Liberals Are the Real Racists

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I don’t blame black people for any problems in America. I don’t blame “racist whites” or “racist blacks” either. All of these racial problems are directly caused by White and Jewish liberals. White and Zionist liberals who promote multiculturalism, race mixing, and welfare slavery. They treat black people like their pets, and it’s disgusting, inhumane, and racist. These racist liberals who promote welfare slavery for blacks are the problem.

Note the extreme antisemitism. This is a rather typical line promoted on the Far Right end of US conservatism. It posits an objectively racist line, and an extreme one at that, while denying its own racist bullshit and then projecting it back onto liberals and especially Jewish liberals by saying they are “the real racists.” Most White nationalist types and even White racist types are pretty open about their racism, and on that score, we ought to commend them. But there is a far slimier sort that denies its own racism and projects it onto liberals. It claims that conservatism is the real antiracism and that liberals are the real racists. Supposedly we on the Left have ruined Blacks by promoting “welfare slavery” among them. This crap line is pretty popular on the Hard Right, especially with Black conservatives, who are generally some of the weirdest and stupidest conservatives out there. Most conservatives don’t bother with this line – they’re too smart to push the line that liberalism ruined Black people and only conservatism will set them free. They’re too busy slyly promoting quasi-racism among Whites to get the White racist vote. But on the hardcore racist Tea Party Right, among some of the Whites, you will see this line. And Black Tea Partiers like the insane Allen West always push this line. We don’t treat Blacks like our pets. We care about them and want to help them. We don’t want to “enslave” Black people to welfare. There are plenty of places on Earth where Blacks live and don’t get any social spending (“welfare”) whatsoever. They aren’t doing any better there. In fact, they are a lot worse. All welfare or social spending does is try to allow human beings to survive at a very basic level. I believe in letting people live and allowing them to survive, therefore I support social spending.

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0 thoughts on “Liberals Are the Real Racists”

    1. It can be. If you were around a Jewish person who was not obnoxious and had a decent personality, how would you treat him or her? Would you expose yourself as not as kind a person as they were?
      As Robert notes, there is a difference between race realism and flat out racism.

    2. Racist is not the right word, but many Jews are hostile to Christians, Christmas and Jesus Christ himself. Lindsey you need to spend more time in Boro Park to experience the hate first hand.

      1. The casual and ubiquitous hostility of Christians towards Jews so far exceeds that of the general antipathy of Jews towards Christians as to be positively ludicrous even to mention. I seem not to recall, historically, any organized attempts by groups of Jews to annihilate Christians as a whole or examples of institutionalized discrimination and repression towards Christians by Jews, due ion no small part, I’m sure, to the fact that they have always been vastly outnumbered and never in any kind of political control. Don’t attempt to justify your antisemitism by claiming “Oh, yeah? Well they hate us as much as we hate them”. Clearly, they do not. Own your hatred, don’t be a pussy.

    3. You’re cute Dota. You’re starting to grow on me. You’re the annoying little brother I never wanted.

    4. Robert
      Lindsay has never been East of Chicago. Orthodox jews aren’t hell bent on destroying Christianity like many secular jews are. We just think it’s retarded. OJs typically have bigger fish to fry and larger families to feed.

      1. Who cares about Jews anyway, overrated bunch of curly haired big nosed people, I think what should be worrying about is whether the torch of Western Civilization will be carried on if Whites die out as a race.

      2. “Who cares about Jews anyway, overrated bunch of curly haired big nosed people,”
        Wiser words were never spoken.
        “I think what should be worrying about is whether the torch of Western Civilization will be carried on if Whites die out as a race.”
        I’ll let Hacienda answer that for you. But I will advise you against bragging about “white civilization” when you hold no major accomplishments to your name.

      3. @ GSG
        As I’ve said before, I’ll take an OJ over a secular doucheberg any day. Although I would miss some of that hilarious secular doucheberg comedy.

        1. “Although I would miss some of that hilarious secular doucheberg comedy.”
          What would we ever do without Larry David pissing on Jesus?

  1. I was just reading an article related to Race on NYTimes; and I just had this Eureka moment;
    I guess this already has been tried by Nazis; and Australians with Aborgines.
    Every year in the USA say July-Oct you have a Baby making Festival; a free for all Fuckathon; a huge Swingers club;
    You make a lot of babies of all sort of colors;
    They are raised with Government support placed in Cultured well-to-do families.
    This group becomes the seed population for Future of USA;
    The result will be a bright future for USA.
    As I know it now USA is a Salad Bowl and not a Melting Pot.

    1. Melting Pot isn’t necessarily a good thing, because the numerically dominant ethnic group will wash out the minority ethnic groups. Native Americans not from South of the Border are disappearing due to assimilation. It won’t be long before their distinct phenotype is extinct. If all Black Americans mixed and kept mixing, they will go extinct.

      1. Proponents of multiculturalism argue that elements of minority culture will live on within the majority culture, but that’s such a bogus claim.

  2. I’m sorry then, races have always been changing and evolving, extinction of one race is just the natural course of events and has been going on for a long time. Just look at what happened with the Turks, Assyrians, steppes, Neanderthals etc. Though I don’t think Native Americans should go extinct, subcontinetal Indians should, Indians are just uuugggh ugly and not right at all for existing on this planet.

    1. “Indians are just uuugggh ugly and not right at all for existing on this planet.”
      So what happened son? Call center job shipped to India?

      1. No had the unfortunate experience in dealing with them here in the U.S, seeing their ugly faces in Dubai and *shudder* taking a plane ride with them, which was the actually the worst experience of my life up to this point; piss poor hygiene, horrible looking faces, smelly, rude, stupid, no sense of decency. The whole event was disgusting and frankly I don’t want to repeat it. Blacks and Mexicans are higher up on the social ladder then Indians, no matter how many “white” degrees they get.
        One thing I’m noticed is that Indians are like a universally hated race, every single non-Indian country hates them no matter what religion or customs they adopt. The Chinese hate them and discriminate them in Singapore and their countries. The Thai and Burmese, with various other SE countries despise Indians despite being influenced by them. Europeans and Whites of course detest Indians for obvious reasons, the Arabs dislike Indians and think they are the equivalent of dirt, the Persians look down on them as inferiors. Don’t forget about the Japanese of course followed by Koreans who also despise Indians. There are like millions of Indians yet you guys can’t produce anything on your own and your athletes suck, you guys only produced a couple of olympic level athletes despite there being so many of you. What does that say of your ugly race man?

        1. I don’t know what to say except that you are one pissed off sad fuck that hates Indians universally no matter what. So no point in pursuing it anymore. By the way, world chess champ is an Indian. See steroids will do you no good in chess. You even play chess you dumb mofo?

        2. Everybody hates the Chinese in Asia because they band together and dominate the local and national economies.
          Asian don’t like dark skin and non broad features so not surprising that they would hate Indians, they hate Blacks too. Asia is obessed with acquiring White eyes, White skin and White features.
          Arabs in the gulf hate (to varying degrees) anyone who is not Arab, it’s a tribalist thing. They show some respect to Whites (but still hate them too) because Whites have power and their skin color and features are desired. Many Indians/Pakistanis etc… et treated the worst (along with Black Africans) because they are poor, powerless and dark skinned. Arabs only respect power; is something I heard an Iraqi mention to a Western reporter in Iraq.

        3. Jake
          I’m not convinced that Indians are universally despised, but a lot of people treat them with disdain due to their poor manners. I had visited Thailand years ago and the experience was pleasant. I never got the impression that the Persians hate them either, and I knew many in Dubai. The Arabs despise dark skin, and this racial prejudice is deep seated and goes back to medieval times as pointed out by Bernard Lewis. But the Arabs are one of the most vile and despicable people that walk the earth today and while their Levantine cousins are marginally more civilized, they too are a foul specimen of humanity. Leaving the Arabs aside, it seems that Indians provoke annoyance more than actual hatred.

        4. I too wouldn’t agree with the idea that Indians are universally despised.
          At least for many white Westerners, Indians are seen as one of the model minorities, and tend to be stereotyped as super hard working, smart (albeit asexual geeks), law abiding, family oriented, successful, etc.
          That, and many ignorant liberal whites worship Indian spirituality, as part of their general belief that Eastern spirituality is somehow more gentle and tolerant.
          Re: Arabs
          Co-sign, and once again affirming your point that race > religion. Having long analyzed the problem of Muslims in Europe, and comparing problematic Muslim minorities in the West to successful ones, I’ve concluded that race/ethnicity play a bigger role than religion.
          For example, Indonesian Muslims in the Netherlands tend to assimilate reasonably well, while Moroccans are responsible for a disproportionate amount of rape and sexual crime.
          Diaspora Iranians also tend to be very successful, and seem to assimilate especially well. Iranian girls I’ve known even wear mini skirts and drink frequently.
          The most problematic of Muslim groups are Arabs/North Africans and Pakistanis. Pakis in the U.S. tend to be much better behaved, but then again, U.S. immigration policy ensures that legal immigrants (for the most part) are highly selected, whereas Pakis in Britain come straight from the slums of Karachi.

        5. You forgot African and African American and Caribbean converts who are probably the most rabid of them all.
          “The most problematic of Muslim groups are Arabs/North Africans and Pakistanis. Pakis in the U.S. tend to be much better behaved, but then again, U.S. immigration policy ensures that legal immigrants (for the most part) are highly selected, whereas Pakis in Britain come straight from the slums of Karachi.”
          I do see that phenonmenon with Turkish immigrants in America (Boston) vs those in Europe (Germany) as well. It is hard to predict how other (Non Turkish) Central Asian Muslims would behave without the presence of the USSR to smooth them out.

        6. Hi Bay Area Guy,
          One more thing, my Indonesian friend who works in the Netherland also feels that the Moroccans are not behaving like a good guest in someone else’s house. He said if he were Dutch native he too would feel anger toward them. He imagine if Indonesia ever have large scale Moroccan immigration, these people would be mobbed and beaten to death.

        7. Huh, my previous reply to BAG gone?
          I’ll paste again below
          Hi Bay Area Guy,
          “For example, Indonesian Muslims in the Netherlands tend to assimilate reasonably well, while Moroccans are responsible for a disproportionate amount of rape and sexual crime.”
          Indonesian immigrants to the Netherlands are highly selected. There are 2 waves of Indonesian immigrations into the Netherlands. The 1st wave was in the 50’s – 60’s when our first president/dictator kicked out those Indonesians with Dutch ancestry. They are basically 1/2 Dutch or 1/4 or 1/8 Dutch. Since these people already have Dutch ancestry, I imagine it is not difficult for them to identify as Dutch and to assimilate.
          The 2nd wave/current wave of Indonesian immigrants is mostly students pursuing postgraduate education. The Netherlands offer quite a few postgraduate programs in English, so it has become destination for Indonesian postgraduate students. This group is highly educated. So of course their crime rate is going to be low.
          Regarding the Moroccan population over there, I think they were not selected. They do have high crime rate. The Indonesian population there called the Moroccans the “M people”. It is basically our racist code word for them. I have a friend who studied in the Netherlands and now he works there. He told me he is always wary of the Moroccan youngsters. He said they are typically belligerent even when they are doing something that is not socially acceptable. He provided an example of a group of Moroccan youth riding a bus and carrying stereo with loud music blaring, an elderly Dutch men scolded them but they got angry and started abusing him verbally. So I think if only the Moroccan population there were selected they would have lower crime rate and less problem in general.
          FInally regarding your statement that race > religion. I think it should be culture > religion. When I was studying in Australia I observed that Indonesia muslims student do not hang out with South Asian or Middle Eastern muslims. Instead they hang out with fellow South East Asians (Thai, Malaysian, Singaporean, etc). They never go to Indian restaurant to eat even though Indian restaurant probably served Halal food. Most of them don’t find Indian food delicious. The Indonesian Chinese hang out with the Indonesia muslim student even though Indonesian Chinese is usually non-muslim, so I think culture is the glue here. If there were Bosnian muslim student I suspect they would prefer to be with European student than with Indonesian muslim student. Hence this proves that there is no global Islamic Brotherhood as claimed by Islamic extremists.

        8. I think you are talking about dirty evil Muslims.
          Muslims need to be chopped up in a woodchipper and then mixed with Pig blood and then made into Patties for dog food and fed to Fido.

    2. So since races have been going extinct and it is just course of nature, there shouldn’t be any opposition to genocide too then. Slavery was normal and widespread too, so nothing should have been done to stop it.
      Thing is that if it was your race about to go extinct, you would oppose it. You are only supporting extinction through assimilation because you are not the one on the receiving end of the extinction.

      1. Is it really genocide if Whites or Europeans races are washing out non-White race? Everyone wants to be White man, modern civilization has been invented by Whites. I don’t think any race cares about “extinction” if it means assimilating with the “dominant” race.

        1. So you went and asked most Natives and Blacks if they would be alright with going extinct, and they told you they all want to be White?
          Jews while Caucasoid don’t necessarily consider themselves White like Anglos and while half marry out, many of them do still maintain their cultural identity . I don’t have links handy but I have seen documentaries where Black Americans and Natives were concerned of disappearing due to assimilation.

        2. Then you have no idea how other races think. Most would rather raise there own civilization than turn white.

  3. Racism and Antisemitism are NOT part of any right-wing American position. It is wrong to brand any part of right-wing politics as racist or antiSemitic. Anybody who believes races are not equal or that Jews are evil is not sane, not educated, and not taken seriously.

    1. This is just wrong. On the far Right of US conservatism and in US Libertarianism, there is anti-Semitism and anti-Black racism for sure. Anti-Black racism is pretty evident among some of the radical Tea Party types. Almost all US White nationalists call themselves conservatives and are on the Right. In fact, almost all racists of any type in the US are rightwingers. That said, US conservatism is not necessarily racist, but a lot of US conservatives are racist to one degree or another.
      There have long been antisemitic elements on the US Far Right. Pat Buchanan is an antisemite, and he’s on the US Far Right. He has even run for US President a couple of times.

      1. The other bogus argument the right wing e-activists parrot now is that the NAZI’s were socialist and the Dems are the real racists because Dems supported segregation . What they soo blatantly ignore is that it were Southern Dems aka Dixicrats who supported segregation, while the North East Dem establishment supported civil rights.
        When Dem party apparatus opposed segregation, the rank and file grass roots White voters started migrating to the Repubs. Some anti civil rights southerners kept supporting Southern Dems because old habits and loyalties die hard. The Repubs started to court the resentfull anti Black Southern whites in what would come to be known as The Southern Strategy.
        Who is the right think they are fooling with their fake concern for Blacks.

      2. Nah, I don’t mind Pat so much. At least his views are pretty coherent and consistent and he doesn’t pick unnecessary beefs the way Duke or MaxDonald do.

      3. What makes you say Buchanan’s an antisemite? He’s opposed to the one-way US alliance with Israel, but he speaks of Jews in positive terms as one of the minorities that assimilated in the 19th Century. He doesn’t want to discriminate against them.
        On the other hand, the Jewish neocons (and the mainstream right) say just what you’re saying about him.

        1. He has never said that. He just avoids ciritizing them except for when it is absolutely necessary, unlike vanguardists who rant about jews with no direction whatsoever and who take it upon themselves to get involved with internal conflicts (such as the domestic and sex abuse scandals) that certainly do not concern them in any way.

      4. Pat Buchannan also seems to be a white nationalist, or at least someone who believes the US should remain a majority white country forever and uses his “western civilization” term as a code for white domination constantly. im sure his covert white nationalism(which i guess is nixon era moderate ideology isnt it) is what got him kicked off liberal MSNBC. most black, latino, amerindian etc racists by definition are on the left arent they

    2. True, you can be a conservative yet not be a an hole like the Jesus freaks.
      I loath the Jesus freaks of the far right… I detest them. To be honest I want them dead so they can sit next to their Lord and Savior ASAP.

  4. Nice post, Robert. I still think it is important to distinguish carefully between ‘welfare slavery’ and outright accusations of racism like that, though. I have seen lighter versions of the ‘welfare slavery’ line of argument that simply accuse many ‘elites’ in the Democratic party of not caring as much about outcomes for blacks (not that they don’t care at all) as they do about other ‘inscrutable’ political goals. So, the plausibility of this would seem to open the door to all sorts of paranoid speculations like those of the poster you have quoted.
    Right now we just have ‘welfare for all, whatever’ and that is more or less the end of polite discussion. The conservatives’ need for getting it to only the deserving pops up in various politically correct ways like drug testing, and *even that* gets accusations of racism hurled at it by opponents. Who could blame those poor conservatives for wanting to adopt this rhetorical strategy as their own? What would actually lead to better outcomes is a tough call, but appealing to intentions doesn’t diffuse the issue entirely because it is possible that there are may be conflicting goals in politics and maybe the more important ones don’t get the most attention.

  5. This is my impression based on my observation. “Whit man is afraid of color”; I guess it is fear of the unknown. I dont know how to express it in words; I guess it comes from ignorance or lack of knowing, he rather remain aloof then interact; You have already heard about the “Stiff-upper-lip” britishers.

  6. There is some merit to the concept that white liberals are essentially leading blacks along on a leash. Kant said that paternalism is the best form of despotism.

  7. He writes: ‘I don’t blame black people for the problems in America’.
    Why is that the top of his list of things he doesn’t blame for the problems in America? lol It kind of tells you something.
    If you read between the lines, he is saying that they are the biggest problem in America but its the liberals and Jews fault for creating the situation.

    1. damn I misread his quote and misquoted him. But he is still kind of saying welfare dependent blacks are a problem created by Jews and liberals.

  8. This guy is a slimeball if he tries to excuse liberals for their racism. Here he has a quote from a liberal and he claims that it’s a “conservative.” Maybe Mr. Lindsay should take a look in the mirror?

  9. “We don’t treat Blacks like our pets. We care about them and want to help them”
    Is it because they have a low IQ and they are like the Pet Monkeys?

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