquest at Targets. You found a southern woman with standards low enough to sleep with a brownie. For most desis that’s like discovering Kryptonite ”
    Actually for a SOUTHERN woman. You are right about the Kryptonite except that it applies to most white guys too. This one is very cute. Also the “low standards” coupled with the “brownie” seals my point that you are nothing but a white cock sucking wannabe who doesn’t like his own brown skin. Here use this link to see if any of these are missing or mutilated when you muff dive for the first time :).

    1. Lol Aakass you sound mad. Why are you mad? Don’t be mad. If I were watching the game with some buddies with a cool beer at my elbow but all I could do was fantasize about having you by the nuts I’d be mad too. Wouldn’t you think me mad too? Why are you mad? Don’t be mad 🙂

      1. Look what the Jooooos have done to you Dota. :)) you sound like a cute teddy bear repeating the word “mad”.

        1. This cute teddy bear was wondering why you spend your day thinking about him while he doesn’t give you a second thought during his day.

    2. I have heard that Indians are even below Asians when it comes to dating women of other races, do you guys REALLY have it that bad? I mean Asians are pretty low yet I don’t see the same behavior displayed by Asians when it comes to White girls, a lot of them are really White cock sucking dicks but they all admit it and share in it. I guess chinks are even a more advanced and intelligent race then you Indians HA HA HA!!

  19. India is too wussy of a country. They ought to use NAPALM pn those Maoist infested places…and wipe out all the forests that those commie bastards hide under.
    Maoist women and children should be burned to death.

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